Viking Performs 'Take On Me' By A-Ha | Season 2 Ep. 5 | The Masked Singer UK


Did Viking's choice of 'Take On Me' by A-Ha help you closer to knowing Viking's identity?
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  • Dennis Zitnik
    Dennis ZitnikMåned siden

    no doubt - morten harket himself

  • Tilly Gwilliam
    Tilly GwilliamMåned siden

    I'm still saying Sheamus from WWE

  • James Turnbull
    James TurnbullMåned siden

    Ben Adams from A1 is a great guess.. They represented norway in Eurovision. And released Take on me as a single... Surely cant be Morten singing his own song...

  • Mummy knight - Helen Knight
    Mummy knight - Helen KnightMåned siden

    That’s Morton Harket no doubt!!!!

  • Josefa Castro Castillo
    Josefa Castro CastilloMåned siden

    It's Morten Harket

  • Elizabeth Watkins
    Elizabeth WatkinsMåned siden

    Wow that's genius to sing your own song 👏

  • Darrell Kenchington
    Darrell KenchingtonMåned siden

    Listen to the acoustic versions of n version from deadpool 2. It's the chorus that makes me think it's morten

  • Alisha DeWitt
    Alisha DeWittMåned siden

    So I guess they picked this under the theory that nobody would possibly think he would sing his own song huh?

  • Geana Rodrigues
    Geana RodriguesMåned siden

    He sang his own song lol This Morten Harket is playful

  • Ana Cristina Simões
    Ana Cristina SimõesMåned siden

    My love...Mr The Voice Harket 😍

  • Charlotte Borland
    Charlotte BorlandMåned siden

    Its morten harket

  • Cristy LOB
    Cristy LOBMåned siden

    unmistakable voice🎤🎶

  • Susi Sil
    Susi SilMåned siden


  • Алена Сергеева
    Алена СергееваMåned siden

    Its Morten he is singing the same version as for he did for Unplugged.

  • goodtobefree
    goodtobefreeMåned siden

    Morten always did have a healthy sense of humor😂

  • K D
    K DMåned siden

    This should be released for download as a single. Great vocals.

  • Michelle Munn
    Michelle MunnMåned siden

    Definitely guy from aha

  • Lewis Morgan
    Lewis MorganMåned siden

    You are allowed to sing your own song it’s a massive double bluff!

  • Champsy 2004
    Champsy 2004Måned siden

    This is Morton harket locking it in

  • Shadowbird5768 Official
    Shadowbird5768 OfficialMåned siden


  • Joshua Kongolo
    Joshua KongoloMåned siden

    He’s singing his own song

    CAMRYN CHUMåned siden


  • claire morris
    claire morrisMåned siden

    Definitely Morten, as it's identical to A-ha's Unplugged version of Take on Me. Featured on Deadpool 2.

  • Cookieman123
    Cookieman123Måned siden

    Double bluff it’s Morten Harket

  • Chandini Potnuru
    Chandini PotnuruMåned siden


  • Dean Sharpe
    Dean SharpeMåned siden

    MTV unplugged version , it’s got to be Morten

  • Steph Smith
    Steph SmithMåned siden

    Now listen to Morten Harket acoustic

  • Simon P
    Simon PMåned siden

    I think it could be either Morton Harket, one of the Kemp brothers from Spandau Ballet or Rick Astley.

  • The Masked Singer Fandom
    The Masked Singer FandomMåned siden


  • Nicola D
    Nicola DMåned siden

    Double bluff?

  • Joanne Barker
    Joanne BarkerMåned siden

    How are they not guessing that it’s morten harket?! He’s singing his own song!!! Absolutely beautiful performance morten ❤️

  • Alison N
    Alison NMåned siden

    It was so beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. Definitely rooting for Viking!

  • Aaron
    AaronMåned siden

    It’s morten

  • Rynix
    RynixMåned siden

    Morton harket sung his own song 😂

  • GoofballExtreme
    GoofballExtremeMåned siden

    You mean to tell me he did his own song?

  • Erin Rimmer
    Erin RimmerMåned siden

    there goes my guess. he cant sing his own song

  • Uncleroman 23
    Uncleroman 23Måned siden

    That is morten harket if they don’t figure out that he’s singing his own song than I don’t know what to say.

  • A C
    A CMåned siden

    That has to be morten harket.

  • Antonio L
    Antonio LMåned siden

    Absolutely Morten Harket!

  • Mister Metokur
    Mister MetokurMåned siden


  • Yeetus Deletus
    Yeetus DeletusMåned siden

    Wait they would never would let them do there own song Or they could make this the most obvious clue ever

  • Fernando Hidalgo Torres
    Fernando Hidalgo TorresMåned siden

    Is morten harket 100%

  • Jack Robison
    Jack RobisonMåned siden

    What a great performance. Might be my favorite

  • Keith D
    Keith DMåned siden

    It couldn't be more obvious lmao

  • Sean Corrigan
    Sean CorriganMåned siden

    I thought contestants didn’t do their own songs

  • jaz morrison
    jaz morrisonMåned siden

    No idea surely not lead singer of ah ha

  • Thicc Boi
    Thicc BoiMåned siden

    why is he singing his own song 😂

  • Matthew Gifford
    Matthew GiffordMåned siden

    Weird that Morten Harket sang his own song

  • Battle Of The Masked Singers
    Battle Of The Masked SingersMåned siden

    So it’s definitely Morten Harket then! The song is a clue and what group was Morten Harket in? a-Ha!

  • Chris
    ChrisMåned siden

    Can he do that?

  • Slow Sloth Gaming
    Slow Sloth GamingMåned siden

    Lol Viking is singing his own song

  • Mason Hill
    Mason HillMåned siden


  • Juan Paulino Salazar Inga
    Juan Paulino Salazar IngaMåned siden

    Rick Astley

  • Sully McDaniel
    Sully McDanielMåned siden

    Maybe its not morten

  • salp131
    salp131Måned siden