VFX Artists React to HARRY POTTER Bad & Great CGi


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Niko, Wren and Clint sit down to breakdown some of the best (and worst) VFX from the Magical world of Harry Potter!
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  • SentinalSlice
    SentinalSlice4 minutter siden

    Dementors and Patronus.

  • SentinalSlice
    SentinalSlice5 minutter siden

    Please explain how the patronus works, especially the pulses of light.

  • E-mad Art
    E-mad Art6 minutter siden

    Please react to Narnia: Prince Caspian, the river god scene it's so cool

  • James Flannery
    James Flannery7 minutter siden

    Please review the scene where professor Lupin turns into a werewolf

  • kalogio
    kalogio12 minutter siden

    It's always sunny in Philadelphia, S12 EP1 the whole episode really, but the scene where the gang approaches the shop called 'The Wiz' has a cool replacement shot... thing .... in the reflection of the window

  • SentinalSlice
    SentinalSlice14 minutter siden

    Which house am I in professor Niko? You’re in my house now!

  • Mr. Game and Watch
    Mr. Game and Watch16 minutter siden

    snape. snape. severus snape.

  • Biomuzik TV
    Biomuzik TV18 minutter siden

    Please do : G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009) - Chase scene with the mech suits

  • Will Schex
    Will Schex22 minutter siden

    You should do the scene where harry is being reserected

  • SentinalSlice
    SentinalSlice23 minutter siden

    Wingardium levioooosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  • Kyce Essadki
    Kyce Essadki33 minutter siden

    the 1st challenge of the tri wizard tournament with the horntail

  • Lena Lindow
    Lena Lindow34 minutter siden

    The third movie when Harry rides buckbeak

  • Partha Shankar
    Partha Shankar36 minutter siden

    Please do the Basilisk!! Its one of the nicest looking CG snakes I've ever scene I wanna know how they did it!

  • Athan
    Athan41 minutt siden

    You guys should react to rainbow six siege's cinematic

  • Laura Robles
    Laura Robles51 minutt siden

    The battle scene between The order of the Phoenix and the death eaters at the ministry of Magic.

  • AstyrLuna
    AstyrLuna52 minutter siden

    the ending of the first movie, with voldemort being on the back of quirrels head. probably super simple, VERY much effective. still creeps me out lmao

  • Alex
    AlexTime siden

    Please do the scene in the 4th movie where tiny baby Voldemort turns in to full-grown Voldemort

  • Mack Flash
    Mack FlashTime siden

    That sombrero example was perfect! Thank you!

  • Coogan
    CooganTime siden

    Y'all are incredible!

    REDIRECTEDTime siden

    A lot of neat VFX shots in Gothika you gotta check out (Watching for first time now)

    REDIRECTEDTime siden

    Found a cool scene in Gothika at about 23 min or so. You guys have got to react to it

  • Jacob Doobble
    Jacob DoobbleTime siden

    Would love to see you guys react to any of the ghost things in the netflix movie Spectral.

  • hrpang
    hrpangTime siden

    I still want to see them do Kung Fury. Kung Fury is sooo good I can't believe they haven't done it yet.

  • Michele C
    Michele C2 timer siden

    Will you guys please react to: Reboot (the TV series) and The Fifth Element?

  • Christopher Ballard
    Christopher Ballard2 timer siden

    Dobby’s death scene is one that is pretty interesting from a VFX standpoint.

  • Glass World
    Glass World2 timer siden


  • TinyAnimations
    TinyAnimations2 timer siden

    Now can we have an explanation for the liquid mirror in the first evil dead?

  • Adriaan Swart
    Adriaan Swart2 timer siden

    We also need a Disney R-rated episode, PLEASE!

  • Godzilla2021
    Godzilla20212 timer siden

    React to Godzilla King of the Monsters 2019!!

  • Mechner
    Mechner2 timer siden

    You guys should react to this scene from a really great movie based on a book.. “rules of attraction” this is so awesome how cool the split screen is and then the kicker surprise at the end. You can watch the whole scene but to get to the point watch from 4:22 nolocal.info/have/video/jWauipSOma-enHg

  • zig zag dayz
    zig zag dayz2 timer siden

    Plz do a reaction video of the animated tie-in adventure Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins. Based of the first Mortal Kombat movie from the mid 90's.

  • AliceDee25
    AliceDee252 timer siden

    You guys should react to the movie "Hugo"

  • Elijah Nava
    Elijah Nava3 timer siden

    Can you guys please react to the movie Overlord ?

  • roger gosse
    roger gosse3 timer siden

    You guys should do robocop vfx or even stuntman reacts especially in robocop 2 robocop is on the front of a truck and the truck crashes through a wall and the bartender gets his legs crushed it looks.

  • Joyal Raj
    Joyal Raj3 timer siden

    Can you do the King Kong (I forgot who was the director) but the one with the plane scene at the end. Just because some of the cgi was amazing and Kong was done so well in the movie. Especially the scene when the girl is playing dead, kongs fur looks so real and rugged but soft

  • Darkwater Films LLC
    Darkwater Films LLC3 timer siden

    You guys should do a VFX react to Crawl 2019 really good CGI gators and brutal attacks.

  • Space Pug
    Space Pug3 timer siden

    I think you’ve probably done this because I’ve not checked but I think you should react to the first cgi/VFX shot ever

  • Quikzillian
    Quikzillian3 timer siden

    I found an interesting music video by Automatica that has robotic arms playing instruments (Basses, keyboards, etc.) Thought it deserved a CGI breakdown because of the introductions of CGI high-power lasers mounted to the robotic arms. nolocal.info/have/video/l3OYpcWzzrCstpA

  • Cole Matthews
    Cole Matthews3 timer siden

    Lol when wren and Clint are talking about the motion control rig and how they should get one. And nikos face is just 😶 because he knows how much they are

  • Sean Marshall
    Sean Marshall3 timer siden

    I am curious on how what you guys would think of willys wonderland and their cross of real and cgi!

  • Whiteythereaper
    Whiteythereaper4 timer siden

    How about some not so great effects from either the Unreleased Fantastic Four movie or the old 70s Captain America movie?

  • Jior Gio
    Jior Gio4 timer siden

    "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" all of them could be nice

  • misuyy fong
    misuyy fong4 timer siden

    Goblet of Fire: Sirius’s face in the fireplace VS Order of the Phoenix: Sirius’s face in the fireplace

  • Miguel Delaluz
    Miguel Delaluz4 timer siden

    In later videos can you guys react to japanese CGI movies and TV shows

  • axiiio
    axiiio4 timer siden

    Sheesh I love your work! This series is one of my favorites (so is the stuntman reacts). Now if you want some DIY motion reach out we might be able to hook you up with some of our stuff. www.axiiio.com/view/contact

  • ninaeatworld
    ninaeatworld4 timer siden

    Please react to The Day After Tomorrow!

  • misuyy fong

    misuyy fong

    4 timer siden

    Wizards chess

  • hugo gg
    hugo gg4 timer siden

    Could you do Terminator-Sarah Connor Chronicles please...

  • Ethan Kwon
    Ethan Kwon4 timer siden

    After the Harry Potter, I would love to see a dive into Pirates of the Caribbean and the effects that went into Davy Jones and his crew in Dead Man’s Chest and the skeleton form of the pirates in Curse of the Black Pearl!

  • Conor Russell
    Conor Russell4 timer siden

    The fight against Professor Quirrel in Sorcerer's Stone with Voldemort on the back of Quirrel's head. It was one of the scariest things ive ever saw.

  • first_emperor
    first_emperor5 timer siden

    How about a react episode with scenes from The Grand Budapest Hotel?

  • Mateo Quintero
    Mateo Quintero5 timer siden

    Please do the time turner scene!!

  • Ibrahim Ramos
    Ibrahim Ramos5 timer siden

    I propose for a future episode a comparasion between Superman saving the nuclear central in Superman 3 and superman saving the Nuclear central in the Superman and Lois pilot

  • Blaze Mason
    Blaze Mason5 timer siden

    are clint and niko Greenscreened in this?

  • Blaze Mason

    Blaze Mason

    5 timer siden

    just noticed weird coloring around the leg area.

  • Ryn Clan
    Ryn Clan5 timer siden

    Hey Corridor Crew can ou break down some of the scenes from Warner Brothers and Ledgendary Kong skull island, Godzilla 2014 and Godzilla king of monsters. Godzilla v. Kong is coming out soon and I want to see how they did these shots

  • frantisek moravcik
    frantisek moravcik5 timer siden

    I have one scene in 6th movie on the begining of movie where dumbledore repairing the whole house its really cool FX i think

  • Shiirōu
    Shiirōu5 timer siden

    When I was thinking of suggestions I thought of this old NOlocalr I used to watch called GakAttack and I remember there being some pretty cool stuff. I don't know if anybody remembers him but you know I hope you can react to that someday.

  • BanterPanther99
    BanterPanther995 timer siden

    please do the dragon from the fourth moviie

  • Jack Roe
    Jack Roe6 timer siden

    When Dumbledore claps his hands above his head to the Phoenix and disappears

  • Invader Chopps
    Invader Chopps6 timer siden

    I know it's supposed to be HP comment... But I'm really surprised you guys haven't react to KD/A's videos yet... They are AMAZINGLY well done and I'm dying fo you guys to check them out!!!

  • russ9696962
    russ96969626 timer siden

    Do Bond already!

  • Alexandra Alvarez
    Alexandra Alvarez6 timer siden

    Wizards chess

  • Brittney Burden
    Brittney Burden6 timer siden

    The knight bus. Sirius blacks house. The ghosts. Petigrews change from man to rat.

  • whifling
    whifling7 timer siden

    I could've kept watching that forever. Love you guys and your observations.

  • whifling
    whifling7 timer siden

    "He looks more frail"... Seriously? "Chicken wings"... Has no one in your party ever played the squishy mage?

  • whifling
    whifling7 timer siden

    I feel like with the train scene though, the audience is waiting for the reveal so they're going to be more forgiving of the beginning and be paying more attention to the reveal. Maybe best to hide the CG at the beginning.

  • whifling
    whifling7 timer siden

    I absolutely love this video. Been waiting to hear you guys' critique on these movies. You know what I do not love? Randomly seeing some horrific rendition of one of my favourite childhood movies as I'm scrolling through Reddit.

  • Garrett Newell
    Garrett Newell8 timer siden

    You guys really should take a look at 1917!

  • Parker Reincke
    Parker Reincke8 timer siden

    Y’all should compare how they did each polyjuice transformation (from HP2, HP4 and HP7) since it’s an example of the same effects with better tech.

  • Devin Stepp
    Devin Stepp8 timer siden

    Half blood prince.. 8:20 the room rebuilding itself

  • HypnoticX
    HypnoticX8 timer siden

    You guys should check out K/DA - VILLAIN ft. Madison Beer video. There are some insane simulations in there.

  • Terry Martin ART
    Terry Martin ART8 timer siden

    Here is idea for an episode, Revisit the computers of the year 1990's and try to create something. The pain was real then LoL. A simple composite particle effect on a video at 608x456 told me 2 weeks to process 10 seconds of footage.

  • Hannah Holmes
    Hannah Holmes8 timer siden

    Clints face 😂

  • Christopher McCann
    Christopher McCann9 timer siden

    Should do the league of extraordinary gentlemen lol

  • Bas Timmermans
    Bas Timmermans9 timer siden

    You should react to the movie ‘chronicle’

  • Chris Rahman-Mair
    Chris Rahman-Mair9 timer siden

    Ah man I really thought they would comment on Harry's visions of voldemorts werid ass perfume posing!

  • Ellysin
    Ellysin9 timer siden

    The scene where the teachers put spells over the school to protect it (movie no 8)

  • Davie Hutchison
    Davie Hutchison9 timer siden

    Harry talks to Sirius through the fire in the fireplace in Goblet of Fire and later in Order of the Phoenix...but in Goblet the effect has the embers shape to Sirius’s face, while in Order his face just appears through the flames like on a screen. What’s weird is that it’s the later film that looks like it’s got the poorer effect for what is a pretty similar scene in the 2 films.

  • Youssef Salah
    Youssef Salah9 timer siden

    I just saw Kind Arthur : Legend of the Sword and it is minddd blowinggg

  • Shaq4real
    Shaq4real10 timer siden

    The Polyjuice Potion scenes from Chamber of Secrets, Goblet of Fire and Deathly Hallows Part 1.

  • Gage Phillips
    Gage Phillips10 timer siden

    The scene in Goblet of Fire when Harry is underwater with mermaid and gills! always wondered if they actually shot that underwater.

  • Sam Stencil
    Sam Stencil10 timer siden

    You guys forgot to talk about Bellatrix vanishing in the fight scene of Order of the Phoenix. I'd like to know your opinion also about the efx of Voldemort on the first movie :)

  • Amal R
    Amal R10 timer siden

    Can u react to DC animated movies

  • Romeo Reidl
    Romeo Reidl10 timer siden

    React next time to russian cg movies! There is a lot of them with great (and not so great) CGI! You should start a new VFX react series where you're reacting to VFX heavy films from aéways another selected country!

  • Sazzad Kamal
    Sazzad Kamal10 timer siden

    Why don't you do vfx artist reacts on music videos My suggestion: nolocal.info/have/video/iGWLndGx3alu3Jo

  • Senyo the Blind
    Senyo the Blind10 timer siden

    Please talk about the lovecraftian horror that comes out of the horcrux in the 7th movie.

  • LittleFilip
    LittleFilip10 timer siden

    hahaha 8:07 i lost it

  • Benton Pellet
    Benton Pellet10 timer siden

    nolocal.info/have/video/aqKBpbKrt5uM3Zo you guys should review this fight, the choreography is whatever, but pay attention to the guns...

  • Kaeden Rodenbough
    Kaeden Rodenbough10 timer siden

    Do the van helsing movie with hugh jackman old movie but some of the best monster cgi ever done

  • Chris Yiesla
    Chris Yiesla10 timer siden

    What's going on with their camera I wonder...Did someone accidentally apply a keyer to the footage before they exported or something?

  • Braxton Jackson
    Braxton Jackson11 timer siden

    Please react to the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005), and other Narnia movies. They are PACKED with VFX.

  • Thor Film Studios
    Thor Film Studios11 timer siden

    Isn't it philosopher's stone?

  • ljwgarvey
    ljwgarvey11 timer siden

    You guys should check out DEEP RISING there's some great explosions and one scene involving a crumpling hall way that is pretty cool!

  • Troy Wayne
    Troy Wayne11 timer siden

    Nuclear scene in superman and lois s01e01

  • Andre Ramos
    Andre Ramos11 timer siden

    to mask the mirror transition theres the bogart "shaking the cabinet" duh

  • Rick Radsma
    Rick Radsma11 timer siden

    Nobody: harry potter has bad CGI... Still there is a youtubere feeling the need to bash a serie from 10 years ago that was running ahead of its time... Specially for a all age movie

  • Nerd News
    Nerd News12 timer siden

    Please react to Love death robots

  • FERFY2000
    FERFY200012 timer siden

    its philosophers stone not sorcerers stone

  • Stricter Pictures
    Stricter Pictures12 timer siden

    Not Harry Potter, but I'd love to see you guys react to this - nolocal.info/have/video/qquiZMeFqIWC14Q

  • Rob Orievolo
    Rob Orievolo12 timer siden

    Can you react to Ready Player one?

  • Jordan Pope
    Jordan Pope12 timer siden

    You should react to the terry crews old spice commercials