This is the 100th Episode! We could not have done it without you guys, thanks to each and every one of you who have supported us on this journey so far... You guys are everything.
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    REWIND TOOMåned siden


  • Nick Heistad

    Nick Heistad

    2 dager siden




    6 dager siden

    @Maria Fatan im confused on what just happened



    6 dager siden

    @Nighty Rl what

  • Maria Fatan

    Maria Fatan

    6 dager siden


  • Nighty Rl

    Nighty Rl

    12 dager siden

    @NOT_A_PASSWORD hptthvhvvt ok

  • eden
    eden3 timer siden

    34:17 why do I love this so much

  • Schroeder Bartosiewicz
    Schroeder Bartosiewicz6 timer siden

    Why does the part when David married Jason’s mom feel like the episode from spongebob when plankton married Mr Krabs mom

  • sreekutty sree
    sreekutty sree6 timer siden

    Why does iliay look like Mr. Bean

  • Bum Ares
    Bum Ares16 timer siden

    Ilya trying to jump over a fence with Alex on his back drunk: David: what did you drink? What did you drink? Ilya: water 😂😂 ⬇️ This is how many times Ilya has been drunk out of his mind😂😂

  • Cris Martinez
    Cris Martinez17 timer siden

    Matt King is such a pussy and they make fun of Brandon lmaoo😂

  • # alex _donut
    # alex _donut20 timer siden

    at 29:21 he looked like a flying squirrel XD xx

  • Just.an_egg
    Just.an_egg21 time siden

    I love jasonnnn😂😂😂😂

  • Aiden Rodriguez
    Aiden Rodriguez23 timer siden

    55:35 what song is that

  • Devin_Talks24
    Devin_Talks24Dag siden

    i love how jason doesn't care that david is his new legal stepdad he just cares that his mom is in town

  • Lee jay
    Lee jayDag siden

    Am I the only one that freaked out when I saw AJR during Zane's bday

  • Chris b Perdomo
    Chris b PerdomoDag siden

    Man I really just sat through that whole video that was amazing

  • Ale Gutierrez
    Ale GutierrezDag siden

    I literally watch this every night before bed

  • ZeloCODM
    ZeloCODMDag siden

    41:03 Zane is the stupidest smart person

  • ZeloCODM
    ZeloCODMDag siden

    David the type of guy to rent something and use it irresponsibly then break it just buy a new one for the company

  • mira toprani
    mira topraniDag siden

    it's crazy to think that david has so much money, and is free to spend it however he likes (since he deserves every dollar), but uses it to buy cars for his friends, or give away ipads to random kids. it really warms my heart.

  • Starla Tagactac
    Starla TagactacDag siden

    He deserves every blessing in the world

  • Starla Tagactac
    Starla TagactacDag siden

    If yall dont Stan David their is something wrong with you

  • Brianna Chiaravalle
    Brianna ChiaravalleDag siden

    i never get anything im watching all your videos vt gets no love

  • Hěy_Iťş _Łeåh
    Hěy_Iťş _ŁeåhDag siden

    1:03:00 So that was a fucking lie

  • Bryan Household
    Bryan HouseholdDag siden

    I will miss this series pls make more

  • Gabriel Balignasay
    Gabriel Balignasay2 dager siden

    Still waiting for vardan’s comeback

  • Playboy Josh
    Playboy Josh2 dager siden

    Dom looked bad

    CREEPYPASTA 8082 dager siden

    I so wish I was like David

  • Layly Kalfaian
    Layly Kalfaian2 dager siden

    Everyone in this video are so sweet, talented, and beautiful!! I love them all!!!!😍♥️

  • Layly Kalfaian
    Layly Kalfaian2 dager siden

    This edit is incredible!! You are so beautiful and talented!!!

  • Layly Kalfaian
    Layly Kalfaian2 dager siden

    I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL SO MUCH AHH!! You’re so beautiful and talented!!:))♥️



    Dag siden

    Thank you so much!!

  • Stephanie Rubalcaba
    Stephanie Rubalcaba2 dager siden

    I'm surprise that kalida is not an option to vote

  • Maryam Sheikh
    Maryam Sheikh2 dager siden

    8:37 I choked on my water! T.T

  • kalea.b06 -
    kalea.b06 -2 dager siden

    the lets go from jason at 6:39 is the fucking best

  • Rzye
    Rzye2 dager siden

    we need uncut david

  • S l a s h e r .
    S l a s h e r .2 dager siden

    when david said, ' We're not getting married lmao he sounded so sweet

  • ranbeer
    ranbeer2 dager siden


  • travel mov
    travel mov3 dager siden

    14:20 David: “ZANE stop walking on GLASS“ Heath: “oH Ma GawD HE oN X-GAMES mode“

  • Cool Deadpool
    Cool Deadpool3 dager siden

    28:44-29:32 was fire. I wish I had that life.

  • Taber Bryant
    Taber Bryant3 dager siden

    This shit makes me want to move to LA just for the chance of getting 10k for nothing LOL

  • Kasie Gunn
    Kasie Gunn3 dager siden

    when you already watched all the vlogs but this guy post them all in diffrent order

  • danielle hayes
    danielle hayes3 dager siden

    am i the only one that comes back to this video once and a while?

  • Sorc Gt
    Sorc Gt3 dager siden

    2:46 do you want a lolipop jason: yeah i'll take a lolipop lmao

  • Felix Thurn
    Felix Thurn3 dager siden


  • Allie Sonny
    Allie Sonny3 dager siden

    The scientist looks like Derek from step brotehrs

  • Tim
    Tim3 dager siden

    How the fuck is David never drunk?!

  • chris O'neillLast
    chris O'neillLast3 dager siden

    So many people want the best moments but don’t want to do the work that took them to the best moments

  • Liv Penny
    Liv Penny3 dager siden

    Matt was so cute and pure when he was on the phone with Bruce my whole heart

  • Alma Gundelach
    Alma Gundelach3 dager siden

    Vardan is so cute in the invisible prank

  • Br0co1i123
    Br0co1i1233 dager siden

    What is the song played at 12:20

  • Angry Gaming 3.0
    Angry Gaming 3.04 dager siden

    This is the way of living

  • Filthy Dark Eyes
    Filthy Dark Eyes4 dager siden

    Watching this while having no friends is sooo awesome right... right?

  • Bethany Mount
    Bethany Mount4 dager siden

    Ewww Ilya w long hair 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I think Todd is secretly gay or at least bi its ok man we don't care David will make fun of you till no end tho 😆😆😆

  • Gabriella Lovitt
    Gabriella Lovitt4 dager siden

    41:49 he speaking sims language

  • Sian Jones
    Sian Jones4 dager siden

    I love how much David helps people, it’s amazing

  • JCCT 3
    JCCT 34 dager siden

    1:29:51 song? Pls tell me

  • Heaven Daugherty
    Heaven Daugherty4 dager siden

    Don’t we all just miss Alex

  • Christian Benitez
    Christian Benitez5 dager siden

    ive watched this till the end my eyes hurt,its 3 am,im about to die

  • Not Fluxx
    Not Fluxx5 dager siden

    Matt: "Sir help me" David: "Jason you have a fork in your hand"

  • Marco Naranjo
    Marco Naranjo5 dager siden

    1:08:38 Netflix: Are you still watching? *Someone's daughter:*

  • random gamer
    random gamer5 dager siden

    This is no joke the type of friends i want so energetic and cringe

  • AfterThoughtZ
    AfterThoughtZ6 dager siden

    55:01 Kyle who’s Jonah’s and jeff’s cameraman is actual one of the durte Dom clones

  • TkSharma
    TkSharma6 dager siden

    How can something be so good.

  • big nothing gaming
    big nothing gaming6 dager siden

    I love the partys

  • Brooke Bjorgen
    Brooke Bjorgen6 dager siden

    I miss Alex I also never wanted to be 26 so badly 🤘🤘

  • Kamren Spruill
    Kamren Spruill6 dager siden

    bro we fr needa hang out

  • Zareef Yeasin
    Zareef Yeasin6 dager siden

    Watched the whole thing and dont regret it 1bit

  • Isabel Hipolito
    Isabel Hipolito7 dager siden


  • ikealyyy
    ikealyyy7 dager siden

    I can’t be the only one who thinks Vardon looks like chunk from the goodies when he cry’s

  • Jayse General
    Jayse General7 dager siden

    They are living our dreams

  • I have a goldfish obsession
    I have a goldfish obsession7 dager siden

    david dobrik: **helps out others in LA to get through the virus** me in upstate ny: is it to late to move across the country 👁🐽👁

  • NixIsTrash_V2
    NixIsTrash_V27 dager siden

    Wow... that was sick and emotional

  • Nils Peistrup
    Nils Peistrup7 dager siden

    Go david

  • Lexi Fletcher
    Lexi Fletcher7 dager siden

    I love how Vardon prayed when he was "invisible"

  • My life as a weird person :
    My life as a weird person :8 dager siden

    imagine being his neighbors: 👁️👄👁️ whats that noise

  • Clisto Tv
    Clisto Tv8 dager siden

    bro ilya looks and sounds so innocent when he is drunk its funny

  • Ese Bappo

    Ese Bappo

    8 dager siden

    "What did you drink?" "Water"

  • Isabella Ethen
    Isabella Ethen8 dager siden


  • Michael S
    Michael S8 dager siden

    Who else accidentally ended up watching the entire video

  • Ese Bappo

    Ese Bappo

    8 dager siden

    Took me half an hour to notice that this wasn't a 10 minute video

  • classic aidynn
    classic aidynn8 dager siden

    This squad a vibe

  • Zandergoose
    Zandergoose8 dager siden

    10:14 lolololol

  • Soul Trader
    Soul Trader8 dager siden

    Jonah looks like Fester in The Addams Family

  • Adriana Ramos
    Adriana Ramos8 dager siden

    congraglagent's on hiting 1m!

  • Phoebe Moeller
    Phoebe Moeller8 dager siden

    david needs to make a movie

  • Kaitlyn Marquez
    Kaitlyn Marquez8 dager siden

    does anyone else wonder where all his/all of their cars go or is it just me

  • stickybooger123
    stickybooger1238 dager siden

    after the prank on at 19 mins bruh i look at matt as soft now

  • Sofie Gumaelius
    Sofie Gumaelius8 dager siden

    This series has turned into rewatches of David’s vlogs

  • victor martinez
    victor martinez8 dager siden

    i watched the hole video 3 times

  • TooOverated
    TooOverated8 dager siden


  • 20cm Aal
    20cm Aal9 dager siden

    I really didn't like vardan while they were explaining how babys are made. Idk it just really annoyed me that someone in 7th grade is so dumb in this aspect. But outside of that he is a really cool dude

  • Terrence BabalconPlayz
    Terrence BabalconPlayz9 dager siden

    Ilya can be a cartoon character

  • sechaba chalale
    sechaba chalale9 dager siden

    Who's here to sleep while watching David dobrik

  • sophia martinez
    sophia martinez9 dager siden

    bruh imagine telling your kids you knew who david dobrik was

  • Ayla ‘,’
    Ayla ‘,’9 dager siden

    all of the guys are attractive other than jonah and jason 😌

  • Ese Bappo

    Ese Bappo

    8 dager siden

    How fucking dare you talk about Jason like that

  • Young_sinatra 69
    Young_sinatra 699 dager siden

    Matts a pussy lmaooo

  • Nobody Special
    Nobody Special9 dager siden

    If the handcuff part was real how did he get a shirt on

  • Ese Bappo

    Ese Bappo

    8 dager siden

    Oh you dont wanna know

  • emily zera
    emily zera10 dager siden

    I would give a million dollars to be in the vlog squad and my first born child.

  • Ryan A's
    Ryan A's10 dager siden

    Alex getting his car made me happy

  • xxxtentacion rip xxxtentacion
    xxxtentacion rip xxxtentacion10 dager siden

    bruh i could smell that dudes drugs throug my dam phone i think i'm high

  • Exploring the Forgotten
    Exploring the Forgotten10 dager siden

    8:46 Ok, what is Jonah on? XD

  • Wazowski
    Wazowski10 dager siden

    27:33 Jason looked so depressed in this clip 😂😂

  • max.fco01
    max.fco0110 dager siden

    1:15:00 song name?

  • islander_ edxts
    islander_ edxts10 dager siden

    lol he said “fucking” so many times 😂 🤣

  • Alicia Chavez Rivas
    Alicia Chavez Rivas10 dager siden

    DUDE 49:23 Jason’s mom when she laughs, she sounds like when your heating up some water for your coffee!?!?🤣🤣😭😭💀

  • max.fco01
    max.fco0110 dager siden

    David: Seriously, what did you drink? Ilya: wAtEr 😂😂😂😂😂