Try Not To Laugh Challenge #55 - Disney Edition!

A Disney-themed Try Not To Laugh challenge? Talk about a whole new world…
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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  • Smosh Pit
    Smosh Pit3 måneder siden

    "Did y'all get to stay human for your whole movie?" 👀

  • Shewolf Blacklink

    Shewolf Blacklink

    8 dager siden

    Who said I started human?

  • Ciel Phantomhive

    Ciel Phantomhive

    15 dager siden

    My movie hasn't ended yet 👀

  • Malumute Dawgs

    Malumute Dawgs

    20 dager siden

    @Loveclevercore :] omfg what the hell

  • Kokichi Ouma

    Kokichi Ouma

    22 dager siden


  • Kokichi Ouma

    Kokichi Ouma

    22 dager siden

    Nah i turned into a TURTLE

  • WarriorWolfeh
    WarriorWolfehDag siden

    Waiting for an animated movie where the black protagonist actually gets to stay human. They still didn't in Soul

  • Lori Martin
    Lori MartinDag siden

    You know I think I can name three Disney Princess movie who's mothers and fathers are still alive. 1.Moana( yes her grandmother died, but both of her parents are alive) 2.Tangled 3.Mulan Bonus: I'm pretty sure that Sleeping Beauty's parents are still alive but I can't really remember because I never watched the full movie

  • theweyrd
    theweyrdDag siden

    Theme idea: Dating / 00s / NFSW / NOlocalrs / Nerd edition Pokemon..

  • Meredith S
    Meredith SDag siden

    Me: *completely forgets this is a themed episode* Wow they’re doing a lot of Disney stuff huh

  • Macdongr
    Macdongr2 dager siden

    "I don't wanna see the pinterest photos. I don't care." Can't tell you how many times I've said that.

  • Eve Irish
    Eve Irish2 dager siden

    Took me to ling to get the Ellen joke

  • Elizabeth Wright
    Elizabeth Wright2 dager siden

    I would love to see a Marvel theme

  • Fury
    Fury4 dager siden

    uhm can someone explain shayne and damien's dory/nemo hat bit?

  • Ariel Sievert
    Ariel Sievert5 dager siden

    when Noah was on the stool and Jackie was performing that was awsome

  • Peanu Ross Johnson
    Peanu Ross Johnson5 dager siden

    People just don’t know how absolutely TERRIFYING butterflies are.

  • TBW HG
    TBW HG5 dager siden

    The r2 head never fell back down

  • Kevin M Smith
    Kevin M Smith6 dager siden

    Shayne properly uses the harmonica

  • אריאל יוסבשוילי
    אריאל יוסבשוילי6 dager siden

    why did they switch to harmonicas?

  • Jake R
    Jake R6 dager siden


  • Heather McFarland
    Heather McFarland7 dager siden

    Man Jackie had me rolling. I literally couldn’t breathe for a second there

  • Heather McFarland
    Heather McFarland7 dager siden

    This has been my all-time favorite one

  • morelols09
    morelols098 dager siden

    Armie Hammer

  • Wally Tolson
    Wally Tolson8 dager siden

    Don't put water in the mouths...🤮 Gross

  • Fonze Music
    Fonze Music8 dager siden

    4:38 I don’t get this joke tbh. I might have cerebral palsy idk

  • Ken Omagera
    Ken Omagera8 dager siden

    Lol, just get all the weeks of smosh to do a anime edition of tntl, throw some cosplay and boom, content

  • RNGCategoric
    RNGCategoric8 dager siden

    im guessing jar jar binks is here

  • Taylor Tanya
    Taylor Tanya10 dager siden

    Jackie really said I I'm a split in half now

  • earthling
    earthling11 dager siden

    That kingdom hearts one killed me XD

  • allisonmcdonough1
    allisonmcdonough112 dager siden

    Aurora, Tiana, Moana, Mulan AND Rapunzel have living Mothers

  • William Hunt
    William Hunt12 dager siden

    Shanes C-3PO bit had me legit bursting with laughter

  • lana
    lana12 dager siden

    olivia ... honey ... your pants are see through ... im sorry :(

  • DFS MikkiMix07
    DFS MikkiMix0713 dager siden

    Why is like none of the squad ever together anymore, why can’t we have a video that’s just Olivia, Courtney, Noah, Keith and Shayne. Maybe also Damien, Jackie and Kimmy

  • not in use
    not in use13 dager siden

    jackie is just too powerful

  • Wumpa Island
    Wumpa Island14 dager siden


  • The Majestic Manatee
    The Majestic Manatee14 dager siden

    Why does Shayne look exactly like Prince Charming from Shrek, I can't

  • The Majestic Manatee
    The Majestic Manatee14 dager siden

    I was not prepared for Shayne in an apron. It made me feel things.

  • The Majestic Manatee
    The Majestic Manatee14 dager siden

    Love how the tag's still on the crown

  • Kayley VanDyke
    Kayley VanDyke15 dager siden

    You should do harry potter or friends theme or something like that. 🙃

  • Ciel Phantomhive
    Ciel Phantomhive15 dager siden

    Ooo! Theme Idea: Marvel, Food, Villians, Heros, Music, Netflix

  • Amelia Vandyke
    Amelia Vandyke15 dager siden

    Jackie should get more credit she is so funny I love her

  • Acorbin62
    Acorbin6215 dager siden

    Themes: Anime Harry potter Dungeons and dragons High school Video games

  • Jonathan Murillo
    Jonathan Murillo16 dager siden

    6:13 anime girls be like

  • HD 04
    HD 0416 dager siden

    8:37 is hands down the funniest bit. I got the joke immediately as I saw the coffee mug🤣.

  • Daniel Pombo
    Daniel Pombo16 dager siden

    Shane at the end was hilarious 😂

  • hi
    hi16 dager siden

    Olivia does know she doesn’t have to wear that tracksuit every video right lol

  • Di Milton
    Di Milton17 dager siden

    Damien’s humor makes me love him so easily

  • harper filipowicz
    harper filipowicz17 dager siden


  • Quinn
    Quinn18 dager siden


  • Don
    Don18 dager siden

    If you want, we could go to adventure land

  • Vivi Game
    Vivi Game19 dager siden

    I feel like Jackie is a girl version of Shane

  • Miruna Dragomir
    Miruna Dragomir19 dager siden

    isn't toy story a pixar movie???

  • Abby Garrison
    Abby Garrison20 dager siden

    It’s literally so cool how good they do at not laughing when they are in character... I’m an actress and I can’t even do that😂

  • no Ah
    no Ah21 dag siden

    Omg why do you do so much of these it’s getting really old

  • ARoseVblogs
    ARoseVblogs21 dag siden

    7:35 It's the tag on the King's crown for me

  • The Official Allie Cruse
    The Official Allie Cruse21 dag siden

    Can we talk about how good Shayne’s CP3O is?

  • RenzDFNetwork
    RenzDFNetwork21 dag siden

    The transition from Olivia’s joke to Shayne in the Minnie Mouse costume was oddly too funny for me to handle lol

  • Joseph Simmons
    Joseph Simmons22 dager siden

    Avengers theme

  • Kokichi Ouma
    Kokichi Ouma22 dager siden


  • I’m Jared I’m 19
    I’m Jared I’m 1922 dager siden

    Kevin with his lil pigtails

  • Jalin Gregory
    Jalin Gregory23 dager siden

    Name 3 disney princess movies with the mom in it. Brave, Princess and the frog, and both Mulans

  • Jennifer Zellmar
    Jennifer Zellmar23 dager siden

    Or maybe scooby doo

  • Jennifer Zellmar
    Jennifer Zellmar23 dager siden

    Anime theme

  • Dudeman9339
    Dudeman933924 dager siden

    Olivia is so dumb

  • Frostborne Gaming
    Frostborne Gaming25 dager siden

    I need that maleficent hat

  • jaymster11 _roblox
    jaymster11 _roblox25 dager siden

    i miss the water spitting, it made it so much funnier 😅

  • JoeyFucktwice
    JoeyFucktwice26 dager siden

    What's the context of the Nemo bit Shayne and Damian did?

  • Scott Rhodenizer
    Scott Rhodenizer27 dager siden

    “Did y’all get to stay human for your whole movie?”

  • NuggiNinja :p
    NuggiNinja :p27 dager siden

    I need a courtney fricken miller jr up in here

  • Kristy Tizotti
    Kristy Tizotti29 dager siden

    Olivia - “Keith is here” *camera pans to Keith completely ignoring Kevin with literal pigtails*

  • Colorguard Babes
    Colorguard Babes29 dager siden

    That one part where Olivia and Noah were having a “ picnic” all I thought about was ‘ get that bread, get that head, then leave’😂

  • Celeste Ludenburned
    Celeste LudenburnedMåned siden

    I like how it cut to the behind the scenes of them and Shayne’s just wearing a Minnie Mouse dress

  • Izaya Boi
    Izaya BoiMåned siden

    Omg keiths a woman

  • Anita Padovan
    Anita PadovanMåned siden

    After the princess and the frog bit Keith completely lost in the back. Same.

  • McKenna Enos
    McKenna EnosMåned siden

    I love when Shayne laughs at his own jokes🤣🤣

  • Erich Ellen Mae
    Erich Ellen MaeMåned siden

    Jacky is MVP!

  • Makenna
    MakennaMåned siden

    In the end when it was the Shayne and Jackie scene, it reminded me of pennywise from it when Jackie stook her tongue out lol

  • Kylie Weasley
    Kylie WeasleyMåned siden


  • Amelia Tabaku
    Amelia TabakuMåned siden


  • Adrian Galbreath
    Adrian GalbreathMåned siden

    7:18 pause there just look at the pained look lol

  • Adrian Galbreath
    Adrian GalbreathMåned siden

    the harmonica just makes it 10 times funnier

  • issazbella
    issazbellaMåned siden

    Do a Harry Potter theme next time or river dale if you can 😂

  • Summer Saunders
    Summer SaundersMåned siden

    Shayne actually looks like a good prince 😂

  • Othman T.
    Othman T.Måned siden

    Adventureland got me xD

  • Beeski
    BeeskiMåned siden

    Something tells me they know someone who works for the Ellen show

  • Dior Nguyen
    Dior NguyenMåned siden

    there needs to be a Nick theme!

  • Angelina Petersen
    Angelina PetersenMåned siden

    Where's the compilation of everytime shane's bit is just him being a hooker, lmao

  • Leonel Rodriguez Diaz
    Leonel Rodriguez DiazMåned siden

    I found the harmonica pretty annoying well that's just me.

  • randy taylor
    randy taylorMåned siden

    The sleeping beauty got me the most

  • Hailey Fingeret
    Hailey FingeretMåned siden

    Can you do my try not laughs with water?

  • Jade guerrero
    Jade guerreroMåned siden

    I like how Noah’s hair looks like fruity pebbles

  • Tim Berich
    Tim BerichMåned siden

    Shayne's C3PO bit is my new favorite!

  • Axiak Girls
    Axiak GirlsMåned siden

    where did the first ball go during Shaynes first act trying to make Olivia laugh?? Like it hit shayne the POOF it never came down... that will make me stay up all night thinking about it.

  • tigger's bestie
    tigger's bestieMåned siden

    Malephasent's son killed me 😂so funny

  • Rachel
    RachelMåned siden

    UwU I was impwisoned for cwimes

  • Dark Knight
    Dark KnightMåned siden

    Honestly Damien makes a great mad hatter.

  • Ben Makosky
    Ben MakoskyMåned siden

    Yo a Nintendo one would be cool

  • Simply productions
    Simply productionsMåned siden

    Lol the dislikes are at 420

  • Maxx McCready
    Maxx McCreadyMåned siden

    Lol whes wearing the oliver tree jacket

  • Linnea Landerdahl
    Linnea LanderdahlMåned siden

    I just got a smosh games add on a smosh pit video... Also OMG IT HAS 420 DISLIKES

  • Padraic Long
    Padraic LongMåned siden

    You guys should do Brandon Rogers on a try not to laugh

  • Sabrina Jung
    Sabrina JungMåned siden

    This is crib

  • Louie Santos
    Louie SantosMåned siden

    14:49 hwhahwhawa

  • Small One
    Small OneMåned siden

    Is no one going to mention Damien's little chuckle before he actually blew into the harmonica during Shayne's bit?

  • Reagan
    ReaganMåned siden

    Jackie is so good at dancing like bruh lol