Try Not To Laugh Challenge #54 - Mystery Boxes!

It’s try not to laugh, but we can only use the items in our mystery boxes to help us out!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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  • Smosh Pit
    Smosh Pit4 måneder siden

    What other TNTL twists should we try?! 🤔

  • theweyrd


    Dag siden

    Do a prop tart for each other.

  • Hima Ehab

    Hima Ehab

    15 dager siden


  • sophia b

    sophia b

    20 dager siden

    Using the same prop now that will be fun

  • Pinnaplecat


    Måned siden


  • Beau Triche

    Beau Triche

    Måned siden

    Who ever laughs the most gets slimed

  • Joshua Vance
    Joshua VanceDag siden

    What prop did Courtney use for her first bit?

  • KingFire :p
    KingFire :p2 dager siden

    Are we just gonna look over Keith putting up a #2, and not a #1 for Jackie???? 1:55

  • Christian Chavez
    Christian Chavez4 dager siden

    Kimmy is so pretty.

  • Morten Asphaug
    Morten Asphaug6 dager siden

    Stop with the harmonica plz

  • Mysterious Mysterious Person
    Mysterious Mysterious Person6 dager siden

    tommy is the human equivalent of pajamas

  • Luli
    Luli7 dager siden

    I have that notepad

  • Ryan Cox
    Ryan Cox8 dager siden

    I love how they played the Home Depot commercial music during Courtney’s construction worker bit 13:47

  • Joey Black
    Joey Black9 dager siden

    Courtney's construction bit gave me ptsd to when I worked at home depot. I used to love the music, now all that remains is pain

  • Roy Hoy!
    Roy Hoy!9 dager siden


  • ADHlexia
    ADHlexia11 dager siden

    0:47 that sounded like a demon 😳😂 I don’t like the new update... i have to do math now every time I wanna put a time mark

  • redbeanmochi
    redbeanmochi12 dager siden

    kimmys so cute

  • XDVid-MasterXD Legendary
    XDVid-MasterXD Legendary12 dager siden

    The team reaching to their mystery boxes reminds me of Christmas-present-opening at my family’s place 😂

  • ・【Fluffy Marshmallows】・
    ・【Fluffy Marshmallows】・12 dager siden

    *walks out with shrek mask and gloves* 12:43 Noah: -makes a whole song-

  • Ramble Raven
    Ramble Raven14 dager siden

    No Shayne No Damien... No bueno!! Still love you guys tho

  • Hima Ehab
    Hima Ehab15 dager siden

    Bad Bad Badddd I Don't Like Kefa>:(((

    HEHE HEHE15 dager siden

    Noah has always looked like Robby from Victorious to me but that wig makes it better

  • Tap
    Tap16 dager siden

    Kimmy is so fun in this

  • Taylor’s Show
    Taylor’s Show16 dager siden

    At the beginning when Jackie’s pulling her stuff out of her box you can see how strong she is

  • Requiem for a Meme
    Requiem for a Meme17 dager siden

    14:00 Shoutout to the editor for using the same background music Home Depot uses in their commercials for this bit.

  • Steven Walker
    Steven Walker18 dager siden

    TNTL needs Shane

  • Shaldon Jagernath
    Shaldon Jagernath19 dager siden

    Kimmy is awesome

  • Katie Smith
    Katie Smith20 dager siden

    Tommy’s bits were great LOL

  • 4 7
    4 721 dag siden

    Yall Jackie has such great arms

  • ali rahmat
    ali rahmat21 dag siden

    Damn who else stopped looking for someone to to eat bread out of the gutter with, once they brought on kimmy. Tall tan twirling hair kimmy

    DIOTARO22 dager siden

    0:47 sounds like a demon

  • K. Cherry
    K. Cherry22 dager siden

    Noah's muscles surprise me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME

  • A bag of frogs and eggshells with anxiety
    A bag of frogs and eggshells with anxiety24 dager siden

    Me: I'm so excited to see my friends after 6 months of isolation! My teachers: 18:12

  • Dudeman9339
    Dudeman933924 dager siden

    Why do y'all let Keith do things?

  • Seija-dono
    Seija-dono25 dager siden

    Why is Kimmy so attractive, and i'm a straight female

  • Fantasy Foxxx
    Fantasy Foxxx26 dager siden

    I love how Tommy always sticks with the same joke but adds different things each time!!!😂

  • AL3KZ J!N
    AL3KZ J!NMåned siden

    19:01 this is my best part of this episode

  • Seth Macklin
    Seth MacklinMåned siden

    Okay yeah this is cool and all but I would unironically have a smoke sesh with Jackie, Shayne and Tommy. Don't do drugs tho kids, that's a bad bad thing to do. Trust me I know lmao

  • Isabella
    IsabellaMåned siden

    Kimmy is so cute honestly like she was adorable this whole entire video

  • Lily Marick
    Lily MarickMåned siden

    wait is nicolas cage cutting the constitution in half or the dead baby?

  • Clear Kage
    Clear KageMåned siden

    U guys need to use water agian the harmonica is to easy cause even a small amount of air plays it

  • Some Hobo
    Some HoboMåned siden

    For the whole story here's the time stamps 8:25 11:31 14:09 17:38 20:33

  • Linkolin Alamar
    Linkolin AlamarMåned siden

    What the hell were they saying near 16:00. Her walk?

  • Linkolin Alamar
    Linkolin AlamarMåned siden

    Jackie actually isn't funny.... but the rest of them are so oh well

  • A.
    A.Måned siden

    hearing the liberty bell activated fight or flight

  • Fillbert
    FillbertMåned siden

    Honestly Tommy and Kimmy are the two funniest people on this show.

  • Huff
    HuffMåned siden

    That ash voice is perfect

  • X1controLler
    X1controLlerMåned siden

    go to 3:55 to skip all that starting shit

  • E Animated
    E AnimatedMåned siden

    I punched my screen and I accidentally clicked dislike what do I do?!?!?!!? Edit: I figured it out :)))) :00

  • Game On
    Game OnMåned siden

    She's so abusive

  • My bunnies uwu
    My bunnies uwuMåned siden


  • ThunderBat
    ThunderBatMåned siden

    Tommy made a whole damn story this episode lmao

  • Lexi Majda
    Lexi MajdaMåned siden

    a rolled up chest... isn't that a classic for Noah?

  • James Parham
    James ParhamMåned siden

    No cap the only reason I watch these is for Shayne and he isn't in this one 😭😭😭😭

  • Lynzie
    LynzieMåned siden

    I want to be Kimmy's friend!!!!!

  • HotDog Lover
    HotDog Lover2 måneder siden

    Kimmy would be great wife material

  • The neon apple
    The neon apple2 måneder siden

    Tommy’s over arcing story lines are the best part of the whole videos

  • Camryn Plemons
    Camryn Plemons2 måneder siden

    kira dangle the shy pop singer= ally from austin and ally for the first few seasons

  • Ra Z
    Ra Z2 måneder siden

    Maybe a good twist...and just maybe... you could have a video that everyone doesn't laugh on! :O ....Too much of a reach? ... sorry... you wouldn't get it.

  • TheArtistic 1
    TheArtistic 12 måneder siden

    Hey yall please help me grow my twitch channel @TheDarkProvince 🙏🏾🙏🏾just a passionated gamer

  • Scott MG
    Scott MG2 måneder siden

    Literally thought that dude was a young Ashton Kutcher

  • stratocaster922
    stratocaster9222 måneder siden

    why does Benjamin Franklin have a German accent? lol

  • Zachary Rosenfeld
    Zachary Rosenfeld2 måneder siden

    Kimmy knows just how to interact while she's on the hot seat, I love it

  • Godfall Da Plugg
    Godfall Da Plugg2 måneder siden

    hol up hol up! Courtney got CAKKES!!

  • Blakethechemist
    Blakethechemist2 måneder siden

    I wanna see Courtney's Tambouriner bit become a full song 👌👌

  • John Wingfield
    John Wingfield2 måneder siden

    19:00 💀💀

  • Natalie MacAskill
    Natalie MacAskill2 måneder siden

    I need an improv show with Noah, Tommy, Jackie and Kimmy asap

  • Click Clax
    Click Clax2 måneder siden

    I think the show was better when you didn’t use the harmonica

  • Wade Mercado
    Wade Mercado2 måneder siden

    I like how Tommy's skits have sequels. 😂😂😂

  • Matilda Fries
    Matilda Fries2 måneder siden

    I want to see Tommy's sketches made into a movie ✨AsAp✨

  • Gianna Carter
    Gianna Carter2 måneder siden

    "every time i'm with a man... he's deflated" *sad harmonica*

  • canberk doğan
    canberk doğan2 måneder siden

    For god sake please stop yelling

  • Dudewhoah
    Dudewhoah2 måneder siden

    So did you guys switch to the harmonica so you can finally get Gus?

  • Yung Ghxst
    Yung Ghxst2 måneder siden


  • xpepsimanxcr
    xpepsimanxcr2 måneder siden

    70k in debt and shitty tattoo, I feel personally attacked...

  • Asy444 Minotaur
    Asy444 Minotaur2 måneder siden

    Why was Benjamin Franklin German?

  • Ava King
    Ava King2 måneder siden

    kimmy is so pretty i love her sm

  • multi_stan
    multi_stan2 måneder siden

    Noah's hair looks like fruity pebbles...lmao I love it 😂

  • Russell Howland
    Russell Howland2 måneder siden

    Kimmy is gorgeous!

  • Sorceress
    Sorceress2 måneder siden

    I want Tommy in every TNTL challenge 👌🏻🔥💓

  • theweyrd
    theweyrd2 måneder siden

    Keith killed in this one, everybody was so good! 😭❤️

  • John Meno
    John Meno2 måneder siden

    Were these pre-recorded a while ago or are they back in the studio?

  • Niña Isabela
    Niña Isabela2 måneder siden

    Keith’s bit at 13:05 is just the plot of the musical Me and My Dick. I’m here for it.

  • cameraboy cam
    cameraboy cam2 måneder siden

    Keith: says number one as he holds up two fingers 😂🤣🤣

  • Sophie Hewlett
    Sophie Hewlett2 måneder siden

    Tommy takes you on a journey 😂😭

  • overdressed
    overdressed2 måneder siden

    I watched this episode for the 5th time or so, just because of tommy and his sun story line.... he´s my favorite pizza place

  • VenomPro360
    VenomPro3602 måneder siden

    Courtney didn’t even use her shit

  • sadlystuckinreality
    sadlystuckinreality3 måneder siden

    Tommy and that space bit SENT me😂😂😂

  • m.morci
    m.morci3 måneder siden

    noah got this chest thing and a phone and like pizza place remake would be great

  • Pug Lover
    Pug Lover3 måneder siden

    My fav line : have you been fucking the sun 😂

  • Serenity Menee
    Serenity Menee3 måneder siden

    How was it not mentioned that instead of a daughter the wife had a SUN

  • KatyKat
    KatyKat3 måneder siden

    I’m sorry but the Home depot music for Courtney’s joke freaking got me

  • Aja
    Aja3 måneder siden

    Jackie giving Benjamin Franklin an accent like he’s from Germany or something

  • Ellen Batkin
    Ellen Batkin3 måneder siden

    Does Noah listen ti mother mother

  • ju ju
    ju ju3 måneder siden

    Every time someone gets something out of the box all of them start to scream lmao

  • 7 Tâpwêwin
    7 Tâpwêwin3 måneder siden

    Why don’t they wear masks? Or social distance

  • TheJumpninja12
    TheJumpninja123 måneder siden

    Where has Ian been?

  • Liana Mamedalieva
    Liana Mamedalieva3 måneder siden


  • Olivia Gail
    Olivia Gail3 måneder siden

    But where are Kimmy's jeans from?

  • Useless Rat
    Useless Rat3 måneder siden

    Teehee this was posted on my birthday

  • Grey Cauble
    Grey Cauble3 måneder siden

    God I wish they'd get rid of Keith dude is the least funny person

  • Patrick Carlile
    Patrick Carlile3 måneder siden

    That Ash Ketchum broke me....

  • Yaaaaaaaaayo
    Yaaaaaaaaayo3 måneder siden

    Kimmy is like the happiest looking person ever, and I LOVE it

  • frog soup
    frog soup3 måneder siden

    Welcome to "simping for Kimmy" comment section

  • crimson night
    crimson night3 måneder siden

    Can we just talked about Jackie surprising everyone even Keith when she came with the pool noodle. She had me dead 🤣🤣🤣😂💀. Honestly a mood too