Trisha & Ethan Have a Huge Fight & She Storms Out - Frenemies #5


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  • Troy V
    Troy V59 minutter siden

    mess... LMFAOOO

  • EmotionalMisfit
    EmotionalMisfitTime siden

    Trisha is so toxic and she doesn’t see it.

  • Amica Filip
    Amica Filip4 timer siden

    Wow ethan you really were a dick

  • Z G
    Z G4 timer siden

    “You’ve been with the same person for 12 years” was that an accidental compliment? Was that projection that you wish you could be in a happy, stable, and loving relationship too..?

  • Tristan Ludiazo
    Tristan Ludiazo5 timer siden

    I'm just glad Ethan maintained his composure in the face of all the messed up shit Trisha said.

  • Addison Probert
    Addison Probert5 timer siden

    i’ll say it again, i genuinely hope trisha never has kids because if she does she’ll be this generations Joan Crawford.

  • Addison Probert
    Addison Probert5 timer siden

    omg not trisha acting like the victim for 20 plus minutes acting like she has any right to be mad at ethan. trisha has proven time and time again that she’s not afraid to over share to the internet so i don’t understand why she’s mad that ethan said she’s crazy even though she’s called herself and OTHER people crazy before. she clearly had no right to bring up shit from ethan’s past (years ago). i think it’s ironic that this childish fight, started by trisha, came after her talking about wanting to become a mother. if trisha has children, she’ll be this generation Joan Crawford.

  • nash gibson
    nash gibson5 timer siden

    trish 'i dont want to insert myself into drama'

  • Addison Probert
    Addison Probert5 timer siden

    people (youtubers) need to learn what gaslighting is lmao

  • Jake Beveridge
    Jake Beveridge6 timer siden

    I both love and hate this podcast

  • Fiona C. T
    Fiona C. T7 timer siden

    Moses is actually too normal and nice for Trisha 👀

  • Reena Ward
    Reena Ward7 timer siden

    People that are blaming Ethan for why Trisha is being the way she is. She literally tried embarrassing him with pills, his job and his relationship (which never got to him) but she is in the wrong here and Ethan did really well staying calm and not letting anything she said get to him.

  • Kate Ravenscroft
    Kate Ravenscroft9 timer siden

    i love this podcast and the set and the chemistry but omfg now that shane is cancelled it feels like trisha wants to get back at everyone else who wasn’t for similar stuff or stuff that’s not even as bad, except she won’t acknowledge how fucked up stuff shane did really is

  • dérives rurale
    dérives rurale9 timer siden

    "She'll bag you? Put a bag over your head!" T comes up with great burns sometimes . 4d bimbo science: beyond purpose or accident.

  • ItsTrickster
    ItsTrickster10 timer siden

    You can tell that she shuts down and pushes people away when she feels hurt ☹️

  • ItsTrickster
    ItsTrickster10 timer siden

    Hate when you guys fight, makes me feels bad. We can tell you two actually like each other as friends. I do love how honest and real you guys are with each other too.

  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    9 timer siden

    i still dont know of thrisha is serious or this is just a fucking joke

  • Steven Pesantez
    Steven Pesantez10 timer siden

    literally enraged

  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    9 timer siden

    Holy shit Trisha is actually the most toxic person on the planet. Like, Ethan is no saint, but holy shit.

  • Samantha Gamache
    Samantha Gamache11 timer siden

    i feel like a baby could actually help trish, she can focus on taking care of herself for her child and can get sober and possibly get her mental health in check and not lash out so much because she has to be a role model for him or her.

  • Samantha Gamache

    Samantha Gamache

    43 minutter siden

    @Z G wow this was very touching, i am so sorry for her and you and i am sending my positive energy to your family. you are right and that is very true, that could be the case for trisha too and my mind is changed. thank you for sharing your story and educating me from a true experience. 💗

  • Z G

    Z G

    4 timer siden

    My sister has a personality disorder like Trisha and I now have guardianship of her daughter. My sister’s behavior, very similar to Trisha, has deeply and negatively affected the whole family but most importantly my niece. My niece is almost 12 now and realizes her mom doesn’t actually love and care about her by actions she can see and feel, and doesn’t even want to talk to her mom on the phone anymore because she feels like her mom is lying to her when she says she loves and misses her because she never bothers to come and visit or call regularly. My sister tries to come see her daughter randomly sometimes after midnight on a Wednesday with school the next morning. My sister has no respect for the stability I’ve worked hard to provide for her daughter and then turns around and victimizes herself. She doesn’t stop to think she should come see her kid during daylight or just make a simple plan to put on the calendar. She’s impulsive, manipulative, toxic, disrespectful, entitled, selfish, and dramatic. When people deny what they truly struggle with, they can’t get the help they actually need. My sister fakes panic attacks and anxiety to get Xanax and Ativan; benzodiazepines are very addictive and when abused and suddenly stopped you can have seizures and die. What she likely needs and perhaps Trisha too are mood stabilizers, but I’m not a doctor. All this to say it is a terrible and irresponsible idea for people actively struggling with mental illness to have children. I know many people with mental illness that have spent years figuring out what kind of help they need and eventual stabilize, find balance, and have raised beautiful children into adulthood. I hope Trisha first finds a great professional to truly be open and honest with and spends all the time she needs to discover the roots and causes of her toxic behavior. People with histrionic, borderline, and narcissistic personality disorders CAN be helped if they are ready and willing.

  • Kiamrib
    Kiamrib11 timer siden

    Is this real hahaha wtf🤣🤣🤣

  • Yael Sanford
    Yael Sanford11 timer siden

    Trisha gaslighting Ethan while saying that he gaslights her is W I L D .

  • edward8489
    edward848911 timer siden

    Oh Trisha...come on. That passive aggressiveness is so uncalled for.

  • Lola Mi
    Lola Mi11 timer siden

    she has no idea what weaponizing means, she's making a fool of herself

  • Love Life
    Love Life11 timer siden

    Trish is so delusional she thinks your life isn’t good because it’s stable yet hers is the one that’s Horrible! Moses won’t stick around boo he’s just bored .. see you on the kitchen floor

  • Thee And Me
    Thee And Me12 timer siden

    She sure did use a personal piece of info against him.. she does that a lot tho... she mad af tho.. at the end of this, she is BIG MAD!

  • buster teal
    buster teal12 timer siden

    it wasn’t 50-60 million native americans google says it was 12 million just sayin

  • Victoria Conneely
    Victoria Conneely13 timer siden

    She is a damaged toxic person. She will always be miserable

  • Alyssya Grijalva
    Alyssya Grijalva14 timer siden

    i would've been like well by rollie pollie roll ur fast food ass outta here lol

  • Zachariah Smith
    Zachariah Smith15 timer siden

    Why his eyebrows move like that

  • Jenny Nguyen

    Jenny Nguyen

    6 timer siden

    He said he's got mild Tourette's

  • Artur Seabra
    Artur Seabra15 timer siden

    columbus didnt do genocide dude, he just found the place, then the european powers abused it

  • DropsInTheRiver
    DropsInTheRiver15 timer siden

    Why the hate towards jacksfilms?? JACKSFILMS IS AN ANGEL WHO NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED.

  • DropsInTheRiver
    DropsInTheRiver15 timer siden

    Holy shit Trisha is actually the most toxic person on the planet. Like, Ethan is no saint, but holy shit.

  • Anouk Beerens
    Anouk Beerens16 timer siden

    i still dont know of thrisha is serious or this is just a fucking joke

  • Sophie Perrault
    Sophie Perrault16 timer siden

    "My feelings didn't change for you" awwwwww

  • Alessandra
    Alessandra16 timer siden

    omg this is 25 min argument... i love it

  • Anouk Beerens
    Anouk Beerens16 timer siden

    i didnt pay attention and boom they were fighting

  • Cian Doyle
    Cian Doyle17 timer siden

    "Steve o", "uh also misogynistic" bruh, have some sympathy he's a recovered addict who made some of the defining of a decade.

  • Cool Guy
    Cool Guy18 timer siden

    is she literally 12 why is she attacking like a child when ethan is trying his best to be a grown up

  • Cmar
    Cmar18 timer siden

    Trisha makes my head hurt honestly if when she spoke and was not so annoying she would be ok to watch but my gosh i cannot listen to her..But trisha you look very pretty dressed up in this video i think this hair colour suits you makes you look really pretty ....

  • Stupid Hed
    Stupid Hed19 timer siden

    Any time Trisha gets mad it’s because Ethan jokes about her weight or mental state

  • Antikia
    Antikia19 timer siden

    I can't, I just can't watch this, my IQ is dropping exponentially and I'm not even 15 mins. in. She is a terrible person, there's not really much more to it, the world would be a much better place if people like her would not be here.

  • Savannah Morrison
    Savannah Morrison19 timer siden

    Trisha has literally called her self crazy why is she getting so pressed when he agrees 😂

  • Antikia
    Antikia19 timer siden

    Ethan really looks like Uncle Fester, I am pleasantly surprised he went all out

  • Danielle Forster
    Danielle Forster20 timer siden

    This is her most important friendship in her life she’ll realize that.

  • Lexi Newell
    Lexi Newell20 timer siden

    Trisha reminds me of my sister who we’re pretty sure has Bipolar and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. It can be so irritating hearing them say things like “You wish you were me” “Your life is sad and pathetic and mine is thriving.” It drives me up the wall, because it’s obviously not true, but really it’s indicative of how they feel about their own lives. It’s still frustrating that Trisha feels the need to treat people like this, but it also makes my heart hurt for her a bit. You can tell she’s a good person, she just has serious issues.

  • Z G

    Z G

    4 timer siden

    God, I can absolutely relate. My sister is like yours. “Lol you’re just lealous because you’re fatter than me 😘”....literally she’s like 200+ pounds and I’m not like sexy or anything but the cognitive dissonance is just astonishing

  • Nicolette Howard
    Nicolette Howard21 time siden

    Moses is so cute like “Just give it time 😃👍” 🥺🥺🥺

  • AlcheMisty Love
    AlcheMisty Love21 time siden

    woah MOSES.. I forgot anything that happened before and after he came and sat down but really great episode. You two seem to really be getting along.

  • Germaine Pierson
    Germaine Pierson21 time siden

    I wanna see more chris d' elia podcasts.

  • okeydokeyemily
    okeydokeyemily22 timer siden

    Trisha did totally shut down. She was wrong in that situation. "You never take accountability" he literally JUST apologized to you girl

  • okeydokeyemily
    okeydokeyemily22 timer siden

    "YoU sHoULd bE oPeN aBoUt hOw yOu tAkE MeDiCaTiOn" *literally talks about lexapro last episode*

  • Ben Prairie
    Ben PrairieDag siden

    Ethan: (speaks clearly) Trisha: yedutygkhbrbdftndeseswraewtsrydtfuygiuhiuyOKjutfurdyDont you love thatkfhdchfvjknMEytfLove me

  • Hailee Nelson
    Hailee NelsonDag siden

    she is such a hypocrite, narssicist and just overall a manipulative person that’s full of hate. the things she said were horrible and honestly the fact that she wasn’t even sorry for anything she said was 😳. sad someone is filled with so much hate. props to you ethan for keeping your cool and not blowing up on her like most people would.

  • li z
    li zDag siden

    WHAT? When did he mention her medication? Wow she projects heavy. This was a little sad to watch

  • Evelyn Maurer
    Evelyn MaurerDag siden

    I hate her

  • Clydell
    ClydellDag siden

    When someone is genuinely trying to apologize to you, be a decent human being and either accept or don’t accept their apology. Don’t just go like “whatever, I’m over it, I’m not upset. Oh you think this channel’s not dying without me? Cool.” It just makes you sound crazy.

  • GarynJanet
    GarynJanetDag siden

    She's trashhhhh bro. That was foul.

  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    Dag siden

    This is comedy gold!

  • Arthur Fleck
    Arthur FleckDag siden

    They fight like a married couple...

  • sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    Dag siden

    42:09 ethan looks like a minion 🙈

  • Arthur Fleck
    Arthur FleckDag siden

    They fight like a married couple...

  • Arthur Fleck
    Arthur FleckDag siden

    He really looks like him it is so uncanny!

  • Cole McCullough
    Cole McCulloughDag siden

    When she was talking about David - facts trishia

  • baby pickle
    baby pickleDag siden

    A woman who thinks we can survive perfectly fine without gravity, should not procreate.

  • milky
    milkyDag siden

    what the hell has H3H3 turned into i haven’t watched in the last 3 years

  • rose
    roseDag siden

    ”well maybe i shouldnt continue this conversation without her” you can tell ethan is so caring

  • Mauricio Mauro
    Mauricio MauroDag siden


  • Emily Wilton
    Emily WiltonDag siden

    god i hate her

  • Pumkin guts
    Pumkin gutsDag siden

    Omg trish is exactly like someone ik lmaooo ewwww

  • Z G

    Z G

    4 timer siden

    I think we all know or have a Trisha in our life...unfortunately

  • Mel Pip
    Mel PipDag siden

    Ethan kills me with his eye brows in this episode... I think the Fester makeup makes it so much more noticeable but he's consistently moving them... it's cracking me up.

  • MiniKawaiiWorld
    MiniKawaiiWorldDag siden

    How can trisha even ask about taking care of the baby when she couldnt even take care of her puppy. You could tell that she didnt even like thst present..smh.

  • JigJug
    JigJugDag siden

    The fight is so awkward but it’s kinda funny watching them fight in those dumbass costumes

  • Alexis Shabrack
    Alexis ShabrackDag siden

    I don’t know if Ethan did this yet since I’m only on this episode of the podcast but he should totally dress up as Trisha for one ep.

  • even _ihydyb
    even _ihydybDag siden

    42:09 ethan looks like a minion 🙈

  • The Highest Priestess
    The Highest PriestessDag siden

    This is comedy gold!

  • MissAllyLove
    MissAllyLoveDag siden

    47:59 I CANTTT😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Nic Lee
    Nic LeeDag siden

    Ralph Fienez

  • Alexandra XW
    Alexandra XWDag siden

    After this episode I love Ethan even more, he’s the friend everybody needs☹️❤️

  • Luis
    LuisDag siden

    This episode is my favourite. Keep make moreeee

  • Jonas Johnsson
    Jonas JohnssonDag siden

    I love you Ethan, you’re such a great guy. She was being really mean and you kept calm and even said sorry for calling her crazy. You’re the kind of friend someone like Trisha needs! Bless you! ❤️

  • Jack Chapman

    Jack Chapman

    Dag siden

    Is that a real forehead?

  • Dear Dyana
    Dear DyanaDag siden

    the constant need to say that he's projecting or gaslighting when that was clearly what was not happening, especially since he apologised is incredibly ridiculous.

  • Omar Carmona
    Omar CarmonaDag siden

    This woman is ill. She tends to fault find others and rationalize her own problems. Get help because you're living a delusion.

  • marissa
    marissaDag siden

    She's delusional. Good for Ethan for staying calm through this. Trisha needs help.

  • Natalie Martinez
    Natalie MartinezDag siden

    Trisha is so miserable and she’s trying to act likes she’s not 💀

  • Lana Ventus
    Lana VentusDag siden

    Ok now I’ll watch that Trisha is on here

  • Devin Staples
    Devin StaplesDag siden

    All the videos with trisha have hit 1mil views.. h3h3 alone, not so much.

  • Jack Chapman

    Jack Chapman

    Dag siden

    The belle delphine video will reach 1mil

  • Chloe Reese
    Chloe ReeseDag siden

    I dont get how ethan keeps so so calm in the like last 6 minutes lmao

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw butyDag siden

    Dude she legit tried to make fun of him for being married for 12 years.

  • Untchdfrumpy -
    Untchdfrumpy -Dag siden

    She said I have a lot of friends and names all dudes. She sounds so dumb

  • Sageonthemoøn
    SageonthemoønDag siden

    This argument felt like my parents yelling

  • Spill All That Tea
    Spill All That TeaDag siden

    I’m obsessed with trust and Ethan together on a podcast

  • Ceara Bostick
    Ceara BostickDag siden

    Trisha literally is a dumb blonde.... 😳

  • ceerw buty

    ceerw buty

    Dag siden

    the great Lymphatic system, all Cancers plus how to rid of anysort of virus including HIV

  • SillyLetters
    SillyLettersDag siden

    I love Ethan I honestly can see how great of person he is. How sympathetic and empathetic he is.

  • SaraJo Batzer
    SaraJo BatzerDag siden

    “Are we gonna make Tik Toks?! We were supposed to make Tik Toks!!!!!”

  • lavis dizzi3
    lavis dizzi3Dag siden

    Can someone tell me wheb the fight starts

  • Chantel Durning
    Chantel DurningDag siden

    I feel so bad for him for her low balling him and putting is personal information out like that. That’s so fucked up. And she used that against him yet she admits to doing all sorts of drugs including meth

  • megannnoo
    megannnooDag siden

    I love her

  • emesebissels
    emesebisselsDag siden

    9:35 you should watch Kung Fury

  • J J
    J JDag siden

    Damn it's like trisha just learned a new world like bitch stop I- Weaponized.

  • Relaxation Meditation
    Relaxation MeditationDag siden

    This is a great show as problematic as it is.

  • Mia
    Mia2 dager siden

    I’m native and chile we got a lot of family we coming for your damn property

  • Will Bigger
    Will Bigger2 dager siden

    Wow this showed us that Trish is just a bad person lmao. She does weaponize and when angry she decides to insult ur personal life and ur family

  • Mackenzie Polk
    Mackenzie Polk2 dager siden

    Found my new favorite podcast lol

  • Jasmine KIARAW Snow
    Jasmine KIARAW Snow2 dager siden

    Each individual, we R of all colors (the human race) our first human parents according to ANCIENT PROPHECY history sourced from the bible was Adam&Eve; what color were they?

  • Jasmine KIARAW Snow

    Jasmine KIARAW Snow

    2 dager siden

    Remember 2 beautiful dark skin people have had beautiful white skin bebes!