Try Not To Laugh Challenge #61

Another year, another epic try not to laugh challenge!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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Courtney Miller: co_mill
Shayne Topp: shaynetopp
Damien Haas: damienhaas
Keith Leak: keithleakjr
Olivia Sui: oliviasui
Kimmy Jimenez: kimmydoesstuff
Vice President, Unscripted: Matt Raub
Executive Producer/Director: Sarah Whittle
Producer/Cam Op: Kevin Rygg
Editor: Spencer Agnew
Production Manager: Garrett Palm
Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona
Art Director: Cassie Vance
Art Coordinator: Yasmeen Mughal
Art Assistant: Alex Aguilar
DP: Brennan Iketani
Cam Op / G&E: Dustin Bloodgood
Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
Assistant Editor/DIT: Matt Duran
PA: Jacqi Jones
GFX: Brittany Metz
Content Manager: Kiana Parker
Stage Manager: David Hill
Executive Assistant: Sammie Miller
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  • Hyperactive Hero
    Hyperactive Hero36 minutter siden

    4:33 I laugh because I had that exact same wig XDDDD

  • Jeannelle Dominique Mina
    Jeannelle Dominique Mina8 timer siden

    Damien and Keith with the Tiktok dance thooo!!! 🥺

  • Kennedy Gerow
    Kennedy Gerow9 timer siden

    they annexed Maineeeeeeee

  • Large Fren
    Large Fren10 timer siden

    The new girl needs to take her adderall

  • HauntedDragonGaming
    HauntedDragonGaming10 timer siden

    The intro tho

  • HauntedDragonGaming
    HauntedDragonGaming11 timer siden

    The Mario at the bottom lol

  • lucaspttrsn
    lucaspttrsn11 timer siden

    would you look at that, smosh even managed to ruin tntl..

  • Quill Purcell
    Quill Purcell12 timer siden

    anybody ever tell you that shayne looks exactly like captain america?

  • 2chaskell
    2chaskell12 timer siden

    Jimmie just keeps getting funnier and funnier

  • My cute hamster
    My cute hamster12 timer siden

    Hello I love your video so much🔰🌻🍎🌺🍍🐹

  • Tyler munday
    Tyler munday14 timer siden

    Dude shaynes like extra ripped.

  • just-backuped
    just-backuped15 timer siden

    You really milked this series

  • Talam
    Talam16 timer siden

    what happened to the water?

  • UnfortunatelyItsSofia
    UnfortunatelyItsSofia17 timer siden

    I have some ideas for some tntl episodes. One could be vine based, where obviously you can recite a vine or two, or show what happens after the vines. I think it would be fun for you guys. Another one is what I would call 'Flashback Fun' Its a bad name, I just came up with that to help my point. What you do in this, is replay a bit that either you or the others have done, but the point is to embarrass them. Just make die inside. And for my final idea, just make the theme games, youtubers and singers, and pretty much just a tntl of parodies. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk

  • Hayden Coates
    Hayden Coates20 timer siden

    When did Jimi Hendrix join Smosh? That's awesome.

  • morelols09
    morelols0921 time siden

    Mac McClung

  • DarkNebula199
    DarkNebula19922 timer siden

    i wonder what Olivia was doing to Keith that they edited it out at the end of the video lol

  • jazz crab
    jazz crabDag siden

    Nobody: Me sitting here thinking of skits i could use to make them laugh knowing damn well ill never be able to use them:

  • Max Frostman
    Max FrostmanDag siden

    Why do I have a crush on olivia

  • Akhil Madhunlall
    Akhil MadhunlallDag siden

    Olivia is chaos, she can go from concerning to adorable and back, to a scripted genius or push improv enough to break people lmao

  • Rob Smith21
    Rob Smith21Dag siden

    But why did Kimmy LITERALLY look like Elton John

  • Rob Smith21
    Rob Smith21Dag siden

    The little Mario! 😂😂

  • Lea Rich
    Lea RichDag siden

    Courtney is quiting smosh to join a micheal jackson impersonator squad

  • Naomi Caparelli
    Naomi CaparelliDag siden

    bro i lost it when damien said greymane or battleborn hollly shshhiiiiitittittttt

  • HotDog Lover
    HotDog LoverDag siden

    Kimmy is so damn adorable

  • Bram Rutgers
    Bram RutgersDag siden

    Shayne killed me with the bottle bit. That character is me when I'm among friends, trying so hard to impress the others, only after failing I admit I saw it on the internet somewhere before from this awesome guy

  • Analilia Hernandez
    Analilia HernandezDag siden

    To be honest I like the song they did for the battle of the bands part.

  • Claire McIlwain
    Claire McIlwainDag siden

    okay the mario cameo killed me

  • Plastic Ghast
    Plastic GhastDag siden

    I've been away for a while.... who is that?

  • IDRK Official
    IDRK OfficialDag siden

    "Greymane or battleborn" i CANNTT

  • TheStevenofSuburbia
    TheStevenofSuburbiaDag siden

    1:08 This gives me life

  • Taylor Frymier
    Taylor FrymierDag siden

    "Greymane or Battleborn?" had me rolling.

  • JPancakes
    JPancakes2 dager siden

    *Greymane or battle-born* 💀💀💀💀

  • Leo L
    Leo L2 dager siden

    Oh my gosh. P***y problems. That kills me. Next time I'm in a relationship and need pads, I'm telling my S.O. that when I send them to the store 😂

  • Helen P
    Helen P2 dager siden

    The editor who put Mario over Kimmy's harmonica laugh must be acknowledged for their service.

  • Lainey hicks squad 2334
    Lainey hicks squad 23342 dager siden

    Do a thanksgiving one or....a Christmas one or...a New Years one those are your three options

  • August Fritz-Ayers
    August Fritz-Ayers2 dager siden

    I’m suddenly very invested in Damien’s religion and what goes on in heaven

  • Kyla Poss
    Kyla Poss2 dager siden

    can jimmy kiminez become a recurring character because i would be on board

  • Ame
    Ame2 dager siden

    id like to suggest kazoos.

  • Xxfluffy_gurlxX
    Xxfluffy_gurlxX2 dager siden

    I love your outfit Courtney!:)

  • Commander RayAku
    Commander RayAku2 dager siden

    They should try gus Johnson vs flitz

  • Austin Hoover
    Austin Hoover2 dager siden

    10:19 Jackson is really trying to get with the kiddies in new ways huh

  • Amy Kay
    Amy Kay2 dager siden

    I mean....Olivia would prolly would have a sleepover where you eat raw chicken

  • Amy Kay
    Amy Kay2 dager siden

    Whats that sound? On a t-shirt now.

  • Amy Kay
    Amy Kay2 dager siden

    Kimmy was the bomb in this episode

  • Amy Kay
    Amy Kay2 dager siden

    Kimmy is so funny. Omg her middle school impression was by far the best performance I've seen.

  • Mikey k
    Mikey k2 dager siden

    Thank u so much

  • Laila St. Onge
    Laila St. Onge2 dager siden

    Who else think cortnys gay I mean come on 🏳️‍🌈

  • Laila St. Onge

    Laila St. Onge

    23 timer siden

    @GameyScorpio thanks

  • GameyScorpio


    Dag siden

    She's actually bisexual.😊💙💜💗

  • Anthony Ditizio
    Anthony Ditizio2 dager siden

    1:27, 1:55, 2:50, 3:31, 4:22, 5:24, 5:48, 6:22, 6:54, 7:23, 7:58, 8:50-9:26, 9:40, 9:54, 10:26, 11:58, 12:21, 13:49, 14:41, 15:02, 17:37

  • marren hamilton
    marren hamilton2 dager siden

    I saw the first opening scene and my brain was like yes discount chuk e cheese

  • therese abesamis
    therese abesamis2 dager siden

    The scrawny balloon internally handle because helen unlikely collect versus a holistic ikebana. gaping, disgusted drawer

  • Caitlin Luna
    Caitlin Luna3 dager siden

    16:57 Shayne's face said 50 shades of Hell No! 😂

  • The AmericanFook
    The AmericanFook3 dager siden

    If I'm ever on a game show, I can't put my trust in Shayne

  • Logan FishMan
    Logan FishMan3 dager siden

    Hehehe he greymane cause ya know werewolves

  • Maggie Bowman
    Maggie Bowman3 dager siden

    As someone with a Twitter and no followers, I feel very seen 😂😂

  • Ripp Hunter
    Ripp Hunter3 dager siden

    6:29 Kimmy looks like Haley kyoko from lemonade mouth

  • Josh
    Josh3 dager siden

    Just stop bringing oliva on it's clear they were getting fed up with her, she cannot improv act or generally act AT all. Courtney had to effectively tell her off.

    MER SAN3 dager siden

    Damian, Keith, and Shane are anothet level of caios

  • Claire
    Claire3 dager siden

    Damien's Skyrim one genuinely made me do a spit take, that's so good

  • The SEGA Guy
    The SEGA Guy3 dager siden

    Keith: *comes up with funny bit* Olivia: That's a nice bit ya got there. Be a shame if someone ruined it.

  • Chikie Nefqariious
    Chikie Nefqariious3 dager siden

    the last time i was here was at try not to laugh #2.And before but 2 was the last one.I miss anthony and Ian(idk if its ian its been a long time)anyways uhm..everyones changed i miss the old days

  • Jenna Kruse
    Jenna Kruse3 dager siden

    Shane said goofy movie but I was getting lemonade mouth vibes

  • MrTingles
    MrTingles3 dager siden

    Only a couple more weeks until episode *69* ... nice.

  • Jadzia Bishop
    Jadzia Bishop3 dager siden

    Wilbur Soot’s chat has ruined my sense of humour

  • B D
    B D3 dager siden

    Kimmy Jimenez is like a version of Riley Reid that didn't take that offer for $2300 dollars for a few photos at 18.

  • Brett Paterson
    Brett Paterson3 dager siden

    I was hoping for Shayne's band to start playing "we didn't start the fire"

  • melanie romero
    melanie romero3 dager siden

    NEW IDEA: make them laugh or get nerfed. Someone has to make the group laugh but if you don't, you get shot with the nerf gun

  • TravoReeves2022
    TravoReeves20224 dager siden

    Tell me why I would actually listen to shane, damian, and Keith's music. It was actually kinda cool to listen to.

  • Tristan Devere
    Tristan Devere4 dager siden


  • Silver Komeada
    Silver Komeada4 dager siden

    4:43 greymane or battle born

  • bjoern smith
    bjoern smith4 dager siden

    The song from the boys actually sound kinda good at the end, or is it just me

  • Michi G
    Michi G4 dager siden

    seeing shayne say "i saw a guy on tik tok chug a whole corona, he was so cool" with tears in his eyes made me LOSE IT

  • Jack Bennett
    Jack Bennett4 dager siden

    Can we just appreciate Keith's beat on that drum XD

    DEATHNOTE4 dager siden


  • Aleksander Bądziusz
    Aleksander Bądziusz4 dager siden

    8:55 can you add that on Spotify

  • Venom
    Venom4 dager siden

    kimmy is the mom, everyone else are the kids

  • Zac Hogan
    Zac Hogan4 dager siden


  • Name
    Name4 dager siden

    Now it is just forced. I looked for first episodes and they really tired not to laugh... currently this all is acting, too bad :( No more spontanic improv :( :( :(

  • Jared Akpik
    Jared Akpik4 dager siden

    Can I join try not to laugh plz I got onething

  • SA_square 535
    SA_square 5354 dager siden

    I miss the water try not to laughs

  • memey
    memey4 dager siden

    SO GOOD🤩🤩🤩🤩🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • JayFolipurba
    JayFolipurba4 dager siden

    Jimmy Kimenez killed me xDDDDD

  • Link 2089
    Link 20894 dager siden

    Link to the song at 7:23

  • Link 2089
    Link 20894 dager siden

    Not gonna lie kimmy can rock the hairstyle at 6:39

  • Erin Smith
    Erin Smith4 dager siden

    Keith in this video is exactly how I feel about Olivia in every video

  • Lichabee Thembo
    Lichabee Thembo4 dager siden

    The little Mario joke from Kimmy's first laugh is so good I love that

  • Fury
    Fury4 dager siden

    only real G's still remember why flames come up between rounds: cause it was originally called "hot seat" back on the very first episode

  • a weeb
    a weeb5 dager siden

    Wait what if they did a try not to laff with the staff...

  • Bella Flelona
    Bella Flelona5 dager siden

    I feel like Kimmy tries too hard.

  • Bittersweet Treats
    Bittersweet Treats5 dager siden

    I feel so attacked about the Twitter joke

  • 0ceanAce
    0ceanAce5 dager siden

    do an episode with quackity

  • Bryce Strife
    Bryce Strife5 dager siden


  • Fret N
    Fret N5 dager siden


  • Ariana Colachagua
    Ariana Colachagua5 dager siden

    KINGSMEN IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME I was thinking the exact same thing Courtney!!

  • Gabe D
    Gabe D5 dager siden

    Oliva is not only the least funny member if smosh, but also the least funny person I know of.

  • Remedios Hernandez
    Remedios Hernandez5 dager siden

    This just popped into my head, but hear me out. Every bus ride ever

  • Ann Oster
    Ann Oster5 dager siden

    We stan Jimmy Kiminez

  • Whitney Hollstein
    Whitney Hollstein5 dager siden

    Jimmy Kimenez is my favorite part 😂

  • bob_fuqin_ross 07
    bob_fuqin_ross 075 dager siden

    Olivia with the entayssss

  • Blessing Jonah
    Blessing Jonah5 dager siden

    Yay they’re funny again