Try Not to Laugh Challenge #60 - Gauntlet w/ Our Crew!

Today we’re back in the Gauntlet hot seats and our CREW is up for the Try Not To Laugh challenge!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
Watch last year’s Gauntlet with our crew:
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Tommy Bowe: tomeybones
Rachel Evans: rachelsamevans
Spencer Agnew: spennser
Yasmeen Mughal: themughalempire
Matt Duran: durrrrran
Garrett Palm: gpalm79
Kevin Rygg: kevin_rygg
Layne Pavoggi: laynepavoggi
Matt Raub: mattraub
Sarah Whittle: rudeunicorns
Lisa Van Lenner herestheproblem
Ian Hecox: ianhecox
Courtney Miller: co_mill
Shayne Topp: shaynetopp
Damien Haas: damienhaas
Keith Leak: keithleakjr
Jacklyn Uweh: jacklyn_uweh
Kimmy Jimenez: kimmydoesstuff
Vice President, Unscripted: Matt Raub
Executive Producer/Director: Sarah Whittle
Editor: Rock Coleman
Producer/Cam Op: Kevin Rygg
Production Manager: Garrett Palm
Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art Coordinator: Yasmeen Mughal
Art Assistant: Alex Aguilar
DP: Brennan Iketani
Cam Op / G&E: Dustin Bloodgood
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
Assistant Editor/DIT: Matt Duran
PA: Jacqi Jones
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GFX: Brittany Metz
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
Stage Manager: David Hill
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  • Largo harmony
    Largo harmony18 minutter siden

    Tbh i miss the water

  • Mackenzie Donahue
    Mackenzie DonahueTime siden

    Honestly Damien is really pulling off the "Robin Hood but he let himself go" look

  • Raqueeeeeelll
    Raqueeeeeelll6 timer siden

    Quinn fabray is shaking

  • Kaley Johnson
    Kaley Johnson12 timer siden

    I will buy New Mom only because of Tommy’s pitch

  • emoceanman
    emoceanman14 timer siden

    i screamed when rachel started pumping out a lil tune on the accordion

  • Jake Collins
    Jake Collins14 timer siden

    Tim is an icon

  • Yannis The boba artist
    Yannis The boba artist15 timer siden

    Me listening to the presentation of NEW MOM Me: man...I need this

  • Phillip Ta
    Phillip Ta17 timer siden

    Layne’s bit gets increasingly funnier if you know him IRL

  • Towkeeyoh
    Towkeeyoh20 timer siden

    We need the crew TNTL, like quarterly - minimum.

  • Oscar Garcia
    Oscar Garcia23 timer siden

    Wild n out crew meets smosh 🤣 i would love that

  • Oscar Garcia
    Oscar Garcia23 timer siden

    I would live to see DC young fly and Justina Valentine on here

  • Ethan Hogan
    Ethan HoganDag siden

    Damien's face during the HR segment made me think that he was actively trying to figure out if Lisa was joking or if they were just having a meeting on camera

  • beyondthismortalcanvas
    beyondthismortalcanvasDag siden

    Can someone please explain laynes skit? I’m not understanding

  • Bubble Hoodie
    Bubble HoodieDag siden

    I love damiens sad betrayed look at lisas bit lol

  • ChillTdope
    ChillTdopeDag siden

    I disliked this video, then i 💨 a bowl and im dying of laughter LIKE!🤣😂

  • Gabriel R. McEwen
    Gabriel R. McEwenDag siden

    Oh, you're ALL here. :))))))))

  • Alyssa Hudgins
    Alyssa HudginsDag siden

    Ok but I need to know where Courtney got her sweater!

  • R a I n B o w A n I m E :0
    R a I n B o w A n I m E :0Dag siden

    The sassy leg navy omg im dead what shayne classic joke omg

  • likemice
    likemiceDag siden

    So why aren’t you guys the crew and them the cast?

  • potwhovian
    potwhovianDag siden

    This is like that PBS show Zoom but for "young adults"

  • i am adorable and you will love me
    i am adorable and you will love meDag siden

    Damien rocking that season 4 eren yaeger look (edit and Shane be levi)

  • Darcy M
    Darcy MDag siden

    1:02 beginning

  • Huynh Le
    Huynh Le2 dager siden

    They should do an episode where the crew pretends to be someone on the cast

  • SadGraffitiBoi
    SadGraffitiBoi2 dager siden

    This is my second time watching this and I just realized that I have the exact same sweater Ian is wearing... anyways laughed really hard on the employee review XD

  • ellirambler
    ellirambler2 dager siden

    dude i love the idea of a mom on the brink of hysteria trying to get her cold son who’s a stand up comic to show emotion and who’s slowly falling apart over her distant husband who builds trains in their basement for a living

  • taaman kelly
    taaman kelly2 dager siden

    Keith's laugh at 7:37 just screams incoming danger

  • Hxney
    Hxney2 dager siden


  • Salt McSalt
    Salt McSalt2 dager siden

    Y'all realize the water was way better than harmonicas right?

  • Bassell Webb
    Bassell Webb2 dager siden

    He just out Jackie , aahuhj JACkIE!!

  • 100% Literal Trash
    100% Literal Trash2 dager siden

    OMG Spencer's tho 🤣🤣

  • 100% Literal Trash
    100% Literal Trash2 dager siden

    3:03 and the shirt has slid under the cover and now it's gone forever

  • Gam3r_Play3r
    Gam3r_Play3r3 dager siden

    I was waiting for the IT guy to scream: GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY

  • Cristina Gisel
    Cristina Gisel3 dager siden

    “Jojo from JOJO’s crazy adventure” Every JOJO’s fan *laughs*

  • Riley Galvin Productions
    Riley Galvin Productions3 dager siden

    Do a whole episode where u just try to make Gus laugh

  • Samuel Blake
    Samuel Blake3 dager siden

    I love Yasmeens goodbye yellow brick road shirt

  • Raneydazed Gaming
    Raneydazed Gaming3 dager siden

    Low key wanna try out maximom rn

  • GlizzyWarrior 3000
    GlizzyWarrior 30003 dager siden

    nobody has the smash gods permission to replace Noah

  • Perri Lewis
    Perri Lewis3 dager siden

    Courtney looks like an adult Bubbles. Her hairstyle is so cute

  • Shayne_HasLanded
    Shayne_HasLanded4 dager siden

    Im so gay but I might be going bi for Courtney

  • Lefty3213a
    Lefty3213a4 dager siden

    Please please PLEASE when things are normal have Gus on a gauntlet

  • Footballgirl 14
    Footballgirl 144 dager siden

    Could have sworn they just added in a scene from glee it just looked so much like the show

  • Sophia Ukeles
    Sophia Ukeles4 dager siden

    IM DEAD at 12:47 shayne reaches for courtneys arm while laughing MISSES and pretends to scratch his arm instead, thank u smosh haven't laughed that much in a while 😐

  • Norstar
    Norstar4 dager siden

    I’m convinced that the new mom is just a war robot that flopped, so they’re trying to repurpose it

  • Gotham Bat
    Gotham Bat4 dager siden


  • LittleMiss MatchMaker
    LittleMiss MatchMaker5 dager siden


  • Stiofan Beam
    Stiofan Beam5 dager siden

    I live in the country with no internet connection at the house. But, I have my cell, so I sit idle in the comment section while the video loads. Counting, one Courtney, two Courtney... oh, look a squirrel.

  • svgeg0stx
    svgeg0stx5 dager siden

    I think Smosh has the best team/family on NOlocal!

  • xIam187ingUJR
    xIam187ingUJR5 dager siden

    Where is Noah

  • Jared Akpik
    Jared Akpik5 dager siden

    Two days or 3

  • Jared Akpik
    Jared Akpik5 dager siden


  • Jared Akpik
    Jared Akpik5 dager siden

    If this video gets 120ki do everything for them

  • smiling psycho
    smiling psycho5 dager siden

    Did Matt and Sarah just work together?!

  • Lizzie Clarke
    Lizzie Clarke5 dager siden

    Where does Courtney get her as some sweater

  • Nora Wojchouski
    Nora Wojchouski6 dager siden

    I love how with the harmonicas if you make a funny joke, instead of a shower it sounds like all the kindergartners in the world trying to play the Jurassic world them song on the recorder. XD

  • paul sequin
    paul sequin6 dager siden

    fucking matt raub the fucking bully. Smosh games still got some people left fuck you matt.

  • Alara Lay
    Alara Lay6 dager siden

    Y’all talkin about Lisa getting everyone at once, but let’s also talk about how Yasmeen got everyone immediately too. Yasmeen appreciation!!

  • quixxen
    quixxen6 dager siden

    7:22 no idea BB-8 was on set

  • Ellie Johnstone Shaw
    Ellie Johnstone Shaw6 dager siden

    The glee reference got me😂😂😂

  • Agnes Penney
    Agnes Penney6 dager siden

    We now officially need more Lisa appearances xD

  • albert mooney
    albert mooney6 dager siden

    Courtney and her pigtails, are so cute!

    CADEN MCELROY6 dager siden

    Matt rob looks thinner

  • Swip
    Swip6 dager siden

    When Anthony and Ian was the crew...

  • angelcat183
    angelcat1837 dager siden

    I demand more Tim

  • Abigail McGinn
    Abigail McGinn7 dager siden

    9:06 Courtney is the cutest person ever 😂🥺💗

  • Peter Johnson
    Peter Johnson7 dager siden

    This is one of the best & my personal favourite "Try Not to Laugh" vids! Keep it up Smosh! :D

  • Rhea_. spectme
    Rhea_. spectme7 dager siden

    This is most I've ever seen Ian laugh

  • Rx
    Rx7 dager siden

    how much is the new mom again?

  • skimmilktwo
    skimmilktwo7 dager siden

    they’re right the crew is funnier than them😂

  • Mariah G.
    Mariah G.8 dager siden

    The cheerleading bit instantly made me think of glee and the trio singing say a little prayer for you 🤣🤣

  • morelols09
    morelols098 dager siden

    Elizabeth Smart

  • Asquared27
    Asquared278 dager siden

    I freaking love how one crew member used Shayne’s own bit against him that was pure genius

  • HotDog Lover
    HotDog Lover8 dager siden

    Kimmy is the cutest

  • Stella Chambers
    Stella Chambers8 dager siden

    Does anyone else not find Matt Raub hilarious in any way??? Like he really isn’t funny and ruins my mood when he is on camera

  • Sai Bo

    Sai Bo

    3 dager siden

    I liked his videos with Sarah on Smosh Games

  • lildew
    lildew9 dager siden

    Ok but where is Courtney's sweater from?!?!?!

  • Sylke Zengers
    Sylke Zengers9 dager siden

    WHY is no one talking about garret im-

  • theweyrd
    theweyrd9 dager siden

    To be fair though there is very little that beats Daddy Velvet for me..

  • Melody
    Melody9 dager siden

    The wap lyrics I dig it😂😂😂💅

  • Sanne Mieras
    Sanne Mieras9 dager siden

    Jesus Damien got fat

  • Spurkey
    Spurkey9 dager siden

    I keep coming back to the gobble me one

  • jessica hiatt
    jessica hiatt9 dager siden


    EMPSAM9 dager siden

    Just gotta love Spencer the EditKing

  • venom dude the great
    venom dude the great9 dager siden

    What was the song she was playing on the accordion?

  • Paul Harrison
    Paul Harrison9 dager siden

    I love the horrified look on Shanye when Lisa comes out ahaha.

  • Purple is Fetch
    Purple is Fetch9 dager siden

    we need a monthly employee review tbh

  • Ky Atonic
    Ky Atonic9 dager siden

    I've rewatched this so many times it's not even funny

  • The One Above All
    The One Above All9 dager siden

    Jojo's brasier adventure

  • m
    m10 dager siden

    Why does Courtney low key look like she could cosplay misamisa in this vid

  • Bella Marra
    Bella Marra10 dager siden

    did anyone else notice Courtney and shayne are wearing maching shoes today? 😂

  • A Human Being
    A Human Being10 dager siden

    Shayne, Shane? But anyways Shayne looked so traumatized during this whole thing

  • Gia Dicarlo
    Gia Dicarlo10 dager siden

    Can they go back to water. But instead of water it’s whine

  • Grace Gauthier
    Grace Gauthier10 dager siden

    5:58 gets me every time. Keith's laugh is gold.

  • GiGi Schmidt
    GiGi Schmidt10 dager siden

    gobble me swallow me drip down the side of me🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sean Ellis
    Sean Ellis10 dager siden

    I couldn't be the only one who thought of Funky Cat 2 Fresh with the music at 14:02

  • Bryce Strife
    Bryce Strife11 dager siden

    Guy that served jackie! She looked confused and turned on at the same time lol

  • Vivian Ising
    Vivian Ising11 dager siden

    What ever happened to Noah? Sorry just back from a coma..

  • Khaimera
    Khaimera11 dager siden

    yo matt rob looking swole

  • Gregory Glaister
    Gregory Glaister11 dager siden

    3:03 ... seems pretty JoJo to me

  • wwetitle818
    wwetitle81811 dager siden

    Is anyone gonna talk about how Tim got them all with nothing but a can?

  • Saam
    Saam11 dager siden

    Thumbs up for greg

  • Vittorio Desimone
    Vittorio Desimone11 dager siden

    I miss Courtney’s short hair