Try Not To Laugh Challenge #38 w/ Tom Lennon

Tom Lennon and Ghostmates Director Jack Henry Robbins are here to try and make is LAUGH!
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  • Smiles for Days
    Smiles for Days18 timer siden

    I’m gonna call it, those 5 anti-depressants were working against him.

  • Smiles for Days
    Smiles for Days18 timer siden

    Isn’t it funny how easy it is to make people laugh when you bring on real comedians? 😂

  • Jonah S
    Jonah SDag siden

    And they were ghoste mates

  • TheWritingQueen
    TheWritingQueenDag siden

    20:15 killed me😂😂

  • india
    indiaDag siden

    hey its robin's german boyfriend

  • Overwhelming Surplus Of Diggity
    Overwhelming Surplus Of Diggity2 dager siden

    New boot goofin

  • King Kryptonite
    King Kryptonite2 dager siden

    A fucking travesty. And no I'm not talking about the video 🤣

  • Kaiser's Benevolence
    Kaiser's Benevolence2 dager siden

    This dude reminds me of Nate Bargatze

  • Ben Day
    Ben Day2 dager siden

    12:07 that has got to be the best way to pull out of a comedy nose dive that I've ever seen

  • Stiofan Beam
    Stiofan Beam4 dager siden

    My man crush on Tom brought me here.

  • Grace Hierlihy
    Grace Hierlihy5 dager siden

    Was I the only one that seen him and thought. O my goodness it's Leo Getz from Lethal Weapon?! Just me? Ok

  • Sir Meliodas
    Sir Meliodas5 dager siden

    When I was 2 I was overdosed with ketamine and they found out I was allergic to it and my doctor passed out next to me and my heart stopped but they used a machine to get it working again so basically I died too

  • Ol' Smokey
    Ol' Smokey5 dager siden

    Nobody acknowledging the fact that they casually got Lt. Dangle on here

  • steph bod
    steph bod6 dager siden

    Justin Thomas

  • Nathan R
    Nathan R8 dager siden

    pp poo poo

  • Gocolas
    Gocolas8 dager siden

    dollar store Howard Stark

  • Kyle McElroy
    Kyle McElroy10 dager siden

    5:00 is the best

  • TheOneAndOnlyNatalie
    TheOneAndOnlyNatalie11 dager siden

    the DARK HUMOR IS ✨immaculate ✨

  • Alec Valencia
    Alec Valencia13 dager siden

    And you're watching the Dosney channel hahahahha

  • -Stråwbėrry_Høney -
    -Stråwbėrry_Høney -13 dager siden

    Wow y’all just laugh at anything it’s like a group of 5 year olds in adult bodies

  • Cleveland Brown
    Cleveland Brown13 dager siden

    0:00 blitz from siege.

  • Froggerman 20
    Froggerman 2013 dager siden

    The hello future bit wasn’t a fail

  • IAmX_
    IAmX_13 dager siden

    Bruhh that's Joey's hand twin!

  • RWBY is Trash
    RWBY is Trash14 dager siden

    15:48 So weird to hear them curse without the bleep

  • Kendal Howard
    Kendal Howard14 dager siden

    Damien sounds like a orc from shadows of Mordor or war 6:34

  • The Gamer 64
    The Gamer 6415 dager siden

    18:55 He last but they still count it as a fail lmao

  • Josh Bishop
    Josh Bishop16 dager siden

    Tom Lennon is the Daddy from twilight.

  • Scotty Pipez
    Scotty Pipez16 dager siden

    I wanna be on this show so bad...

  • Michael Trubetskoy
    Michael Trubetskoy17 dager siden

    18:48 Jack: hello, future? Future: there’s gonna be a pandemic Jack: uncomfortable laughter

  • RenzDFNetwork
    RenzDFNetwork18 dager siden

    15:51 editing error. Missed censor lolol

  • Elizabeth Sebiri
    Elizabeth Sebiri18 dager siden

    princess diana

  • Poop Doop
    Poop Doop19 dager siden

    I just realized Ian’s playboy shirt

  • Kaden White
    Kaden White21 dag siden


  • Di Milton
    Di Milton22 dager siden

    Damien constantly getting weapons thrown to him and him swinging EVERY weapon was spectacular!

  • Di Milton
    Di Milton22 dager siden

    Jack was an awesome guest!

  • Dhakal Brothers
    Dhakal Brothers22 dager siden

    MoM sAyS iTs My TuRn On ThE xBoX

  • Mystal
    Mystal22 dager siden

    10:18 Tom sneaking in with the wet stain on his back 😭

  • LightPeak Gaming
    LightPeak Gaming22 dager siden

    Honestly the amount of physical affection Tom gives off is both very wholesome and kinda unsettling

  • Ephraim Catlett
    Ephraim Catlett22 dager siden

    I think i have the same phone case as damine(sorry not goos at spelling names)

    JOCELYN LAYTON23 dager siden

    In the Viking tennis one he sounded like terrizor

  • Samuel Chiloyan

    Samuel Chiloyan

    15 dager siden


  • Meghan Spencer
    Meghan Spencer23 dager siden

    I totally didn't realize that I've seen Tom Lennon in so many shows and movies. It's crazy.

  • suley shamsi
    suley shamsi24 dager siden

    omg first time l hv heard shane swear

  • Hi I’m Human
    Hi I’m Human24 dager siden

    One day you guys need to get John Mulaney on this

  • Aryeh Chapman
    Aryeh Chapman25 dager siden

    They forgot to bleep shayne🤣 15:50

  • Dekago
    Dekago26 dager siden

    Tom Lennon John Lennon Mr Lemon John Legend

  • Zachary Burns
    Zachary Burns27 dager siden

    He looks like Mathew Stafford

  • Mason Nightingale
    Mason Nightingale28 dager siden

    “Open up for the plane Johnny” 😂

  • desire harrell
    desire harrell28 dager siden

    Jack looks like a GIANT compared to all of them!!

  • Zyanid Warfare
    Zyanid Warfare28 dager siden

    19:11 fail? He spit his water tho

  • Emma M
    Emma MMåned siden

    Shane’s Star Wars sound effects were pretty impressive

  • Jackson Fox
    Jackson FoxMåned siden

    I know this is no longer a new video, but how is the bit at 18:36 a fail? He spit out all of the water in his mouth (I mean, he literally spoke mid-bit), so that should be a win.

  • Djawsomewolf #1
    Djawsomewolf #1Måned siden

    She did a really good impression of Ash.😂

  • Twisted Sandman
    Twisted SandmanMåned siden

    One thing I learned is Courtney is tragically unfunny

  • The Cryptic King
    The Cryptic KingMåned siden

    I feel like Shayne isn’t always the funniest, but the most consistently funny.

  • Drew Lansford
    Drew LansfordMåned siden

    Courtney's "Mom Says It's My Turn On the Xbox" song sounds a lot like Gus Jhonson's "A Middle-Aged Man With A Cellphone Plan".

  • Herpy derp
    Herpy derpMåned siden

    Man I miss the water spitting It maked it a much better challenge Plus the harmonica sounds are just shitty

  • judge fudge
    judge fudgeMåned siden

    Officer Dangle!!!!!

  • Syntax
    SyntaxMåned siden

    The comedy is so consistently dark in this one, and I’m dying

  • Christian Domenick
    Christian DomenickMåned siden

    At the beginning when Tom Lennon was rubbing his back🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆😆

  • ReturnOf2008
    ReturnOf2008Måned siden

    I didn’t look at the time stamp of the video - and when he said 2020 I was shook. January was a different world

  • Cosmic Grim
    Cosmic GrimMåned siden

    Someone please explain how the two guests failed when he spat out his water. Tf.

  • Arnav Mohapatra
    Arnav MohapatraMåned siden

    Oh god. Shane’s sick son bit was foreshadowing

  • Jana Eloff
    Jana EloffMåned siden

    i just want to shout out courtney for fricken LITTERALLY carrying (/pulling) SHAYNE 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 YES queeeennb

  • Ian the Gaming Time Traveler
    Ian the Gaming Time TravelerMåned siden

    At 10:20 you can see the water from the squirt gun 🤣

  • Bill Hogue
    Bill HogueMåned siden

    Loved this! One of my favorite charachters is Officer Dangle!

  • Victoria Lopez
    Victoria LopezMåned siden


  • ReroRero
    ReroReroMåned siden

    Isn’t he dangle from Reno 911

  • Beth coughlan
    Beth coughlanMåned siden

    It's the "oh no' in the background when Shayne does the Hannah Baker bit😂👌🤣

  • -Halem -
    -Halem -Måned siden

    He kinda looks like a thinner version of Ron Swanson

  • justin bowers
    justin bowersMåned siden

    Lol they missed the *bleep* 15:51

  • Elizabeth Rhudy
    Elizabeth RhudyMåned siden

    how did damien forget to mention that tom was in 17 again??!!!

  • Caleb Valli
    Caleb ValliMåned siden

    I don't get Toms Prince joke 😢

  • Ciara Adams
    Ciara AdamsMåned siden


  • Moondawger 806
    Moondawger 806Måned siden


  • Felipe Ramirez
    Felipe RamirezMåned siden


  • BitDuelist
    BitDuelistMåned siden

    15:50 editors?

  • Lily Wagster
    Lily WagsterMåned siden

    Welcome to the Academy of Weird Sounds! Sound 1: eeeehhHHHHHHHHHH Sound 2: *smack* OWww Sound 3: o h h e y g r e g

  • Tyler Diaz
    Tyler Diaz2 måneder siden

    Lol i never heard shayne say fucking before thats funnt

  • BlackRaven77
    BlackRaven772 måneder siden


  • Thomas Key
    Thomas Key2 måneder siden

    Is Jack related to Cameron Grimes from WWE? The faces look really similar

  • Lonely Potato666
    Lonely Potato6662 måneder siden

    I thought he was gonna say lenin from the ussr

  • Harsh Das
    Harsh Das2 måneder siden

    1:19 I'm just gonna shut up now . . . . . SHUT UP!!!

  • Haley Mason
    Haley Mason2 måneder siden

    My absolute favorite TNTL ❤️😂

  • Milestone Guy
    Milestone Guy2 måneder siden

    My dad is Tom Lennon’s cousin

  • Green_TeaxX
    Green_TeaxX2 måneder siden

    No words XD

  • Liam 3238
    Liam 32382 måneder siden

    18:55 he made Ian laugh why did they fail him

  • Eazy E
    Eazy E2 måneder siden

    Courtney's Ash impressions are so spot on

  • Chance Farrow
    Chance Farrow2 måneder siden

    18:55 he spit but they still failed?

  • Phantom Cat
    Phantom Cat2 måneder siden

    I love how there’s a designated butt spoon

  • RedJacketProduction1
    RedJacketProduction12 måneder siden

    “I don’t know how I look right now” Wisely said from someone who definitely doesn’t spend at least 8 hours a day in front of a mirror

  • Char Kahler
    Char Kahler2 måneder siden

    okay, i looked up jack henry robbins and found out he’s susan sarandon’s son?? that explains why he looked kinda familiar to me

  • YNG B34T
    YNG B34T2 måneder siden

    Dis is how many people watch dis in November 2020 xD 👇🏻

  • Mike M
    Mike M2 måneder siden

    Jack Robbins is Susan Sarandon's son 😍

  • piratequeen 02
    piratequeen 022 måneder siden

    I’m gonna say it Damien holding a toy gun is attractive

  • Taylor T
    Taylor T2 måneder siden

    Mom says it's my turn for the xbox

  • Samuel Donovan
    Samuel Donovan2 måneder siden

    Oh hey! It's 17 Again's Tom Lennon!

  • Miss. Tosser
    Miss. Tosser2 måneder siden

    Shayne looks like a hot nerd and he knows it lol 5:10

  • tj dak sullivan
    tj dak sullivan2 måneder siden

    “Hey Greg” makes me laugh every time

  • pablo bismole
    pablo bismole2 måneder siden

    I fuckin lost it when tom charged at shane with the wall

  • jack the fluffbutt
    jack the fluffbutt2 måneder siden