Try Not To Laugh Challenge # 41 w/ Critical Role

It’s time for another Try Not To Laugh challenge with our friends Sam Riegel and Matthew Mercer from Critical Role!
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  • Rebecca McConnaughhay
    Rebecca McConnaughhayTime siden

    With all the stuff that the Critical Role gang has pulled over the years that Matt has managed to keep a poker face throughout the whole thing, I’m honestly surprised that any of these guys broke him at all. Props to Shane for getting him to laugh like that.

  • Justin Baker
    Justin Baker5 timer siden

    This was just great fun

  • 700 pierwizard
    700 pierwizard6 timer siden

    I’m sorry Courtney, you are the weakest link

  • udontlikme
    udontlikme9 timer siden

    That dude looks like walmart Nicola tesla

  • Jo Mama
    Jo Mama13 timer siden

    Is this what smosh is now...? This is not smosh..

  • The Great Skink Priest
    The Great Skink PriestDag siden

    Sam was literally a professional improv actor for years.

  • Malikai Sibayan
    Malikai SibayanDag siden

    All I can think of when they speak is Teddie and Yusuke. Persona is taking over my mind, help!

  • Akshat Ramanathan
    Akshat Ramanathan2 dager siden

    Sam reigal, the funniest guy in CR, is so confused at the end (19:20 onwards) amidst all funny guys of smosh. It’s hilarious seeing his “I’m not the only funny one face”

  • Sw4mpStomp3r
    Sw4mpStomp3r2 dager siden

    I got sad when he had the foot in his pants, because it made me remember Unus Annus. Memento mori.

  • Josiah Coleman
    Josiah Coleman2 dager siden


  • Olle Fjällström
    Olle Fjällström2 dager siden

    Sam & Matt oh gods..

  • Valkyr_E
    Valkyr_E3 dager siden


  • Human Bean
    Human Bean3 dager siden

    Sam looks like Elon Musk

  • Guanaco Asesino
    Guanaco Asesino3 dager siden

    To much success, make it feel fake...

  • Magnus
    Magnus3 dager siden


  • steph bod
    steph bod3 dager siden

    Ben Affleck

  • Cobwebinthecorner
    Cobwebinthecorner4 dager siden

    I honestly thought Matt was gonna say "Fund the next F-Zero game, fund the next F-Zero game?"

  • Engineer Gaming
    Engineer Gaming4 dager siden

    0:00 oh hi Elon

  • Jakira Kumahata
    Jakira Kumahata4 dager siden

    Matt's been through the 1000 years of death crucible that is travis willingham screaming obscenities to make him laugh before every intro.

  • Kevin what
    Kevin what4 dager siden

    Maybe I should be on drugs to find dis funny

  • le baguette
    le baguette5 dager siden

    Me an Overwatch fan, thinking “Hmm that guy looks kind of like Matt Mercer. Heh, imagine if that was him.” Me two seconds later, now screaming “HOLY SHIT MCCREE IN A TRY NOT TO LAUGH”

  • vekinesh
    vekinesh6 dager siden

    i do not want to watch this

  • Lewis Conner
    Lewis Conner6 dager siden

    I bet it would be a pain in the @$$ to clean all of that water up.

  • Radin Vahid
    Radin Vahid6 dager siden

    Jesus Damien looked so different

  • spacehomukemi
    spacehomukemi6 dager siden

    Oh my God I've got a headache from laughing so much.

  • Rebecca Pechon
    Rebecca Pechon8 dager siden

    The P.A.W. Had me CACKLING!!!!

  • Godzilla fire
    Godzilla fire8 dager siden

    Ive seen that one

  • lovesmuffins123
    lovesmuffins1238 dager siden

    Matt's kryptonite: Laura Bailey and her 12 year old boy humor.

  • No Name Games
    No Name Games8 dager siden

    I dont like smosh anymore ever since the “every blank ever” thing started but anything with critical role im gonna watch

  • Shivangi Singh
    Shivangi Singh8 dager siden

    Olivia just couldnt handle being called sexy

  • kronos1794
    kronos17949 dager siden

    Sam juat needed to mention DnD beyond to break Matt

  • Maitri Jamieson
    Maitri Jamieson9 dager siden

    Me watching this is 2021 and seeing the kids bop meme

  • Conner Piper
    Conner Piper9 dager siden

    Dimension 20 Gang, Escape from the Bloodkeep, Mattew's our boy LELAND

  • Emma Dyson
    Emma Dyson9 dager siden

    Mega Millions

  • Cpt.Caveman 4200
    Cpt.Caveman 420010 dager siden

    I swear that redhead is to cute sorry for not remembering her name it's just been awhile since I seen there react videos. apologies courtney wierd my ex was courtney she's still beautiful.

  • S D
    S D10 dager siden

    Sometimes I wonder why they have Olivia on screen. It really seems like she’s just a friend and they feel sorry for her so they give her some screen time regardless of her not being funny.

  • Shadowgamer 897
    Shadowgamer 89710 dager siden

    Isn't the voice actor of Mcree from overwatch in this

  • kurvos
    kurvos11 dager siden

    "Olivia is the LACMA of comedy"? What does that mean? I don't get it.

  • David Martin
    David Martin11 dager siden

    Well after dealing D&D drugs nothing can shoock that guy

  • B1tt3rb33f
    B1tt3rb33f11 dager siden

    3:19 I've found my most favorite Try Not To Laugh moment. Heurh wi gou; Welculm to Apulbii'z.

  • Samuel Cole
    Samuel Cole12 dager siden

    Both sam and I, also sam are so easy to make laugh

  • Sam Spragg
    Sam Spragg13 dager siden

    Whats with Americans and butt jokes?

  • Albert Rust
    Albert Rust14 dager siden

    Please get the ladies from CR

  • Kolbe McNeil
    Kolbe McNeil15 dager siden

    Watching because of Matt

  • Ryder Gallant
    Ryder Gallant15 dager siden

    Pov your only here for Shane and Damian

  • A lil’ Daisy
    A lil’ Daisy15 dager siden

    “Ya like raisins” * squeak * This is the new version of “ya like jazzz”

  • Kenzo
    Kenzo15 dager siden

    Its high noon

  • JoeyFucktwice
    JoeyFucktwice15 dager siden

    Sam looks like Elon Musk with cheap plastic surgery

  • Florian Lazzeri
    Florian Lazzeri15 dager siden

    God thats some fake stuff, i can't be the only one to notice

  • Julie Virkus
    Julie Virkus15 dager siden

    Matt made them work for it...🤪

  • Chao5M13
    Chao5M1316 dager siden

    Loves the episode was amazing, but not gonna lie when I watched it the first time I was waiting for the McCree joke

  • Doug Dimmadome
    Doug Dimmadome16 dager siden

    Can someone make a gif of matt mercer saying "well fuck you"? Please?

  • J Blais
    J Blais16 dager siden

    Shayne or damien on critical role. They would fit in SO WELL. And that would be such a great episode. Please.

  • Gavin Goins
    Gavin Goins16 dager siden

    Please please have Travis and marisha come on 😂

  • Thomas Ward
    Thomas Ward17 dager siden

    On a real tho, can Matt run a Smosh D&D game?

  • Thomas Ward
    Thomas Ward17 dager siden

    How many times have I heard Sam say “I play a jaunty tune” 😂😂

  • Soetpotatis
    Soetpotatis18 dager siden

    Sam failed against Matt... honestly, he should have just brought one of his t-shirts... immediately win...

  • asianpunk1
    asianpunk118 dager siden

    I’ve watched this episode like 30 times and it’s still funny

  • Andrew Mulcaire
    Andrew Mulcaire19 dager siden

    don't's portable

  • Vinny Latoria
    Vinny Latoria19 dager siden

    Matt immediately goes for a dong joke. Absolutely amazing.

  • Sally Foote
    Sally Foote20 dager siden

    Sorry Sam your friends mat pulled out his black watch card out right on you now it high noon

  • Di Milton
    Di Milton21 dag siden

    I loved Courtney’s shorts

  • aria
    aria21 dag siden

    shayne and damien are matching AW

  • DryBones271
    DryBones27122 dager siden

    Special Guest, Mari?

  • S4tyric0n
    S4tyric0n22 dager siden

    Damien's Daniel Radcliff sounds like Alan Carr haha

  • battle drodi unit b1268
    battle drodi unit b126823 dager siden

    Its hiiiiiiigh nooon

  • Rain
    Rain25 dager siden

    It’s high noon

  • AffableAussie
    AffableAussie26 dager siden

    Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahqhqhqhqhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah Olivia isn't funny

  • Eroteme
    Eroteme26 dager siden

    This is my test of whether these comments are heavily moderated, or the commenters here defy all laws of sanity I have ever known and loved: Olivia has never been funny except by accident, and is a detriment to this series.

  • Daniel Cook
    Daniel Cook28 dager siden

    Trying to get Matt to laugh is like trying to get vergil from dmc to laugh lol

  • MrWorldWide
    MrWorldWide29 dager siden

    It's high noon?!

  • Annie Craton
    Annie CratonMåned siden

    Has Olivia ever taken off the 80's outfit?

  • G4L Studios
    G4L StudiosMåned siden

    Sad to say court never made me laugh once in all the ones I watched

  • Michaela Alexandra
    Michaela AlexandraMåned siden

    NANI what ther my favrer

  • mohammed touseef
    mohammed touseefMåned siden

    Good grief indeed for Matt.

  • Lizafae
    LizafaeMåned siden

    I love Matt as a voice actor I have wanted to start getting into critical role as well so I was so happy to see him XD

  • Elliott Jones
    Elliott JonesMåned siden

    I love Matt Mercer because he is the voice of Mcree from Overwatch

  • Kaela List
    Kaela ListMåned siden

    As someone whose first experience with cr was this episode and who has now caught up with campaign 2, I have realized that sam severely toned it down for this show lol.

  • Carlos Helton sr
    Carlos Helton srMåned siden

    I'm your biggest fan!!!!!!!!

  • Zach Moore
    Zach MooreMåned siden

    Honestly speaking shaynes Tom Cruise impression was pretty spot on 😂

  • Randomgoner
    RandomgonerMåned siden

    Why does olivia look like oliver tree? Lol.

  • The Fandom Queen
    The Fandom QueenMåned siden

    My brother just look over my shoulder when Matt was sacrificing the baby with a shake weight and whispered in my ear “that’s how Levi actually earned the rank of Captain”

  • For Faerghus!
    For Faerghus!Måned siden

    14:03 I bet that Matt was thinking of the perfect NPC for such an interaction.

  • Nicolas
    NicolasMåned siden


  • Alán
    AlánMåned siden

    03:00 man with a mission

  • Emily O'Connell
    Emily O'ConnellMåned siden

    i just figured out the unintelligible part of wonderwall. it’s “i feel sad all the time”. someone give wolf a hug

  • Sawyer Paul
    Sawyer PaulMåned siden

    7:49 I could Feel that

  • Click Clock
    Click ClockMåned siden

    Had an ad for smosh games on this vid, please explain

  • Cikovski
    CikovskiMåned siden

    We all know where the 4:52 object comes from.

  • Cardissian 7
    Cardissian 7Måned siden

    Is anyone familiar with the background music at 15:12?

  • Jim the Jam
    Jim the JamMåned siden

    No Mcree reference aww

  • steelfoot98
    steelfoot98Måned siden

    10:00 lol she sounds like Goldar

  • Ryan Vang
    Ryan VangMåned siden

    Sam should just started talking about times they broke Matt on Critcal role

  • Negan
    NeganMåned siden

    what does it mean the lacma of comedy?

  • Chase Medina
    Chase MedinaMåned siden

    Damiens trouser browning bit is one of my all time favorites

  • innernerdbird
    innernerdbirdMåned siden

    19:16 Matt: you have a beautiful baby

  • Cooper Warren
    Cooper WarrenMåned siden

    I used to think Sam looked weird in the knights outfit, but after watching critical role, this looks casual

  • Tyson
    TysonMåned siden

    Matt is so elite

  • Jonathan Flanagan
    Jonathan FlanaganMåned siden

    I find it fitting that the only one who didn't break against Sam Riegel, was Matthew Mercer.

  • James Sardina
    James SardinaMåned siden

    Imagine playing this game post 2020, way too unsanitary