Try Not To Laugh Challenge # 42 w/ Flula

The legendary Flula Borg is here to try and make us laugh! Check out his new book Wanderlust, USA available NOW!
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  • Damien Haas
    Damien Haas10 måneder siden

    Many thankings to Flula for to joining the Not Laugh Time Try Not to Do It show!


    Måned siden

    God I thought I had a stoke

  • A Human Being

    A Human Being

    3 måneder siden

    Hello Damien Haas, *Your my favorite pizza place*

  • Lovely Sugar Skulls

    Lovely Sugar Skulls

    3 måneder siden

    I can’t believe you’re both born in Germany. And both of you are fluent in German

  • Joseph Morales

    Joseph Morales

    4 måneder siden

    I dare you to...Go to the UNIVERSal Orlando and go see Barney too 😝

  • DQÇtØR


    4 måneder siden

    That "American girl doll Samantha" bit actually had me dying.

  • OpP_ Mitchmod
    OpP_ MitchmodTime siden

    Only just realised that Flula is in pitch perfect 2 well I think anyway

  • Courtney Kemp
    Courtney KempDag siden

    I love how shayne got so uncomfortable whe she said milky and I’m just like hehe 😉 🥵 I ship it

  • Andrew Childs
    Andrew ChildsDag siden

    More sophisticated cave man!

  • Andrew Childs
    Andrew ChildsDag siden


  • Ethan Vaughn
    Ethan Vaughn2 dager siden

    Straight up flula doesn’t understand a single word of English. He just goes along with everything that everyone else is doing. This id extremely clear when Shane says “boom boom” referring to sex. This is the only moment flula shows any interest in anything that happened in the show..

  • kiera robinson
    kiera robinson3 dager siden

    This is by far my favorite episode

  • kiera robinson
    kiera robinson3 dager siden

    Sassy cow, Boneless, and Courtny Frickin Miller

  • Heath Marciszewski
    Heath Marciszewski3 dager siden

    I love how Gods voice is just..... A scream 😂😂😂

  • No One
    No One3 dager siden

    He looks so confused and awkward, like hes just going with the flow

  • Sameera Sardesai
    Sameera Sardesai3 dager siden

    0:04 bavsgshahd lmaoooo Shayne dialed 666 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Forest DragonG
    Forest DragonG4 dager siden

    flula was so silent except for like 2 lines, it was awesome

  • Ethan Levinsky
    Ethan Levinsky4 dager siden

    This is the dude that ruins the nfl documentaries

  • Michelle Tlusty
    Michelle Tlusty4 dager siden

    This has got to be one of the best episodes.

  • Ethan Pintar
    Ethan Pintar5 dager siden

    I just realized Shayne is Beck Bennett

  • Rachel
    Rachel5 dager siden

    Damien's german is not very bad

  • Rachel
    Rachel5 dager siden

    Bip bop boop Johnson

  • hello
    hello7 dager siden

    as a german, i entirely understand his humor

  • lucky cat
    lucky cat8 dager siden

    Flula looks like a lost child most that's just been kidnapped by these people who just started talking into a camera

  • Dioan 124
    Dioan 1249 dager siden

    Sophisticaveman killed me

  • Giulia ist lost
    Giulia ist lost9 dager siden

    When that german came I really died omg

  • aria
    aria9 dager siden

    damien claps like an animal crossing character

  • Punkin Pie
    Punkin Pie11 dager siden

    This is a wonderful date you are so cute I have to urinate

  • Nina M
    Nina M11 dager siden

    Flula gives me second hand embarrassment and that's what makes it funny

  • Julianne Mcgee
    Julianne Mcgee12 dager siden


  • Toxic Comics Studios
    Toxic Comics Studios13 dager siden

    Flula is really a super villain named Javelin

  • St4lsell 1
    St4lsell 113 dager siden

    Shane in the Dog mask almost killed me.

  • Quentin Seiber
    Quentin Seiber13 dager siden

    Flula and the fucking trophy. 😂😂🤣🤣😂

  • Tatum Mae
    Tatum Mae15 dager siden

    we need merch that says "dairy is good'

  • JoeyFucktwice
    JoeyFucktwice15 dager siden

    Flula is like: German humor, it's no laughing matter

  • Swordchicken1
    Swordchicken116 dager siden

    I'm here because I miss the pre covid days of spitting water

  • Purple Dragon
    Purple Dragon16 dager siden

    10/10 Courtney

  • Wumpa Island
    Wumpa Island17 dager siden


    EMPSAM17 dager siden

    Flula ROCKS!!!

  • Jason Miller
    Jason Miller18 dager siden

    I love Flula so much.

  • Ashley Maxwell
    Ashley Maxwell20 dager siden

    My fav is sassy cow "like moo bitch"

  • Di Milton
    Di Milton21 dag siden

    I love Shayne keeps the pizza place content growing evermore

  • Di Milton
    Di Milton21 dag siden

    Damien’s German accent was AMAZING!!!

  • Di Milton
    Di Milton21 dag siden

    Tommy’s costume party but was 🔥🔥🔥

  • brady fcs
    brady fcs21 dag siden

    Nobody SCP Outbreaks: 6:50

  • Stella Pennerud MIDe
    Stella Pennerud MIDe22 dager siden


  • Cobalt Rei
    Cobalt Rei26 dager siden

    I want a series where they act out stuff from keiths dream journal

  • Fribertoes
    Fribertoes27 dager siden

    I love cold food

  • Duke Fangking
    Duke Fangking27 dager siden

    Does anyone have a translation for the poem Damien's Burger man said?

  • Chloie P.
    Chloie P.27 dager siden

    Courtney was on fire in this episode. 🔥🔥🧡🧡

  • Cypher Studios
    Cypher Studios29 dager siden

    I need more sofisticaveman in my life

  • Naomi Hernandez
    Naomi Hernandez29 dager siden


  • X x__Dr_Acula__x X
    X x__Dr_Acula__x XMåned siden

    Why does everyone just want to use me for my milky

  • Guilherme Barros
    Guilherme BarrosMåned siden

    How about some moo-moo milk?

  • Anika Kumar
    Anika KumarMåned siden

    "You just walked away mid pee?" - Courtney Miller 2020

  • Javier Mata
    Javier MataMåned siden

    Keith got flula’d

  • zcrylik
    zcrylikMåned siden

    flula is like alexei from stranger things, adorable.

  • L Johnston
    L JohnstonMåned siden

    Lol Keith had over a minute to break shayne

  • VAZ
    VAZMåned siden

    We now know why flula was getting big, cause he gonna be doin da dc movie

  • Sister Catrina
    Sister CatrinaMåned siden

    flula is soooo cute

  • NuggiNinja :p
    NuggiNinja :pMåned siden

    Keith is the disco QUEEN

  • Ari Ellis
    Ari EllisMåned siden

    Shayne: "Watch this tho," * types 666 *

  • Mattea B
    Mattea BMåned siden

    tommy fully committed this episode

  • Mason Fajardo
    Mason FajardoMåned siden

    They r making fun of god pls dont

  • Russell Appelbaum
    Russell AppelbaumMåned siden

    Flulus the best

  • Shojo Loli
    Shojo LoliMåned siden

    ... I-I I like cold food.

  • Charlotte Eyre
    Charlotte EyreMåned siden

    I love Flula’s accent

  • Charlotte Eyre
    Charlotte EyreMåned siden

    Flula’s constant state of confusion makes him so much more funny

  • Gabriel Lara
    Gabriel LaraMåned siden

    can someone translate the poem by burgerman

    ALEXVLOGS BMåned siden

    I love the cow jokes

  • theweyrd
    theweyrdMåned siden

    Damien‘s German was actually pretty good, the accent sounded almost like my English teacher who‘s been living in Germany for the last 30 years but is originally from Spokane. 🤣 I haven’t met many Americans with mad language skills.

  • Jonathan Ripper
    Jonathan RipperMåned siden

    7:00 I had to watch the entire Playlist for this.

  • Deal with Jesh
    Deal with JeshMåned siden

    Yoo! I used to write my dreams too, I still do sometimes but only on my phone. I used to write it on my journal, parents thought it was weird, and I got scolded for my dreams, like bruh.

  • Hans Jakob
    Hans JakobMåned siden

    Song at 16:25?

  • Ezekiel Menia
    Ezekiel MeniaMåned siden

    What is quantumpleagic (i dunno spelling XD)

  • Rzlick official
    Rzlick officialMåned siden

    Who is that that did the cow bell joke is that Courtney

  • Amelia Langelier
    Amelia LangelierMåned siden

    WoMeN aRe QuAdRePLEgiC

  • Amins Eldirawi
    Amins EldirawiMåned siden

    Many thankings to Flula for to joining the Not Laugh Time Try Not to Do It show!

  • keara berthelot
    keara berthelotMåned siden


  • keara berthelot
    keara berthelotMåned siden


  • Snek _
    Snek _Måned siden

    I like how when it was fula’s turn almost everyone made German jokes

  • Caleb Walters
    Caleb WaltersMåned siden

    Did no one else notice Flula didn’t say a word for the first half of the video

  • Landlighter Firestar
    Landlighter FirestarMåned siden

    Flula: hands out a trophy Entire studio: dies of laughter

  • Fiairie
    FiairieMåned siden

    Flula can be ryuji from toradora

  • Matt Kong
    Matt Kong2 måneder siden

    For the “Studying/Chiling out” part, does anyone know the music, I want to put this on my homework Spotify playlist.

  • Will Hautamaki
    Will Hautamaki2 måneder siden

    Seeing courtney is so "moo" ving

  • Chaotic Matt
    Chaotic Matt2 måneder siden

    I respect Keith

  • •Strawberry Cxroline•
    •Strawberry Cxroline•2 måneder siden

    10:27 Why does that sound like Luann from king of the hill 👁👄👁

  • dan schriver
    dan schriver2 måneder siden

    "You.. don't speak.. because of.. Friedrich Nietzsche.? .. Far out"

  • Chris Chaboyer
    Chris Chaboyer2 måneder siden

    Okay but “sophisti-caveman” is totally Jeff Goldblum 😂😂

  • Savannah Chartrand
    Savannah Chartrand2 måneder siden

    Yall should do an episode or two with a couple fans- for try not to laugh, I think it’d be hilarious :)

  • Aran Taylor
    Aran Taylor2 måneder siden

    Keith has to be the least funny person ever

  • Official_ Hungaro
    Official_ Hungaro2 måneder siden

    15:43 when shit gets real

  • Official_ Hungaro
    Official_ Hungaro2 måneder siden

    Flula speaks in Google Translate

  • AUK
    AUK2 måneder siden

    i think flulas a comedy cyborg

  • Joseph Righi
    Joseph Righi2 måneder siden

    Like my hat says, caution: extreme laughter may cause sudden bladder loss.

  • Autumn Martin
    Autumn Martin2 måneder siden

    Courtney’s cow bit in this episode has been one of my favorite ones ever. I love her and hope she keeps going.

  • Banana & Duckie
    Banana & Duckie2 måneder siden

    I like cold food tho

  • Ava Butler
    Ava Butler2 måneder siden

    Flula looks SOOOOOOOOO confused like- what?

  • Purple Sky studios 17
    Purple Sky studios 172 måneder siden

    My new fav part WhAtS ThE tEa SiS

  • King_of_Dreams
    King_of_Dreams2 måneder siden

    This was the best one I've seen of Courtney.

  • CEO dumbass
    CEO dumbass2 måneder siden

    Actual question, is flula special or something or like not good at speaking english

  • Katrina Hull
    Katrina Hull2 måneder siden

    Caveman but in cursive

  • Keoaruboru
    Keoaruboru2 måneder siden

    Flula has such a unique sense of humor and it's beautiful

  • Solus Vael
    Solus Vael2 måneder siden

    Poor Flula, Courtney made him prejack. 10:33 XD