VISITING NORWAY!! ft. RiceGum, FaZe Banks, Alissa Violet

BEST TRIP OF MY LIFE!! Thank you for watching!! 30,000 Likes for part 2!
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  • Galaxy Gacha
    Galaxy Gacha9 dager siden

    Im norway :D

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    Im from Norway

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    Andreas Malmer5 måneder siden

    i live there u guys where

    FUNKY ICON BEAR-KIDS6 måneder siden

    rice gums camra sucks

  • Ollie Rawson
    Ollie Rawson6 måneder siden

    Whose watching it 2 years later

  • Pål Inge Fosse Hopland
    Pål Inge Fosse Hopland7 måneder siden

    I am from norwegian.

    THEMEMEGAMER7 måneder siden

    Remember you can’t buy G Fuel in Norway.

  • Mohl
    Mohl8 måneder siden

    Sub vis du er norsk

  • Braaage videos
    Braaage videos8 måneder siden

    G fuel is illegal in norway, so if you brought it, it counts as illegal import

  • Sebastian Grondal-Eeles
    Sebastian Grondal-Eeles8 måneder siden

    I Leave inNorway

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    Bfbrk Vjvbgvb8 måneder siden

    I live in Norway

  • Saransh Pahel
    Saransh Pahel8 måneder siden

    Who is the girl wearing red tshirt

  • cat is very good on taco
    cat is very good on taco8 måneder siden

    btw i saw myself in the vid and i got a beanie

  • Eqsho
    Eqsho8 måneder siden

    #NorgeGang / #NorwegianGang

  • TM AleksPKX
    TM AleksPKX9 måneder siden

    I am from Norway

  • Matteus Fredriksen
    Matteus Fredriksen9 måneder siden

    He just said norwega lmfao Edit:ik that he is just joking

  • FireRyner Gaming
    FireRyner Gaming9 måneder siden

    I live in Norway

  • Heine Gamer
    Heine Gamer9 måneder siden

    I com from Norway

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    Omar the good10 måneder siden

    i live in norway

  • Sebastian August Golden-Myreng
    Sebastian August Golden-Myreng10 måneder siden

    Endelig kan Norge få oppmerksomhet

  • Andre_Brokke
    Andre_Brokke10 måneder siden

    I am from norway

  • Wetosi
    Wetosi11 måneder siden

    Ur mom

  • Alexis Lambros
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  • ֆռǟքʐ
    ֆռǟքʐÅr siden

    Norway GANG WHERE U AT

  • sumeya A
    sumeya AÅr siden

    jeg er norsk i liv in norway

  • SeBulF
    SeBulFÅr siden

    Norge 🇳🇴🇳🇴

  • 100k subs without videos Challenge
    100k subs without videos ChallengeÅr siden

    I live in norway Can you GO to kristiandsand in norway (VOIE)

  • Voffe
    VoffeÅr siden

    Im from Norway🇳🇴

  • maw glow
    maw glowÅr siden

    I is from norway helo is hei

  • Ingvild
    IngvildÅr siden

    you need to come to norway again!! I really want to meet you guys

  • Ingvild
    IngvildÅr siden

    5:17 omg cizzorz has been in norway!!

  • Ingvild
    IngvildÅr siden

    omg why did that little kid say "kan jeg få en selfie".. he don't understand norwegian 5:03

  • Ingvild
    IngvildÅr siden

    I live there :)

  • JJ Olatunji
    JJ OlatunjiÅr siden

    Eg e norsk boii

  • Duck Y
    Duck YÅr siden

    I live in norway

  • TS_ZeeDrow
    TS_ZeeDrowÅr siden

    I love that the whole chat is Norwegian

  • AlexFishy.
    AlexFishy.År siden

    Im norwigan

  • Ufyslee
    UfysleeÅr siden

    im in this video

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    Thoriboy gaming ‘År siden

    Lik vis du er norsk

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    Jso019År siden

    Hi i am from Norway, lik vist du er fra Norge

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    CoronaÅr siden

    Im Norwegian

  • Tobias Iversen
    Tobias IversenÅr siden

    Ja vi elsker dette landet som det stiger frem furet værblitt over landet med de tusen hjem

  • CSRP Federal Aviation Administration
    CSRP Federal Aviation AdministrationÅr siden


  • Guidos #
    Guidos #År siden

    Noen andre Nordmenn her.

  • Grim torkild fan page
    Grim torkild fan pageÅr siden

    Lik hvis du er norsk

  • Grim torkild fan page
    Grim torkild fan pageÅr siden

    Jeg er norsk Translate: I am Norwegian

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    Fat Cat_armyÅr siden

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    M4dz The sweatÅr siden

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    I saw you i come from Norway!

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    År siden

    Bad English

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    Protein_404 ProttisÅr siden

    faze xD

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    Mikke playsÅr siden

    I live in norway

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    Mahdi_M PlaysÅr siden

    I’m from Norway 🇳🇴

  • D. A. S.
    D. A. S.År siden

    Faen, hvorfor ricegum?

  • IceVale
    IceValeÅr siden

    the gass station is called shell

  • IceVale
    IceValeÅr siden

    Norway Norway Norway is best i love my own contry

  • ClapzIt
    ClapzItÅr siden

    Norway is a cool place :) Lik hvis du er norsk

  • Ali Berisha

    Ali Berisha

    Dag siden

    @Senz jo?

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    Ali Berisha

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    Jeg er fra norge hah

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    jeg er norsk

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    haha hei

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    norge for altid!!!!!

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    Elsker Alex 🛍🛍

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    i am norwgian

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    Yaaaalllll im norwegian you should have tasted the jule brus thats the greatest soda in norway come back to norway please

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    Fresh !År siden

    Jeg er også norsk😅 Lik vis du elsker Norge🇳🇴

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    Oof, i live in Norway lol

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    go more to Norway!!! to Bergen

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    Wish i met U there [:

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    SebastianÅr siden

    I livet in norway

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    I live in norway

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    Noen andre norske her?

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    Norwegia, more like Norvegia

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    Eg er fra norge

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    I am from norway

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    Im norwigan

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    I live there

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    Laffen OW2 år siden

    I Know all the kids in the vid JK

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    pernille._2 år siden

    Im from norwayqq❤️

  • The Broc
    The Broc2 år siden

    Most norwegian people know English

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    LAMA •2 år siden

    Yoooo Norway is my city!

  • Erik Dahle
    Erik Dahle2 år siden

    norwegia wtf ¨

  • Rebekka Caroline
    Rebekka Caroline2 år siden

    Ehhhm.....its norway atleast try to talk norwegian!!! Try to say( lysestake)

  • Bremsespor -_-
    Bremsespor -_-2 år siden

    I’m from Norway. Like if you are🇳🇴

  • James Lopez
    James Lopez2 år siden

    4:59 what that song called

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    Lik hvis du skjønner dette språket👍

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    i am from Norway i live in Mosjøen

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    Eidsvoll Amatørteater2 år siden

    im from norway

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    Eidsvoll Amatørteater2 år siden

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    Kristina Washington2 år siden

    wonderful video. Thanks for sharing. :D

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