Try Not To Laugh Challenge #53

“I’m not like the other girls. I know how to breathe.” Try not to laugh, we dare you!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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  • Smosh Pit
    Smosh Pit4 måneder siden

    Y'all ready for this?!

  • Jamie Weber

    Jamie Weber

    3 dager siden

    No 🥺🥺

  • Darnell Boyd

    Darnell Boyd

    18 dager siden

    I thought Olivia said piss

  • Ciera Miller

    Ciera Miller

    Måned siden

    Season 1 is master chef did have someone with only 3 fingers on each hand...

  • Samuel Sanchez

    Samuel Sanchez

    Måned siden

    Da da dada da da da da da Da da dada da da da

  • Ariahna day

    Ariahna day

    2 måneder siden

    no i sh1t myself

  • Colin Lothrop
    Colin Lothrop18 timer siden

    Isn’t banana boat a sunscreen company?

  • tropical cereal
    tropical cereal2 dager siden

    These are getting more and more dumb. The older videos were and still are so much better :/

  • Karma
    Karma2 dager siden

    Noahs hair looks like fruity pebbles.

  • Stranded Star Traveler
    Stranded Star Traveler3 dager siden

    noah looks like a box of fruity pebbles threw up on his head

  • Shanniah Dias Esteves
    Shanniah Dias Esteves3 dager siden

    Please make this happen: A self-help group In which single fathers talk about their problems with their children. And one father tells the other that he has similar problems with his daughter, as he has only recently moved with her. She lives with him in the basement and slowly enters puberty. But he is not yet ready to buy her a bra because he wants to keep his little girl. And he's scared that when he buys ladies items the neighbors find out that he doesn't live alone but it must remain secret because he kidnapped her. I think only Smosh could laugh about that. Its all about the setup.

  • teddycuthbert
    teddycuthbert3 dager siden


  • Galev
    Galev5 dager siden

    I love how Tommy just takes us on a journey each time

  • dont_touch_my_spaghett
    dont_touch_my_spaghett5 dager siden


  • Jonathan Ramirez
    Jonathan Ramirez5 dager siden

    Why is the outro music so loud.

  • Vithefirst
    Vithefirst5 dager siden

    The harmonica is so much worse than the water

  • Sadie Koehler
    Sadie Koehler6 dager siden


  • Matthew Nucerino
    Matthew Nucerino6 dager siden

    I miss water in the mouth

  • BB Ryno
    BB Ryno6 dager siden

    5:31 Didn't notice til now they got Nicholas Cage to cameo w/ Shayne's bit

  • JoeKage
    JoeKage7 dager siden

    I come here when I'm high af and I'm ok with that ❤️

  • Morten Asphaug
    Morten Asphaug7 dager siden

    Stop with the harmonica asap

  • Ale isinwonderland
    Ale isinwonderland9 dager siden

    Omg is that brad pitt

  • ryan rengalota
    ryan rengalota9 dager siden

    the "grab the pan" is reall good, but the "one that takes 8 pounds of force to press any button" got me rolling.

  • Mario Bertrand
    Mario Bertrand9 dager siden

    I remember when some people actually didn't win in this game and not make people laugh it makes it more entertaining

  • callmebagel
    callmebagel10 dager siden

    And... breathe in Breathe in Breathe in Breathe in Breathe in Breathe in Breathe in Breathe in

  • Andrew Bisley
    Andrew Bisley10 dager siden

    Noah would be perfect to do voice acting for Rick and Morty

  • Nobody
    Nobody11 dager siden

    Noah's kinda ripped

  • A Winehouse fan
    A Winehouse fan11 dager siden

    Why don’t they use water no more ?

  • Entertained2036
    Entertained203612 dager siden

    Courtney's new look is amazing. The blonde color makes her shine :)

  • RollingPangcake
    RollingPangcake12 dager siden

    15:50 I love how perfect the harmonica matches with the song in the background. She enters on the first beat, on the tone which is the tonics root. Heckin nice.

  • Shadow Raven
    Shadow Raven13 dager siden

    They need to get SauceEddie and JuicyFruitSnacks on here

  • Ari Da Birb
    Ari Da Birb14 dager siden

    we got breeeaad biiitch

  • Dannie Christian
    Dannie Christian15 dager siden

    Olivia's yes chef 😂

  • Chaba Choo
    Chaba Choo15 dager siden

    I swear to god I can taste fruity pebbles when I look at Noah's hair

  • Mia Gadsby
    Mia Gadsby16 dager siden

    i love tommys running bits sm

  • Popli
    Popli16 dager siden

    Shayne was making some fuckin music with that harmonica

  • Foxythefirefox
    Foxythefirefox16 dager siden

    Stop: the saga

  • drewds69
    drewds6916 dager siden

    I feel like the only person that can bring back The Soup would definitely be Shane

  • Sher With An A
    Sher With An A17 dager siden

    Yey Shayne got over his fear of dolls he healed that creepy doll like it was nothing

  • Di Milton
    Di Milton17 dager siden

    Tommy’s brain...👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Di Milton
    Di Milton17 dager siden

    Tommy com in’ in with that hat trick was freaking awesome! When I saw the party boy, I was like, “Awww, he’s not doing the 🛑,” but he did!

  • Abby Neill
    Abby Neill17 dager siden

    wE GoT brEAd B*itCH!!!

  • Tristan Hughes
    Tristan Hughes17 dager siden

    Shane is the only funny one ngl

  • quixxen
    quixxen17 dager siden

    i feel like Olivia was in quite the mood for this episodes intro

  • Anna Love
    Anna Love18 dager siden

    There was actually a guy on Master Chef in one of the first 2 seasons that had 3 fingers on each hand I don't remember what he called it but he was born like that

  • Nathan Migneault
    Nathan Migneault21 dag siden


  • Bloxaur
    Bloxaur23 dager siden

    I only found Shayne consistently funny throughout this whole video, and he’s one of the few reasons I still watch Smosh

  • Paddle Boy
    Paddle Boy25 dager siden

    Why does Olivia look so oily?

  • AwesomeDudeEli
    AwesomeDudeEli25 dager siden

    Shayne’s music teacher bit is amazing. I need more of it 😂

  • GMan M1 Ammo Can
    GMan M1 Ammo Can26 dager siden

    Welcome weary traveler so u seek to watch another noble production by smosh

  • GreenLight
    GreenLight26 dager siden

    Noah’s hair looks like Fruity Pebbles XD

  • Dick Thiccums
    Dick Thiccums26 dager siden

    That black woman isn’t really funny

  • Jordan Felt
    Jordan Felt29 dager siden

    Honestly this entire video would be worth the time just for Shaynes bit at 3:40. I'm in tears right now, it's so random yet so funny 😂😂

  • Selena Clymo
    Selena ClymoMåned siden

    Shayne kinda looked like 'Here we go' when courtney came out XD

  • Anoahmous
    AnoahmousMåned siden

    Olivia almost dropping the pan was just real lmfao. It didn't look like she was playing it up at all.

  • Charlie Wells
    Charlie WellsMåned siden

    Prince Eric kinda lookin like mr izawa from mha

  • Vivienne Grace
    Vivienne GraceMåned siden


  • Toastility
    ToastilityMåned siden

    I like the bigger flute now that the Garbinger is a host on Enter-tainment Tonight

  • Jen Mack
    Jen MackMåned siden

    Not Shane carrying this series on his back again... 🥴

  • Shayne_HasLanded
    Shayne_HasLandedMåned siden

    Noah looks like your older cousin at family gatherings that doesn’t really talk or do anything but is always there

  • Trevor Costa
    Trevor CostaMåned siden

    Fod olivia, i dont think she actually laughed, she was just breathing through her mouth

  • Javier Mata
    Javier MataMåned siden

    Honestly I gotta give it to Noah with his elderly commercial I laughed to 💀

  • Stacey Mohammed
    Stacey MohammedMåned siden

    Noah’s hair was much better before

  • Jennifer McKenzie
    Jennifer McKenzieMåned siden


  • Corbin Colton
    Corbin ColtonMåned siden

    Anyone notice that shayne kinda looks like a jacked pete holmes

  • Minecraft_is_the_best
    Minecraft_is_the_bestMåned siden

    Tommy needs to STOP! HAHAHA MI BERRY PANY

  • katie orford
    katie orfordMåned siden

    smosh needs to go back to the OG's

  • Jacob Isaac
    Jacob IsaacMåned siden

    Noah REALLY turned into Justin Roiland for the old people bit

  • Plague Parodies
    Plague ParodiesMåned siden

    So when will Courtney and Shayne admit that they be doing the dirty? It’s pretty obvious.

  • jessica hiatt
    jessica hiattMåned siden

    love your vids!!

  • Moe The Dog
    Moe The DogMåned siden

    yo why they ain’t got masks on

  • Mike Braga
    Mike BragaMåned siden

    15:35. You're welcome. Lol

  • TheIncredibleMarioBros
    TheIncredibleMarioBrosMåned siden

    noah honestly has some great cinematics

  • Abdul Malik Allie
    Abdul Malik AllieMåned siden

    Does anyone know the song in the outro?

  • Devil's Plays
    Devil's PlaysMåned siden

    who else miss when they just spat the water it was hilarious

  • {Blookster}
    {Blookster}Måned siden

    I thought som of my favorite people left this channle, I’m so happy I’m wrong

  • Aramaru 1837
    Aramaru 1837Måned siden


  • V3K1 TG
    V3K1 TGMåned siden

    are you not using water because of COVID or what I don’t get it

  • The_Tenacious_Lion
    The_Tenacious_LionMåned siden

    Grease “uggggh!”

  • Laylayla
    LaylaylaMåned siden


  • Lillyan Rose
    Lillyan RoseMåned siden

    Yo! Can Shane be my school counselor please! he would be way better than the one I have right now 😂

  • Huff
    HuffMåned siden

    Tommy coming in with the football pretending to be Straight is sending me

  • Huff
    HuffMåned siden

    I just want a vid with tommy, Shane, and Damien. It’s never all three at the same time

  • My bunnies uwu
    My bunnies uwuMåned siden


  • Creative Life
    Creative LifeMåned siden

    Okay but like Shane low key looks like Calvin goldby from the hype house 😂✨

  • Barkles
    BarklesMåned siden

    the one thing I will take from this video is "STOP"

  • Caleb Lim
    Caleb LimMåned siden

    I can safely say this is Tommy’s greatest joke on TNTL

  • Lil Shrimpin’
    Lil Shrimpin’Måned siden

    I kinda preferred the water because it doesn’t make noise during the skits and it’s way too easy cause it picks up ur breathes

  • sid viscus
    sid viscusMåned siden

    not saying any names, but it seems like smosh hires people based on their diversity quota rather than their funniness...

  • Darien Parks
    Darien ParksMåned siden

    Why does Shayne look like he could pull off the greaser look so perfectly??

  • Stephanie kitch
    Stephanie kitchMåned siden

    Tommy legit took this one 😂😂😂😂

  • Psychedelic explorer
    Psychedelic explorerMåned siden

    Man it would be cool If they did a contest every now and then and the winner got to be on the show

  • Tuba With Teeth
    Tuba With TeethMåned siden

    How did Shayne even make that noise?

  • Ross McPherson
    Ross McPhersonMåned siden

    Love how Tommy always has a storyline

  • Marco Flemming
    Marco Flemming2 måneder siden

    Most of them try not to laugh but Noah is playing harmonica😂

  • Nic Blucher
    Nic Blucher2 måneder siden


  • Nic Blucher
    Nic Blucher2 måneder siden

    Get the up in here

  • Joel Badger
    Joel Badger2 måneder siden

    Jackie is legit the worst thing they ever let happen to Smosh. She’s not even funny!

  • Diego Lofranco
    Diego Lofranco2 måneder siden

    Watching new TNTLs really show new contenders for MVP in the form of Tommy and Jackie.

  • Will Hautamaki
    Will Hautamaki2 måneder siden

    Olivia is hilarious

  • awesomeness10853
    awesomeness108532 måneder siden

    Some one needs to make a Tommy Bowe compilation bc his bits are Iconic/Legendary

  • Koneko Cosplay
    Koneko Cosplay2 måneder siden

    Fricking Tommy man... My gut hurts from laughter

  • Johndel ian t. Pagobo
    Johndel ian t. Pagobo2 måneder siden

    I love my red hat

  • Olivia B
    Olivia B2 måneder siden

    Tommy’s continuous bits are literally the best!!

  • Apologus
    Apologus2 måneder siden

    The bizarre thing is that Masterchef USA actually had one contestant (I think season 3 or 4) who had only 3 fingers per hand. He lasted only a couple episodes.