Try not to laugh CHALLENGE | Premier League edition


Do you have what it takes to complete the Premier League try not to laugh challenge? Let us know how you get on in the comments!
This video features Steven Gerrard and a Chelsea mascot, Sir Alex Ferguson versus a balloon, a Louis van Gaal dive, David Dunn’s rabona fail, Steven Taylor’s best goalkeeper impression, Kevin De Bruyne hitting a corner flag and more!
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  • faz1991
    faz199111 timer siden

    the balloon pop never gets old xD they're like 'FUCK' - and then right back in the zone.

  • Liasos88
    Liasos8815 timer siden

    6:31 Neymar

  • Serch_
    Serch_19 timer siden

    Can someone explain me the plot? 1:09

  • Daddy Cool
    Daddy CoolDag siden

    Agbonlohor, oh dear. That's sterling and Rashford in 5-10 years

  • laki라키
    laki라키Dag siden


  • Christopher D
    Christopher DDag siden

    I must admit. This was hilarious. Most of these types of videos aren’t. 😂😂

  • Garrand Prawira Gotama
    Garrand Prawira GotamaDag siden

    I lost it on how Opa Fergie react to the balloon got pop up..

  • Bulma 87
    Bulma 87Dag siden

    0:01 I lost 😭

  • Oliver Hawksworth
    Oliver Hawksworth2 dager siden

    What’s with the awful music

  • Marcello Bactus
    Marcello Bactus2 dager siden

    If you show the logo of Arsenal at the beginning, I'm done :D

  • Chls Dude
    Chls Dude2 dager siden

    Werner in this season so many bloopers

  • Phil Adams
    Phil Adams3 dager siden

    People are always mocking Phil Jones but he always gave everything to defend his goal, no matter what body part he had to use

  • Dan W
    Dan W4 dager siden

    When Alan shearer shows the ref a red card 3:25

  • Carl Horton
    Carl Horton4 dager siden

    Well there was someone wearing a Birmingham City top in the thumbnail so I failed the challenge before I'd even started the video 🤣

  • TheGrinder81
    TheGrinder815 dager siden

    04:28.. I didn't know Mr Burns was a ref.

  • Shamack Matsui
    Shamack Matsui6 dager siden

    That was me in the first video i wanted to get into the action

  • kida de great
    kida de great6 dager siden

    I didn't even luagh

  • tommyjuk
    tommyjuk6 dager siden

    Gary mcsheffery as the thumbnail

  • kholil .-
    kholil .-7 dager siden

    B E T N L Y

  • pelupss
    pelupss7 dager siden


  • GaMe clan
    GaMe clan7 dager siden

    So funny

  • Matthew Dooley
    Matthew Dooley7 dager siden

    Jimmy Bullard is just the gift that keeps on giving!

  • ARM404 Football
    ARM404 Football8 dager siden

    anyone who loves football, my channel is created especially for you

  • FR - A
    FR - A8 dager siden

    dang it i lose to guy giving yellow card to referee 😂

  • Bill Clinton clinton 31
    Bill Clinton clinton 318 dager siden

    That black cat led to the emergence of BLACK PANTHER movie

    JACKIE TREEHORN9 dager siden

    Bale still a prick

  • Pedro Silva
    Pedro Silva9 dager siden

    Where is Zabaleta?

  • Gareth Hill
    Gareth Hill9 dager siden


  • Al Jaber Newaz
    Al Jaber Newaz9 dager siden

    0:38 pure EVIL

  • rawr
    rawr9 dager siden

    6:27 absolutely superb defending right there !!!

  • Pushyamitra Gurethia
    Pushyamitra Gurethia9 dager siden


  • Giuseppe Mocerino
    Giuseppe Mocerino9 dager siden

    (1:15)That Moment who you think:"You're a Amazing Player".😆😆

  • Ilia Adljooy
    Ilia Adljooy10 dager siden

    Nice 😂

  • Dyo Dewantara
    Dyo Dewantara10 dager siden

    4:41 this really hits me 🤣🤣

  • bobloblaw
    bobloblaw10 dager siden

    Nana nana Nana nana Nana nana Nana BETNLEY

  • 16孮銘 lee ezequiel
    16孮銘 lee ezequiel10 dager siden

    the premier league os the most competitive league. The premier league:

  • Darcy
    Darcy11 dager siden

  • Bumpercart
    Bumpercart11 dager siden

    Birmingham city feature on this too much.

  • Nick with a K
    Nick with a K11 dager siden

    Legends say the cat is still running

  • Casavult
    Casavult11 dager siden

    1:16 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Neil Smith
    Neil Smith11 dager siden

    And the winner is . . . . . Neil Warnock and his eye for an eye on 1:25, pure gold.

  • Michael Bruce
    Michael Bruce11 dager siden

    With Small Heath in the thumbnail, its impossible not to.

  • Self Elements
    Self Elements11 dager siden

    6:08 Well it worked didn't it!

  • Self Elements
    Self Elements11 dager siden

    2:17 Now that's what I call football!

  • chandler bing bong
    chandler bing bong12 dager siden

    EVERY CLIP from a bygone era when football was fun and entertaining.

  • Vivek Pandey
    Vivek Pandey12 dager siden

    1:26 Sachin Tendulkar 😂

  • Andy
    Andy12 dager siden

    0:57 still my favorite 😂

  • Sirihasa Tippavaram
    Sirihasa Tippavaram12 dager siden

    0.25:was it Donald Trump?🤔🤔

  • Robert Lonsdale
    Robert Lonsdale12 dager siden

    Not having Ashley Barnes on here getting booked for giving a kiss to a Cardiff player is criminal.

  • Yağız Doğan Çelik
    Yağız Doğan Çelik13 dager siden

    2:51 What? Circle red card!

  • G Man G
    G Man G13 dager siden

    Didn’t laugh until I see phill Jones in slow motion 😂😂

  • Paul Quaife
    Paul Quaife13 dager siden

    Nothing better than arsenals cocked up penalty

  • M Oz
    M Oz13 dager siden

    The background music is so unnecessary and annoying.

  • Ansmi 47
    Ansmi 4713 dager siden

    Jimmy Bullard isn't funny or entertaining. I'm sorry I had to point this out but no one seems to realise.

  • Fea Kreuz
    Fea Kreuz13 dager siden

    4:37 Wrong kind of football lol

  • Влад Бевза
    Влад Бевза13 dager siden

    i did...

  • Johan Figueroa
    Johan Figueroa14 dager siden

    00:57 EPIC 🤣🤣🤣

  • Leonal Mechi
    Leonal Mechi14 dager siden

    Guy in thumbnail looks like Tom Holland

  • David Carter
    David Carter14 dager siden

    A good one would have been Southampton unveiling the signing of Ali Dia....

  • David Carter
    David Carter14 dager siden

    Who was here for Gerrard's slip v Chelsea.... Yeah me too!

  • MrSasrabirawa
    MrSasrabirawa14 dager siden

    Robert Pires' penalty is the most stupid penalty ever in the history of football...

  • Cheat Yukhu
    Cheat Yukhu14 dager siden


  • ogy herdiana
    ogy herdiana14 dager siden

    Can we march to the stadium again?

    ALASTAN FREEFIRE14 dager siden

    many grandpas sitting and watching football in 0:57, i am true or not?

  • Ma'az Shaikh
    Ma'az Shaikh15 dager siden


  • Dessienewshoes
    Dessienewshoes15 dager siden

    Jones is boss

  • Zypher
    Zypher15 dager siden

    This is why the European Super League would never have worked. They do it just for money whereas here it’s all just banter and pure fun mixed in with some competitiveness.

  • Ruben Meijerink
    Ruben Meijerink15 dager siden

    That right hook was so savage

  • Yash mahalle
    Yash mahalle15 dager siden

    Let's just don't forget sports is fun

  • Kritik S
    Kritik S15 dager siden

    3:00 this is the guy who invented the concept of a flying goalkeeper

  • Alan Boyle
    Alan Boyle16 dager siden

    i tried not to laugh at the cat on the pitch but i couldnt help it. hilarious. a cat. on the pitch. how could i not laugh at that

  • Samuel Opoku Kusi
    Samuel Opoku Kusi16 dager siden

    0:42 the Chelsea kid is savage

  • Henry Elliott
    Henry Elliott16 dager siden

    Can someone explain what’s happening at 6:43 I’m really confused if anyone can help?

  • Vie G
    Vie G16 dager siden

    I love this video From the beginning to end LOL 🤣

  • Fransiskus Robi Sanjaya
    Fransiskus Robi Sanjaya16 dager siden

    Jones the legend

  • Jon Reynolds
    Jon Reynolds16 dager siden

    Bullard what a legend.

  • ayad tariq
    ayad tariq16 dager siden

    0:26 wait I thought this was PL not WWE

  • Anthony Anthony
    Anthony Anthony17 dager siden

    $hit happens 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Selim T.
    Selim T.17 dager siden

    bullard is the funniest

  • Affiq Anwar
    Affiq Anwar17 dager siden

    No Gerrard slip?

  • Wittiest Gopher
    Wittiest Gopher17 dager siden

    *Something tells me Premier League is short of money.*

  • CJ sorridente
    CJ sorridente17 dager siden

    brasileirão é melhor.

  • Ashish Pathak
    Ashish Pathak18 dager siden

    Oh simpler times

  • Aerron TV
    Aerron TV18 dager siden

    I though it was an uno reverse card

  • Loner
    Loner18 dager siden

    Should be a compilation of Jimmy Bullard being a clown 😂

  • new new
    new new18 dager siden


  • Saipov Kumar
    Saipov Kumar18 dager siden

    1:00 😂😂😂

  • Goat
    Goat18 dager siden

    0:40 damn

  • Gazmus
    Gazmus18 dager siden

    Remember when these used to cost £12.99 on VHS and only arrive at christmas?

  • megaraitei
    megaraitei18 dager siden

    I really enjoyed this one👍👍

  • Hugo Denton extreme
    Hugo Denton extreme19 dager siden


  • Hugo Denton extreme
    Hugo Denton extreme19 dager siden


  • Hugo Denton extreme

    Hugo Denton extreme

    19 dager siden


  • lavi rvp
    lavi rvp19 dager siden

    6:12 lord phil jones

  • Sim Stander
    Sim Stander19 dager siden

    I lost

  • Toki Tahmid
    Toki Tahmid19 dager siden

    legends say the cat is still on the football field

  • Kurt Peschel
    Kurt Peschel19 dager siden


    DANISH FARHAN19 dager siden

    “Black cat is on the field” Chinese player on the field:😳

  • Balthox
    Balthox19 dager siden

    3:46 😂😂That guy in the background filming must has shared the footage to all his friends

  • Kareem Abou mughdeb

    Kareem Abou mughdeb

    5 dager siden


  • Vitesse
    Vitesse19 dager siden

    3:21 Shearer!

  • jijithefatboy
    jijithefatboy19 dager siden

    Well, I'm really enjoying this.. 👍😀