We Attempt The Magic Table Cloth Challenge

Do we have what it takes to master the magic table cloth challenge? Let’s find out!
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  • Smosh Pit
    Smosh Pit8 måneder siden

    *no orbeez or kevins were harmed in the making of this video

  • TheSpecterror


    12 dager siden

    Except for the orbeez or any of Kevin’s appendages that were harmed

  • Epic_Noober _Scoober

    Epic_Noober _Scoober

    5 måneder siden

    Meowson crazy 09 nobody asked..or cared.. I mean ain’t tryna be rude but I speaking that truth

  • DryBones271


    7 måneder siden

    I imagine the 6 of you guys could play the original power rangers, with a Disembodied Ian as Zordon.

  • Dada Tv - Nursery Rhymes & Children's Songs

    Dada Tv - Nursery Rhymes & Children's Songs

    7 måneder siden

    We Love You ALl Of You

  • LitFamBamBam


    8 måneder siden

    im your mother

  • Simon Blackwell
    Simon Blackwell7 timer siden

    2:53 is this McCree?

  • TubZi 1
    TubZi 1Dag siden

    Ur not meant to pull the cloth down u pull it straight

  • Nathan Lowry
    Nathan Lowry2 dager siden

    Look at Shayne face at 3:54

  • Peyton Dunham
    Peyton Dunham3 dager siden

    The spoon just wanted a kiss

  • Lara Rault
    Lara Rault6 dager siden

    shayne: Courtney and Keith pretend to be on a date Me: wait there are engaged (To the newer people Courtney and Keith did a fake engagement in Disney land)

  • Stinky Rat
    Stinky Rat7 dager siden

    Literally Noah after everything thing the pulled:😱😱😱

  • E S
    E S9 dager siden

    I really like Kevin’s nails :)

  • Hyuna Young
    Hyuna Young11 dager siden

    Kevin looks exactly how I imagined Corpse Husband would look like

  • Apurva Sharma
    Apurva Sharma13 dager siden

    I picked the 7 of spades Damien, is that in that pack of cards??

  • Kevin ray
    Kevin ray14 dager siden

    Why didn't the cups break?

  • Emo.Gacha22
    Emo.Gacha2216 dager siden

    These are the people that made me realize im 💫🌈 p a n 🌈💫

  • JTigerina 13
    JTigerina 1318 dager siden

    Fuck matt

  • McKenna Enos
    McKenna Enos18 dager siden

    Shayne’s muscles were no match for the orbees 😂

  • Leach dip
    Leach dip23 dager siden

    1:24 to 1:38 Me: Jojo?!

  • KieL PlayZ
    KieL PlayZ25 dager siden

    Ian: Let's leave it back to the ametuers. Me: Dude the only thing you did is one handed, can you do what shayne did?

  • Nicholas Ortega
    Nicholas Ortega28 dager siden

    Courtney's face after Shayne's turn had f*ck you written all over it lol

  • Nicholas Ortega
    Nicholas Ortega28 dager siden

    Did anyone else notice the 2nd orbee that fell at 7:10

  • Olivia Shanks
    Olivia ShanksMåned siden

    Shayne’s face at 11:11. OMG! I died!

  • wilaaby
    wilaabyMåned siden


  • Rommel Jay Legpitan
    Rommel Jay LegpitanMåned siden


  • Sydney Mitrecic
    Sydney MitrecicMåned siden

    Aww everyone looked SO annoyed when Ian said he was going to try one handed😥😂

  • Sydney Mitrecic
    Sydney MitrecicMåned siden

    I love how annoyed everyone looked when Ian said he was going to try it one handed! It was so sad but then HE DID IT! Never underestimate Ian Hecox😂

  • Sydney Mitrecic
    Sydney MitrecicMåned siden

    Olivia is scared for her life!

  • Amelia Page
    Amelia PageMåned siden

    did anyone else notice that the order of colors on the my favorite coffee is pink yellow blue which is the pansexual flag WOW IT REALLY IS MY FAVORITE COFFEE!!!!!!

  • Matt Kong
    Matt KongMåned siden

    Damien's first pull sounded like he said "ERECT"

  • Aaron Galinsky
    Aaron GalinskyMåned siden

    wait a moment "only one orbeez fell" is false. 2 orbeez fell. The one clearly observed falls, BUT one launches out of the cup and arches directly in front of Damien, peaking in its arc at the 7:11 mark. it can be seen at normal playback speed but its super obvious when slowed down to .25x speed. take a moment and look for yourself. Due to its arc the only origin it can have is the side of the cup closest to Shayne. *edit, it can also be seen in the slow motion in front of Damien's shirt at 7:24.

  • Susana Alanya
    Susana AlanyaMåned siden


  • Evan Rogers
    Evan RogersMåned siden

    does anyone know where olivia got that outfit??

  • Ally Hogan
    Ally HoganMåned siden

    Lmk if this is the same for anyone else but I only watch their channel if it’s just this group. Like I don’t want to see any random people

  • hblake5213
    hblake5213Måned siden

    The fact that Damien's instinct when presented with a large piece of fabric is to make a cloak is something I very much relate to

  • Silentbeasty
    SilentbeastyMåned siden

    I think its mainly done on rounded restaurant tables.

  • Daniel Churchill
    Daniel ChurchillMåned siden

    That moment when there's a dominos ad on a smosh video

  • Jeana Wills
    Jeana Wills2 måneder siden

    I love how Keith calls Olivia liv liv

  • Criston Ureste
    Criston Ureste2 måneder siden


  • Khairah
    Khairah2 måneder siden

    Ian ripping the tablecloth off so casually is actually pretty hot

    PIZZAGAMING455 OLIVES2 måneder siden

    I watch this video when I was eating with my family and when this part happened I accidentally spilled the container of lemmon juice and I spilled all over our lunch Courtney :wait hedid this in his pee-pee Olivia :well his pee-pee was strong The greatest and worst expierence in my life

  • Anastasia handa
    Anastasia handa2 måneder siden

    Tbh myfavourite coffee is my favorite

  • Lord Sparks
    Lord Sparks2 måneder siden

    I'm curious what high speed camera they used. A Phantom per chance?

  • holysugarmuffin1
    holysugarmuffin12 måneder siden

    Damien looks so different

  • ellebanna mi
    ellebanna mi2 måneder siden

    Keith I see your shirt yeah

  • Tigers Fan All Day
    Tigers Fan All Day2 måneder siden

    It's not magic. IT'S INERTIA BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • King_of_Dreams
    King_of_Dreams2 måneder siden

    "Let it be done the right way your way, let's get this shit" That was great.

  • Ani P
    Ani P2 måneder siden

    after Kieth’s first attempt, Damien rlly said ✨Tamaki Amajiki✨

  • Tammy Benford
    Tammy Benford2 måneder siden

    I love this intro

  • Tarun Sharma
    Tarun Sharma2 måneder siden

    Why Shayne look so friendly to me ❤️❤️😂😂

  • Tori Golden
    Tori Golden2 måneder siden

    Shayne's faces in slow motion made my entire day

  • Blame The Internet
    Blame The Internet2 måneder siden

    Here’s the scene from the beginning just so you don’t have to sit through the video 10:51

  • Macaroni and Cliches
    Macaroni and Cliches2 måneder siden

    I didn't see Keith's Saturn shirt until the outro

  • tay daizy
    tay daizy3 måneder siden

    “what else can we pull off kevin?” nobody: me: “his clothes.....👀”

  • Rhys Tait
    Rhys Tait3 måneder siden

    Ethan is my favourite smosh member

  • ProductionMoustachue
    ProductionMoustachue3 måneder siden

    I'm obsessed with Noah's Shirt ! It's so cool

  • Mariana Canales
    Mariana Canales3 måneder siden

    I need Keith's shirt. It gives me highschool English class ptsd

  • Erich Ellen Mae
    Erich Ellen Mae3 måneder siden


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr3 måneder siden


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr3 måneder siden


  • Timothy C
    Timothy C3 måneder siden

    Olivia was prepared for covid ever since

  • GameyScorpio
    GameyScorpio3 måneder siden

    10:35 Courtney got that cake my dude.😘

  • AllAboutMae
    AllAboutMae3 måneder siden

    Omg I LOVEDDD this video soo much!! Please do it again please!!! 🥺🥺❤❤

  • Pasqua Ninna
    Pasqua Ninna3 måneder siden

    Such excellent.

  • Carly R
    Carly R3 måneder siden

    Ok but why does this make them all 40% more attractive?

  • Nicole Shane reyes
    Nicole Shane reyes3 måneder siden

    I wish i have this kind of friendship

  • Erin Choi
    Erin Choi3 måneder siden

    The table really makes them all look tiny

  • Brendan Matelan
    Brendan Matelan3 måneder siden

    3:25, Shayne had the best one

  • Pa Houa Thao
    Pa Houa Thao3 måneder siden

    Actually two orbees fell 😂 when Shayne did it. 7:10 look at Damien’s shirt. You can see the other one faintly fly out.

  • Daisy Taggart
    Daisy Taggart3 måneder siden

    Oh clean up crew

  • sophia grace
    sophia grace3 måneder siden

    damn white boy got skills

  • daisies channel
    daisies channel3 måneder siden

    No one: Olivia:🤓🤠👩‍🔬 Olivia when kevin enters the room: 🤷‍♀️ 👁👄👁 😇 😜 😘

  • Anthony Floyd
    Anthony Floyd3 måneder siden

    Missed this video a while ago, now we're hitting the second wave here in Canada and I get the re-relatable "Merch in the store" song. lmao

  • Sonja Lam
    Sonja Lam3 måneder siden

    The timing of the music drop with Shayne ripping the cloth at 8:20 is my absolute favourite moment in this video

  • Shireen Niloofar
    Shireen Niloofar4 måneder siden

    I think it’s time to bring Smosh & Order back! 2:56 you guys left Damien hanging........ AGAIN 🥺

  • Cadey Lewis
    Cadey Lewis4 måneder siden

    Can I just say that I love Olivia’s outfit

  • Blue Hornet
    Blue Hornet4 måneder siden

    Great video, guys! I think my grandma has the same dish set!

  • Maggie Pastors
    Maggie Pastors4 måneder siden

    Noah: *had a show centered around him disliking flavor and generally-good foods* Damien: *orBEEZ and MILK* Noah: if I could drink that I would

  • Patricia Hill
    Patricia Hill4 måneder siden

    That cockiness from Shayne at 7:00 "is it going?" I love it! Lmao!

  • Patrick14
    Patrick144 måneder siden

    Lol 9:37 9:47

  • Shay Lenee’
    Shay Lenee’4 måneder siden

    every video i watch makes me fall in love with shayne even more

  • Cohen Bivins
    Cohen Bivins4 måneder siden

    Shayne is just the over surprised 8yr old

  • Janani Kannan
    Janani Kannan4 måneder siden

    That intro gave my parched soul life! Tommy Bones is a gem!!

  • Kayla
    Kayla4 måneder siden

    Who else is reminded of that one scene in Black Butler?

  • Ashtro
    Ashtro4 måneder siden


  • Rauls life
    Rauls life4 måneder siden

    Keith and Shayne I believe had the perfect pulls

  • cecep chaerudin
    cecep chaerudin4 måneder siden

    Nice 👍

  • Eli M
    Eli M4 måneder siden

    I love how every time Keith fails he looks at the thing that fell like "wait, why did it fall over?" lmao

  • Aria Simone
    Aria Simone4 måneder siden

    When you get an orange for Christmas 12:10

  • Unboxing Unicorns
    Unboxing Unicorns4 måneder siden

    m y f a v o r i t e c o f f e e s u c k e r z z z z

  • Horacio Hinojosa
    Horacio Hinojosa4 måneder siden

    Is it going?

  • Tiffani
    Tiffani4 måneder siden

    I’m so happy Keith was inviting us to church lol keep on with that power of prayer! Haha 🙏🏼

  • Margaret Smith
    Margaret Smith4 måneder siden

    Kevin 😍

  • Ari C.
    Ari C.4 måneder siden

    I like erbody just.. Olivia’s like a baby all the time like cmon. 😕

  • Haley Benjamin
    Haley Benjamin4 måneder siden

    i want olivias outfit so bad where is it from

  • KISS Fanatic
    KISS Fanatic4 måneder siden

    It’s confirmed, Shayne is the third coming of Jesus, he can do anything

  • Ishi
    Ishi4 måneder siden

    Remember in good luck Charlie gabe did this but as badly as Keith’s first go when bob and Amy were talking about the new baby and the both said ‘😦😠’

  • lucy jamison
    lucy jamison4 måneder siden


  • Jim Horton
    Jim Horton4 måneder siden

    Top 10 anime comebacks #1: 3:45

  • JNK
    JNK4 måneder siden

    I just realized that Keith’s shirt was Goya’s interpretation of Saturn eating his son and I need to find where he got that. Cuz ya girl needs that shirt

  • Felipe Paze
    Felipe Paze4 måneder siden

    I love how Olivia can do the impossible

  • Martin Spilke
    Martin Spilke4 måneder siden

    What else can you pull off Kevin? ...Can I pull off Kevin?

  • Klaire Padlo
    Klaire Padlo4 måneder siden

    Shaynes facial expressions in this 😂

  • Ioana Chiș
    Ioana Chiș4 måneder siden

    Back then, Ian had ok hair