Vicky & Hannah | Derek Series Two

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Go behind the scenes with the dynamic duo of Derek
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  • Nomad Nomad
    Nomad NomadMåned siden

    The Vicky character development in the series was really satisfying. The self-improvement was great to watch.

  • Throw communists out of helicopters
    Throw communists out of helicopters11 måneder siden

    I still think Victoria is cute

  • Kimberly Nelson
    Kimberly NelsonÅr siden

    This show is amazing. Sweet, vulgar, kind, offensive, fun, laugh out loud hilarious.

  • Cardinal Fang
    Cardinal Fang3 år siden

    That'll teach her to date an Albanian man

  • Brett DW Music

    Brett DW Music

    2 måneder siden

    Don't they have white hair and white eyes?

  • ??????
    ??????4 år siden

    What's the woman's name in real life?

  • What's next?

    What's next?

    7 måneder siden

    @Diego Mora Twat

  • Diego Mora

    Diego Mora

    7 måneder siden

    @Mael Ughran her phone number?

  • Mael Ughran

    Mael Ughran

    3 år siden

    Kerry Godliman ( Hannah) and Holli Dempsey ( Vicky). Holli is my niece, a really talented actress I think.

  • ??????


    4 år siden

    Both o them

  • phildirt3
    phildirt34 år siden

    it should have continued

  • Mahatma Kane Jeeves
    Mahatma Kane Jeeves5 år siden

    A new Derek!!! I thought it was all gone. Glad to hear it. One of the best shows ever done, in my opinion. And this is coming from someone in the US (we are not all dumb and horrible)

  • Elizabeth keenan

    Elizabeth keenan

    År siden

    Good to know Mahatma as you can see by the comment above the UK has its fair share of dumb and horrible people too.

  • Robert Ray

    Robert Ray

    2 år siden

    Mahatma Kane Jeeves what the fuck do you mean we’re not all dumb your the only dumb one. Look at your fuckin name mahatma what the fuck? Your mother named you after a fuckin box of rice ha ha ha ha ha.

  • Lia Hatzakis
    Lia Hatzakis5 år siden

    The acting in Derek is so natural. That's why I love it

  • OneLuckyPunk
    OneLuckyPunk5 år siden

    these have been great. I can't wait for the new special tomorrow! :)

  • Iron Maiden
    Iron Maiden5 år siden

    Like snowfall you cry a silent storm Your tears paint rivers on this oaken wall

  • googleboughtmee
    googleboughtmee5 år siden

    Aye she'd get it (either)

  • Brett DW Music

    Brett DW Music

    2 måneder siden

    Not bothered

  • shortmotions


    År siden

    Alright Kev

  • Art Is Freedom
    Art Is Freedom5 år siden

    I adore the theatre ... Hannah's reaction is legendary!

  • Sian Morton
    Sian Morton5 år siden

    I'm gonna have to have a Derek day today...

  • Blizzard Muffin

    Blizzard Muffin

    5 år siden

    @Sianxy Everyone needs to have a Derek day.