Viking Performs 'Songbird' By Fleetwood Mac | Season 2 Ep. 2 | The Masked Singer UK


They hit all of the right notes with their rendition of 'Songbird' by Fleetwood Mac, but do our detectives know who is hiding behind Viking's mask?
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  • Awakening
    Awakening11 dager siden

    Thats Ha-ha from Horten Market.

  • LD
    LD11 dager siden

    Heia Morten!

  • joggesko
    joggesko11 dager siden

    Norway Norway Norway - Morten Harket!

  • Thomas Hauglie
    Thomas Hauglie11 dager siden

    Anyone thinks its not Morten Harket?

  • Aksel Mandt
    Aksel Mandt11 dager siden

    He is Norwegian

  • cinnamonaniac
    cinnamonaniac11 dager siden

    Morten Harket. Has a truly unique voice, and there's not many people you can say that about.

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian11 dager siden

    #1 trending un Norway

  • Slotpotenziale
    Slotpotenziale11 dager siden

    Didier Drogba

  • Anne-Britt Hollund
    Anne-Britt Hollund11 dager siden

    Morten Harket🤩

  • Liv Pettersen
    Liv Pettersen11 dager siden

    Sing it viking🤣

  • Kjetil Andersen
    Kjetil Andersen11 dager siden

    Morten Harket is born in the town Kongsberg. One of the hints was Kingsrock, (Kongsberg)

  • Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide11 dager siden

    Awww, so sweet!!. Im Clueless as to who this is though?!?!

  • Mats H
    Mats H11 dager siden

    Norway = viking = Harket

  • Foxdude ultra Hcr2
    Foxdude ultra Hcr212 dager siden

    Can’t be anyone else than our very own Morten harket. From norway. 😊

  • Stephen Georgiou
    Stephen Georgiou12 dager siden

    Didn't know Andy Fordam had such a powerful voice.

  • Reese Fairbairn
    Reese Fairbairn12 dager siden

    Still In tears

  • ellis Sala
    ellis Sala12 dager siden

    Morten Harket no doubt😍💓💓

  • Martin Evans
    Martin Evans12 dager siden

    New it was morten as soon as he opened his mouth

  • paul johnson
    paul johnson12 dager siden

    james Blunt

  • gareth pennington
    gareth pennington12 dager siden

    That's Morten Harket he might as well of sung take on me

  • Magnus Bergstad
    Magnus Bergstad12 dager siden

    Morten Harket, no doubt. ✨🙌🏻

  • dexterie
    dexterie12 dager siden

    Ofc it’s Morten

  • Mima B
    Mima B12 dager siden

    100 % Morten Harket it has to be

  • Louise Shimamoto
    Louise Shimamoto12 dager siden

    I think it's Mick Hucknall purposefully disguising his voice. GINGER.

  • Thumper427
    Thumper42712 dager siden

    I'm going with Jimmy Sommerville, hitting those high notes still!

  • AnnekeR
    AnnekeR12 dager siden

    Jimmy Somerville from Bronski beat

  • Eva Cecilie Rieber-Mohn
    Eva Cecilie Rieber-Mohn12 dager siden

    He sings a bit out of tune from time to time, not so sure this is Morten Harket..

  • Rick-Andre Berget
    Rick-Andre Berget13 dager siden

    If this isn't Morten Harket of A-ha I will eat my old leather wristbands and shave off my sideburns from my high cheekbones in the same process! ;-)

  • bilisha coli
    bilisha coli13 dager siden

    Not what I expected from a walking beard

  • Eva Ruíz
    Eva Ruíz13 dager siden

    Morten Harket

  • Sindre
    Sindre13 dager siden

    Morten Harket please make a cover of this song? (When you are done here ofc)

  • valle412 Morten
    valle412 Morten13 dager siden

    Morten harket xD

  • FANNY & JOHANNA fan Heydia Channel
    FANNY & JOHANNA fan Heydia Channel13 dager siden

    Morten Harket or Espen Lind i think 🤔❤

  • J
    J13 dager siden

    Mika or James Blunt

  • sannio komi
    sannio komi13 dager siden

    Not what I expected from a walking beard

  • jess gonzalez
    jess gonzalez14 dager siden

    MORTEN!!! 😍😍😍

  • Line Prestkværn
    Line Prestkværn14 dager siden

    Heia Morten. :-D

  • huttio srreu
    huttio srreu14 dager siden

    Sounds like it's Ricky Wilson in a falsetto

  • Djingy
    Djingy14 dager siden

    That’s Morten Harket for sure. Incredible voice.

  • Jake Ratcliff
    Jake Ratcliff14 dager siden

    James Blunt

  • Stamnes Dyrland
    Stamnes Dyrland14 dager siden

    Harket is a good guess, but also some clues point at Elvis Costello? Ref. the King (Elvis Presley), as well as the Viking mentioning "The Voice" (Costello sang in the opera "The Voice").

  • Renating&tang
    Renating&tang14 dager siden

    I could never imagine Morten Harket to participate in this type of thing! He's so eccentric... This is such a playful arena! I love it though. Keep him on stage!

  • Ilse Harket
    Ilse Harket18 dager siden

    It has to be Morten Harket, 100%. There is one person in this world with that voice, it's Morten

  • Ryan21102
    Ryan2110218 dager siden

    Viking sing “Take on Me” that way we might know it’s Morton Harket

  • Violeta M Hoc
    Violeta M Hoc18 dager siden

    Morten Harket loves that particular song... I'm guessing it's him behind that mask. 💗

  • Sheryl Fuller
    Sheryl Fuller18 dager siden

    Definitely Mick Hucknall from Simply Red

  • Tilly Gwilliam
    Tilly Gwilliam18 dager siden

    A WWE raw wrestler Sheamus

  • J L
    J L18 dager siden

    Auf jeden Fall Morten Harket 👍🇳🇴

  • battlebots patrick-rowberry
    battlebots patrick-rowberry18 dager siden

    this is mika

  • Aesthetic Crewmate
    Aesthetic Crewmate18 dager siden

    If that's not Morten Harket I'll eat my baseball cap

  • The Real LaRusso
    The Real LaRusso18 dager siden

    Its bonno

  • Jajajajonzy Smee
    Jajajajonzy Smee18 dager siden

    Too small to be Morton Harket! Taron egerton was a great guess

  • Lewis Morgan
    Lewis Morgan18 dager siden

    Morten Harket without a doubt

  • jennifer danza
    jennifer danza18 dager siden

    Morten Harket. Hands down.

  • Zoë-Dawn
    Zoë-Dawn18 dager siden

    That's Morten Harket or I'm eating my a-ha hotpants.

  • Star Shadow
    Star Shadow18 dager siden

    Sir Tom Jones

  • Alijah Stafford
    Alijah Stafford18 dager siden

    He good

  • Susana
    Susana18 dager siden

    I am convinced is Morten Harket from A-ha

  • Eddy
    Eddy18 dager siden

    Frankie Boyle

  • Laura Garner

    Laura Garner

    18 dager siden

    Ohhhh that's a good guess!

  • Joanne Barker
    Joanne Barker18 dager siden

    That is morten harket from a-ha! Without a doubt!!

  • Jason Ballereau
    Jason Ballereau18 dager siden

    When people say "it's Morten Harket" that was a good one.

  • Stein ingar Pettersen
    Stein ingar Pettersen18 dager siden

    Morten harket

  • Shah Latona
    Shah Latona18 dager siden

    Dennis Wise

  • MyNamezDylan
    MyNamezDylan18 dager siden

    Alan Carr?

  • Catriona Lowe
    Catriona Lowe18 dager siden

    really good and voice was amazing

  • Matthew Gifford
    Matthew Gifford18 dager siden

    Not what I expected from a walking beard

  • Hugo Rodríguez

    Hugo Rodríguez

    18 dager siden

    Its like he came from Asterix comic

  • ian
    ian18 dager siden

    kit harington

  • Lucy Smith
    Lucy Smith18 dager siden

    The armour clue drew me to it being a rugby player maybe but his voice is amazing

  • jTyler Yeung
    jTyler Yeung18 dager siden

    I love this song

  • jaz morrison
    jaz morrison18 dager siden

    Omg when he started talking I thought was Patrick Stewart but when singing no Ida

  • Ashton Great
    Ashton Great18 dager siden

    Oh my god is that election sir John

  • Neal Hadley
    Neal Hadley18 dager siden

    Thats Morten Harket from a-ha 👍🏻

  • Scotia


    18 dager siden

    Good shout

  • Doctor_Cork
    Doctor_Cork18 dager siden

    Sounds like it's Ricky Wilson in a falsetto

  • Cyrus King
    Cyrus King18 dager siden

    he is such a great singer

  • Rio Bow
    Rio Bow18 dager siden

    Morten Harket A ha

  • Vinny F Plasek
    Vinny F Plasek18 dager siden

    hold on what is this voice

  • Ryan21102


    18 dager siden

    Everybody in the comments saying it’s Morton Harket so I going with him

  • Shimmie Queen
    Shimmie Queen18 dager siden

    Awww, so sweet!!. Im Clueless as to who this is though?!?!

  • Steve and Liam Cox
    Steve and Liam Cox18 dager siden

    Who is behind the mask

  • jaz morrison

    jaz morrison

    18 dager siden

    I thought was Patrick Stewart ah ha till started to sing