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  • Jewelie Lynne
    Jewelie Lynne5 dager siden

    don’t mind me just binge watching all ur vids for the last 24 hours......

  • Mel Chasing the Sun
    Mel Chasing the Sun15 dager siden

    I know this is an old video but SuperLife by Darin Olien is a well rounded book about nutrition!

  • Erin Reyburn
    Erin Reyburn15 dager siden

    I am buying the confidence effect bc of u! I think I am gonna love it ty!!!

  • Chinaza Nwabufo
    Chinaza Nwabufo19 dager siden

    OMGGG I absolutely love Americanah!!! Glad you gave it a read! Chimamanda never disappoints everrr ❤

  • steven mclaughlin
    steven mclaughlin20 dager siden

    You guys made such a cute couple

  • Shruti Basu
    Shruti Basu27 dager siden

    Peaches kind of literally dragged herself out of bed haha

  • Gianella Romero
    Gianella Romero2 måneder siden

    the editing is so fricking beautiful

  • billie eilish love
    billie eilish love2 måneder siden

    You are living the life I'm so happy for you love you ssooo much

  • Sydney Moér
    Sydney Moér2 måneder siden

    The way you edit your video... Its so amazing. Your so talented. Anyways Im rewatching your vid.

  • Sophie Burt
    Sophie Burt2 måneder siden

    the entire vibe of this video makes me wanna get my life together and be organised

  • Ava
    Ava2 måneder siden

    Dude that part where you just popped your head in = fucking SICK. Looks so good

  • Royal Shuvro
    Royal Shuvro2 måneder siden


  • PfewPfew
    PfewPfew2 måneder siden

    milkademia yes

  • Finley Grey
    Finley Grey2 måneder siden

    is it bad that i fall asleep to these and not the podcast 😂 i have to rewatch these in the morning to see the visuals

  • Isabelle Ocampo
    Isabelle Ocampo2 måneder siden


  • salome valero
    salome valero3 måneder siden

    The smooth transition to the twin part - we see u girl 🤩

  • Zoie Zundel
    Zoie Zundel3 måneder siden

    What ever happened to manni?

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie3 måneder siden

    You should read How to Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee! It was a wonderful experience reading this book ❤️

  • Harrison Fried
    Harrison Fried3 måneder siden

    Not finneas hiking in house shoes

    RIOZIC4 måneder siden

    "You have four legs" that was funny

  • GiGi RiOs
    GiGi RiOs4 måneder siden

    She scared me so bad when she came out of the left corner I literally jumped 😳🤭 loved the editing tho 💕

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr4 måneder siden


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr4 måneder siden

    SURFING USA!!!!!!!

  • Sarah S
    Sarah S4 måneder siden

    im a nutrition undergrad and one book actual RDs and profs have recommended have been The F*ck-It Diet and Intuitive Eating! for supplementation, your best source would be scientific articles (the knowledge and supps change so much that books are rarely up to date)

  • Isabela Rojo
    Isabela Rojo4 måneder siden

    9:26 loving Finneas' my chem shirt

  • Autumn Cook
    Autumn Cook4 måneder siden

    when she was stretching and she just popped up on the side of the room talking i was like: 👁👄👁 huh

  • Autumn Cook

    Autumn Cook

    4 måneder siden

    she’s such a dog mom i love it

  • Mariana Bustos
    Mariana Bustos4 måneder siden

    You should go to a nutritionist and take a blood test to see what are your deficiencies (if you have), you shouldn’t take supplements if you don’t need them

  • Hazel Arkhurst
    Hazel Arkhurst4 måneder siden

    book recommendations - song of achilles and one of us is lying (but there not about nutrition sorry)

  • Ayo Olukoga
    Ayo Olukoga4 måneder siden

    Jesus is the way the truth and the life. Jesus died so that you can have everlasting life. Place your faith in Jesus. Trust Jesus God bless you.

  • Natanya
    Natanya4 måneder siden

    I loveee your vlogs. Legit wanna be actual friends with you please

  • Amada Hita
    Amada Hita4 måneder siden

    I always watch the ocean stuff riding the heavy waves with heavy music like SoaD or Delta Parole or with relaxing music videos in background. If crazy like then always heavy tho

  • Aela Herbert
    Aela Herbert4 måneder siden

    Cookbook: - The Happy Pear - The World of the Happy Pear Documentaries: - Earthlings - What The Health (Netflix) - Cowspiricy (Netflix) - The Game Changers (Netflix)

  • Breeann Shaffer
    Breeann Shaffer4 måneder siden

    This is how many people got scared when she appeared in front of herself👇😂

  • Breeann Shaffer
    Breeann Shaffer4 måneder siden

    I love this girl's aesthetic🥺💖💚🤍

  • Annie T
    Annie T5 måneder siden

    Where did you get the half head pot?

  • Romys Duran
    Romys Duran5 måneder siden

    the way Peach got off that bed was the cutest thing ever

  • Green Door
    Green Door5 måneder siden

    About your computer.......you should really look into the concept that Apple created. It’s a certain term that I can’t remember (maybe someone can help me out) but basically it’s where they make products that are meant to eventually “fry” or get used up. This helps the sales compared to something that lasts forever. It happens to the best of us doesn’t it? You not doing anything wrong, it’s all part of the plan to get you to purchase more. And you Claudia have done just that 🙃

  • Serena Smith
    Serena Smith5 måneder siden

    oh my god i just realized you guys have a huge painting (?) of the strokes’ is this it!!!! soooo dope!

  • Brenda
    Brenda5 måneder siden

    10:45 hahahahahahha 💕

  • Jessica Choi
    Jessica Choi5 måneder siden

    The same exact thing happened to my 2018 Macbook Pro as well! I was using some editing softwares and then my computer completely fried.. So upsetting since it was pretty new to me.

  • The Blink
    The Blink5 måneder siden

    I love you so much ❤️

  • Éloïse Chartrand
    Éloïse Chartrand5 måneder siden

    Milkadamia is the best milk ever 😍

  • Izzy
    Izzy5 måneder siden

    What would you recommend to eat with avocado? Love you 💖💖

  • Anisa azizi
    Anisa azizi5 måneder siden

    Idk i love her.. but lately shes been trying too hard to make her life really perfect in every way.. or maybe im just bitter LOL its fun to watch her vlogs but it doesnt feel as ‘realistic’, like shes kinda faking everything idkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Constanza Cochran
    Constanza Cochran5 måneder siden

    Radical Beauty by Deepak Chopra 👍

  • Daze
    Daze5 måneder siden

    Im currently reading “How not to die” it’s rlllly good, I recommend it!!

  • Anna Carmi Reyes
    Anna Carmi Reyes5 måneder siden

    Culadia your editing is FIRE! 👏

  • Jane McClurg
    Jane McClurg5 måneder siden

    I loved the footage of you on your (the 3 of you) hike. Peach is adorable!

  • Paola Rodriguez
    Paola Rodriguez5 måneder siden

    Thinner leaner stronger

  • Kayla Mandrigues
    Kayla Mandrigues5 måneder siden

    If you watch the Zac Efron documentary on Netflix, it talks about the diet of the longest living group of people in the world is actually high carb, low protein!!

  • logi toad
    logi toad5 måneder siden

    your laugh when peach got off the bed was so cute😊

  • Coutney Berwick
    Coutney Berwick5 måneder siden

    does anyone know what hike this is in LA? The trees are so pretty!!

  • Lissy Jayne
    Lissy Jayne5 måneder siden

    Definitely check out Fiber Fueled by Dr Will Bulsiewicz! Incredible read! And How Not To Die is fantastic too! :) Happy reading + learning! xx

  • Emma Richards
    Emma Richards5 måneder siden

    Can't think of any books off the top of my head atm, but if you want to learn more about food and nutrition I can highly recommend Abbey Sharp's NOlocal channel. She's a registered Dietician, so she knows all the facts and science around food and health, and she makes some amazingly educational videos!

  • Alex Field
    Alex Field5 måneder siden

    Purple hibiscus, written by Adichie, is an awesome book. Maybe look into a book series called noughts and crosses (can’t remember the author) it has a similar vibe.

  • Amelia Hostkoetter
    Amelia Hostkoetter5 måneder siden

    Don’t quote me I’m not a tax person but I think you can write off the new laptop on your taxes because it’s for your job.

  • SMT 7
    SMT 75 måneder siden

    she'll probably never see this, but on my search for a new Mac I learned that MacBook airs are not equipped to be editing with Final Cut Pro all the time and the overheating problem is super common with those. MacBook pros are way better for video and photo editing.

  • SMT 7
    SMT 75 måneder siden

    I love the minimal, modern, artsy, bright, open vibe of their house and all of the plants in it!

  • sadiya
    sadiya5 måneder siden

    sis, the way u popped up out of NOWHERE during the stretch portion looool

  • Halle Cann
    Halle Cann5 måneder siden

    anything by Dr. Mark Hyman! Also he has a very informative podcast called "The Doctor's Farmacy"

  • Steve Broggie
    Steve Broggie5 måneder siden

    Those mirrors are badass

  • Gingabeast
    Gingabeast5 måneder siden

    “It’s pure man” -millennials talking about avocado toast in 2020 Lmaooooooo

  • Ms Laura Lee
    Ms Laura Lee5 måneder siden

    🤣🤣🤣 What happened to the surfing 🏄‍♀️??

  • queen grande
    queen grande5 måneder siden

    I love the way Claudia edits her vlogs my favorite ever!

  • Nikole Davtyan
    Nikole Davtyan5 måneder siden

    "you won't learn anything by talking about yourself;" super well-said, but I wonder, is that something that could be implemented in your youtube videos? like as cool as this platform is, and as fascinating as your videos are, it's definitely one-sided (where your viewers learn about you, but you don't learn anything about them). I guess, would you ever consider doing a monthly chat series w one of your random subscribers ? or do you think people wouldn't care to see it? just curious :)

  • Cesar Escamilla
    Cesar Escamilla5 måneder siden

    Hi Claudia, I love the Is This It wall behind you, I’m a huge fan of the strokes! Good vibes from Mexico 🙂

  • Зайчик Побігайчик
    Зайчик Побігайчик5 måneder siden

    Why don't you have any signs of forest fires? Weird...

  • Bil 18
    Bil 185 måneder siden

    3:35 she scared me lmao😭😭

  • Sara -
    Sara -5 måneder siden

    10:35 AAah!! PEACH IS SO ADORABLE!!!

  • Ana Leira
    Ana Leira5 måneder siden

    i’m moving in claudia

  • Cara McNiff
    Cara McNiff5 måneder siden

    where is your watch band from? I love it!

  • Carolyn


    5 måneder siden


  • Chelsea Fitzsimmons
    Chelsea Fitzsimmons5 måneder siden


  • Elle
    Elle5 måneder siden


  • sakine demir
    sakine demir5 måneder siden

    Omg you are very beatiful girl I living Turky I love you

  • Kelsey K.
    Kelsey K.5 måneder siden

    The Brain Fog Fix by Mike Dow

  • ocean edmunds
    ocean edmunds5 måneder siden

    "the chemical maze" not necessary a reading book but more of a glossary, it shows definitions/side affects of the additives and chemicals which go into everyday packaged food, listed as numbers on the ingredients. as a kid I thought my mum was crazy for always using the book checking the numbers on the back of groceries, and now I'm exactly the same. so educating would 100% recommend it. -I'm also pretty sure you can download the book as an app on your phone.

  • Tanitoluwa Adedibu
    Tanitoluwa Adedibu5 måneder siden

    Americanah is my fave book ever! You should check out more of Chimamanda’s books and also read Stay with me by Ayobami Adebayo

  • Madison Thompson
    Madison Thompson5 måneder siden

    does anyone know where her gold necklace with the rectangular charm is from?

  • Kiki Garcia
    Kiki Garcia5 måneder siden

    I will always write back is a great book!!!

  • Anfliya Worral
    Anfliya Worral5 måneder siden

    Omg!!! I feel ya , I've lost all my data on my ipad which includes all my digital art 😭😭 I can't repair it and well I have no device to continue with my art 😭 #sadlife101

  • Lara W.
    Lara W.5 måneder siden

    Hi Claudia! I can really recommend the book „the diet compass“ it’s written by a German science author and is really nice to read and very informative at the same time and what I find most important it is written from a very neutral perspective and focuses on a healthy body’s needs and not on some hyped up diet. As this is kind of hard to find these days I can really recommend it :)

  • joanna konopka
    joanna konopka5 måneder siden

    Don’t take supplements endless you are low in that particular vitamin or mineral like iron. It really won’t benefit you in any way!

  • doodlebunny
    doodlebunny5 måneder siden

    wait wait wait omg claudia do you have a twin?! 3:37 (lol)

    A GYPSY GOLDEN5 måneder siden

    How not to die 100%!!! And the keto diet is so unhealthy. Carbs do not make you fat they give you energy.

  • Amaya de Castro
    Amaya de Castro5 måneder siden

    How Not To Die is an excellent and thorough book about nutrition, vitamins, supplements and your body.. and it’s plant-based! Highly recommend :)

  • Ainat
    Ainat5 måneder siden

    why people keep buying Apple stuff? I mean... comuters can last more then 10 years! and all I see when it come to MAC and Iphones they are SUPER expensive and dying so fast! buy Dell or sumsung or something that will last for a LOT longer. (sorry for my English)

  • Gloria Lee
    Gloria Lee5 måneder siden

    Looks like Finneas finally found those Adidas shorts! Hahaha

  • Symphony
    Symphony5 måneder siden

    for nutrition related books, i def recommend "how not to die" by dr. michael greger, and also "whole: rethinking the science of nutrition" by t. colin campbell, phd. i've got quite a few other health ones in mind as well, but those would be the top two for what it seems you're most interested in specifically atm.

  • Mia Oliver
    Mia Oliver5 måneder siden

    Would love a video about how you edit and what program you use! Ur so talented!

  • Kendall Kosek
    Kendall Kosek5 måneder siden

    milkadamia!! In my digital marketing class rn I'm using milkadamia for all my projects

  • Hayley Mugford
    Hayley Mugford5 måneder siden

    I love the mirrors!

  • Ashley Kubacki
    Ashley Kubacki5 måneder siden

    The editing on this is unreal, you’re so talented!

  • Sarah Gardenvalley
    Sarah Gardenvalley5 måneder siden

    So proud of how much you've grown with editing and such

  • sienna darlene
    sienna darlene5 måneder siden

    If you guys want to learn how to surf, you should go to Mary Osborne surf lessons! There is private lessons, she teaches you how to do everything, all social distanced. She’s the best! You can look her up you YT she has had some appearances on shows, commercials.

  • Alyssa Bracken
    Alyssa Bracken5 måneder siden

    Plant tip! If ever a pot doesn't have a hole for drainage, put some rocks/pebbles at the bottom of the pot so the water has somewhere to go for makeshift drainage!

  • Alex Sainz
    Alex Sainz5 måneder siden

    the zoom out to the second mirror lmaoooo

  • eXplorer
    eXplorer5 måneder siden

    Good movie!

  • diamond walker
    diamond walker5 måneder siden

    Newcomers, Claudia has ALWAYS BEEN and will ALWAYS BE the editing Queen.

  • Grace Yeo
    Grace Yeo5 måneder siden

    wow ily and all ur vibes

  • Masoso Madihlaba
    Masoso Madihlaba5 måneder siden

    Please do a house tour if you can 👉👈