Trump Disavows Sidney Powell as His Legal Team Embarrasses Itself: A Closer Look


Seth takes a closer look at Trump firing one of his lawyers after she claimed the election was rigged as part of a vast conspiracy involving the CIA, the Republican governor of Georgia and the president of Venezuela - who died seven years ago.
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Trump Disavows Sidney Powell as His Legal Team Embarrasses Itself: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • Masha Spikego
    Masha SpikegoTime siden

    I LOVE the fact that so many Americans chose to do their civic duty and showed the world that integrity and honesty are still valuable. They sent a clear message that they weren’t willing to accept being lied to any more by standing up to a narcissistic bully and demonstrating that democracy can and does work. BTW I think you might wanna check your water quality for the presence of heavy metals and toxins.

  • Nichts schlägt einen Astronauten!
    Nichts schlägt einen Astronauten!21 time siden

    Great! One of the best shows! Greetings from Germany!

  • m
    mDag siden

    Her voice is a mix of Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Mitch McConnell

  • Duchess Hamlin
    Duchess HamlinDag siden

    You are forgetting how much Jesus loves us!!!

  • Love Light
    Love Light2 dager siden

    DJT literally wants his face to be the color of gold. But it just looks fake.

  • millieo
    millieo2 dager siden

    bless all

  • samuel Yoo
    samuel Yoo2 dager siden

    you know what not funny but informative

  • Blaire Sovereign
    Blaire Sovereign2 dager siden

    It's like Varis said, nothing can kill a rumor. They know they don't need evidence, they lied loudly enough and that was all Trump's supporters needed.

  • Z. Zauxst
    Z. Zauxst3 dager siden

    This video sure didn't age so good...

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee3 dager siden

    You actually believe more ppl voted for biden than obama who's the most popular president in history, so the least popular candidate somehow out did Obama!? So all those ppl said it's ok that he championed the 94 crime bill and says if you don't vote for me you ain't black!!??!! Assuming that black ppl must vote for Democrats just like kanye was saying yall a bunch of mental slaves still stuck on the plantation and then Biden saying stuff like putting yall back in yall cheering on our demise by these lying ass media and lying ass career politicians who dont care about the ppl and they work harder to make trump look bad than they do to get us hurting Americans the money we need desperately they give us a measly 600 but send OUR tax dollars to other countries for gender studies when were supposedly in the middle of a deadly pandemic!!! Wake TF up and get a fkn clue your being dooped!!!

  • Michael Kottler
    Michael Kottler3 dager siden

    Great episode. No legal proofs, just endless dogma & manipulative sociopathic lies to serve the top 2%.

  • john maki
    john maki4 dager siden

    Looks like the "right wing" has LOST ITS" FEATHERS!

  • Fox Mulder
    Fox Mulder5 dager siden


  • Cynthia Cooney
    Cynthia Cooney5 dager siden

    Trump did give her too much money for her lies.

  • Cynthia Cooney
    Cynthia Cooney5 dager siden

    Yes she is crazy, Trump said I give her too much money .

  • Waleed Higgins
    Waleed Higgins5 dager siden

    Imagine if more German's had turned out to vote against Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in 1932 than actually voted for them. How different the world would have been.

  • Jason G
    Jason G6 dager siden

    I would vote for trump, sleepy Joe has no idea where he is half the time. So who’s really at the helm?

  • Kulwinder Kaur
    Kulwinder Kaur6 dager siden

    Where does the hate come from? I's your life better than it was 4-5 years ago Man you know, people who just live off the grid. They at least have some sort of peace

  • Bryan Malick
    Bryan Malick6 dager siden

    Lol it is so crazy that lady with so much power doesn’t know how pathological diseases work it only takes one person to spread it so one person is going to get over the border anyway even though it was probably us spreading it anyway.

  • SithCats
    SithCats6 dager siden

    Let's be honest, the majority of Biden's votes were really votes against Trump. Not that many people actually wanted Joe for what he actually offers. A department store mannequin could have gotten the same number of votes if it was running against Donald Trump.

  • Allan Moorhead
    Allan Moorhead6 dager siden

    Comedians presenting political affairs. Not even a funny one.

  • Glenn Clark
    Glenn Clark7 dager siden

    No vote has been counted for many years

  • Glenn Clark
    Glenn Clark7 dager siden

    Look what nto the t.i.p simulation from june.they clearly show the wwe script that has followed since..

  • Glenn Clark
    Glenn Clark7 dager siden can't actually believe any of this?? Trump's a bufoon..but he's an actor..sane as it's a t.v show

  • Richard Alexander
    Richard Alexander7 dager siden

    Cult tRump...enough said.

  • Jonathan Gonzales
    Jonathan Gonzales7 dager siden

    Atty Sidney I know the name. His name is Atty Glenn Chiong! Look for him. He is the best against Dominion and Smartmatic! And they better face him! He is waiting! Atty Sidney,pls look for Atty Chiong. From the Philippines. Thanks Mam Sidney!

  • Jonathan Gonzales
    Jonathan Gonzales7 dager siden

    I love Mam Sidney Powell! She is just the best?

  • P.F.
    P.F.7 dager siden

    Seth Myers is a wise-ass un-American Communist sympathizing Propagandist.

  • LestatandBerial
    LestatandBerial8 dager siden

    As far as the metaphor regarding a murder trial where the victims were alive: That’s happened. After the release of Cannibal Holocaust, the director was brought up on murder charges because people were convinced the actors legit died during filming. So the director had to call them all up to come to court to say they weren’t murdered and eaten in a jungle.

  • Jack Mason
    Jack Mason8 dager siden

    In the late 60's, Martin Luther King called for marches to protest the violations of civil rights. Some of those marches became violent. However, King denounced the violence but continued to protest against the violations of civil rights. In 2021, Trump called for marches to protest the violations of the election, which are violations of civil rights. Same as King. King was given a Nobel prize and is now an American hero. Trump is facing impeachment, censorship, and a storm of backlash from the fake media and hate filled Democrats. Truth be told, all this impeachment talk and censorship is a smoke screen to hide the real crime of massive voter fraud. Don't think so? Check out the evidence. It is not just about dead people voting, or illegal aliens voting, or a few fake ballots. The evidence shows massive vote flipping with the easy to manipulate machines, and millions of fake ballots along with republican voter observers being blocked from polls. Plus video evidence of massive numbers of ballots being counted after all counters had been removed from buildings (all except a few democrats that went right back to counting fraudulent ballots). Then democrats were caught destroying ballots (a felony), and one man has been jailed for this crime. They even tried to destroy the Kracken, which is a massive computer that has logged irrefutable evidence millions of fraudulent votes.

  • Tiantian Li
    Tiantian Li9 dager siden

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  • Kel Rogers
    Kel Rogers9 dager siden

    This was completely fake news! Prestitute Meyers embarrassed himself!

  • ubrd pbts
    ubrd pbts9 dager siden

    The available ellipse metabolically bump because sink simplistically look pro a uninterested greece. relieved, lying revolver

  • Petite Chaos
    Petite Chaos10 dager siden

    In Chatham Co. GA, these morons got a court date the day after they filed. For a docket of a Judge who was retiring. And I am telling you his staff told us that his docket is full and he wouldn’t be taking anymore hearings in 2020. He retired in December. This was back in OCTOBER. So. The fact they got a hearing the day after, not even 24 hours after filing suit, is mind blowing.

  • zeke zhen
    zeke zhen11 dager siden

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  • Pierre Max
    Pierre Max11 dager siden

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  • Sagirah AKA EVILbunny22
    Sagirah AKA EVILbunny2211 dager siden

    You know what this reminds me of when some crazy lady convince a police officer that she was there to do sign language during the broadcast. When they were giving updates on I think a kidnapping it wasn't until after the broadcast they started getting messages and phone calls. The lady didn't make any sense and the sign language wasn't real it was just gibberish. but somehow she managed to convince cops and the owner of the building that she was there to be an interpreter and no one questioned her.

  • Becky Dawes
    Becky Dawes11 dager siden

    I contend that all MAGA people have sex with their dogs. What--not true? But I can prove it absolutely. I have 200 affidavits saying that people saw it happen! They are all signed. So that is proof, right? Wait--why not? You mean people could say anything they want, but no one has actual proof? Huh--I never thought of it that way. So just having a bunch of crazy signed papers by random nut cases isn't proof? Huh....

  • Don Hill
    Don Hill11 dager siden

    Wow!!! She is even more delusional than tRump. Crazy lady.

  • Kuno Egger
    Kuno Egger12 dager siden

    Powell finally has to put up or shut up. Dominion just sued her for 1.3 billion.

  • Ian
    Ian12 dager siden

    My favorite part of Sidney Powell? At 11:50, "...With money flowing in from Venezuela, Cuba, and, likely, China..." See, I imagine her at a table with all of Trump's goons, surrounded by papers scribbled with the gibberings of elder gods. She says, "It looks like the majority of the funding is coming from Venezuela and Cuba." Goon: "Can you tie it to China?" Powell: "Well, it seems like something they'd do, but..." She glances at a page that is just forty lines of the word 'HATE' interrupted by occasional ampersands. "Yeah, I guess I can say it was LIKELY China, but I'm not willing to state that definitively. After all, if we don't have rock-solid evidence, we'd look like fools, out there!" They have a good laugh. She shoves all of her papers back into her briefcase, which is filled with mostly peanut butter, meticulously scooped out of the jar with a melon-baller, and arranged into a sad face in said briefcase, before gravity and entropy go to work on them.

  • christina corbett
    christina corbett12 dager siden

    This looks great on trumptards ..remember the snake story??

  • Mike Burns
    Mike Burns13 dager siden

    25 million in trump side voted twice and that's a fact Andrew Cuomo said it and Rudy Giuliani said it on the Republican side

  • dharma renee
    dharma renee13 dager siden

    Hey Sydney! What happened to that Kraken?

  • Dr.Mikizzle Therapist
    Dr.Mikizzle Therapist13 dager siden

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  • Wiser Daley
    Wiser Daley14 dager siden

    You're totally funny 🤣😂 why America has the best comedians in the 🌎 world? It's a fact do your research 💯

  • Wiser Daley
    Wiser Daley14 dager siden

    Vampire attacked prom " quick get stinky Kevin" 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😭🎇😭😂🤣😂🤣😭😭😂🤣

  • Bernice Gardner
    Bernice Gardner14 dager siden

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  • John Legend
    John Legend14 dager siden

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  • Josh Porter
    Josh Porter14 dager siden

    Well, this is exactly the kind of thing that Stalin and other dictators did. If someone gets tossed out in a purge you erase them from history. You have them removed from photographs. You pretend they were never actually part of the government.

  • GK


    14 dager siden

    1984 all over again

  • Bender Rodriguez
    Bender Rodriguez14 dager siden

    Powell is a big mess. Does she even know Chavez is dead?

  • Joshua Hinojosa
    Joshua Hinojosa14 dager siden

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  • Infiltrator2003
    Infiltrator200315 dager siden

    i know you're trying to be funny but there is definitely voter fraud. If courts won't take it because they are scared then obviously it won't be. You should be ashamed of yourself. Especially when the true details come out and Trump is re-elected due to Constitutional laws and facts. Watch old videos of Biden and how he lied constantly and stole other peoples work. This is the guy you voted for. CCP is scarying the media since they own you. Cannot support Trump if you want to stay online.

  • Alfonso Africano
    Alfonso Africano15 dager siden

    The government NEEDS to bring them up on criminal charges for attacking our democracy of this country and started too many internal problems... but since they have money to pay off whoever they need, the trump administration and trump WILL get away with it.... the U.S. will never recover from this if nothing is done....

  • Keith Owens
    Keith Owens15 dager siden

    Fake news hosted by fake props. Trumps should of just kept starring in the apprentice

  • john lavvas
    john lavvas15 dager siden

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  • Ejole Costea
    Ejole Costea16 dager siden

    You stupid comedian that’s all you do laughed at the President Trump & hail biden, excuse me biden is not elect yet, all fraud is happening right now, open your eyes & ears, for heaven sake...

  • Meredith
    Meredith16 dager siden

    The Kraken got completely destroyed. I have a feeling that is an accurate comparison.

  • alex wong
    alex wong16 dager siden

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  • Jacqueline Hawthorne
    Jacqueline Hawthorne17 dager siden

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  • tflg325
    tflg32517 dager siden

    You sound as crooked as religion.

  • Sally
    Sally18 dager siden

    WE KNOW Trump is going to be sworn in again, check the prophets.....God has plans for His America 😀 Can’t wait!

  • Wendell Marthetrs
    Wendell Marthetrs18 dager siden

    That transvestite lawyer "Sidney" (go girl?),as well as the rest, said they had water hose flowing with proof, over two months ago...were is anything the only people arrested for fraud were tRump supporters

  • Kathy Gum
    Kathy Gum19 dager siden

    Who is this guy and why does he deserve anybody's time? Is he a comedian because he sounds like the antithesis of one.

  • arsewank chivze
    arsewank chivze19 dager siden

    i watched on election night massive amounts of votes being flipped automatically from Trump to Biden in the EXACT AMOUNTS TRANSFERED FROM ONE TO THE OTHER ..TRUELY SHOCKING AND DANGEROUSLY DISGUSTING AND SO SO OBVIOUS .

  • KAS6558
    KAS655820 dager siden

    Rudy go away, you are embarrassing New York.

  • Joe Baker
    Joe Baker20 dager siden

    It was all a lie. But she got out the propaganda she wanted to and pointed the finger at them that you wanted to be doubted by the trumpets. And the unsuspecting public that would rather believe lies because it's easier than find out the truth they might have to read something. They can't watch television and only watch one news station and expect to know what the world is doing. In fact your sister watching Fox 2 news they won't know anything till to rest of the world is doing. They don't resent factual news they just resent opinions and falsehoods. There's no news involved in Fox News. Only reports of the Anarchy being created by a President. Government propaganda stations the same as Russia. It's amazing how our pattern follows that of the Russian government

  • Joe Baker
    Joe Baker20 dager siden

    Did you ever think that the lawyer was fired because of, this is how the Republicans were funding they're white supremacist move it and clue Klux Klan. It was set up at the time that the president or ruler of that country was in power and not dead it's been going on for a very long time. That's why we should take it off because we all know whatever they use or try to use against someone else is what they are doing themselves and have been doing. That's why she was pulled down because someone might start investigating that against the Democrats like the FBI and find out it was the Republican Party All the law you know the white supremacist party

  • Nigel Barnes
    Nigel Barnes20 dager siden

    You might have to make the Dennis Miller impression a regular thing. That was SPOT ON!

  • Margaret Hudson
    Margaret Hudson20 dager siden

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  • Candy Warmuth
    Candy Warmuth20 dager siden

    Rudy has to know all the secrets or trump would have fired his loony ass.

  • Candy Warmuth
    Candy Warmuth20 dager siden

    Thanks Seth, you nailed this presidential election. The cheating happened in the Democrat primaries.

  • cyberspaced
    cyberspaced21 dag siden

    i think i am with everything except making fun of dudes sauce, like what if its really good and we never get to have any because we made fun of it. Seems like a slight oversight

  • Virtual Martini
    Virtual Martini21 dag siden

    What a complete mischaracterization of events.

  • M C
    M C21 dag siden

    By Biden being the perfect choice, you mean, " America would have voted for a dead rabid raccoon that's had a gallon of kambucha poured up its ass, and thinks Hitler made some good points, and America basically did."

  • Carlo Merli
    Carlo Merli21 dag siden

    While crooked Joe keeps posting on NOlocal, our actual (and future) POTUS gets hard censoring from this CCP China loving company. Google is a disgrace. Their old motto "don't be evil" is gone a long time ago. Today Google, mainstream and social media are the Joseph Goebbels of the Globalists Cabal. Just communist, globalist propaganda. If the POTUS is censored, imagine what's happening behind curtains to the common people. We the people need to regain control of the corrupted media because the whole World freedom is at stake. Patriots, never give up, never give in, together we will restore common sense and honest values. USA will never become a slave of the Globalists! Fight for yourself, fight for your family, fight for the generations to come, fight for the World. Every Nation is currently under attack and USA as always will open a new path to freedom and victory... because in the end USA are made of the souls of every Nation on the Globe

  • Carlo Merli

    Carlo Merli

    18 dager siden

    @David Cohen Trump will give you a free USA where you can live your dream. A Country to be proud of, if you care about America and its People. No President before him managed to do so many good things in just four years. Next four years with Trump will be amazing for you as well if you are not for a communist USA ruled by deep state and scared by domestic terrorists like antifa

  • David Cohen

    David Cohen

    20 dager siden

    Trump is lying to you He lies to everyone Accept it and move on

  • Kathleen Hoffman
    Kathleen Hoffman21 dag siden

    Seth Meyers “Stay out of politics!” You are uninformed. You have not listened to an unbiased source. The main stream media fabricate the news to support their agenda.

    ASTROCHRONIC22 dager siden

    This isnt true at

  • B BTB
    B BTB22 dager siden

    Seth and his writing team are on fire !

  • Niles Graham
    Niles Graham22 dager siden

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  • erik nansen
    erik nansen22 dager siden

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  • ragingbull alf
    ragingbull alf22 dager siden

    So, where is she now? No evidence and no sidknee? I don't know which I prefer.

  • DAsrada
    DAsrada22 dager siden

    Yes but who is going to be cast as Sidney Powell on Saturday Night Live????

  • shane grist
    shane grist22 dager siden

    Shane from Bendigo Australia by lying and actually calling a multinational legitimate company Dominican liars cheats frauds and threatening intimating everyday honest employees l hope all these 2 bit maggots getting money for deceiving subscribers for peddling crap costing various businesses billions of dollars l hope everyone who is trying to profiteer feel a frontal assault for defamation

  • Tom Sdralis
    Tom Sdralis23 dager siden

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    Tom Sdralis23 dager siden

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  • dan S
    dan S23 dager siden

    Tell me it's just coincidental that her necklace resembles a noose...

  • Moricon
    Moricon23 dager siden

    Nearly 2021, still waiting for Sydney to blow it up in biblical fashion !

  • Corey Mcduffie
    Corey Mcduffie23 dager siden

    No to Joe

  • rdizzo1313
    rdizzo131323 dager siden

    Who’s Seth Meyers?.....🥴

  • Kevin McQueeny
    Kevin McQueeny24 dager siden

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  • Eve Again
    Eve Again24 dager siden

    Giuliani goes into court with a team of lawyers who dance in the corner of the room to a bouzouki player while the judge tries to guess what case he's bringing.

  • Dante
    Dante25 dager siden

    Fake news.

  • Hank Bluz
    Hank Bluz25 dager siden

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  • whitehead hahn
    whitehead hahn26 dager siden

    readyornot bobmarley lexirivera mkiceandfire

  • Aerial Arboreal
    Aerial Arboreal26 dager siden

    This was the only time Denis Miller has ever been funny... and it was you doing him!!

  • Kerry Venus
    Kerry Venus26 dager siden

    Thanks Seth Meyers Etal.🙂

  • eddiemu
    eddiemu26 dager siden


  • eddiemu
    eddiemu26 dager siden

    Donald Trump won the election

  • David Cohen

    David Cohen

    20 dager siden

    Prove it No one else seems to be able to

  • Bear Claw
    Bear Claw26 dager siden

    Why are these late night idiots not funny