We Cut Ian's Hair (the bowl cut is back!)

It's the moment you've all been waiting for... we brought back Ian's iconic bowl cut!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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  • Smosh Pit
    Smosh Pit6 måneder siden

    we're sorry, but also... you're welcome?

  • Eepers Jeepers

    Eepers Jeepers

    2 måneder siden

    Thank you ???

  • SatanBendingTheRules


    5 måneder siden

    Please send a pic to Anthony 😂😂😂 he'd die inside 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Go Life Gone

    Go Life Gone

    5 måneder siden

    Welcome back

  • Gabrielle Roxas

    Gabrielle Roxas

    5 måneder siden

    Please let me buy the hair

  • Gabrielle Roxas

    Gabrielle Roxas

    5 måneder siden


  • :P
    :PDag siden

    Mah boi be lookin like Mandark- damn. o-o

  • CrystalClarity Art
    CrystalClarity Art3 dager siden

    Ok but is no one going to mention Courtney's singing at the end??

  • Ryan Black
    Ryan Black5 dager siden

    y’all is it just me or does the final product kinda look like Ian put his wig on wrong?

  • Kuro CK
    Kuro CK6 dager siden

    Mr. bean?

  • WoofAbility
    WoofAbility7 dager siden

    first Anthony's emo hair was back now this

  • gabbyl._diaz
    gabbyl._diaz8 dager siden

    Who remembers when Anthony used to call him “bread head” with the old bieber cut only the Og’s would remember

  • Andrea Noble
    Andrea Noble9 dager siden

    Okay but like now Ian has a bowl cut Shayne should go back to the swooshy cut

  • Mr.Positive
    Mr.Positive13 dager siden

    I’ll buy your hair Ian.

  • Sara S-G
    Sara S-G16 dager siden

    That explains his haircut in future videos

  • Kilowatt
    Kilowatt18 dager siden

    Ok I want to know all ian won in his cross country senior portraits i do cross country and thats a shit ton of metals how fast was he really?

  • Pickle Juice
    Pickle Juice18 dager siden

    Ian aged like 40 years throughout this video...

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr26 dager siden


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr26 dager siden

    THE BOWL CUT IS BACK!!!!!!!!!

  • Polar Freddy
    Polar Freddy27 dager siden

    I miss Anthony

  • Nicholas Ortega
    Nicholas Ortega27 dager siden

    How did I not notice Courtney's awesome Inuyasha shirt til now

  • Nicholas Ortega
    Nicholas Ortega27 dager siden

    Shayne: I've cut toxic people out of my life Me: You are more than qualified to cut hair

  • Bryan Morandarte
    Bryan MorandarteMåned siden

    So where is Olivias bowl haircut?

  • Mr. Moonlight
    Mr. MoonlightMåned siden

    How did I miss this? Lol

  • Haunted Strega
    Haunted StregaMåned siden

    “I’ve cut toxic people out of my life” lmao

  • Angel Meep
    Angel MeepMåned siden

    This Brings Back So Much Nostalgia lol

  • Co1apse Try hard
    Co1apse Try hardMåned siden

    Wish Anthony was here

  • Mariska Wadyko
    Mariska Wadyko2 måneder siden

    I didbthe brad mondo comment before brad mondos named caxme up

  • Mariska Wadyko
    Mariska Wadyko2 måneder siden

    Brad mondo dies from gagging at this lol

  • Alexus Parenteau
    Alexus Parenteau2 måneder siden

    Shayne is the older brother who doesn’t want to be involved in family events but is a sarcastic asshole the whole time Olivia, Courtney, and Damien are the favorite siblings who will literally paint their father’s toenails in his sleep, or just ask to do it, but do it in his favorite color. Ian is the father who regretted his decision but loves his children too much to say no

  • Alex Hristova
    Alex Hristova2 måneder siden

    That Brad Mondo shoutout tho! ❤️

  • Totoro Chan
    Totoro Chan2 måneder siden

    This episode really gives me a vibe of Ian being a big brother letting his younger siblings play around with his hair 😂

  • Slightly Distressed Slug
    Slightly Distressed Slug2 måneder siden

    It’s good to know they did this for views, I first saw his hair in later videos with no context and I just assumed he’d gone crazy

  • Belixxx 310
    Belixxx 3102 måneder siden

    I look like I rollerblade That had me lmao

  • Roan Martin
    Roan Martin2 måneder siden

    Damien: "There's nothing I love more than being an agent of chaos. This is a lot" 😂

  • MinSugaGenius
    MinSugaGenius2 måneder siden

    They should have just given him a whole E-boy makeover

  • Eepers Jeepers
    Eepers Jeepers2 måneder siden

    It’s Damien running away to go hug the pillar in the corner to hide when Ian’s looking at his hair for me. Honestly *f e l t* that.

  • Sam Soto
    Sam Soto2 måneder siden

    "He looks like he's about to give tips to Mario" had me freaking wheez laughing lol🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂

  • Dale Gainer
    Dale Gainer2 måneder siden

    Thanks shayne, lawn care takes a lot of hard work.

  • kambobo727 c
    kambobo727 c2 måneder siden

    The king is here bowcut

  • Aimee EAT
    Aimee EAT2 måneder siden


  • DryBones271
    DryBones2712 måneder siden

    Next time, a full brazilian wax for Shayne for not helping at all!

  • Deadpool Prime
    Deadpool Prime3 måneder siden

    Who's here after they reveal Ian's new blonde haircut?

  • Just some boi who watch YouTube more than you
    Just some boi who watch YouTube more than you3 måneder siden

    So thats how koreans cut their hair.

  • Megan Moneypenny
    Megan Moneypenny3 måneder siden

    I’m a hairstylist and this whole vid was cringe as hell

  • WilliamRogers&TheExceptionalContent
    WilliamRogers&TheExceptionalContent3 måneder siden

    Its like ian traveled through time

  • Notorious_Blaze
    Notorious_Blaze3 måneder siden

    So. Much. Fucking. Memories.

  • Blackkat 186
    Blackkat 1863 måneder siden

    Woah Olivia with a bowl cut...🤔

  • Roman Loxley-Doyle
    Roman Loxley-Doyle3 måneder siden

    That was amazing but why has no one mentioned how hot Damien is with his little beard???

  • I exist
    I exist3 måneder siden


  • vier9196
    vier91963 måneder siden

    3:14 Anthony?

  • Jeremiah Diaz
    Jeremiah Diaz3 måneder siden

    Ian what the hell is wrong with your you look like fuck boy that justin bieber fuck up one 😂

  • val lamons
    val lamons3 måneder siden

    shane: i've cut toxic ppl out of my life me: *sigh* wish i could say the same...

  • Ashe!
    Ashe!3 måneder siden

    I haven't watched the whole video, but I feel so bad. Ian looks so upset :(

  • Nat Oz
    Nat Oz3 måneder siden

    Damien is the voice of conciousness

  • Akira Sewgambar
    Akira Sewgambar3 måneder siden

    He has such nice hair 😂this was sad to watch

  • Kendra Nulty
    Kendra Nulty3 måneder siden

    Ian made a shayne face when he saw his haircut

  • Eilidh Mackay
    Eilidh Mackay3 måneder siden

    there are boys at my university that have this hair but worse cause they’re sincere about it

  • June 9th
    June 9th3 måneder siden

    Ian is Toad Confirmed 6:23

  • Pedro Torres
    Pedro Torres3 måneder siden

    Give Deeem a haircut... He would be so uncomfortable!

  • LoganBluth
    LoganBluth4 måneder siden

    Damien's awful facial hair is WAAAY more egregious than Ian's bowl cut.

  • Morgan Kubischta
    Morgan Kubischta4 måneder siden

    ok but olivia needs to do it too.

  • Maleia Eirhart
    Maleia Eirhart4 måneder siden

    Brad Mondo needs to get ON THIS

  • Elise Xuereb
    Elise Xuereb4 måneder siden


  • Emily Jordan
    Emily Jordan4 måneder siden

    2006 Ian is shook

  • Stonky Murderous Child
    Stonky Murderous Child4 måneder siden

    Ngl Damien did really good...

  • ColbyClark
    ColbyClark4 måneder siden

    Shayne is a Broncos fan?

  • Xile Wwe/NBA/reactions
    Xile Wwe/NBA/reactions4 måneder siden

    It doesn’t feel the same without anthony😢

  • The Dwight Schrute Fanclub
    The Dwight Schrute Fanclub4 måneder siden

    My bros subscribe to my channel for. New office videos every day

  • The Dwight Schrute Fanclub

    The Dwight Schrute Fanclub

    4 måneder siden

    Subscribe to my channel for New videos every day

  • 360Tomahawk_obese_gorilla87
    360Tomahawk_obese_gorilla874 måneder siden

    he's the definition of dumb and dumber

  • AfroUno
    AfroUno4 måneder siden

    Get out Ian, get rooted again brother💚

  • Destiny Osborne
    Destiny Osborne4 måneder siden

    It' courtney's. Voice cracking in the beginning for me

  • Hitoshi Shinsou
    Hitoshi Shinsou4 måneder siden

    You should have his stubbles shaved too

  • Splashion
    Splashion4 måneder siden

    The beard next. Don’t need it

  • akash kongara
    akash kongara4 måneder siden


  • Flemcore Jix
    Flemcore Jix4 måneder siden

    please get olivia a bull-cut!!!!

  • Unity4213
    Unity42134 måneder siden

    Just saying You could give Damien a mullet Just saying

  • Wolfy playz83
    Wolfy playz834 måneder siden

    The inuyasha shirt is life

  • naps
    naps4 måneder siden


  • AlyMetz
    AlyMetz4 måneder siden

    Ian looks like an alien trying to fit into human friendship group

  • Talia Michaely
    Talia Michaely4 måneder siden

    Is there a rewind button

  • Dark Exx
    Dark Exx4 måneder siden

    oliver tree..

  • TheDevil372
    TheDevil3724 måneder siden

    3:24 Give him the Hebrew cut

  • Nick .S
    Nick .S4 måneder siden

    Looks like an Amish haircut

  • FireManStudiosYT
    FireManStudiosYT4 måneder siden

    Next We Need Anthony To Get His Emo Hair Back For The 100,000,000,000,000th Time

  • Ellie B.
    Ellie B.4 måneder siden

    Ah yes, squire Ian

  • Martin
    Martin4 måneder siden

    Now Anthony needs to return his Emo Hair (probably not gonna happen tho)

  • FineSniper 2188
    FineSniper 21884 måneder siden

    Give Olivia the bowl cut

  • Alvaro Mariano Magdalo Carpio VI
    Alvaro Mariano Magdalo Carpio VI4 måneder siden

    Ian looks like Coconuthead from Ned's Declassified 😂😂😂

  • Shaastra Umesh
    Shaastra Umesh4 måneder siden

    ian looked more like old Ian before he had the haircut in the vid

  • Gabby Nichols
    Gabby Nichols4 måneder siden

    Brad mundo needs to react to this lmao

  • Hidro Gaming
    Hidro Gaming4 måneder siden

    6:55 HE SAID MY NAME

  • DavidSFromThe216
    DavidSFromThe2164 måneder siden

    They really used the Mandark method.

  • Ally Mills
    Ally Mills4 måneder siden

    Oh no....

  • Jax Anonymous
    Jax Anonymous4 måneder siden

    Coconut head is back guys ㅋㅋㅋ 🤣

  • Pigeon
    Pigeon4 måneder siden

    It honestly doesn't look that bad. Ian is such a trooper for letting them do this.

  • Ayeisha Martinez
    Ayeisha Martinez4 måneder siden

    now give shayne a mullet

  • Sashank Venkatesh
    Sashank Venkatesh4 måneder siden

    Thank you Smosh for using our song without asking permission.

  • Sashank Venkatesh

    Sashank Venkatesh

    15 dager siden

    @Natalie Rud I'm glad you like the song!

  • Natalie Rud

    Natalie Rud

    15 dager siden

    Sashank Venkatesh oh im sorry :( it’s a good song tho!!

  • Sashank Venkatesh

    Sashank Venkatesh

    15 dager siden

    @Natalie Rud the song is Freak Like Me by Popcorn Kid ft.Noxigen. I'm the co producer of the song.

  • Natalie Rud

    Natalie Rud

    15 dager siden


  • JinxxGames
    JinxxGames4 måneder siden

    Courtney I love your Inuyasha shirt so much ❤️❤️❤️

  • Merciless Thunder
    Merciless Thunder4 måneder siden

    He has both direction and magnitude OH YEAAH!!

  • Merciless Thunder
    Merciless Thunder4 måneder siden

    On this episode of Ian the Builder

  • Celiac Mama
    Celiac Mama4 måneder siden

    @bradmondo needs to see this! Lol

  • Nancy The lawyer
    Nancy The lawyer5 måneder siden

    Why does Ian look like the beatles

  • Jaylen
    Jaylen5 måneder siden

    7:36 from stud to dud

  • Sherquan Jn Baptiste
    Sherquan Jn Baptiste5 måneder siden

    I really do want Brad Mondo to react to this