UFC 262 - Chandler vs Oliveira Extended Promo | COUNTDOWN AND HISTORY | #UFC262 Preview


UFC 262 - Chandler vs Oliveira Extended Promo | COUNTDOWN AND HISTORY | #UFC262 Preview
UFC lightweight Michael Chandler is predicting he will win the 155-pound championship against Charles Oliveira on May 15, and then make his first title defense against Conor McGregor before the end of the year.
Of course, Chandler (22-5) has a stiff test ahead of him in Oliveira (30-8) at UFC 262 in Houston. Oliveira, of Brazil, is actually a small favorite to defeat Chandler in their vacant title fight. The title was recently vacated by retired former champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.
Oliveira, 31, has won eight fights in a row. Chandler says he respects what Oliveira has done, but believes he has a tendency to give up if fights aren't going his way.
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  • Dreist Studios
    Dreist StudiosMåned siden

    Who do you think will get the title?

  • Sir James

    Sir James

    11 timer siden

    @Kevin Zuniga the only loser here is you and Chandler

  • Prayer of The Day

    Prayer of The Day

    11 timer siden

    @NoToBigBro haha no sure surpise surpise ya boii went to sleep early

  • Prayer of The Day

    Prayer of The Day

    11 timer siden

    @NoToBigBro lmao

  • Prayer of The Day

    Prayer of The Day

    11 timer siden

    @Sir James and happens again

  • Prayer of The Day

    Prayer of The Day

    11 timer siden

    @Slixlix jup jup i see it too jup surprise surprise lmaoo

  • Jonathan Parker
    Jonathan Parker23 timer siden

    Poor Dan, it must be the shits to have your brutal beat down on a constantly revolving loop everywhere. Im sure kasangani feels his pain 😂

  • Michael Crider
    Michael CriderDag siden

    Lol this is a straight Michael Chandler promo

  • Samir Sharipov
    Samir SharipovDag siden

    Tell me how to stop watch this 💪💪🦾🦾🦾🦾

  • Samir Sharipov
    Samir SharipovDag siden

    Help me please find this track

  • Samir Sharipov
    Samir SharipovDag siden

    The track is really epic

  • Samir Sharipov
    Samir SharipovDag siden

    Guys who will win ?

  • Samir Sharipov
    Samir SharipovDag siden

    What is the soundtrack behind video ? it's really cool

  • Ralph Lewis
    Ralph Lewis3 dager siden

    I would like to see Oliviera win but he's not mentally strong he has a tendency to quit plus he's got a glass chin. Idk maybe he's reinvented his self

  • Marcus Mariota
    Marcus Mariota3 dager siden

    Rooting for Chandler. He has an amazing story like Ngannou and you can't help but root for guys like that.

  • DooDoo Poop
    DooDoo Poop3 dager siden

    Two veterans, having a peak career moment at the same time, for the belt. This is the shit that legendary fights are made of. So pumped for this. I think people are sleeping on Charles a bit. If Chandler wins, its not going to be easy.

  • blizz 001
    blizz 0014 dager siden

    I have watched this 10 times I think this is one of the best made promos ever good job on this 🔥🔥

  • CJ Trevino
    CJ Trevino4 dager siden

    UFC needs to hire you to create promos, earned my subscription, amazing video man... can barely sit still after watching this.

  • edward charles
    edward charles4 dager siden

    OMG men. I don't know which promo video is your best. This one's insane. The slow build music, the plot points you touched on, the clip selection. Sick!!! Would love to talk about you making trailers.

  • Franciso Ortiz
    Franciso Ortiz4 dager siden

    Anybody know the name of the music used for this promo?

  • Pash Mackintosh
    Pash Mackintosh5 dager siden

    I can't help but to think of Chandler as a philosophical drama queen.

  • Mustafa Martin
    Mustafa Martin5 dager siden

    Dana is such a good salesman. How smoothly he broke that shit down to Khabib was beautiful😅


    My prediction - Oliviera will choke out Chandler inside the first 90 seconds of the first round. Why? Because Chandler will believe he sees an opening, he'll come in with the big overhand left and Oliviera will pounce, go forward and take him to the ground and choke him out. Oliviera is an absolute Lazer focused beast, and he can also knock Chandler out fast.

  • Wimzy
    Wimzy5 dager siden

    don't be surprised if oliviera wins he is so well rounded as a fighter.

  • steve coleman
    steve coleman5 dager siden

    Watch both fights of Brooks and Chandler before making choices......

  • M.iqbal Malik
    M.iqbal Malik5 dager siden

    chnadler is fast with powerful punches and oleveira teechnic is very solid this match is power vs technic . so I gonna go with oleveira

  • Atomic Punk
    Atomic Punk6 dager siden

    9:12 looked like he smacked that dude like his bitch, or like if he owed Chandler drug money

    S.K. SPORTS7 dager siden

    Olivera decision or late sub

  • Erick C.

    Erick C.

    6 dager siden

    No way this fight goes to decision...I personally don’t even think it gets past the 3rd round. But I have Oliveira as well.

  • grndzro
    grndzro8 dager siden

    I think Chandler losing to Patricio was a fluke. If he wants to talk S he should join the UFC. Dana would be delighted to have the younger Pitbull in the UFC.

  • Jeffrey Rodriguez
    Jeffrey Rodriguez8 dager siden

    Micheal Chandler IS a DEADBOLT LOCK HE Will Be the Next Champion!

  • Manuel P.
    Manuel P.8 dager siden

    Wiedermal heftiger Trailer danke für die geilen Trailer vielleicht löst du ja mal die Leute von der UFC ab die die Trailer machen haha

  • Anthony Valdez
    Anthony Valdez8 dager siden

    Damn Chandler has some knockout power. I would be nervous to fight that man lol

  • cecil starr
    cecil starr8 dager siden


  • steve coleman

    steve coleman

    5 dager siden


  • cecil starr
    cecil starr8 dager siden


  • cecil starr
    cecil starr8 dager siden


  • Seth Seth
    Seth Seth9 dager siden

    that chandler post fight interviuw was straight up legendary!! But charles is the new king🤴in that devision🤞

  • Kaja Balaž
    Kaja Balaž9 dager siden

    Michael chandler is next champ

  • Jay McNamara
    Jay McNamara9 dager siden


  • shami
    shami10 dager siden

    Nailed it!!

  • khurram mustaqeem
    khurram mustaqeem10 dager siden

    Good job

  • Adrian Salinas
    Adrian Salinas10 dager siden

    Bro do you have a canelo vs saunders promo...cuz DAZN sucks..

  • Kemal K.
    Kemal K.10 dager siden

    You can't beat Khabib even not with a lucky punch. I mean so many people tried it and didn't get success.

  • Erick C.

    Erick C.

    9 dager siden

    Oliveira will sub him. Respectfully.

  • Kemal K.
    Kemal K.10 dager siden

    Chandler can beat all of them but Khabib is on another level in another dimension another universe. Sorry Michael you can't beat Khabib.

  • Enrique Chocron
    Enrique Chocron11 dager siden

    Impossible not to get PUMPED for this fight after watching this, especially since I’m going live for this one!

  • Truth is here
    Truth is here11 dager siden

    I cant decide who to cheer for, chandler is strengh and oliviera isso tehnical, gonna be interesting

  • Austin 123
    Austin 12311 dager siden

    I was bored watching the Ferguson vs Oliveira fight, but I know this one will be explosive. The way Michael Chandler fights is explosive. Think he beats Oliveria and defends the title against the winner of Poirier vs McGregor 3 or does the first defense against Justin Gaethje. Either way all of these fights are gonna be amazing.

  • Just a Hater
    Just a Hater12 dager siden

    3:39 that's like asking khabib to fight jake paul in mma match

  • Bearpaw


    8 dager siden

    He tried to bait khabib in with that lol

  • Brian King
    Brian King12 dager siden

    Amazing promo man. UfC should hire you. You have a new fan 👍🏼

  • charles sturdivant
    charles sturdivant12 dager siden

    What is the music to this video from? It's beautiful

  • Tom Hongsha
    Tom Hongsha12 dager siden

    Chandler is doomed.. Just kidding. Idk who wins

  • MKSKIller
    MKSKIller12 dager siden

    you lowk got my ass hyped

  • cecil starr
    cecil starr12 dager siden


  • cecil starr
    cecil starr12 dager siden


  • cecil starr
    cecil starr12 dager siden


  • 100% Natural
    100% Natural13 dager siden

    I dono why...suddenly i started to like chandler👍..All the best for both fighters..i hope..sure 🎆

  • K D
    K D13 dager siden

    I hope Olivera is doing peds because we sure as shit know Chandler is 🤣

  • Bagjam Ganghik
    Bagjam Ganghik13 dager siden

    Pitricio Pitbull vs Chandler rematch

  • Ørganic
    Ørganic13 dager siden

    Well done!

  • Prayer of The Day
    Prayer of The Day14 dager siden

    Chandler will get an ass whooping mark these words

  • Anouar Bagent
    Anouar Bagent14 dager siden

    whats the song used in the video it' amazing !

  • Ajay Upadhyay
    Ajay Upadhyay16 dager siden

    you guys dont have any idea ,,, whats waiting for oliviera...... chain of Thunderbolt punches ....!

  • Humble Bundle
    Humble Bundle17 dager siden

    Because of hese fighters Khabib retired, people who can stuff the takedown, sub him or take him down and dominate him standing up, the rest didnt want to take Khabib down and wanted to keep it standing and also could not sub Khabib even though Dustin came close.

  • 1234abcd12344
    1234abcd1234417 dager siden

    Title should be called Olivera versus Chandler.

  • D C
    D C17 dager siden

    When is it?

  • Hussain Alibrahim
    Hussain Alibrahim17 dager siden

    Name of the background sound ?

  • Nicholas The-Silent-Assassin
    Nicholas The-Silent-Assassin18 dager siden

    Hands down the best promo ☝️ I salute you sir for making this masterpiece 👊

  • Dan C R
    Dan C R20 dager siden

    I’m not Khabib’s biggest fan, but I’d love to see him having another go inside the octagon.

  • Alex Mohr
    Alex Mohr20 dager siden

    People are sleeping on Oliveira. IMO under Dustin/Justin he's in the running for best in the division. No gaps in his skillset, he can do everything and has incredible stamina. He also has a great chin. IMO he's just a batter martial artist than Chandler. I'm sorry but Charles has been running through top ranked UFC fighters for a while now, Chandler has one win over a guy coming off a loss. Before that he was fighting Bellator competition. I'm not saying it's gonna be an easy fight for CO, but I don't see him losing.

  • Torron Brown jr
    Torron Brown jr22 dager siden

    I’m going with do Bronx

  • くるくる
    くるくる23 dager siden

    Chandler is cheap. Oliveira win.

  • Marion Kent
    Marion Kent24 dager siden

    Driest although we might all not have money for the patreon to make sure you’re good we fucking live you bro best in the game can always make something sinister , intense, hype all of that

  • Jeffrey Napisa
    Jeffrey Napisa24 dager siden

    I hope and do believe CHARLES DO BRONX OLIVEIRA is gonna beat the breaks off of Chandler....hes going off his own hype from the lucky first round against Hooker...and calls everyone out saying hes the best...and j ut st got knocked out in Bellator by Patricio Pitbull....its not fair first and foremost for him to be launched up to the top without having fought at least 3-4 fights and really proving himself to everyone else....one thing for sure we all will see...I ho ok e Oliveira ta kn es his time and fights smart and j ut st picks him apart...Oliveira has more finishes on his back ten stand up, but has made great improvements on his boxing as we've seen I. His last couple of fights...let's go Oliveira!

    CHANCHAL S PRAKASH24 dager siden

    Excellent 👌

  • fvgc454ss
    fvgc454ss24 dager siden

    2 guys fighting for a title and both coming off wins from guys comin off a loss to a guy out of the top 5. Let that sink in.

  • Marion Kent
    Marion Kent24 dager siden


  • Chris Cyborg
    Chris Cyborg25 dager siden

    What's the music name? It makes promo on different level !

  • Remy
    Remy25 dager siden

    Diaz i want to see Diaz

  • Shourab Khan
    Shourab Khan26 dager siden

    chandler makes ma hahahah

  • Nobody knows MTRX 369 077
    Nobody knows MTRX 369 07726 dager siden

    “It is a wonderful feeling. Now let's bring this belt home on the 15th. It's a title fight, the chance of a lifetime, something I promised my community and my parents. Is the time. I don't care if it's by knockout or submission or decision, I just want my hands to be raised. " "boldness and joy" "I will respect it, but I will walk forward all the time. If he comes to hit me hard, he will eat a counter. We both walk forward all the time. It will be two trucks colliding. I am not afraid of being hit. If he knocks me down, I will do the same. that I love the most, which is jiu-jitsu. I don't care if I stand up or get knocked down " “All he has is a heavy hand, a heavy punch. I am complete on the feet and complete on the ground. The only thing he's got better than me is wrestling, but I'll use my jiu-jitsu if he tries to fight me, so I don't mind. “Every fighter that took me down, I made it happen. Will Brooks came from Bellator as "the man" and I took him down and caught him. I fought David Teymur, how many kickboxing fights, and I hit him on the feet before he knocked me down and hit him. Brother, I respect him very much, but this is my moment. " "That's his strongest round, I came for all or nothing in the first round. He has great hand power. If you walk forward and don't have the right strategy, he will drop you on your back because his first round is strong. We have. I have to respect him, he was the Bellator champion and he has fought with big names, but I have also fought with big names, I have had my ups and downs and I have won my last eight. “He fought great fighters and showed how good I am. I've fought forwards and made things happen. It will be a good fight. The key in this fight is to be brave and happy ”. "There is always a moment and a moment in life," Oliveira said. “Anderson Silva was a phenomenon and a lot of people said he would never lose, and that unfortunately happened. José Aldo remained undefeated for how many years, beating everyone and ended up losing. [Israel Adesanya] was undefeated and gained weight and lost. I was undefeated when I came to the UFC and ended up losing. " “There is a first time for everything in life. He has good fighting, good jiu-jitsu, he has a good hand, but everyone knows my power and how much I have evolved on my feet and how good my jiu-jitsu is, so I will bring boldness and the Octagon. I will be brave " -Charles Oliveira

  • Policedog
    Policedog27 dager siden

    Chandler is really iron, this guy 's a very explosive and physicaly strong. But Oliveira has a good shape now. It will be a real war

  • Rishabh Nautiyal
    Rishabh Nautiyal27 dager siden

    Why this thumbnail looks like Zack Snyder Justice League poster

  • Story Mania
    Story Mania27 dager siden

    I am interested in khabib vs olivera

  • Victor Palacios
    Victor Palacios27 dager siden

    Got a feeling chandler By KO 😳 call me crazy

  • G
    G27 dager siden

    Oliveira by Submission 🇧🇷

  • Lukaz Emanuell
    Lukaz Emanuell27 dager siden

    Maaaaan This was beautiful to watch, this is a real promo of main event UFC 262

  • Jorge Ledesma
    Jorge Ledesma28 dager siden

    Dana trying to blow smoke up everybody asses, like Nick said selling 🐺 tickets.

  • atto brown
    atto brown28 dager siden

    This promo so hype

  • YO LO
    YO LO28 dager siden

    Amazing work man love it ❤️👍

  • Jacob Hartmann
    Jacob Hartmann28 dager siden

    Please re-upload Adesanya vs Whittaker "Power and Speed, Blow the Roof Off" UFC 243 promo: that one's a masterpiece, and Whittaker won tonight to get that rematch!

  • Marco Arru Satta
    Marco Arru Satta28 dager siden

    Song?? 😱😱😱

  • virgo Z4
    virgo Z428 dager siden

    I believe Chandler can out wrestling khabib how crazy is that sound

  • Dan Baloyi
    Dan Baloyi28 dager siden

    The soundtrack makes this more special.

  • Buenos Aires Gooner
    Buenos Aires Gooner28 dager siden

    Do bronx complete package now.

  • TheologyJeremy
    TheologyJeremy28 dager siden

    Fantastic video. Great storyline. Man, I have no idea who is gonna win this one. I don't even know who I'm cheering for. I expect a great fight.

  • Sean Conley
    Sean Conley28 dager siden

    I think if Conor won that would've been the one khabib cane back for

  • Sean Conley
    Sean Conley28 dager siden

    I still don't think some realize how special and great was and that's saying something

  • Sean Conley
    Sean Conley28 dager siden

    UFC needs to get pitbull especially if Chandler wins the belt. That would be good and massive power move by UFC

  • jeffery wade
    jeffery wade29 dager siden

    Chandler sounds like Goldberg!

  • Gladiator Days
    Gladiator Days29 dager siden

    Wack Chandler has lost plenty, only 1 fight with Hooker

  • camvick407
    camvick40729 dager siden

    Very cool

    VULVO - DANIA29 dager siden

    Michael Chandler hell yeah 🤘✊

  • DEEtodaKAY
    DEEtodaKAY29 dager siden

    You know when everyone forgets that gaethje is going to get the title 😂

  • Pedro Gaio
    Pedro Gaio29 dager siden

    Boring af imo

  • Satish Khot
    Satish KhotMåned siden

    People who think that Chandler doesn't deserve are nothing but stupid casuals.

  • Alex
    AlexMåned siden

    That was a Chandler promo, you neglected the other guy, you know the one with most performances of the night, most fights of the night and most submissions in the history of UFC.... too partial to receive my like.