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  • Ruthless
    Ruthless4 dager siden

    I'm here from the Misfits podcast

  • Samson Amari
    Samson AmariÅr siden

    I saw Nikan in Danny Duncan’s vlog!

  • Layn Lewis
    Layn Lewis2 år siden

    I remember when adapt used to wear a tank top and basketball shorts

  • Vainyz
    Vainyz2 år siden

    peter marco

  • osten burkum
    osten burkum2 år siden

    His socks were dirty

  • WOLF7Temprr
    WOLF7Temprr2 år siden

    When you were 18 dude you were living your life as pro gamer I wanna be a gamer but no one in my Area is intrested in games so I guese am gonna have a shitty life I wish I could have your life dude

  • ThaMastaZane
    ThaMastaZane2 år siden

    The white on peters teeth is blinding

  • Christian Rodriguez
    Christian Rodriguez2 år siden

    I wish me faze

  • Dope Asf
    Dope Asf2 år siden

    Y’all need a safe for all the expensive shit.

  • Strabo
    Strabo2 år siden

    Lmao it’s the Howard The Alien song playing in the background (yes ik it’s called Money Longer)

  • jc733


    2 år siden


  • Mishko
    Mishko2 år siden

    I don't wanna flex... but I just got an EXPENSIVE $28000 ring.

  • Griffin
    Griffin2 år siden

    Bruh, FaZe Fakie, what a god

  • BretanWithDaSeetang
    BretanWithDaSeetang2 år siden


  • Colton Neisler
    Colton Neisler2 år siden

    Do more I love you going in and dropping racks

  • Nchum Mozhui
    Nchum Mozhui2 år siden

    Socks is dirty as hell bruh lol

  • Ido Avital
    Ido Avital2 år siden

    Wtffff FaZe Fakieeee i remember the trick shotting in bo2 oh shitttt #OGfan

  • lil mango
    lil mango2 år siden

    How do you win the giveaway

  • Abbas Sari
    Abbas Sari2 år siden

    how can I win the giveaway ??

  • Angelo Ahsin
    Angelo Ahsin2 år siden


  • ClutchedSupreme
    ClutchedSupreme2 år siden

    When u guys being neighbors again or in same house

  • Chevy Flora
    Chevy Flora2 år siden

    this man spent all this money on a ring, my man get you some acutane for the face homie. You got enough cash to be looking right

  • William Atkinson
    William Atkinson2 år siden


  • FaZe_Jk
    FaZe_Jk2 år siden

    1v1? On Xbox... title it FaZe wanna be because my Xbox gamer tag is FaZePlaYer10

  • Gilbert Garza
    Gilbert Garza2 år siden

    Alex do a flex vid just ball out at rodeo

  • Oliver Nagy
    Oliver Nagy2 år siden

    Buy some new socks dirty ass

  • bubba da beast
    bubba da beast2 år siden

    Who tf has 28000$ on a ring Adapt/Alex: lil pump

  • Some sort of name
    Some sort of name2 år siden

    This guy could be making so much more money if he was smart with his money

  • Yash Sharma
    Yash Sharma2 år siden

    Background music name ?

  • Yeet Master
    Yeet Master2 år siden

    not sure which is brighter, the diamonds or peters teeth...

  • Riffat Fatima
    Riffat Fatima2 år siden

    Warriors win if kyrie was still on cavs they would win

  • TA_ Nightmare
    TA_ Nightmare2 år siden

    Do you guys still only eat RICE AND CHICKEN?

  • iRjones35
    iRjones352 år siden

    Get WillyG up there

  • Ulises Arriaga-Jaramillo
    Ulises Arriaga-Jaramillo2 år siden

    I thought it was censor

  • nV_Kookie. 95
    nV_Kookie. 952 år siden

    That ring is fire!!!

  • Giselle Rodriguez
    Giselle Rodriguez2 år siden

    i really want to meet you. people think just cause im a girl i cant watch you🤨. i luv watching you❤️❤️❤️. i had dream last night that i met you and then i woke up and i was like,rlly😐

  • Sways
    Sways2 år siden

    I want that chain

  • oh yeah yeah gamer
    oh yeah yeah gamer2 år siden

    How about playing some call of duty for once please anyone else agree?

  • HMT
    HMT2 år siden

    Bro no offense instead of buying jewelry you may wanna buy some socks💀💀💀

  • Sleez
    Sleez2 år siden

    WHo Else is OG?

  • Javi Navarro
    Javi Navarro2 år siden

    Do a mocking faze banks lmao

  • Cruz Escarcega
    Cruz Escarcega2 år siden


  • Fenti
    Fenti2 år siden

    I was hoping it was sunshine :(

  • Josh Urie
    Josh Urie2 år siden

    I like Alex lol he don’t care ab haters and always wants to be happy even if he spends money he is always just happy

  • ITS DaN
    ITS DaN2 år siden

    Alex you are lit🔥🔥🔥

  • Pancake._. face
    Pancake._. face2 år siden

    Bruh I thought the special guest was Faze Rain Nordan Shat

  • x 9
    x 92 år siden

    I remember when fakie was in the Faze Tryout skit video 😂😂 Waaaayyy back

  • zCopy
    zCopy2 år siden


  • XxShootersxX707 Yahir
    XxShootersxX707 Yahir2 år siden

    I beat its faze fakie

  • leek
    leek2 år siden

    I thought it was faze niqs

  • xXpalaciosXx69
    xXpalaciosXx692 år siden

    Where’s rain at tho?!?!? 🤔

  • Djawed PlayZ
    Djawed PlayZ2 år siden

    We need cod shit cmon i miss ur cod vids and clips montages and shit we need old School Alex

  • Moe
    Moe2 år siden

    Ever since OSN got that haircut he started wearing designer 😂

  • Wyatt Roche
    Wyatt Roche2 år siden

    I know I'm late but how do you feel about cizzorz

  • Denys Santayana
    Denys Santayana2 år siden

    Alex wheres the another jewelrys that you bought?

  • Eli
    Eli2 år siden

    Alex can flex as much as he wants. Because hes alex man, who hates alex? No one!

  • Fabian Ledezma
    Fabian Ledezma2 år siden

    You look faded asf haha

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez2 år siden


  • Royal Voltage
    Royal Voltage2 år siden

    I knew it was fakie

  • Aadil Ghani
    Aadil Ghani2 år siden

    4:25 white teeth

  • NHKD
    NHKD2 år siden

    I thought it was lil boat. But it just and old faze member

  • Akhi
    Akhi2 år siden

    Dislike squad!! Lol you’re in “faze” you meant to be playing not making vlogs. You know you’re shit at all games when you leave playing n start vlogging. Disgrace

  • Jack and Murtaza
    Jack and Murtaza2 år siden


  • Crisin Snow
    Crisin Snow2 år siden

    Can I ask wtf does Roman do ? Like since he came to the last faze house he seems like a raccoon just eating off whatever is left and just sleeping in and out of whomever is willing to let him sleep over

  • Zack Barkan
    Zack Barkan2 år siden

    at first i thought he was talking abt c bass but when he said trickshotting i knew it was fakie

  • -_-
    -_-2 år siden


  • Vincenzo
    Vincenzo2 år siden

    Bring logic to the house

  • Mrevil
    Mrevil2 år siden


  • Chris Paradise 21
    Chris Paradise 212 år siden

    I am a big fan of FaZe Clan

  • Chris Paradise 21
    Chris Paradise 212 år siden

    I never win a giveaway before ??

  • Ricky, The Freaky
    Ricky, The Freaky2 år siden


  • Jayden Lozano
    Jayden Lozano2 år siden

    Adapt the type of guy to buy retainers for no reason

  • Sauga Direct
    Sauga Direct2 år siden

    Damn being a jeweler is the best business... you get all these financially irresponsible fools rolling through

  • Sauga Direct
    Sauga Direct2 år siden

    Didn’t this guy say he is releasing a music video?

  • MD Flex
    MD Flex2 år siden

    Bring back Faze Barry we haven’t seen him in forever

  • MD Flex

    MD Flex

    2 år siden

    Jk he is in this video lol

  • Lucas Bunny
    Lucas Bunny2 år siden

    I have watched faze since 2011

  • p eter
    p eter2 år siden

    i still can’t believe you got robbed that’s wack

  • Ballyoy
    Ballyoy2 år siden

    fuck yeah dude hell yes

  • Tan
    Tan2 år siden

    How do you get in the give away

  • Ryley Pate
    Ryley Pate2 år siden

    Make the vids longer plz

    SVG TWIGZ2 år siden

    Buy a flash ring

  • ur mum gaiey
    ur mum gaiey2 år siden

    Adapt the type of. Guy to put his icy jewlery in his drink to cook it down

  • Evan Bish
    Evan Bish2 år siden

    No way its Ted! What the fuck its been forever!

  • Ockba
    Ockba2 år siden

    Fun Fact: Fakie had 30k subs when FaZe had 10k.

    CORPSE fromTARGET2 år siden

    Optic number one

  • Exon Covarrubias
    Exon Covarrubias2 år siden

    I remember him

  • VEN Fizpz
    VEN Fizpz2 år siden

    Lmao that guy in the tux, which I'm assuming is a security guy, like asset protection. That man was legit staring you down. Lol

  • Chiara Bakx
    Chiara Bakx2 år siden

    Awesome ring!!

  • Luis Avila
    Luis Avila2 år siden

    Jk I really fucking hate yo stupid head ass

  • OGhugge
    OGhugge2 år siden

    fakie :)

  • OGhugge
    OGhugge2 år siden

    i thought it was nordan

  • The ginger bread Man
    The ginger bread Man2 år siden

    I actually remember him omg I haven't seen him in ages what the hell

  • No Name
    No Name2 år siden


  • Garrett Hammond
    Garrett Hammond2 år siden

    # i want the old adapt back

  • 2k Globe
    2k Globe2 år siden

    Nice vid

  • Benji Is A King
    Benji Is A King2 år siden

    IM THE 1,000 COMMENT

  • diaz
    diaz2 år siden

    Im the 1000 comenter

  • Pedro Rivera
    Pedro Rivera2 år siden


  • Amir sherif
    Amir sherif2 år siden

    8:28 faze fakie

  • Ethan Armstrong
    Ethan Armstrong2 år siden


  • the feels
    the feels2 år siden

    bruh clean ur sock @ 6:27.. u have all this money and still cant even have clean clothes smh