Try Not To Laugh Challenge #46 w/ Gus Johnson

Gus Johnson returns with his brother Sven for another round of Try Not To Laugh! Will we finally get him to break this time?!
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  • steph bod
    steph bod59 minutter siden

    Dan Campbell

  • eh
    eh2 timer siden

    Sven's just a big ol spry deer isn't he

  • Cleveland Brown
    Cleveland Brown4 timer siden

    I have an idea, just blast Gen Z humor until gus laughs. *Probly our last resort.*

  • chihuahua bently
    chihuahua bently23 timer siden

    And the rabbit hole continues lmao... I’ve now seen Gus on 4 people’s channels (including his own lmao)

  • Ilyanah Puga

    Ilyanah Puga

    4 timer siden

    Lmao, lmao ;-;

  • ShageRG
    ShageRGDag siden

    The itcher

  • Dagny Bradish
    Dagny BradishDag siden

    shayne looked so sad when gus didn't laugh.

  • ・【Fluffy Marshmallows】・
    ・【Fluffy Marshmallows】・Dag siden

    Is anyone else noticing that Damien has an All for One shirt on? 8:42

  • Kyrin McInnis
    Kyrin McInnisDag siden

    Courtney really got the Pokémon ( forgot his name) trainers voice

  • 黄家德
    黄家德2 dager siden

    why did they have condoms laying around randomly.... interesting

  • bRuH-
    bRuH-2 dager siden

    Just notice I've been watching u guys from 2019 yet havnt been subscribed 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Telechubee
    Telechubee3 dager siden

    I have an idea for the witcher “the bitcher”

  • Anikan Skywalker
    Anikan Skywalker3 dager siden

    I swear to god Courtney is like 23 years old I have always thought that, that was her exact age

  • Mia Gadsby
    Mia Gadsby3 dager siden

    shaynes bit was INCREDIBLE but the best bit was watching both of their faces while the bit played out

  • random person on youtube
    random person on youtube3 dager siden


  • Some VR Gamer
    Some VR Gamer3 dager siden

    Gus should have been imbie

  • Mysterious Mysterious Person
    Mysterious Mysterious Person3 dager siden

    my face would be redder than courtneys hair doing this

  • Toby Sanders
    Toby Sanders3 dager siden

    "I think you guys get the message here." -Guss it down

  • macherie016
    macherie0163 dager siden

    the height difference between shayne and sven

  • Tato
    Tato3 dager siden

    from the hit series the witcher.... comes a new show, the snitcher *69 enters*

  • Lt. Dirtbag
    Lt. Dirtbag4 dager siden

    3:05 clap my little green asscheeks do you want to? Brought protection i did parents aren't home, mine

  • Lt. Dirtbag
    Lt. Dirtbag4 dager siden

    6:36 the way his face was when he said it

  • Emma Dyson
    Emma Dyson4 dager siden

    Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  • Oblivion Bush

    Oblivion Bush

    4 dager siden


  • Game Addictions
    Game Addictions4 dager siden

    Gus Johnson had water in his mouth right

  • Adopt Me Lucas
    Adopt Me Lucas4 dager siden

    I did not laugh so good job gus

  • Emelia Fixter
    Emelia Fixter4 dager siden

    all for one doesn't approve of shaynes stupid jokes

  • EREN Jaeger
    EREN Jaeger4 dager siden

    Who realize that damien wore a all for one sweater from bnha?

  • Will Tenpas
    Will Tenpas5 dager siden


  • Will Tenpas
    Will Tenpas5 dager siden

    Gus and the skinny dude were the only ones that were ever funny the other ones were trying to hard and being way too awkward

  • PanchoDox
    PanchoDox5 dager siden

    I remember when I used to like smosh

  • Galactic Green
    Galactic Green5 dager siden

    I love damiens all for one t shirt

  • Howard T. Duck
    Howard T. Duck5 dager siden

    Courtney’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” bit fucking killed me for some reason

  • David Drepper

    David Drepper

    3 dager siden

    nah dat shit was just cringe

  • DarkHoodie07
    DarkHoodie075 dager siden

    Oohhh coool damien has one for all on his shirt

  • Blcmango Bg
    Blcmango Bg5 dager siden


  • Golden God
    Golden God5 dager siden


  • MiracleDev
    MiracleDev6 dager siden

    This was the episode when they realized they needed to switch the water out for something else.

  • Mr. Deppresso
    Mr. Deppresso6 dager siden

    gus and sven are the only funny ones

  • Emma Dyson
    Emma Dyson6 dager siden


  • Gary Flores
    Gary Flores6 dager siden

    Chapter was funny asf

  • karina ramirez
    karina ramirez6 dager siden

    Mega Millions

  • some guy in jeans
    some guy in jeans6 dager siden

    I had no idea sven and gus where brothers until this video. I just saw sven in gus’s videos a few times and assumed they where friends

  • Jason Jr
    Jason Jr6 dager siden


  • Cristal Squid
    Cristal Squid6 dager siden

    Sven kinda looks like Wyatt Olef and they're both adorable

  • Madellynn Fine
    Madellynn Fine6 dager siden

    As a big fan of my hero academia I just realized that Damien is wearing an all for one shirt and I'm freaking out

  • Kim J. Summer
    Kim J. Summer6 dager siden

    Shaynes glare at gus was just terrifying-

  • Blake Henry
    Blake Henry7 dager siden

    Is that Joey tribianis little brother

  • the boss
    the boss7 dager siden


  • Charles Stanley
    Charles Stanley7 dager siden

    Hsiansh..............chapter two

  • Fret N
    Fret N7 dager siden


  • J Tree
    J Tree7 dager siden

    Umm my names Joshua and my last name is tree soooooo ummm

  • Dreaming of Gaming
    Dreaming of Gaming8 dager siden

    8:36 he looks like the frickin short suit maker from the incredibles

  • Sergio Bejarano Olivera
    Sergio Bejarano Olivera8 dager siden

    After seeing this, my stomach hurts like really bad xd

  • Patrick Landers
    Patrick Landers8 dager siden

    Gus reportedly went into immediate back surgery from carrying the whole video.

  • GregoryMcCheese
    GregoryMcCheese8 dager siden

    Care to take a splash in the fountain of youth maybe

  • Abhishek Bajaj
    Abhishek Bajaj8 dager siden

    Seriously I never laugh at Smosh try not to laugh challenge videos

  • Braden Rainey
    Braden Rainey8 dager siden

    6:50 damb that voise

  • Dark Rose Official
    Dark Rose Official8 dager siden

    I still find nun of these funny

  • RingzBingz
    RingzBingz8 dager siden

    Ian: dE WItChA!

  • Ichi Butt
    Ichi Butt9 dager siden

    Damian is very cultured in the world of anime

  • BroTatoChip
    BroTatoChip9 dager siden

    8:42 ALL FOR ONE

  • poopoo 394
    poopoo 3949 dager siden

    Manhunt musik at 9:20

  • 『Vortexx』
    『Vortexx』9 dager siden

    I love Damien's all for one shirt

  • NateSkateGamer
    NateSkateGamer9 dager siden

    3:07 amazing just amazing

  • aria larosa
    aria larosa9 dager siden

    omg i love sven sm hes so talented

  • Cptnshtfck
    Cptnshtfck9 dager siden

    *Parents arent home, mine*

  • stop motion studio
    stop motion studio9 dager siden

    When is Gus coming back?

  • hyper lethal muffin
    hyper lethal muffin10 dager siden

    I feel like 2:45 was actually just an accident and wasn’t scripted

  • Colin Trochmann
    Colin Trochmann10 dager siden

    8:07 i have one of those and I almost shit myself

  • Lucas Carroll
    Lucas Carroll10 dager siden

    Noone gonna recognize Damien is wearing an all for one hoodie

  • Titrix Ace
    Titrix Ace10 dager siden

    The glitcher music in thw backround its dreams pls twll me whats thw name

  • Luke - Comedy And Crap
    Luke - Comedy And Crap10 dager siden

    Shaynes was almost 4 minutes

  • Flame Potatoes
    Flame Potatoes11 dager siden

    3:27 when you gotta say your jokes before the subject changes.

  • Yashiboi
    Yashiboi11 dager siden

    Did anyone else notice that Damien is wearing a My Hero Academia shirt P.S. I really like My Hero Academia

  • Alex Imig
    Alex Imig11 dager siden

    This was painful to watch

  • ErwinGrey
    ErwinGrey11 dager siden

    Imagine if Stevie t was there....

  • Fernando Pacheco
    Fernando Pacheco11 dager siden

    I cracked at the very last part and im sad i almost made it all the way

  • •Munchii Chan•
    •Munchii Chan•11 dager siden

    Imagine walking down the hall and seeing Shayne just on the floor talking to himself in different voices.

  • Kekoa
    Kekoa12 dager siden

    “Chapter 2”

  • Levi _gaaming
    Levi _gaaming12 dager siden

    What if someone dressed with overalls to look like Mario punched the wall and jumped then cannonballs on to the floor

  • Logan Holmes
    Logan Holmes12 dager siden

    I like Damiens shirt

  • hi
    hi12 dager siden

    Gus really was laughing though, just with his mouth closed

    FBI BOI12 dager siden

    that all for one shirt is nice

  • midwest magician
    midwest magician12 dager siden

    I just noticed that damion is a my hero academia fan Look at his overhaul shirt

  • Female shoto Todoroki
    Female shoto Todoroki13 dager siden

    One of them Are wearing a my hero academia shirt with all for one on it !!!

  • SPC Calhoun 4653
    SPC Calhoun 465313 dager siden


  • Green Cat
    Green Cat13 dager siden

    Try Not To Laugh Challenge #46 w/ condoms

  • Zoe Du Jour
    Zoe Du Jour13 dager siden

    Shayne's last bit has me in freaking tears. Gus is one strong cookie.

  • K dats Awesome
    K dats Awesome13 dager siden


  • SetFireToTheSky
    SetFireToTheSky14 dager siden

    this is fucking cursed

  • Retrogaming 09
    Retrogaming 0914 dager siden

    Wait is his dad boris johnson

  • Nedrejord Klanen
    Nedrejord Klanen14 dager siden

    I just realized that Damien is wearing a mha shirt! :o

  • Crit Bull
    Crit Bull14 dager siden

    This is easy for me

  • Kaitlyn Peters
    Kaitlyn Peters14 dager siden

    OMG I WAS DIEING AT 2:42!!

  • Equity
    Equity15 dager siden

    They try very hard to make themselves laugh

  • wilaaby
    wilaaby16 dager siden

    Gus would be losing so much if they were using harmonicas.

  • Mr. Yogurt
    Mr. Yogurt16 dager siden

    Gus and Sven are better together

  • Anime_kid 95__
    Anime_kid 95__16 dager siden

    Notice the all for one sweatshirt

  • kineticraptor
    kineticraptor16 dager siden

    Holy shit the fountain of youth was so good

  • Christine
    Christine16 dager siden

    Yooooo SICk kick flip bro!!

  • Voxie
    Voxie17 dager siden

    Shayne managed to write a whole skit in this video

  • Brynn Kay
    Brynn Kay17 dager siden

    12:56 still makes me burst out laughing, love and miss Alan Rickman! 🥰