Try Not To Laugh Challenge #51

You know what time it is- time to try not to laugh!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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  • Smosh Pit
    Smosh Pit5 måneder siden


  • The Future 3D

    The Future 3D

    7 timer siden

    We don’t have managers!

  • L O F I C H I L L

    L O F I C H I L L

    2 dager siden

    The face at the beginning 😂 why does shayne’s face go red so quick

  • XxLacey JayxX

    XxLacey JayxX

    12 dager siden

    @Smosh Pit I always thought Shayne was pretty average at impressions but when he did the Karen impression, I’ve got a whole room in my mind for that moment 😂😂

  • Jessy


    Måned siden


  • Bubble Gamez

    Bubble Gamez

    Måned siden

    Quick run don’t look in the eyes of Karen you’ll turn into one

  • Ciaran
    CiaranDag siden

    ... and then you meet a woman named Karen and she’s really nice. 😂😂😂

  • Emelia Fixter
    Emelia FixterDag siden

    the karen has invded

  • Oka


    Dag siden

    ... Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna turn around And desert you. Yes. Yes they are.

  • RNGCategoric
    RNGCategoricDag siden

    it is familiar lol

  • Kawaii _Jaz
    Kawaii _Jaz4 dager siden


  • Cinnamon Roll
    Cinnamon Roll4 dager siden

    8:40 personally ive had teachers correctly use lingo or avoid it entirely, even using memes in presentations and actually be funny, but even still this PHYSICALLY hurta

  • TheStevenofSuburbia
    TheStevenofSuburbia5 dager siden

    0:19 Gotta love Tommy's reaction to Ian going Super Saiyan mode. Like scared, but trying to still maintain composure lol

  • Theresa Schmidt
    Theresa Schmidt6 dager siden

    8:55 johnny depp i swear

  • Mountaingrly2513
    Mountaingrly25137 dager siden

    🤭Damien is gorgeous.

  • Wumpa Island
    Wumpa Island8 dager siden


  • Amber-Rose Parent
    Amber-Rose Parent10 dager siden

    well Damien was right about the movie

  • AgentFire -_-
    AgentFire -_-10 dager siden

    Shayne does a great New Zealand accent. Do you think it was meant to be Australian? - From a concerned Australian Citizen.

  • lilly_fruend 253
    lilly_fruend 25311 dager siden

    Im surprised that no one made a Smosh kingdom hearts thing

  • Magzie Wheeler
    Magzie Wheeler12 dager siden

    "Its mostly animal sex. Its not good tv."

  • Akyanos
    Akyanos12 dager siden

    Damien would make a good Kingdom Hearts VA

  • Di Milton
    Di Milton14 dager siden

    Damian’s laugh was so endearing!

  • Elaw13
    Elaw1317 dager siden

    I wish the math teacher happened across uncle ron.....

  • Lydia May
    Lydia May17 dager siden


  • King Panda
    King Panda18 dager siden

    I wanna see what you cut from Ian's Harry Potter. 😂🤣

  • Augusto César
    Augusto César19 dager siden

    I dontnlike that gutural courtney character

  • Justin Hamilton
    Justin Hamilton20 dager siden

    courtney killed it

  • Maisylee 5
    Maisylee 523 dager siden

    Ians ikea blanket tho haha

  • Max Finley
    Max Finley24 dager siden

    Its bad because the Karen bit was a) brilliant and b) my mom in a nutshell.

  • Gillian Ruden
    Gillian Ruden25 dager siden

    Why does Courtney sound so much like a droid

  • Jeatonn Abbott
    Jeatonn Abbott29 dager siden

    That’s one buff Karen 😂😂😂

  • Marco Garcia
    Marco Garcia29 dager siden

    Next video idea, non original cast members.

  • Liana Ventura
    Liana VenturaMåned siden

    I literally got a “board af” add isn’t that weird?!?!

  • Meggy C
    Meggy CMåned siden

    The bowl cut has returned

  • kiteman-lll 34
    kiteman-lll 34Måned siden

    I love how everyone in the background is just having a seizure

  • Jaryn Wilson
    Jaryn WilsonMåned siden

    Ian looks like younger Ian

  • Taylor T
    Taylor TMåned siden


  • Alexis Shope
    Alexis ShopeMåned siden


  • Girl
    GirlMåned siden

    shayne said it was his dumbest bit, but i laughed my ass off...

  • Devil's Plays
    Devil's PlaysMåned siden

    i miss when they spit water it was funny

  • Lil Cc
    Lil CcMåned siden

    Who invited Courtney Freaking Millers mother??????

  • GamerBro9000
    GamerBro9000Måned siden

    To: Damien From: A Minnesotan WE DO NOT SOUND LIKE THAT.

  • Cahleeb Jamisn'ton
    Cahleeb Jamisn'tonMåned siden

    I want to hear the rest of Ian's bit cause dang what a funny thing to be a premise for a bit.

  • Patrick Dupew
    Patrick DupewMåned siden

    Anyone else taken off guard by Ian's old haircut?

  • Maxwell shane
    Maxwell shaneMåned siden

    liked it beter when i was whith water

  • Arif Ramen noodles
    Arif Ramen noodlesMåned siden

    Oh snap, shayne actually was learning to do an Australian accent over quarantine. I thought that was a joke from a diffrent video

  • Arif Ramen noodles
    Arif Ramen noodlesMåned siden

    What would Courtney fricken Miller do when it is asked to wear a mask

  • Shazam !!!
    Shazam !!!Måned siden

    6:03 I have that thing.... But doesnt work😁

  • Ken Kaneki
    Ken KanekiMåned siden

    *Why is Damien more Johnny depp then Johnny depp*

  • Raul Abarca
    Raul AbarcaMåned siden

    The Kenny Loggins one got me

  • A 0 K
    A 0 KMåned siden

    Is it just me or is Boneless one of the best characters/bits in try not to laugh?

  • A 0 K

    A 0 K

    Måned siden

    @Landlighter Firestar YES! Dumpster wizard and Bonless!

  • Landlighter Firestar

    Landlighter Firestar

    Måned siden

    The only thing that beats them for me is... heLLo wEArY trAveLer!

  • Lexi Majda
    Lexi MajdaMåned siden


  • Bubble Gamez
    Bubble GamezMåned siden

    Quick run don’t look in the eyes of Karen you’ll turn into one

  • japnit singh
    japnit singhMåned siden

    one of the best episodes by far

  • Finn200 Gaming
    Finn200 GamingMåned siden

    Aww man I always love the kingdome hearts part.

  • Olivia Carrara
    Olivia CarraraMåned siden

    im almost positive the movie Damian was talking about was Goosebumps with Jack Black

  • John Ramos
    John RamosMåned siden

    We need more unhinged super saiy-Ian

  • Tegan Rand
    Tegan RandMåned siden

    Pumpkin face: •-• tf is happening what did I do?? •-•

  • Ryan Oliver
    Ryan OliverMåned siden

    Karen aka Shayne Top "If I have empathy I'll die" also Karen "If I consider another person I'll die" my god that deserves academy award where are the Oscars folks

  • Ryan Oliver
    Ryan OliverMåned siden

    Yes og Ian haircut baby!

  • Poolside Toilet Productions
    Poolside Toilet ProductionsMåned siden

    Who else did this video make wanna see Damien in a real mullet for a while just to have it for pleasant documentation later?

  • LegoCharlie T
    LegoCharlie T2 måneder siden

    1:00 why super saiyan blue? i've not got anything wrong with it, it's just the 6th transformation is all.

  • Catrina Tulowiecki
    Catrina Tulowiecki2 måneder siden

    Ian’s teacher bit is literally me teaching my middle schoolers 😂

  • Philipino Phil
    Philipino Phil2 måneder siden

    I wanna see damien's movie so bad😅

  • Adrian Ocasio
    Adrian Ocasio2 måneder siden

    Shayne sounds so Australian

  • Awkward Animations!
    Awkward Animations!2 måneder siden

    did damien recite the plot of halloween town

  • Mr Noir
    Mr Noir2 måneder siden

    I don’t like the new kazoo thing

  • Charles Ridgway
    Charles Ridgway2 måneder siden

    Yo was that Kenny Loggins?

  • nuhjak 101
    nuhjak 1012 måneder siden

    So we’re just not gonna talk about that r2 impression? 😂

  • Dudeman9339
    Dudeman93392 måneder siden

    Always love a TNTL without Keith or Olivia

  • DEF 3MO
    DEF 3MO2 måneder siden

    They already mentioned that there's a 📢KAREN ALERT 📢 but if you want to see said KAREN joke it's at 2:47

  • Madelyn Erlandson
    Madelyn Erlandson2 måneder siden

    When are you going back to try not to spit out the water when try not to laugh

  • LD Commando
    LD Commando2 måneder siden

    That Last of Us 2 was the funniest bit ever.

  • Eazy E
    Eazy E2 måneder siden

    The Kenny Loggins bit pops in my head way more often than I thought it would. So simple but so good

  • Tarnjeet Saini
    Tarnjeet Saini2 måneder siden

    Damian that is for sure what death stranding is about

  • Madeleine
    Madeleine2 måneder siden

    Courtney was on point in this video

  • gusey1397
    gusey13972 måneder siden

    7:36 cringed a little as I was born with three fingers on my right hand, and the whole joke was that Shayne had three fingers. I know offense wasn't meant but just be mindful in the future :)

  • `` q u i n n , ``
    `` q u i n n , ``2 måneder siden

    Is it just me or is damien getting more and more wholesome its so cute 🥺

  • Bruno Fernandez
    Bruno Fernandez2 måneder siden

    are you serious youtube? 10 ads?

  • CEM MacCheyne
    CEM MacCheyne2 måneder siden

    "we have taken off Ian's mussel" that got me so good

  • NoodleBoop
    NoodleBoop2 måneder siden

    Damien, the story you made up exists. It’s called Halloweentown and it’s great. It’s pretty much your skit🤣

  • Reagan Gorschboth
    Reagan Gorschboth2 måneder siden

    10:53 Courtney had the sorting hat on

  • Sahid Hernandez
    Sahid Hernandez2 måneder siden

    5:30 oh no he has turned into Lazarbeam

  • Cj Mull
    Cj Mull2 måneder siden

    Damiens Sora is so good.

  • Slightly Distressed Slug
    Slightly Distressed Slug2 måneder siden

    13:01 "I watch weird Tv"

  • Slightly Distressed Slug

    Slightly Distressed Slug

    2 måneder siden

    also yes the R2 impression is fantastic

  • Ryan Montana
    Ryan Montana2 måneder siden

    Why was his scream spot on

  • Liam 3238
    Liam 32382 måneder siden

    12:00 it would’ve been funnier if Damien put the plunger in his head and wiggled it around

  • Liam 3238
    Liam 32382 måneder siden

    Courtney’s British accent attempt was so cute just like her

  • TheMarkster245
    TheMarkster2452 måneder siden

    3:07 leave Britney alone!

  • Bree Of Arc
    Bree Of Arc2 måneder siden

    Tiz better to have laughed and lost then to have never laughed at all

  • kate frickman
    kate frickman2 måneder siden


  • Lo Cat
    Lo Cat2 måneder siden

    i keep coming back to this video... mostly for sharen, because it’s too accurate

  • pinkmincraftplayer lol
    pinkmincraftplayer lol2 måneder siden


  • The Gaydar
    The Gaydar2 måneder siden

    Lol literally described a scene from Halloween town🤣

  • Anna Claire Gee
    Anna Claire Gee2 måneder siden

    Ian is somehow the dad and the deranged toddler of the group at the same time

  • Hunter gutterson
    Hunter gutterson2 måneder siden

    Pinned by Smosh Pit Smosh Pit 2 months ago 🚨 KAREN ALERT 🚨

  • Michiko Manalang
    Michiko Manalang2 måneder siden

    _think of eht_

  • ColbyClark
    ColbyClark2 måneder siden

    Courtney crushing the R2-D2 impression

  • Clara Scolley
    Clara Scolley2 måneder siden

    I would laugh just at some of their costumes 😂

  • prokopios kafasis
    prokopios kafasis2 måneder siden

    So fynny hahaha

  • عبدالله الغامدي
    عبدالله الغامدي3 måneder siden

    Shayne so funny when he scream

  • Ashlynn Moon
    Ashlynn Moon3 måneder siden

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: The captions when Shayne does an Australian accent: (British Accent)

  • Gabriel Tenney
    Gabriel Tenney3 måneder siden

    They should bring back Ian and Anthony for an episode of try not to laugh

  • Michael Grogan
    Michael Grogan3 måneder siden

    Damien be hurting me with the kingdom hearts reference

  • Alan Hoek
    Alan Hoek3 måneder siden

    "And for that i publicly apologize, as a lot of people have been apologizing for a *lot of things l a t e l y . . .* " OH MY GOD

  • N3ON Valkyrie
    N3ON Valkyrie3 måneder siden

    NoW tHiS iS PoD RaCiNg