Try Not To Laugh Challenge #37 w/ The Valleyfolk

Our boys from The Valleyfolk are back and they're gonna try to make us LAUGH!
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  • SkoobY
    SkoobYDag siden

    Ngl this was one of the best episodes ever

  • TWS Icy
    TWS IcyDag siden

    Did anyone else notice that that was the remote from buddy system season 2?

  • Kaitlyn Peters
    Kaitlyn Peters5 dager siden

    U have to get collen ballanger/ marainda on this it will we funny as fuck

  • WorkingGarlic
    WorkingGarlic5 dager siden

    Ok but I literally died at the bongo slap. fricking gold

  • IlIlIl
    IlIlIl9 dager siden

    Courtney perfectly making the noise from the “When I’m Bored” video at 4:30 Wait nevermind they edited over it with exactly what I was talking about.

  • Punkin Pie
    Punkin Pie10 dager siden

    It didn’t matter if it was an inside joke or not I laughed so f-ing hard!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jayden Johnson
    Jayden Johnson11 dager siden

    Smosh Pit I wanna see one of these but it's totally improv and they have to try to do it without out a script

  • Jayden Johnson

    Jayden Johnson

    8 dager siden


  • Danny Fenton

    Danny Fenton

    8 dager siden

    There is no script usually

  • Sam Maluth
    Sam Maluth12 dager siden

    Was that "Carnival" on Amazon Prime thing real?

  • D.J. Hester
    D.J. Hester12 dager siden

    Steve screaming in the shrek mask reminds me of him screaming in the Spider-Man mask.

  • Ky
    Ky14 dager siden

    8:00 y is nobody talking about this lmao

  • Abby Musselwhite
    Abby Musselwhite15 dager siden

    this is a year old, and i watched it when it first came out! dang!

  • amazingchris73
    amazingchris7315 dager siden

    Exactly a year ago today

  • mason jar
    mason jar15 dager siden

    This showed up exactly a year later on my recommended page 💖

  • Marshmallow Kitty
    Marshmallow Kitty16 dager siden

    4:30 I want to know the song that has the word in it

  • Jorshifyawanna
    Jorshifyawanna16 dager siden

    13:00 can I get this on iTunes

  • theHALObro 9622
    theHALObro 962217 dager siden

    Damien be signing a CG5 song. Anyone who gets that, U my fav

  • Skylar Russell
    Skylar Russell18 dager siden

    Are we just not gonna talk about Courtney’s blues clues bit?! Nearly pissed myself 😂

  • Sara McDade
    Sara McDade22 dager siden

    can’t believe this video came out in 2020... what a buttfuck of a year right?

  • alpha demon
    alpha demon22 dager siden

    You guys should have an episode with Joe Bereta and Gus Johnson

  • The Cryptic King
    The Cryptic King23 dager siden

    Shayne, making fun of hufflepuff: today we’re going to be working on hugs Me, a hufflepuff: I’m mildly offended but understandable

  • Troy Russell
    Troy Russell23 dager siden

    Took me an hour to Re - Find " the valley folk". I'm searching NOlocal comedy group, toilet flushing trivia game, Friends of Phil defranco, friends of smosh, articles about sourcefed. I searched every angle I could remember. Finally found them again here.

  • Justin
    Justin24 dager siden

    17:02 Me in 2021 when a bat tries to ruin my year

  • Kaceyy
    Kaceyy26 dager siden


  • Dejga Popički
    Dejga Popički27 dager siden

    Holy molly jesuses canolli Courtney is smokin....

    N1GHTF4LLZZ28 dager siden


  • HD 04
    HD 0429 dager siden


  • Аня Васютина
    Аня Васютина29 dager siden

    Courtney isn't really laughing that strong though. She just chuckles and goes right to spitting part.

  • Maxy Maroon
    Maxy Maroon29 dager siden

    You need SteveTerreBerry on this lol

  • Charlie Brito
    Charlie BritoMåned siden

    4:15 just... wow

  • Blizzard Crow
    Blizzard CrowMåned siden

    It's surreal seeing someone else holding the parrot and going "hey that's Damien's murder parrot"

  • Keatons Art
    Keatons ArtMåned siden

    I have the same pop socket

  • AmeerGAMING1244
    AmeerGAMING1244Måned siden

    13:36 17:42 gets me every time😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • smiling psycho
    smiling psychoMåned siden

    Shayne! Damien! please one of you tell us the pepper story

  • Miledith
    MiledithMåned siden

    I got an entire Board AF episode as an ad, what the hell 😂

  • Scorpiiion Dude
    Scorpiiion DudeMåned siden


  • RUG 517
    RUG 517Måned siden

    I punched the notification bell but it didn't work. Also I don't have an iPhone so my screen is not broken

  • Fairy 4269
    Fairy 4269Måned siden

    I’m waiting for Shayne to call his favorite pizza place on a banana phone

  • Heather Cubbifaux
    Heather CubbifauxMåned siden

    If elizagirths middle name is bethanine Then what is jebadisas middle name 🤔 ? I named my horses on red dead online after them 🤣🤣

  • Natalie Peters925
    Natalie Peters925Måned siden

    i got an amazon add for the tattoo game but the ad was a smosh video... i thought i skipped this video on accident!

  • gwendolyn huffstutler
    gwendolyn huffstutlerMåned siden

    i love the song joe sang

  • Stone
    StoneMåned siden

    4:30 btw wtf was that

  • devinafunnyguy
    devinafunnyguyMåned siden

    Anyone else get slightly turned on during Courtney’s blues clues bit? No just me? I’ll see myself out

  • theweyrd
    theweyrdMåned siden

    I love how Damien knows the effect he’s got on Shayne with his super dark humor and he’s got that devilish little light in his eyes and drives it home with such glee while Shayne just can’t- it’s a delight to watch them break each other. Makes me want to rewatch the every Olive Garden ever where Ian gets waited on by Shayne and there’s noble cheesemageddon.

  • Babis
    BabisMåned siden

    5:46 why was that smooch so cute though

  • Hat Kid
    Hat KidMåned siden


  • Daizy Bennington
    Daizy BenningtonMåned siden

    That guitar made my boyfriend cry

  • Ellie Planit
    Ellie Planit2 måneder siden

    The random songs with food props are always my favorite

  • Rallozar X
    Rallozar X2 måneder siden

    I lost my shit when "Cedric got fucking bodied"

  • Isingwhat aboutit?
    Isingwhat aboutit?2 måneder siden

    I just realized that Shayne is basically wearing the same outfit that he was in the "Try not to laugh w/ Gus Johnson" For those of you who have watched it..."Chapter 2"

  • Keegan Nielsen
    Keegan Nielsen2 måneder siden

    5:49 is my favorite part

  • Isabella Sears
    Isabella Sears2 måneder siden

    Omg Blues Clues is one of my favorite Courtney skits

  • Meredith Hagan
    Meredith Hagan2 måneder siden

    I love the way Elliott says “OGRAPHY” so enunciated.

  • Kyleigh Tremblay
    Kyleigh Tremblay2 måneder siden

    "Is there anything scary in the restaurant?" how did he say that with a straight face??

  • Winter Diamond
    Winter Diamond2 måneder siden

    MiLLioNs oF BabIEs ArE In yOUr AreA wAntIng sOMe MAma MilKy

  • Sam Swanson
    Sam Swanson2 måneder siden

    Joe and Shayne have chemistry

  • Catherine Bardal
    Catherine Bardal2 måneder siden

    i always come back to this one and the so random try not to laugh they are the best no cap

  • Augusto POLI
    Augusto POLI2 måneder siden

    Nobody: Damien: Look! A gentle parrot! BREAKS ITS FUCKING NECK *“DEALT WITH!!!”* Man it ain’t even that funny but it gets me every time.

  • Mason Lisovich
    Mason Lisovich2 måneder siden

    If you want to make Gus Johnson laugh than you need more joe Bereta, Elliot Morgan and Steve zaragoza

  • Nic Coast
    Nic Coast2 måneder siden

    Shane just has the perfect face for comedy!! He doesn't even have to say anything. 😂😂😂

  • Angelique Botha
    Angelique Botha2 måneder siden

    I watch these for shaynes laugh

  • Francis Maranon
    Francis Maranon2 måneder siden

    Me when punching that bell to death:*Hovers death drone* Shoots spamming punches*

  • stacey
    stacey2 måneder siden

    This might be my favourite try not to laugh ever. I have rewatched it so many times its so good

  • Summer Burkey
    Summer Burkey2 måneder siden

    I just confessed to my crush, They said they already have a girl. I tried not to laugh at all of these but i laughed at every one of them XD I'm so thankful for this cannel cuz whenever I'm sad, i just go right to these. OMG THAT BIRD ONE REALLY GOT ME LOL LMAO

  • Megy Seth
    Megy Seth2 måneder siden

    I need 1-hour compilation with Damien and Shayne making each other laugh because it's makes me cry (from laughing) :D

  • Kaden Brunson
    Kaden Brunson3 måneder siden

    At 1:18 I thought he was singing the kahoot song.

  • eric is better
    eric is better3 måneder siden

    When Elliot crawled out

  • Gabriel Tenney
    Gabriel Tenney3 måneder siden

    They should bring back Ian and Anthony for an episode

  • Lua Bahia
    Lua Bahia3 måneder siden

    Shreck is guilty cuz that killed me🤣

  • The Dwight Schrute Fanclub
    The Dwight Schrute Fanclub3 måneder siden

    This is courtney at her best

  • Jamie 34
    Jamie 343 måneder siden

    2:14 is amazing

  • Troy Pappas
    Troy Pappas3 måneder siden

    13:07 i started loosing my shit

  • MorganNelms4
    MorganNelms43 måneder siden

    “Courtney you’re so brave”. THAT WOULD DESTROY ME

  • TheTradge
    TheTradge3 måneder siden

    Is it just me or is Steve painfully unfunny?

  • TheTradge


    2 måneder siden

    @Felipe Ramirez I’m just saying, screaming really loudly doesn’t constitute comedy, you’re well within your rights to have your own opinion, but nothing he did in this video made me laugh, in fact it was pretty cringeworthy

  • Felipe Ramirez

    Felipe Ramirez

    2 måneder siden

    ur painfully unfunny

  • chicago92100
    chicago921003 måneder siden

    Is there anything scary in the restaurant?

  • Aleena Al
    Aleena Al3 måneder siden

    5:49 just made my harry potter loving cousin laugh her butt off

  • Zachary camaj
    Zachary camaj3 måneder siden

    This is such a good episode

  • Quinn Lee-Newbury
    Quinn Lee-Newbury3 måneder siden

    Funniest part is Shayne's "Oh... ☺" when the can didn't explode

  • Quinn Lee-Newbury
    Quinn Lee-Newbury3 måneder siden

    Shayne has such a wonderful and comforting energy. He's such a treasure

  • Belliira
    Belliira3 måneder siden

    Every time I see a pepper packet, I giggle. I can't explain to my coworkers why I'm giggling, so they just think I'm insane. Thanks Smosh, for making me look like a nutjob at work!

  • theHALObro 9622
    theHALObro 96223 måneder siden

    I know this is not in this episode, but I got a tiny drum is my favorite bit of the valley folk

  • José Araúz
    José Araúz3 måneder siden

    6:12 and 13:04 alongside with the joke of the challenger disaster are top 3 jokes that I have seen in this serie of videos. The way that Shayne delivered "alright, quick bad news.... CEDRIC GOT FUCKING BODIED" and the intensity of the parrot's song.... holycrap

  • Mahir Hukičević
    Mahir Hukičević3 måneder siden

    how come nobody mentioned 8:35 that one cracked me up a bunch

  • Amelia Chan
    Amelia Chan3 måneder siden

    bruh courtney just spits the water out, like actually laugh jeez

  • i wanna kashoot myself
    i wanna kashoot myself3 måneder siden


  • Haleigh Williams
    Haleigh Williams3 måneder siden

    "Cedric got fucking bodied!" I'm so dead 😂😂😂

  • Mary Polydwrou
    Mary Polydwrou4 måneder siden

    9:34 scary Damien Not bad....

  • abwartka
    abwartka4 måneder siden

    cedric got fukin bodied xd

  • Kimberly Reilly
    Kimberly Reilly4 måneder siden

    "I recommend this guide: *app𝐢.r𝐞st* So grateful it exists." 3:35 Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους

  • Xtreme Bastoh
    Xtreme Bastoh4 måneder siden

    0:46 Is it me or that background music just remined me of the 442oons Ballon D'Or videos?

  • Meepo
    Meepo4 måneder siden


  • Frank Parent
    Frank Parent4 måneder siden

    Shayne.................................. *TOPP* s them all!!!

  • Emma Scrivener
    Emma Scrivener4 måneder siden

    had to watch this video because i just watched train to busan.

  • Maranda Nicklaus
    Maranda Nicklaus4 måneder siden

    i still see the word slut n his head

  • Emma Barton
    Emma Barton4 måneder siden

    10:42 Damien was the wish fish all along!

  • cloudcolumn cat
    cloudcolumn cat4 måneder siden


  • G Harrison
    G Harrison4 måneder siden

    Damien (as the dino) totally sounds like Bubbles aka dolphin from Spongebob 2.

  • Thomas Rice
    Thomas Rice4 måneder siden

    Elliott is a naughty Piggy boy

  • Zane DeGroot
    Zane DeGroot4 måneder siden

    It was pornography

  • Abbie Animas
    Abbie Animas4 måneder siden

    I still can’t get over”betheneee”😂😂

  • Jonathan Brunner
    Jonathan Brunner4 måneder siden

    Why does Courtney always go first? Is it so people keep watching?