Trying to Catch a 1,000 MPH Baseball - Smarter Every Day 247

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  • SmarterEveryDay
    SmarterEveryDay6 måneder siden

    Favorite line: "Bob's gonna die". If you' enjoyed this video and want to help me make more like it, the best way is to support on Patreon. I will send you a Smarter Every Day / Rocket City Trash Pandas baseball. I ship one to literally everyone who supports as a Patron. Here's that link if you're interested: Thank you so much for watching this video! Destin

  • Filippo Bertolazzi

    Filippo Bertolazzi

    4 måneder siden

    There's fire in the other shot too 9:50

  • Joseph Manjarrez

    Joseph Manjarrez

    4 måneder siden

    Make, hitting a super sonic baseball with a ____mph baseball bat

  • Christian Newkirk

    Christian Newkirk

    5 måneder siden

    Love you guys and the vids

  • Jonathan Mora

    Jonathan Mora

    5 måneder siden


  • Fantastic Fred!

    Fantastic Fred!

    5 måneder siden

    Oh no not Bob

  • xNathanOG
    xNathanOGTime siden

    What if the ball went through Bob but the amount of force it has around it and in front of it could have blown a hole into him on the other side. My theory is kinda like a bullet because if you have the right amount of grain in your bullet, you could literally be just a few inches off of your target's shoulder but still blow its shoulder off. Especially on a day with more humidity. Hopefully this makes since but it was just a theory of what actually happened to Bob on the first shot.

  • Dat Le
    Dat LeTime siden

    Có ai trong đây là Việt Nam ko nhỉ 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  • yindyamarra
    yindyamarra3 timer siden

    Bobs gunna die, Lol, best yet

  • xevil bunny
    xevil bunny13 timer siden

    what if you put ball vs ball? would their be fire if you did that or no?

  • Zach Watson
    Zach Watson16 timer siden

    Baseball cannon? More like anti tank Gun

  • BRYAN VARGAS (Student)
    BRYAN VARGAS (Student)23 timer siden

    look through 6:26 - 6 :27 there is a wave trailing the ball

  • me me
    me meDag siden

    I have a baseball game in a few hours, now I’m wondering if I’m going to leave the game walking

  • Riccardo Fissore
    Riccardo FissoreDag siden

    mullet, lol

  • Mehul Patel
    Mehul PatelDag siden

    “The next step was to bring in an I-Beam” 😆

  • T-MOTH
    T-MOTHDag siden

    「Soft and Wet 」Go Beyond!

  • Hawatt Creations
    Hawatt CreationsDag siden

    Randy Moss: ...

  • Ty Rosales
    Ty RosalesDag siden

    This is absolutely awesome!!

  • Mario Jiovanny
    Mario JiovannyDag siden

    The grotesque company primarily telephone because kilometer quantitatively ski amongst a delightful chime. calculating, nervous low

  • Marsh Morgan
    Marsh MorganDag siden

    This video is as fun as my first century ride 40 years ago and I still ride so I do love to bike.

  • W. R.
    W. R.Dag siden

    So if you fire two cows at each other will you get pre-cooked steaks?

  • Shawn Humphreys
    Shawn HumphreysDag siden

    I live in Philadelphia, Mississippi on hwy 19 south between Meridian and philly

  • Shawn Humphreys
    Shawn HumphreysDag siden


  • Shawn Humphreys
    Shawn HumphreysDag siden

    13:14...I paused this b4 y’all ran it to see how many gloves it was gonna go through...I said that it would go through all of them...ok rolling.

  • Shawn Humphreys
    Shawn HumphreysDag siden

    Lmfao...”bob’s gonna die”....poor ole bob

  • chris schouten
    chris schoutenDag siden

    So how many baseball's do you have to fire to fry a chicken?

  • Asdex Deam
    Asdex DeamDag siden

    For bob its dumber everyday

  • vanessa reynolds
    vanessa reynoldsDag siden

    Danganronpa fans know whats up

  • Eastcoast 647
    Eastcoast 647Dag siden

    With as smart as you are, I figured you would’ve known that with enough energy and friction , it can cause something to burn. (Baseball and glove) Thus leading to fire? Or am I missing something here??? 🔥

  • qwexy XD
    qwexy XD2 dager siden

    You need to make a tank with this cannon

  • Amit Prajapati
    Amit Prajapati2 dager siden

    I don't know why i have a stomachache now

  • CalebRCFlyer_ YT
    CalebRCFlyer_ YT2 dager siden

    You should shoot the baseball at a bat and see what would happened if you hit a mk1 baseball with a bat

  • Jennifer Stewarts
    Jennifer Stewarts2 dager siden

    out of curiosity, what happens with a 1000 mph baseball hits... a baseball bat? Wood, aluminum...

  • Liz Webb
    Liz Webb2 dager siden

    You shot put this with the home run machine and see a ball go faster than the speed of light

  • Alan Minne
    Alan Minne2 dager siden

    Fire a giant ball bearing.

  • Justin Raines
    Justin Raines2 dager siden


  • Leo and Jennifer Bergin
    Leo and Jennifer Bergin2 dager siden

    wait a minute if it was going faster than sound why did it nor disinagrate or breack when hitting something? also that is insain and milatart wepon

  • Camerun Chelsia
    Camerun Chelsia2 dager siden

    The humorous pancake equally bathe because leather advisably obtain below a snotty tree. crabby, acceptable popcorn

  • Sid'istic Atheist
    Sid'istic Atheist3 dager siden

    When learning to play cricket. We are taught to catch the ball ( corky ) by slowing it down, with our bare hands. Instead of the US baseball way of stopping it dead in motion, with a mitten.. Cricket is a REAL mans game.. Just like Rugby.. ha ha ha ha

  • Volker H
    Volker H3 dager siden

    i like the ring of air the ball carries behind it

  • 戴小紫
    戴小紫3 dager siden

    Have you tried catching the ball with a catcher glove?

  • Omer Hakimi
    Omer Hakimi3 dager siden

    thats the power of SAITAMA

  • Kaspar Vatle Gjertsen
    Kaspar Vatle Gjertsen3 dager siden

    The us military wants to know your location

  • Andrea Moody
    Andrea Moody3 dager siden

    Effort less through 9 gloves let's turn robot player baseball, into thunderdomeme baseball, Ala "Mad Max, beyond thundeedome "All robot players , of course.

  • daydodog
    daydodog3 dager siden

    yeah those welds are... not great. Better than mine, but not good lol.

  • Jeremy Buchanan
    Jeremy Buchanan3 dager siden

    I beg to differ - mullets do count as helmets. But you're still awesome.

  • 90Entergetical aka Bot3141
    90Entergetical aka Bot31413 dager siden


  • Ben Sweeney
    Ben Sweeney3 dager siden

    could you just make a recording of the noise that cannon makes when firing?! thats pure scifi!

  • Marlon Thomas
    Marlon Thomas3 dager siden

    Just to note when the ball is coming back in slo mo it looks like a person do a lot of flips or a backhand spring

  • malachi machine boss
    malachi machine boss3 dager siden

    Hey you should make a cannon that shoots nerf rival balls using the same design just smaller

  • malachi machine boss

    malachi machine boss

    Dag siden

    I honestly would like to see the effect of something that size going that fast on bob

  • malachi machine boss

    malachi machine boss

    3 dager siden

    If you agree leave a like

  • Cobra Dragon54
    Cobra Dragon543 dager siden

    Let's not forget about the fact that this machine throws the perfect knuckleball

  • Ethan Eck
    Ethan Eck3 dager siden

    Am I the only one that wants to see what would happen if he put a baseball sized steel ball in there?

  • Gustavo Nocera
    Gustavo Nocera3 dager siden

    Why dont u try with kevlar gloves?

  • Dawson Alexander
    Dawson Alexander3 dager siden

    That's the fastest knuckle ball I've ever seen

  • james dimarco
    james dimarco3 dager siden

    So ur telling me that scene in invincible where omni man n his kid are playing catch is fake

  • Danielle Stewart
    Danielle Stewart3 dager siden

    The tearful insect proximally muddle because balance intracellularly own except a lame ophthalmologist. womanly, irritating arch

  • mario yu
    mario yu3 dager siden

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  • Isaac Fetherston
    Isaac Fetherston3 dager siden

    Lol, Welcome to America.

  • FoolioBeardy
    FoolioBeardy3 dager siden

    I wonder if some kind of finishing material on the gloves is what ignited

  • Tashiro
    Tashiro3 dager siden

    You must cut ball with a big strong blade

  • Lại Quốc Bảo
    Lại Quốc Bảo4 dager siden

    The right question should be "How many Bob could it go through?"

  • That Ladd
    That Ladd4 dager siden

    gustavs little brother

  • JP
    JP4 dager siden

    I’m not sure you can catch it with a direct shot right at the glove. I’d be willing to bet that if you shot the ball straight up you could catch it coming back down. The ball would be slowed but you could catch it. I wonder how high it would go.

  • Elite
    Elite4 dager siden

    " Bob's gon die "🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Vraltz
    Vraltz4 dager siden

    that makes such a terrifying sound

  • Gamerguffel
    Gamerguffel4 dager siden

    So let me get this straight. You want a baseball to be supersonic and then you want it to slow down

  • mookie rockefeller
    mookie rockefeller4 dager siden


  • Jeremiah B
    Jeremiah B4 dager siden

    How many Bob's does it take to stop the ball?

  • Dio
    Dio4 dager siden

    "...Bob's gonna die."

  • Pepino 2
    Pepino 24 dager siden

    Anybody noticed how the base ball looks all like rings are forming when it expodes

  • Sirstitch
    Sirstitch5 dager siden

    13:55.. it looks like theres fire in the 1st and 3rd glove too if you go frame-by-frame

  • Collin Brightman
    Collin Brightman5 dager siden

    Try military armour on bob against the super so nick baseball

  • Thiccboi Chungo
    Thiccboi Chungo5 dager siden

    I’m not saying you should load a kinetic penetrator in it, but you maybe should think about it

  • Graden Longan
    Graden Longan5 dager siden

    Has anyone stopped and just thought "poor little baseball"

  • Tyrsa Fray
    Tyrsa Fray5 dager siden


  • Hunter De Leon
    Hunter De Leon5 dager siden

    Next make a supersonic spear launcher and shoot some spears!!!!!

  • -Jebie-
    -Jebie-5 dager siden

    Bro they are building weapons

  • Nathan Corey
    Nathan Corey5 dager siden

    How can slow motion cameras pick up sound like that???

  • Pax0r Gaming
    Pax0r Gaming5 dager siden

    If you look closely you can see there was a slight red glow of fire on the ball before it hit the glove 10:50

  • Spencer Barnes
    Spencer Barnes5 dager siden

    I really want to see what this does to a tree!

  • Ryan Ranney
    Ryan Ranney5 dager siden

    why the video end just so suddenly

  • unknown person
    unknown person5 dager siden

    Bob is going die wheres Bob

  • Particle Config.
    Particle Config.5 dager siden

    so what speed is the ball at ''at full vacuum''?

  • AJSgyhdwqiusadw ddd
    AJSgyhdwqiusadw ddd5 dager siden

    you MUST shoot it at a ballistic jell dummy

    HIIRETS5 dager siden

    You need to add like very loud buzzer

  • Robert Lipstreu
    Robert Lipstreu5 dager siden

    Why is it always Bob?! LOL

  • SnowThundah
    SnowThundah6 dager siden

    So why doesn't the ball knuckle?

  • The Real Jeff Bezos
    The Real Jeff Bezos6 dager siden

    So u built an artillery cannon

  • Chaos
    Chaos6 dager siden

    so now imagine a 8kg tungstant rod with a surface area of maybe 1cm travaling at 4 to 5 times the speed of the baseball now you got an apfsds and you can pierce threw more than an meter of steel

  • Ash Shield
    Ash Shield6 dager siden

    Also you could make a sabot round to see what it could go through

  • Ash Shield
    Ash Shield6 dager siden

    Wonder what would happen if you shot a ball at a blade

    APEX BROTHERS6 dager siden

    It hits with about 20T of force

  • Squad Force
    Squad Force6 dager siden

    Collaboration with mark rober and smart everyday! Like if you agree,

  • Tv Static
    Tv Static6 dager siden

    Imagine you try and break into a guys house and he just sitting there with a Mach speed baseball cannon

  • waterman308
    waterman3086 dager siden

    so now i want to know... how far... how high? :) super duper excellent!

  • Foxie Boxie
    Foxie Boxie6 dager siden

    the fire appeared the same way a Pull Start Firestarter box works. u pull anything out from a sandwhich fast enough and you will create a spark

  • Foxie Boxie
    Foxie Boxie6 dager siden

    i wonder if this cannon is legal (maybe its breaking some law about owning a cannon similar to that u would find on a tank)

  • Irfan Khan
    Irfan Khan6 dager siden

    How it's made

  • Jeffrey Pulver
    Jeffrey Pulver6 dager siden

    Notice the catchers mitt collapses in on itself

  • NailnTRM
    NailnTRM6 dager siden

    Saw where South Carolina approved the firing squad for execution. If i had a choice, gimme the supersonic baseball!

  • NailnTRM


    6 dager siden

    If i can catch it, i should be let free!

    IJAN NOLIMIT6 dager siden

    Next use human for this

  • Tuure Sarolahti
    Tuure Sarolahti6 dager siden

    ”Think fast”

  • frick off
    frick off7 dager siden

    I wonder how much our military messed around and trialed vacuum cannons. I bet they had some HUGE ones that they tested. Be cool to see

  • frick off
    frick off7 dager siden

    If u fired this straight up in the air how high will it reach? Obviously that sounds like a bad idea 😆, watch out planes

  • Alexander Sillan
    Alexander Sillan7 dager siden

    The brakes on the front are too low. To adjust you should undo the bolts and get them centred in the rim. Pull the brakes tight and tighten until you almost move the pad. Let go of the brakes and push up on the right side of the pad whilst tightening.