VLOG: TRY ON Haul & Office Redecorating AGAIN?!

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NEW VLOG!! Try-on workout haul, office updates and more!
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Afraid by Dillon Devida
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  • Emma Ireland
    Emma IrelandMåned siden

    0:25 i feel like Finneas would that dad thats always trying to make his kids laugh hahaa

  • Account #1
    Account #1Måned siden

    And then he proposed........ bringing the cloud chair in :) me: im not gonna lie you really had us for a second

    BILLIE AND FINNEAS3 måneder siden

    I don’t have good service and the video decided to stop after she said he proposed

  • Billie’s Eyelash
    Billie’s Eyelash4 måneder siden

    She needs more subscribers then 2 million like she dezervez 10 million

  • Sonali Chugh
    Sonali Chugh4 måneder siden

    She is so beautiful. It's unbelievable. Like really a beautiful person.

  • edianeh
    edianeh4 måneder siden

    What’s this game they are playing with Scrabble pieces?

  • ryhd08


    2 måneder siden

    Banana grams i think

  • Maria Angelica
    Maria Angelica4 måneder siden

    Awww🥺✨ claudia ur so beautiful❤️✨ such a cute couple🥺✨❤️

  • beautyiskey52
    beautyiskey524 måneder siden

    I love it when your share what you eat in a day video. I am trying to eat healthy and love all your small simple recipes I need more!

  • Gresha K. Music
    Gresha K. Music5 måneder siden

    Usually when I watch hauls, I never want to buy what the NOlocalr gets but when Claudia hauls, I just want to buy EVERYTHING! her clothing style is immaculate.

  • shil
    shil5 måneder siden

    I love your videos, pretty

  • madison kempkes
    madison kempkes5 måneder siden

    As far as color goes in your office , you could still very easily and tastefully incorporate color in it. I immediately thought of how nice a darker color palette would compliment the marble table perfectly and easily bring the vibe up to a more sophisticated level rather then everything just being so white or black which gets old really quick and can even be very uninspiring over time. I personally think that a rich red wine/maroon or plum color would work beautifully or you could even go bold with a rich emerald green or even more of an olive green , the fabric possibly even being velvet if your into that. I just love the vibe the marble table brings to the room , I could really see you adding some fine art style oil paintings that are all rich in earth tones , some natural stone statues, Velvet and lots of amazing natural textures, beautiful stained glass , basically an over all modernized mid-evil/slightly European chateau esqué vibe with a slight embracement of beautiful ancient cathedral architecture! I think it would just look so classy and rich looking , rich as in elegant and sophisticated! Just wanted to share my thoughts out there for you , when I heard you say that you didn't think any color would look good I immediately thought the complete opposite and how amazing color would look in the room ! Maybe just not the colors you were thinking cause bright colors wouldn't look good but like an earthy tone color pallet would be perfection! Greens, plums, browns, beiges and nudes , even deep blues , and natural stone!! I can see it now LOL 😍😍

  • Heidi Cox
    Heidi Cox6 måneder siden

    i love you but i'm so over these paid fabletics sponsorhips

  • Nathalie Johansson
    Nathalie Johansson6 måneder siden

    I ordered from fabletics months ago and my package never came and I didn’t get my money back:/

  • Ola Alexis
    Ola Alexis6 måneder siden

    7:32 how excited I was...then she finished the sentence😔🤣

  • Emilie Ellingsen
    Emilie Ellingsen6 måneder siden

    i so want to buy from Fabletics, the clothes looks amazing, but they sadly don't ship to Norway.. they need to change that real quick :))

  • siemnieniechce nic
    siemnieniechce nic6 måneder siden

    00:15 HAHAHA SO SWEET !! ❤️ #fun

  • Billie._.
    Billie._.6 måneder siden

    ı love u!

  • James Edward Ford

    James Edward Ford

    4 måneder siden

    Love you 👋👋

  • K. Kay
    K. Kay6 måneder siden

    I was about to say oh your boyfriend has a great sense of fashion !! and then I remembered that he is Finneas I mean THE FINNEAS🤩

  • peachy vashti
    peachy vashti6 måneder siden

    Ive watched Claudia since the blue room and i think shes one of a very few youtuber who is glowing up inside and out?! Like she's getting even more drop dead gorgeous and also very mature and classy as she's getting older? Finneas, youre one lucky man

  • elliebejelly
    elliebejelly6 måneder siden

    i know everyone says she looks like billie eilish, but she mostly reminds me of maya hawke

  • Prince Singh
    Prince Singh6 måneder siden

    Is Benney and Finneas having a Collab??

  • Racheal Stewart
    Racheal Stewart6 måneder siden

    I’m in pain seeing finneas’s shoes on the coach

  • Racheal Stewart

    Racheal Stewart

    6 måneder siden


  • Аня
    Аня6 måneder siden

    They have a pool

  • Rachel Grace
    Rachel Grace6 måneder siden


  • Eiza Corpuz
    Eiza Corpuz6 måneder siden

    Here’s proposed me huh omg yes get married me after hearing what you said 😞😭👁💧👄💧👁

  • James Edward Ford

    James Edward Ford

    4 måneder siden


  • Eiza Corpuz
    Eiza Corpuz6 måneder siden

    Claudia-boobs on the smaller side Me- I have none 😭

  • Eiza Corpuz
    Eiza Corpuz6 måneder siden

    Claudia- boobs on the smaller side billie watching this- 👁💧👄💧👁

  • Shanelle Ferns
    Shanelle Ferns6 måneder siden

    Putting his shoe on the dogs face 💀🥺

  • Reyaki Sakura
    Reyaki Sakura6 måneder siden

    New to the channel and omg, she looks ALOT like Billie Eillish.

  • Lara Laoise
    Lara Laoise6 måneder siden

    We stan a banagram fan 😍

  • Elisa Elizondo Yañez
    Elisa Elizondo Yañez6 måneder siden


  • sunchild -
    sunchild -6 måneder siden

    i think a dark blue would b so pretty for a couch🥺

  • Maria J Lalrohlui
    Maria J Lalrohlui6 måneder siden


  • Julie C
    Julie C6 måneder siden

    Me looking at this and wanting to order sum but then realize i don’t like sports

  • Grace DeVries
    Grace DeVries6 måneder siden

    How does your dog not rip her toys to pieces in the first hour you give it to her?! My dog is half Pitbull and half Bulldog and she tears them to shreds

  • CharmingLia Vlogs
    CharmingLia Vlogs6 måneder siden

    Claudia doesn't look happy. :( I feel as if there might be other things going on behind the scenes relationship wise. :/ Pray for Claudia.

  • otakuxeilish I'M MIKASA
    otakuxeilish I'M MIKASA6 måneder siden

    Claudia pls reply🥺🤍

  • Abhijeet Mishra
    Abhijeet Mishra6 måneder siden

    Clauuuu, pls dont use "thee" whenever you use a "the"

  • ًfaye
    ًfaye6 måneder siden

    i love how knowledgeable finneas is with words and helping claudia fix her words🥺

  • Hsp Intercessor
    Hsp Intercessor6 måneder siden

    I wish I was pretty wealthy and happy like Claudia 😢🥺 tryna get there she's an inspiration

  • lizeth rivera
    lizeth rivera6 måneder siden

    Where is your pearl necklace from?

  • Shahrzad Sheini
    Shahrzad Sheini6 måneder siden

    GOOOOD, you look GORGEOUSSSSS I'm glad that I can watch you and feel calm and happy even when I'm not💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • star silhouettes
    star silhouettes6 måneder siden

    She's literally the only NOlocalr I watch

  • Viktoria Heinzl
    Viktoria Heinzl6 måneder siden

    She kind of reminds me of Billie Eilish

  • Fallon Cho
    Fallon Cho6 måneder siden

    Finneas giving the dog the boot.

  • Najah Unique
    Najah Unique6 måneder siden

    Soooo good at editing

  • Preslee Carson
    Preslee Carson6 måneder siden

    You’re gorgeous and awesome keep being you 🤩🤩🤩🤩

    ELMO EILISH6 måneder siden

    Your so lucky to live a nice life

  • Doritos Cheetos
    Doritos Cheetos6 måneder siden

    Hi can you like adopt me? i know how to cook and clean! 🤣

  • Alyssa Ferrucci
    Alyssa Ferrucci6 måneder siden

    WHAT is this scrabble without the scrabble board game called!?

  • Jade Kathryn
    Jade Kathryn6 måneder siden

    velvet green couch, or cognac leather couch for the office!

  • BilliePlanet
    BilliePlanet6 måneder siden

    Finneas: my stupid hair Claudia: i cut ur hair Finneas: that's right Also finneas inside: uuuu i messed up😂

  • Kierynn Hughes
    Kierynn Hughes6 måneder siden

    "The chef Benny Blanco"

  • Alison van Kuik
    Alison van Kuik6 måneder siden

    I think an orange chair

  • Sanjana Anjan
    Sanjana Anjan6 måneder siden

    Loved this! I'm hoping for more painting and workout videos, much love ♥️

  • Matt
    Matt6 måneder siden

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  • Kristen Lindsay
    Kristen Lindsay6 måneder siden

    A black leather Mies Van Der Rohe Barcelona chair would look incredible in your office or in your bedroom to replace the corner chair.

  • Lindsey Henderson
    Lindsey Henderson6 måneder siden

    I'm not used to your personal space looking so busy and cluttered, but it doesn't look bad.

  • Paulina Q
    Paulina Q6 måneder siden

    omg get a footstool for the cloud chair hahah I think that's the final piece!

  • emma
    emma6 måneder siden


  • Denise Contreras
    Denise Contreras6 måneder siden

    5:36 imagine being claudias best friend and y’all went out to eat and she’s just talking to you

  • Kiana Megan
    Kiana Megan6 måneder siden

    is there anything benny blanco can’t do?

  • Macy Pantana
    Macy Pantana6 måneder siden

    i feel like sometimes claudia just always agrees with what finneas says😂 im like does she actually agree or are they just that much in sync haha😅❤️

  • anna pusztai
    anna pusztai6 måneder siden

    my favorite outfit was the lilac bra and i liked the tie dye leggings too

  • Hannah Griffiths
    Hannah Griffiths6 måneder siden

    What game is this??

  • Alexandra Martinez
    Alexandra Martinez6 måneder siden

    I cannot wait for the wedding 😭

  • Vancessa Mar
    Vancessa Mar6 måneder siden

    Is me or her vibes ✨ relax ✨ me 😌

  • C B
    C B6 måneder siden

    You could do a dark blue/navy couch in your office!

  • Rachel Louise
    Rachel Louise6 måneder siden

    The coffee shot was PORN

  • Caroline Sandholdt
    Caroline Sandholdt6 måneder siden

    claudia you're vibes lately... 𝒾𝓂𝓂𝒶𝒸𝓊𝓁𝒶𝓉𝑒!!

  • Nickelette Justice
    Nickelette Justice6 måneder siden

    Anyone know what game they played?

  • Imane
    Imane6 måneder siden

    I love the dancer look

  • d m
    d m6 måneder siden

    I'm moving in with u guys :')

  • Mariam
    Mariam6 måneder siden

    I just love every video she uploads. There's is just so much love in every one of them. Love you Claudia

  • RoseSymbols
    RoseSymbols6 måneder siden

    To the person reading this: You’re amazing stay safe and healthy during quarantine 💕💕 My dream is to hit 1k before my birthday I am struggling to get there.

  • katleenbonita8
    katleenbonita86 måneder siden

    oozing mandy moore vibes in this video!!!

    ZOE GAMING6 måneder siden

    Omg is it me or does she look like Billie Eillish

  • AzuraStar
    AzuraStar6 måneder siden

    AWH- honestly I’m a bit younger than you guys, but whenever I see you guys I’m like “MAh BAbIes 🥺”

  • Maddy Bourassa
    Maddy Bourassa6 måneder siden

    You're vids are so peaceful to watch! ❤

  • Sophie Mbg
    Sophie Mbg6 måneder siden

    I have been watching you for years and I live how you have just become this amazing person. You are incredible at editing. Thank for making my day brighter

  • Kai Alexandria
    Kai Alexandria6 måneder siden

    You should try "Nasty Fit" fitness apparel It's the only 1 I buy from & it's amazing ❤❤❤

  • thrishek
    thrishek6 måneder siden

    I love the fact that she always doesn't mention Billie or finneas's name for spreding out.. Even in thumbnail ❤️❤️

  • inda julianti
    inda julianti6 måneder siden

    Make video with billie eilish please🥺🥺🥺 because you and billie are so cutee together

  • lena uh
    lena uh6 måneder siden

    i love u guys sm its insane

  • DiankaPours
    DiankaPours6 måneder siden


  • Javier Bennett

    Javier Bennett

    6 måneder siden

    i was thinking about that too lmao

  • fullofswag
    fullofswag6 måneder siden

    i want this life

  • Rose V
    Rose V6 måneder siden

    Get rid of aid and led and use the l and e for gentle

  • belle
    belle6 måneder siden

    such a pretty vlog

  • Becky Mason
    Becky Mason6 måneder siden

    I saved this till i was snuggled up with a cuppa. Always such a vibe

  • Emily Hsiao
    Emily Hsiao6 måneder siden

    just watering my dog

  • İpek Aydın
    İpek Aydın6 måneder siden

    oh my god, your workspace looks amazing !!!

  • dani efr
    dani efr6 måneder siden

    I can't stop looking at you and listening to your voice. Such an amazing soul and person. Xo💞

  • ForcedBard
    ForcedBard6 måneder siden

    11:09 is so freakin weird when ur German 😂

  • James Edward Ford

    James Edward Ford

    4 måneder siden


  • AV
    AV6 måneder siden

    Your skin is always glowing 😭

  • Cuboxotime
    Cuboxotime6 måneder siden

    Claudia is Fab! Thank you Claudia!! You are my inspiration to start a channel!

  • Kate S
    Kate S6 måneder siden

    An emerald coloured chair in your office would work so well!

  • Karina Figueroa
    Karina Figueroa6 måneder siden

    You guys are soooo cute 😭😭😭

  • Queijinho
    Queijinho6 måneder siden


  • Jaquelin Almanza
    Jaquelin Almanza6 måneder siden

    What game is that?

  • Freya B
    Freya B6 måneder siden

    You make me feel so at peace. Thank you!!