Try Not To Laugh Challenge #40 w/ CallMeCarson

You know what time it is! CallMeCarson, Ted Nivison, and Slimecicle from Lunch Club are here to Try Not To Laugh!
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  • TeApexWalrus
    TeApexWalrus6 minutter siden

    6:33 yikes

  • GrifB
    GrifB42 minutter siden

    Wow this aged like milk didn't it

  • Ray Loves Judd Birch
    Ray Loves Judd BirchTime siden


  • Awesome Aiden
    Awesome Aiden6 timer siden

    3:25 OMFG was the funniest thing ever!

  • Pepsi VR
    Pepsi VR10 timer siden

    Hello 2021 🥲

  • That0neDrumline
    That0neDrumline15 timer siden


  • Suspect AZN
    Suspect AZN19 timer siden

    fuck you slime

  • Droggone
    Droggone22 timer siden

    This is going to disappear pretty soon before they are canceled for having Carson.

  • Libby
    LibbyDag siden

  • Hamish Andrews

    Hamish Andrews

    5 timer siden

    @Libby it’s a prophecy

  • Hamish Andrews

    Hamish Andrews

    5 timer siden

    @Libby you knew

  • Libby


    Dag siden

    And im not just saying this but I watched this a few months ago and I remember not liking Carson’s vibes AT ALL. And i had no idea why. Like my brother loved him and I was like “idk something about him, i dont want to watch his videos”

  • benji
    benjiDag siden

    i do not find this funny anymore

  • sarradines
    sarradinesDag siden

    awww man :(

  • Hannah Parkes
    Hannah ParkesDag siden

    Aged like milk?

  • Legend Luke689
    Legend Luke689Dag siden

    Where the heck is macro

  • jonca 209
    jonca 209Dag siden

    callmeconvict i had to do it, im sorry -JCR

  • Miss_ Daisy
    Miss_ DaisyDag siden

    The call me carson thing aged like an apple. Poorly

  • TheMegaBackfliper
    TheMegaBackfliperDag siden

    Yea so we got another tony Lopez

  • Xander Malone
    Xander MaloneDag siden

    Litte did they know that the others were robbing the studio

  • Crxckable
    CrxckableDag siden

    this video aged *horribly*

  • Etsos
    Etsos2 dager siden

    "because she got hit by a bus" is so damn dark lol

  • Oasiz375
    Oasiz3752 dager siden


  • bink
    bink2 dager siden

    6:26 kinda aged well

  • Hazel M

    Hazel M

    10 timer siden

    even better also considering the armie hammer situation

  • sunshine day!
    sunshine day!2 dager siden

    the only good ones are the ones without carson in them.

  • Ethan Murphy
    Ethan Murphy3 dager siden


  • Timothy Abdelmessih
    Timothy Abdelmessih3 dager siden

    Yo slime when is your net album coming out

  • Colton Peace-Dean
    Colton Peace-Dean3 dager siden

    me in 2021 watching this

  • Joshua Georges
    Joshua Georges3 dager siden

    Before this gets deleted just know I was here

  • burried toes

    burried toes

    3 dager siden

    i will

  • Froggy Innit
    Froggy Innit3 dager siden

    hey everyone how's watching this video before it gets deleted :)

  • Fake Name
    Fake Name3 dager siden

    This didnt age well

  • Hosea Matthews
    Hosea Matthews3 dager siden


  • syruph
    syruph3 dager siden

    this aged well

  • treeman1010
    treeman10103 dager siden

    This aged well

  • Mavis Dracula
    Mavis Dracula3 dager siden

    I'm here for Slimecicle so I hope this video doesn't get banished to the shadow realm

  • MasterM
    MasterM3 dager siden

    Some of this may be cringe, but not as cringe as sexting your underage fans and manipulating your friends.

  • ThaCHUBBmonster
    ThaCHUBBmonster3 dager siden

    This didn’t age well

  • Butta Dog
    Butta Dog3 dager siden

    L to Carson

  • Miuexee
    Miuexee4 dager siden

    This didn't age well OOooooooo

  • Punkin Pie
    Punkin Pie4 dager siden

    I’m gonna die! *procedes to get hit by a wall*

  • TWS Icy
    TWS Icy4 dager siden

    All the people saying it’s gonna get deleted, thats not how this works

  • ThrowTheCake
    ThrowTheCake4 dager siden

    Just because Carson was in this doesn't mean the video needs to be deleted.

  • Andrew Severance
    Andrew Severance4 dager siden

    But if you close your eyes.

  • Corporal Franz
    Corporal Franz4 dager siden

    Once again Mr. Jones, it appears there is nothing you can possess that I cannot take away.

  • minimorpheus
    minimorpheus4 dager siden

    try not to groom w/ CallMeCarson. put him in a room with people younger and more vulnerable than him and see how long it takes him to fold

  • L


    4 dager siden

    the video would only be a minute long at most

  • Hyperskrill
    Hyperskrill4 dager siden


  • 5
    54 dager siden

    Did anyone else notice that when this video was uploaded, it just said "w/ The Lunch Club" but then they changed it to CallMeCarson? lol gotta catch the trending wave

  • 5


    3 dager siden

    @AquariusArisen Really? Because I specifically remember thinking "Oh weird they changed it to say that they were just with the one guy when they did have the whole group.

  • AquariusArisen


    4 dager siden

    It always has been "w/ CallMeCarson". Check older comments

  • Luca Barbu
    Luca Barbu4 dager siden


  • Vįśįøñ 1.1

    Vįśįøñ 1.1

    Dag siden

    Boomer doomer lommer

  • Kane Krohn
    Kane Krohn4 dager siden

    courtney should've said "YEETUS THE FEETUS!"

  • Sunny Vegeto
    Sunny Vegeto4 dager siden

    here after Carson got cancelled for... uh well you know.

  • Big Papa Turk
    Big Papa Turk4 dager siden

    I’m here before it gets deleted

  • Tek West
    Tek West4 dager siden

    this aged like milk

  • LilMuffin May
    LilMuffin May5 dager siden

    Honestly offended Schlatt wasn’t here

  • Suvan
    Suvan5 dager siden

    Oh hey Carson. Nice to see you’re not having problems with underaged girls or anything

  • A Winehouse fan

    A Winehouse fan

    4 dager siden

    2 year gap

  • Pšyçhõ Wøĺf
    Pšyçhõ Wøĺf5 dager siden

    2:43 he groomed yet another person.

  • Sid the Sloth
    Sid the Sloth5 dager siden

    Ted should have done the CRAM Salesman from the “Weird People on Discord” video on Carson’s channel

  • cleveland judah
    cleveland judah5 dager siden

    Uh oh, spaghettios

  • Zyotic X
    Zyotic X5 dager siden

    2:41 he groomed another victim...

  • ronnie ronson
    ronnie ronson5 dager siden

    the call me Carson slap did not age well

  • Leo Sichi
    Leo Sichi5 dager siden

    Glad I can watch this before it gets taken down

  • I am a rat.
    I am a rat.5 dager siden

    Please delete this and any other video with Carson in it thank you

  • Tomas Abeyta

    Tomas Abeyta

    5 dager siden

    @Necromancer Child pornography is illegal contraband under federal law. Even if he is not breaking a state law, he is breaking a federal one.

  • Tomas Abeyta

    Tomas Abeyta

    5 dager siden

    2 year difference isn’t the problem, he was in possession of child pornography

  • Necromancer


    5 dager siden

    Carson did nothing wrong my parents are more than 2 years apart

  • Nasty Zit

    Nasty Zit

    5 dager siden

    Not that deep, 2 year difference btw

  • Caution Cupid
    Caution Cupid6 dager siden

    Olivia is not my favorite on this series

  • NomadicSkies 3
    NomadicSkies 36 dager siden

    Red should’ve just said KRAM

  • Potato RJ
    Potato RJ6 dager siden

    WeLl ThAt DiDnT AgE WeLl

  • no trainbows
    no trainbows6 dager siden

    uh oh

  • TheNexan
    TheNexan6 dager siden

    time to re-edit

  • HotCheatoMeme Rat
    HotCheatoMeme Rat6 dager siden

    Sorry for carson in 2021 :*(

  • yo kayleigh
    yo kayleigh6 dager siden

    upset because jschlatt wasnt there:(

  • JDM · IS · LIFE
    JDM · IS · LIFE6 dager siden

    Oof, this didn’t age well...

    XMELOX6 dager siden

    Well Carson didn’t age well

  • PolarIce
    PolarIce6 dager siden

    I still kinda feel bad for Carson but he did it on himself.

  • Ace Gaming
    Ace Gaming6 dager siden

    Come on down and try some corn, or we will sacrifice your newborn

  • Memeish Lmao
    Memeish Lmao6 dager siden

    This is before the Carson dramas

  • Duplax
    Duplax6 dager siden


  • the girl with the sun in her head
    the girl with the sun in her head6 dager siden

    you should take this down.

  • Nasty Zit

    Nasty Zit

    5 dager siden

    2 year difference btw 😭👨🏿✊🏿

  • grace april
    grace april6 dager siden

    this aged poorly

  • Kohl Bradley
    Kohl Bradley6 dager siden

    well this didnt age well..

  • dont sue me
    dont sue me6 dager siden

    I like when charli was sworing at ted

  • {_Em_Shattering_Gacha_}
    {_Em_Shattering_Gacha_}6 dager siden

    At the end where the ask where we can find them my mind went Carson: “in jail” 😂😂👏

  • The Woodpecker

    The Woodpecker

    6 dager siden

    @DivineSaviour If you don’t see a problem with what he did you either haven’t heard the whole story or you’re struggling to grasp the seriousness of what he did.

  • DivineSaviour


    6 dager siden

    i dont understand this wasnt he 19 while she was 16 or 17 thats not bad at all people are blowing this up for no reason than hes big

  • Orionjustmelted
    Orionjustmelted6 dager siden


  • Brady M
    Brady M6 dager siden

    And this was filmed a month before Carson told them what he had done...

  • IDKarlee
    IDKarlee6 dager siden

    This hits diff now

  • Attic Trash

    Attic Trash

    6 dager siden

    @Toming Lee he did some thing...

  • Keksi


    6 dager siden

    it doesn't

  • Toming Lee

    Toming Lee

    6 dager siden

    How so?

  • Rusty Blayter
    Rusty Blayter6 dager siden

    I live in Panama City

  • balls 2
    balls 26 dager siden

    I miss lunch club so much

  • Correne Bellem
    Correne Bellem7 dager siden

    so y’all gonna... delete this? or....?

  • GingerBoi


    7 dager siden

    Why should they? If some people enjoyed this content and it made them feel better why delete it? If you get uncomfortable you can just, like, not watch it

  • Baku
    Baku7 dager siden


  • Exotic Dark
    Exotic Dark7 dager siden

    This one didnt age quite so well

  • FredChillin
    FredChillin7 dager siden

    yo its so weird

  • Toxic Comics Studios
    Toxic Comics Studios7 dager siden

    Carson’s not looking so good anymore.... 👀

  • Amanda Schneider
    Amanda Schneider7 dager siden

    Shayne has the perfect crazy eyes for every joke😂

  • boo
    boo7 dager siden

    why was this recommended now

  • Ashlyn McIntyre
    Ashlyn McIntyre7 dager siden

    Watching this before it gets deleted lmao

  • Gamer In Nether

    Gamer In Nether

    7 dager siden

    Just because carson's in it dosent mean it'll get deleted

  • Fret N
    Fret N7 dager siden


  • Gamer James
    Gamer James7 dager siden

    Dude I saw the skimsikle shirt and said so ya I’m a gamer

  • KDComeback
    KDComeback7 dager siden

    Delete delete delete

  • Joseph Lynch
    Joseph Lynch7 dager siden

    Everyone in the comments: tHiS dIdN't AgE wElL. You're so cringe. Stfu.

  • Jesus bower
    Jesus bower7 dager siden

    Watching this in 2021😳🤭

  • Chaos Guardian
    Chaos Guardian7 dager siden

    Me right now looking at this video: OOOOOOOHHHHHH NOOOOOOOO Oh no oh no no. oh..... no

  • Amazing Dodo
    Amazing Dodo7 dager siden

    AHH yes. Try not to laugh with mr groomer

  • Sweet Toast
    Sweet Toast7 dager siden

    Oh how this has aged....

  • the bean consumer
    the bean consumer7 dager siden

    really gotta put this in my recommendations with this situation.

  • Real Spork
    Real Spork7 dager siden

    It was a good run with Carson...😟

  • ZComm! Z.T.
    ZComm! Z.T.7 dager siden

    Please, do not delete it.