Try Not To Laugh Challenge - Shayne vs Gus Johnson

The age old Try Not To Laugh rivalry- our very own Shayne Topp vs the unshakeable Gus Johnson. Will we ever get him to break?!
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Shayne Topp: shaynetopp
Gus Johnson: johnsongus
Vice President, Unscripted: Matt Raub
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  • Smosh Pit
    Smosh PitMåned siden

    What's your favorite Gus vs Shayne moment?!

  • Lord Tachanka

    Lord Tachanka

    2 dager siden

    Chapter two

  • tygaextt


    12 dager siden

    Chapter 3

  • GEO000


    14 dager siden

    Just stop

  • Your too slow

    Your too slow

    14 dager siden

    Oh my god is that baby yoda

  • Zombie Zed

    Zombie Zed

    20 dager siden

    Chapter 1

  • hannah •
    hannah •19 timer siden

    The bit shane did in this video is my fave bit of all time 😂 when he’s like ‘chapter 2’ I can’t even

  • Dr. PEZZ
    Dr. PEZZDag siden

    “Read the bible”

  • Carter Huckle
    Carter HuckleDag siden

    5:46 why does Gus look like a 80 year old man?

  • Mitchell Fanning
    Mitchell FanningDag siden

    I need to see him break

  • Abhishek Robert
    Abhishek RobertDag siden

    Holy shit man, Gus just doesn’t give up lol

  • Jacob Rosencrans
    Jacob Rosencrans2 dager siden

    Hey Dennis do you like kid danger and captain man

  • kayi x
    kayi x2 dager siden

    Dude I believe in Shane man

  • CreeperSquad VoreX
    CreeperSquad VoreX3 dager siden

    *c h a p t e r t w o*

  • i am useless
    i am useless4 dager siden

    Chapter 2.

  • Mike Veerman
    Mike Veerman4 dager siden

    4:11 Courtney, you are to cute

  • Paddy McDermott
    Paddy McDermott5 dager siden

    I’m sorry but we need to get a try not to laugh of just those 2 in a room until Shayne gets Gus to laugh

  • Norsk Luigi
    Norsk Luigi5 dager siden

    Can we have an entire try not to laugh that's just shayne vs gus back and forth until gus laughs

  • Chip
    Chip7 dager siden

    I’m 3:00 minutes In and I’m pretty sure Gus is gonna win

  • Nathaniel Olds
    Nathaniel Olds9 dager siden

    He also has an almost 100% success rate in making his opponents laugh; he only ever failed once as I recall.

  • FlipperWolf
    FlipperWolf9 dager siden

    Honestly they just should do straight "don't laugh". It would be waaaay harder for Gus for sure. All along he's laughing but he's just good at keeping the water in his mouth xD We wanna see a straight "try not to laugh" video where Gus has to stay dead serious!

  • Captian MexicanMan
    Captian MexicanMan9 dager siden

    I watch this at 666k views

  • Connor Barkington
    Connor Barkington10 dager siden

    that was a rollercoaster

  • Anna McMorris
    Anna McMorris10 dager siden


    DEADPooLHS10 dager siden

    There is soo much at stake now when they do another one.

  • Ray
    Ray11 dager siden

    Holy shit Smosh is relevant still? Gus and Sven are carrying these segments

  • Landon Dills
    Landon Dills11 dager siden


    MYSTERIOUS GAMING2006711 dager siden

    The way shayne looks at Gus LOL😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Izayah Edlund
    Izayah Edlund12 dager siden

    Who here duz not laf to the acts and sees people going I lafed my ass of

  • Carter Wonnacott
    Carter Wonnacott13 dager siden

    I've wanted this for so long! But I do wish that there was new content at the end or something

  • I'm westyn
    I'm westyn13 dager siden

    Chapter 2 killed me

  • Carter Clover
    Carter Clover13 dager siden

    At 30 seconds I guess they didn't subscribe

  • Lock Wyn
    Lock Wyn13 dager siden

    I’m convinced that if Gus was using a harmonica Shayne would have succeeded. They need to have him back now with the harmonicas.

  • Masked Memer
    Masked Memer13 dager siden

    I don't want to be rude i just want to make a point, what if you tried something other then recording yourself and do something that happens instantly and doesn't give him time to prepare.

  • GZUZ414
    GZUZ41414 dager siden

    I hope that for the next one is just a recoding of Shayne reading the shrek script in that same voice he was reading moby dick

  • Mr G-Dash
    Mr G-Dash14 dager siden

    I honestly feel like gus swallows. He's definitely cheating

  • Homeless
    Homeless14 dager siden

    Gus is just a fucking comedy genius.

  • mcglubski
    mcglubski14 dager siden

    Gus definitely laughed at "Chapter 2" haha

  • Thomas Warner
    Thomas Warner14 dager siden

    ... [Chapter Two]

  • Landon Horn
    Landon Horn15 dager siden

    Fuck you Gus

  • Trunks Briefs
    Trunks Briefs15 dager siden

    I can read the Bible harder

  • Cole Rozyla
    Cole Rozyla15 dager siden

    Gus is literally the only funny person in the room. This is just awkward.

  • Dudebug
    Dudebug15 dager siden

    Consider this: If Gus had laughed earlier, we wouldn't have the beautiful recording Shayne did for 3+ minutes.

  • Ciaran
    Ciaran16 dager siden

    Gus was definitely laughing, it’s just easy for him to keep the water in. I imagine it’d be easy tbh.

  • Ciaran
    Ciaran16 dager siden

    Gus, why?!! Shayne is gonna be so mentally crippled after this YOU NEED GIGGLES IN YOUR SOUL!!!!!!

  • MakeItPlainVlog
    MakeItPlainVlog16 dager siden

    That barbershop 2 joke was hilarious

  • R R
    R R16 dager siden

    Does anyone laugh at these videos?

  • Patrick King
    Patrick King16 dager siden

    Good to see the good ole days

  • The red Gamer
    The red Gamer17 dager siden


  • Josh Bishop
    Josh Bishop17 dager siden

    I cannot express the love I have for that recording

  • Jon Turcotte
    Jon Turcotte17 dager siden

    When it said "chapter 2" I fucking exploded. I must have looked like a damn maniac laughing in my car 🤣

  • chubby turtle
    chubby turtle17 dager siden

    We need Brandon Rogers on try not to laugh

  • Rivertest28 A
    Rivertest28 A18 dager siden

    how did gus not laugh that last one was hilarious

  • Mulle Meck
    Mulle Meck19 dager siden

    good job ruining shaynes bit by screaming courtney. Yeah good job

  • Silver Hawk
    Silver Hawk19 dager siden

    Ah yes, the two titans of Try Not To Laugh going head to head, although it seems Shayne may need help in order to topple the ultimate obstacle: Gus The Unbroken *Ify has joined the battle!*

  • HnTr VDH
    HnTr VDH20 dager siden

    7:52 btw Subtitles Michael Caine said: “You mean Gus Johnson? From the Gus and Eddy podcast?”

  • Jacob Olson
    Jacob Olson20 dager siden

    Pretty sure if Gus did the harmonica he'd crack

  • zasuu 160
    zasuu 16020 dager siden

    Shayne I'm not sure if you know how many people including me are rooting for you to make Gus laugh😂

  • Ivan The Arctic Fox
    Ivan The Arctic Fox21 dag siden

    Gus won't laugh because he has no soul, Shayne will never make Gus laugh.

  • PortJohnson HD
    PortJohnson HD21 dag siden

    You guys really need to bring him back

  • ejano Crowsnatcher
    ejano Crowsnatcher21 dag siden

    I swear Gus was cheating! He was laughing he just wasn’t spitting!

  • Anthony Stone
    Anthony Stone22 dager siden

    Dude I would love to be on this show I don't laugh so easy well that's what my family says

  • Bean Mann
    Bean Mann23 dager siden

    He’s not cheating, I think he’s laughing inside his mouth, and closing his lips tight to not spit out water. At the end of the last joke, you can see that his lips are really red, and his face is too.

  • HauntedDragonGaming
    HauntedDragonGaming23 dager siden

    𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙙 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙗𝙞𝙗𝙡𝙚

  • Jay D
    Jay D24 dager siden

    Bro, Shayne really showed up and Gus was just a stone-cold wall. If that were the harmonica though, he would've got em.

  • Saqvobase
    Saqvobase24 dager siden

    The moby dick bit was so funny

  • Dan Dan
    Dan Dan24 dager siden

    Gus should join smosh, he's so funny!!!

  • Jag Dal
    Jag Dal24 dager siden

    who stole Gus’ mustache???

  • A Skaven Plays
    A Skaven Plays25 dager siden

    i want them to bring gus back and do a gauntlet against him

  • dmann343
    dmann34326 dager siden

    Ian’s a wanker

  • Alina Dutra
    Alina Dutra26 dager siden

    The john travolta voice killed me

  • Tiger Olson
    Tiger Olson26 dager siden

    Man I miss the water

  • Vincent Meade
    Vincent Meade27 dager siden

    Gus returned for another try no to laugh Shayne: yes our battle will be legendary

  • castawayonthemoon
    castawayonthemoon27 dager siden

    4:56 Who is that tall guy in the background?

  • Sarah Addagada
    Sarah Addagada28 dager siden

    So I actually tried to door on the last one. John Travolta came close but “cHapTeR tWo” BROKE ME.

  • 69HeadedHuman
    69HeadedHumanMåned siden

    I'm a very simple man. I see gus Johnson on try not to laugh, I click

  • Evan Wilson
    Evan WilsonMåned siden

    Why does Gus constantly look like he's having an allergic reaction🤣

  • DyslexicCow OOM
    DyslexicCow OOMMåned siden

    I can't believe the Moby Dick recording didn't break him

  • Thediffrentoneyt _
    Thediffrentoneyt _Måned siden

    Please try to get Gus on here again

  • ArlindBlaze
    ArlindBlazeMåned siden

    Dont wanna be that guy but gus has like one toddler gulp of water in his mouth. its easy to keep it in if you bearly have shit in you mouth.

  • Pog or Not pog
    Pog or Not pogMåned siden

    Top 10 anime rivalries

  • Tommy Nikkel
    Tommy NikkelMåned siden

    Please bring him back. Shayne needs a win

  • Harrison Roig
    Harrison RoigMåned siden

    At the end when Shayne just has DIRECT eye contact to Gus just has me on the floor :P

  • MattOutt65 WhyDoIHaveToPutALastNameScrewYouYouTube
    MattOutt65 WhyDoIHaveToPutALastNameScrewYouYouTubeMåned siden

    God i want gus to do more try not to laughs so bad

  • Blastphemous
    BlastphemousMåned siden

    Chapter 1

  • Ruler of the wild
    Ruler of the wildMåned siden

    Imagine he comes back and someone else makes him laugh

  • unlimited gravy
    unlimited gravyMåned siden

    I laughed so much at Chapter 2 🤣

  • Gaderic
    GadericMåned siden

    shayne is the only one who even has a chance of one day making gus laugh

  • Vxnom
    VxnomMåned siden

    Oh my god is that baby yoda

  • Daniel Flørenæss
    Daniel FlørenæssMåned siden

    you have to do a typical annoying mom joke to get him

  • Fret N
    Fret NMåned siden


  • chrisb_acon
    chrisb_aconMåned siden

    next time shane needs to record his voice while saying the same words over it or make the recording sound like its talking to him

  • Ethan McCallister
    Ethan McCallisterMåned siden

    I think, legally, Gus should’ve had to look at Shane

  • Tor Inge Egebakken
    Tor Inge EgebakkenMåned siden

    yo, i havent watched in a while, noah looks different

  • Nathan Fenster
    Nathan FensterMåned siden

    Honestly, if the Moby Dick bit didn't make Gus laugh I think he's invincible.

  • Mila Gregg
    Mila GreggMåned siden

    Also shane did NOT PULL OUT HIS FINNY STUFF. If he woUlDvE He WoUlDvE WoN

  • Mila Gregg
    Mila GreggMåned siden

    Shane is funnier, and gus wouldve laughes but he never put enough water in his moutn. Thats why he didnt laugh

  • Ellie Tate
    Ellie TateMåned siden

    Wasn’t shayne on Sam and cat?

  • Blake Cutler
    Blake CutlerMåned siden

    Gus totally swallows the water.

    USNS BEASTMODEMåned siden

    The fucking "..... ............ Chapter 2" that just hit different

  • Storm Boy
    Storm BoyMåned siden

    Gus is OP when it comes to this challenge. Everyone should get at least 1 minute with Gus in the hot seat. P.S. Gus should be on yeet it or eat it at some point when it is safe.

  • Smug Hat Kid
    Smug Hat KidMåned siden


  • BakeNShake
    BakeNShakeMåned siden

    Can we all stop pointing to the fact that gus just doesn't spit the water out but still laughs, or stop saying that he's "cheating" and acknowledge that TNTL is more fun because of this ongoing rivalry, regardless of how he does it?

  • Ken Sakali
    Ken SakaliMåned siden

    Yo, Shane is a god

  • iPyromantic
    iPyromanticMåned siden

    When COVID is finally over you need to bring Gus back, have him put as much water as he can in his mouth, MEASURE IT, and ensure that's the amount he uses every time. Shayne DESERVES IT, DAMN IT.