We Built a FLAME THROWER! ft. TFue

im sorry mom
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  • FaZe Adapt
    FaZe Adapt2 år siden

    LIVESTREAMING NOW COME HANGOUT!! www.twitch.tv/adapt

  • fishlover plz sub

    fishlover plz sub

    7 dager siden

    @ZIG stop he relly shoud play

  • Beenieboo R6

    Beenieboo R6

    År siden


  • fortnites hard lol

    fortnites hard lol

    År siden

    Now he's trying to sue you and make the peenclan 🙈🤧

  • TTH EaSt

    TTH EaSt

    År siden

    @Cmp ur a pussy

  • Luis Jimenez

    Luis Jimenez

    År siden

    MERK MOTION your just mad bc you ain’t in FaZe

  • Money Money
    Money Money5 måneder siden

    He is rich and stupid

  • Obi Wan Shanobi
    Obi Wan Shanobi5 måneder siden

    I poopeded today and it hurteded my butted hole, its lit 🔥💯💩

  • Jak3
    Jak38 måneder siden

    This was painful to watch

    JETSTONED10 måneder siden

    Isnt that a elon musk flame thrower from the boring company.. u didnt build shit..

  • Logan Leist
    Logan LeistÅr siden

    I almost broke my phone just trying to watch this video. He clicked the ignition 500 times and didn’t realize to pull the trigger and click the ignition at the same time

    ZEXRILLSÅr siden

    I think that the red button at the flamethrower was something like a lighter and when you pull the trigger you will have to press the button.

  • Seel X
    Seel XÅr siden

    9:15 you're welcome!please sub and notifications on my channel, cya

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Hi TFue

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Hi Faze Banks

  • jessica castro
    jessica castroÅr siden

    Hi Faze Adapt

  • Chris Murphy
    Chris MurphyÅr siden

    Omg I can’t believe nobody knew to take the cap off...I can’t...how many millennials does it take to work a flamethrower...you have to press the igniter while holding the trigger

  • FuZy
    FuZyÅr siden

    ''Which hole do I put it in?'' XD

  • Alex Cruz
    Alex CruzÅr siden

    They rlly used the og prison break music

  • Cubing Time
    Cubing TimeÅr siden

    Why’d you say your a trianed pro you trained idiot

  • Rafael Cruz
    Rafael CruzÅr siden

    Dude calls himself a trained professional hahaha

  • Jeremiah
    JeremiahÅr siden

    what they had to do was press the red button when the propane was coming out because the red button was what made a spark to start the fire

  • Aliplays534 a
    Aliplays534 aÅr siden

    Little does he know the man in blonde will sue

  • R4NG3R
    R4NG3RÅr siden

    There's a trigger on the frön u dumbass

  • febbly
    febblyÅr siden


  • Miguel Denbino
    Miguel DenbinoÅr siden

    Use code ADAPT

  • Souza beast
    Souza beastÅr siden

    The red button makes a spark u have to use the propain then hit the button and

  • Souza beast
    Souza beastÅr siden

    U press the red button when the propain comes out

  • Isaac Jakubowski
    Isaac JakubowskiÅr siden

    It is sad that adapt doesn’t get as many veiws

  • Prototype
    PrototypeÅr siden

    This many people hate Tfue 👇

  • DeerFat
    DeerFatÅr siden

    St t turring

  • William Adams
    William AdamsÅr siden

    Casually chillin with Dan Folger lol

  • Matthew Brown
    Matthew BrownÅr siden

    Wow LMFAO wtf 😂😂😂

  • Aidan Timbrook
    Aidan TimbrookÅr siden

    U pull trigger then click red button

  • Aidan Timbrook
    Aidan TimbrookÅr siden


  • Edward Babes
    Edward BabesÅr siden

    6:29 ur meant to put fire under the gas that is let out u idiot

  • Gage Wimberly
    Gage WimberlyÅr siden


  • Joe vlogs
    Joe vlogsÅr siden

    He’s so slow you press ignite while holding the trigger

  • Cam _Yt
    Cam _YtÅr siden

    Purchases flamethrower off of Amazon: Alex: We built a flamethrower !

  • Trillinxx__
    Trillinxx__År siden

    Wtf happened to bad idea

  • Zavien Vince
    Zavien VinceÅr siden


  • Nolan Kaiser
    Nolan KaiserÅr siden

    i hope your trolling when you didn't know how to put the propane in that was sad

  • Sawyer Walker
    Sawyer WalkerÅr siden

    Pull in the trigger and then hit the red button

  • Switch
    SwitchÅr siden

    you are supposed to press the red button while pushing the trigger dang you wingnut :) lmao

  • Keegan Guest
    Keegan GuestÅr siden

    Holy fuck is Adapt stupid

  • Retrii
    RetriiÅr siden

    Thank me later 9:14

  • RIP
    RIPÅr siden

    It’s literally a big lighter, it’s not hard to figure out.

  • jordan hann
    jordan hannÅr siden

    I know this is late but when you spray the gas you press the red ignite button

  • Top _zer7
    Top _zer7År siden

    You cant even say professional

  • Tyler Gouldy
    Tyler GouldyÅr siden

    ur actually a certified dumbass

  • Landon Graves
    Landon GravesÅr siden

    might as well start putting them on short busses

  • Darkesthour
    DarkesthourÅr siden

    Pull the trigger that release the gas then hit the red button

  • Supsup911
    Supsup911År siden

    I think trained professionals can speak 😂

  • weston chavez
    weston chavezÅr siden

    I don’t think you use the propane one

  • Hunter Bowen
    Hunter BowenÅr siden

    You actually stupid that you didn’t know how to a pro pain tank

  • Young God
    Young GodÅr siden

    0:27 Alex: I’m a trained professional Me: you’re a trained dumbass

  • daasshhh
    daasshhhÅr siden

    Elon is cringing so hard. Hold the trigger and then hit the red switch (WHILE SILL HOLDING TRIGGER) to ignite the propane.

  • Jeffrey Deeds
    Jeffrey DeedsÅr siden

    Try holding the trigger and then pulling the red ignite trigger

  • VanilahwIce
    VanilahwIceÅr siden

    Elon made this shit dummy proof bruh... lmao

  • Kaaukai Tario
    Kaaukai TarioÅr siden

    u press the red button when u pull the trigger

  • chris ilar
    chris ilarÅr siden

    Damn i didnt know they built elon musks flamethrower

  • Coltan Page
    Coltan PageÅr siden

    You pull the trigger to let the gas out and click the red ignition button to light the gas on fire

  • Coltan Page
    Coltan PageÅr siden

    Good thing you guys are good at video games. Smh that propane tank should’ve been simple

  • Coltan Page

    Coltan Page

    År siden

    See this is why faze could use a common sense genius like myself

  • Max Thomsen

    Max Thomsen

    År siden

    couldn't agree more bro, welcome to the real world adapt.

  • Killa_Luis
    Killa_LuisÅr siden


  • nate brown
    nate brownÅr siden

    These have to be the biggest city boys i have ever seen in my life

  • SoTa Op
    SoTa OpÅr siden

    You don't play fortunate that much

  • Connor Kin
    Connor KinÅr siden

    Ur are so ducking stupid you hit the red button on top lmao

  • Josh Borah
    Josh BorahÅr siden

    You have to press the red ignite button after you start letting propane through. Just like a propane torch. If no propane is coming out the ignite button has nothing to ignite.

  • Sam McCann
    Sam McCannÅr siden

    Your such a fucking idiot

  • The Joestar Fan
    The Joestar FanÅr siden

    Pg why did you say Fuck?

  • Tristan Hay
    Tristan HayÅr siden

    You didn’t make it but it’s still good

  • R3APER
    R3APERÅr siden

    Imagine they sent the flame thrower to the wrong adress

  • jixxgaming
    jixxgamingÅr siden

    Press the red but when the propane is coming out dumbass

  • not_ stefen
    not_ stefenÅr siden

    What hoodie was turner wearing

  • ZEd Rednek
    ZEd RednekÅr siden

    They are supposed to push the red button after they pull the trigger

  • Jordan B
    Jordan BÅr siden


  • Easton McRee
    Easton McReeÅr siden

    😂😂luv the tfue saying “ohhh sheit dude”

  • Easton McRee
    Easton McReeÅr siden


  • landondevine
    landondevineÅr siden

    Bro. You got some bad luck

  • Ryce
    RyceÅr siden

    When adapt says gay

  • Umeakaeru Anthony
    Umeakaeru AnthonyÅr siden


  • Morpher
    MorpherÅr siden

    Sad to watch

  • Reese Pilgrim
    Reese PilgrimÅr siden

    dumbass doesnt know to push the igniter button when the propane is actually being released lol

  • Daniel
    DanielÅr siden

    The red clicker is the fuckin ignitor dumbass, adapt is so stupid

  • Daniel
    DanielÅr siden

    Read the fuckin instructions

  • Mvndvr
    Mvndvr2 år siden

    bro your channel is dying u gotta do something

  • DemonKing Astaroth
    DemonKing Astaroth2 år siden

    Fuck Tfue

  • Ark
    Ark2 år siden

    oh yeah yeah

  • Ayoola Asekun
    Ayoola Asekun2 år siden


  • Zerky
    Zerky2 år siden

    The red button is the igniter so hold it or press it when you pull the trigger

  • BAMFdoglover9
    BAMFdoglover92 år siden

    Faze up baby oh yeah!!!

  • BAMFdoglover9
    BAMFdoglover92 år siden

    Oh yeah oh yea oh yeayeayeayahhh oh yeah yet oh yeah!!!!

  • sittie yaniza sema-datuali
    sittie yaniza sema-datuali2 år siden

    Dude make some vlog im bored like come on

  • Purple
    Purple2 år siden

    I remember when faze said 2018 they are gonna be back just like 2012-2015

  • JoeBailey23
    JoeBailey232 år siden

    You're some next level special case bro..

  • HarizIsFat
    HarizIsFat2 år siden

    Elon Musk.

  • C キャッスル | Castle The Catastrophe
    C キャッスル | Castle The Catastrophe2 år siden

    This is over a couple months old why he recycling shit he posted on Snapchat in the middle of 2018

  • neongamer 1344
    neongamer 13442 år siden


  • Zachary Braswell
    Zachary Braswell2 år siden

    What a bunch of dumb fucks so many things wrong with this video

  • GhettoClassyBxtch
    GhettoClassyBxtch2 år siden

    U is a sexy beast 😘😍😍❤️😍.I like what I see

  • A8RIAX
    A8RIAX2 år siden

    it’s a really good thing that it took adapt ages to discover the red button which acted as a secondary safety the entire time. but also ignites the flame 😂 the man had his finger on the trigger or within the guard basically the entire time he was holding the flamethrower. i get the fact it’s not a gun, but bro that’s still a dangerous thing to fuck around w lmao. it’s not a nerf gun. learn to be smarter and safer dude before u accidentally burn the shit out of one of ur homies on accident just cause u want a cool insta photo. LA has truly changed this man in the respect that not many of his brain cells are still active.

  • xakiina
    xakiina2 år siden

    He should have went for the Raid Sui shot after banks got salty

  • ur mom
    ur mom2 år siden


  • Rileymac224 —
    Rileymac224 —2 år siden

    Click the red thing in when you star letting the gas put

  • Grant
    Grant2 år siden

    A kid in my school got ISS for saying faze up. What happened to our society.....