We Expose Our Creepy DMs

Welcome back to Smosh Pit Theater! We're exposing more of our creepy DMs and acting them out!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.

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  • Smosh Pit
    Smosh Pit5 måneder siden

    like this if one of your pupils is bigger than the other 👀

  • InSain_art


    Dag siden

    Æblemos is danish for applesauce

  • Sarah Evans

    Sarah Evans

    3 dager siden

    Awwwwwwww it hurts my eye ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh help

  • krowscoven


    9 dager siden


  • krowscoven


    9 dager siden


  • Bigpappi Gaming

    Bigpappi Gaming

    26 dager siden

    Where is Ian

  • Darcie Day
    Darcie DayDag siden

    Flanks shayn Spell it then.. FLANKSSSS

  • suham Omar
    suham Omar2 dager siden

    I still dont now where ian is

  • Nayeons Right hand
    Nayeons Right hand4 dager siden

    Im in a black turtle neck watching this-

  • Carly Olczak
    Carly Olczak7 dager siden

    Shayne Reading the DM: You wanna send feet pics? Also Shayne: DON’T SEND SOCK PICS UNLESS YOU’RE READY TO COMMIT!

  • Goozman
    Goozman7 dager siden

    Shayne: If you haven't watched the last video Me: Oh but Shayne, I've already watched this one

  • Foxxy Bibble
    Foxxy Bibble8 dager siden


  • Anon Piatt
    Anon Piatt8 dager siden

    These videos make me want to dm shayne a romance novel based around the word munge just to see if it made it on 😂

  • Benton A. James
    Benton A. James8 dager siden

    For half a moment, I thought Shayne said, "double clap cheeks" when he really said "double clap jinx". Day 1,642 w/o sex...

  • Georgia Ruddle
    Georgia Ruddle9 dager siden

    Shayne missed the opportunity to say Joe Mama! 3:54

  • Andrea Holt
    Andrea Holt9 dager siden

    The chaotic energy that that Jackie and Keith skit had was insane.

  • NUMAIR Siddiqui
    NUMAIR Siddiqui9 dager siden

    Why the heck does Noah look like the white Dennis rodman

  • Audrey Barlow
    Audrey Barlow9 dager siden

    loved this!

  • Why Not
    Why Not10 dager siden

    Two nuns at target needs to be a TV show right now

  • Cliperclaper !
    Cliperclaper !11 dager siden

    Isn't it funny how the first DM read was the last DM read in the last video

  • Jamie Fierke
    Jamie Fierke12 dager siden

    This is sim extreme improv

  • Ace KxRma
    Ace KxRma13 dager siden

    How would Olivia get ash on her eye if she literally was smoking it . The filter is on the back

  • alexsings
    alexsings14 dager siden

    9:21 Sounds exactly like Cast Away XD

  • Julie Vautour
    Julie Vautour15 dager siden

    The nun: What the hell is this place Also the nun: OH shoot

  • Anime Baboon
    Anime Baboon15 dager siden


  • Eleanore Bainbridge
    Eleanore Bainbridge16 dager siden

    every time they say DMs i think they mean Dungeon Masters

  • Spencer and Frankies Fun World
    Spencer and Frankies Fun World17 dager siden

    Who died

  • Midnightblueraven 44
    Midnightblueraven 4417 dager siden

    Jackie and Keith are matching afros

  • nalja carden-arens
    nalja carden-arens17 dager siden

    shane and olivia look like pocahontas and john smith

  • Wolf Den
    Wolf Den17 dager siden

    How were they supposed to get off the island probably surrounded by water with horses 😂

  • stacy loser_club201
    stacy loser_club20117 dager siden

    Dang man he just wants you at his wedding in a foot costume...😂

  • Reagan
    Reagan19 dager siden

    “ You know I’m dehydrated..” 😤 lmao

  • Reverse Clan
    Reverse Clan19 dager siden

    I think I see 69 in there

    HANNAH PAULSEN20 dager siden

    Two silly guys on an island on Disney XD is just pair of kings

  • Panda Billder
    Panda Billder20 dager siden

    Random stuff is funny so... Acorn

  • SunnyWxves
    SunnyWxves22 dager siden

    flaints a real word definition: The dirt that accumulates on the underside of a computer mouse.

  • grace Jackson
    grace Jackson23 dager siden

    This is the funniest things ever💝💝💝

  • Dennis McMillan
    Dennis McMillan25 dager siden

    It’s so freaking funny 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  • Brooklyn Lamiroy
    Brooklyn Lamiroy28 dager siden

    Do you know what the first one remembinded me of the time my sister cried cause my mom “took her eye” is was a Halloween chocolate

  • Rishibha Khandurie
    Rishibha KhandurieMåned siden

    Can y'all at Smosh make a Friends parody? I would love it to be like your parody of Labrant and Ace families for LaMace family lol

  • Sarah Heitner
    Sarah HeitnerMåned siden

    I love these you can never stop laughing!! You guys should do a part three!!

  • Shiloh Sermon
    Shiloh SermonMåned siden


  • Matthew Mangham
    Matthew ManghamMåned siden

    why courtney dressed like young halloween Dwayne Johnson

  • jeremy21 WeAreHoly
    jeremy21 WeAreHolyMåned siden

    13:17 *The New Good Word* 📖 "Hey, Nend Sudes?" ★i love it★ XD 😂

  • William Hunt
    William HuntMåned siden

    Jackie and Keith look exactly the same

  • Logik Nightmare
    Logik NightmareMåned siden

    Thank you guys so much for the videos I suffer from depression and every time I watch a video I laugh you guys make me feel so much happier so thank you so so much.

  • me and my dogs
    me and my dogsMåned siden

    "Oh I thought it was hot." 😂😂🤦‍♀️

  • Duccio Massaro
    Duccio MassaroMåned siden

    What's the last song after the space acting? And like the jazzy song during the space acting?

  • Carroll Hock
    Carroll HockMåned siden

    do creepy dms in try not to laugh

  • Kaitlyn Mahoney
    Kaitlyn MahoneyMåned siden

    i had a Smosh Games ad that was 30 minutes on this Smosh video, weird. but i watched all of it even though it cut this video in half😂

  • Twice LittleMix
    Twice LittleMixMåned siden

    I wanna see jackie in more videos

  • Luke Barton
    Luke BartonMåned siden

    I love when you guys do improv sm

  • Mike Clemens
    Mike ClemensMåned siden

    Soooo I doubt anyone will believe this now with how much everybody has been meming with the term, but flaints are actually a thing. Annnnd they are also an old timey maritime item, just like in first video. They were a type of waterproof match that would be used to light the fuses of cannons. I haven't found anything online about them but there is a plaque somewhere in NC or SC that mentions them which is where I learned it

  • Mal97
    Mal97Måned siden

    10:06 i couldn't stop laughing when he said your dieing with us.

  • DaBanana 48
    DaBanana 48Måned siden

    Also where can I get a Kia wide

  • DaBanana 48
    DaBanana 48Måned siden


  • Garnett Tomasi
    Garnett TomasiMåned siden


  • wrencha-snake26
    wrencha-snake26Måned siden

    After the part when Shayne said that Ellen threw acid on the other person, I got an ad for drain cleaner

  • Marina Kay Nichols
    Marina Kay NicholsMåned siden

    ✨Two nuns at Target who are shocked by the sins✨

  • SocTheSecond
    SocTheSecond2 måneder siden


  • MusicToMyEars
    MusicToMyEars2 måneder siden

    Their reactions are better than the DMs lol

  • mia morlock
    mia morlock2 måneder siden

    jackie and keith twinning>>>

  • Nicolette H
    Nicolette H2 måneder siden

    “I think this leak is leaking guys” killed me

  • Owen Brightbill
    Owen Brightbill2 måneder siden

    Is Noah GOING for fruit loops?

  • Kethan Paramanandam
    Kethan Paramanandam2 måneder siden

    dead ass, Noah's hair looks like a fruit cake

  • Kris' World
    Kris' World2 måneder siden

    14:05 I think Noah thought he was the drive thru attendant

  • Lyro_playz
    Lyro_playz2 måneder siden

    Shane and Noah are the best duo

  • King_of_Dreams
    King_of_Dreams2 måneder siden

    Two silly guys on an island. Pair of kings it was on Disney Xd too. Lol

  • Kyleigh Hdhdd
    Kyleigh Hdhdd2 måneder siden

    Yay! The smash gang is back together! Noah, Olivia, Shane, Keith, and Courtney!

  • Clar-Ann Howe
    Clar-Ann Howe2 måneder siden

    Where is Ian

  • Ella Bradley
    Ella Bradley2 måneder siden

    Jackie and Kieth radiate such brother and sister vibes

  • Kiwi Davis
    Kiwi Davis2 måneder siden

    hey, nice ear

  • Ninja Bean
    Ninja Bean2 måneder siden

    Air leak, spaceship, among us, sabotage.

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    floopin thepig2 måneder siden

    can we get a yeet it or feet it

  • Karter Purnell
    Karter Purnell2 måneder siden

    Hay man your just the fucking coolest

  • vsqtxx E
    vsqtxx E2 måneder siden

    9:35 is my favorite part❤️🤣🤣

  • La Vece Buchanan
    La Vece Buchanan2 måneder siden

    This makes me feel cute af

  • Mr. Scare Crow
    Mr. Scare Crow2 måneder siden

    The Jackie and Courtney nun skit reminded me of a Key and Peele skit. Great stuff. Love it!

  • Ninjat 4828
    Ninjat 48282 måneder siden

    I havent watched in a long time what happened to Noah's hair

  • TexGaming47
    TexGaming472 måneder siden

    the dms with the first scene matches up perfectly

  • axeaxeo one
    axeaxeo one2 måneder siden

    7:45 blueberries would have been funnier

  • Koala_boi YT
    Koala_boi YT2 måneder siden

    Don’t you just love it when your at a target, and you see god arguing with someone over the last jar of peanut butter.

  • Larserus
    Larserus2 måneder siden

    I like how their bit about Ellen ended up being pretty true

  • Jackattack 22
    Jackattack 222 måneder siden

    Why does Shane look like Captain America with his slicked back hair.

  • • lockdown edits •
    • lockdown edits •2 måneder siden

    who is joe

  • Camryn Plemons
    Camryn Plemons3 måneder siden

    I need a full episode of "Lost: Olympic Edition"

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    mumoffive powerlover3 måneder siden

    damm the manager at target predicted the leak 15:57

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    Ryan Ingham3 måneder siden

    Where's Ian?

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    Mark H3 måneder siden

    Shayne is the king cortney is the the qween and the rest is servents.

  • Teh Empra
    Teh Empra3 måneder siden

    So no one is going to point out that there was an actual oxygen leak at international space satation lately?

  • WilliamRogers&TheExceptionalContent
    WilliamRogers&TheExceptionalContent3 måneder siden

    Smosh cast evolution: 2 guys 2-4 guys 7 guys 7 guys ( No anthony, add Damien) 8-9 guys

  • GameyScorpio
    GameyScorpio3 måneder siden

    I like Courtney's freaky eye. It's awesome.😊

  • 심~각하네
    심~각하네3 måneder siden

    Noah, improv king 🤣

  • Iced Up grandma 1
    Iced Up grandma 13 måneder siden

    Me watching 1st and then the 2nd and then again 🤣

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    WitnessMe3 måneder siden

    Ok but who else actually ships Keith and Jackie?

  • 바보 소녀
    바보 소녀3 måneder siden

    Noah and Keith's Olympic skit literally made me laugh so hard, my stomach hurt.

  • Andre Garcia
    Andre Garcia3 måneder siden


  • Rose-Anne Lafrance
    Rose-Anne Lafrance3 måneder siden

    14:40 Shayne find himself so funny it hurts 😂😂😂

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    Ella kyger3 måneder siden

    only true Smosh fans will remember Anthony and Ian being besties......and Anthony leaving

  • Gabbi Ivey
    Gabbi Ivey3 måneder siden

    Ok but Keith and Jackie as “stepbros” has me weak 😂😂

  • Bailey Sims
    Bailey Sims3 måneder siden

    At the Disney cruise part they should have said, “ It took my breath away” Ba dum chh

  • Elmslie's Eboys
    Elmslie's Eboys3 måneder siden

    As a GCSE music student in the UK the Haydn in the background has me crying

  • Reese Fitz
    Reese Fitz3 måneder siden

    I just realized to silly guys on an island is “pair of Kings” from Disney XD

  • Weeb Trash
    Weeb Trash3 måneder siden

    Guess you can say Keith and Noah were 2 silly guys on an island.

  • Noekie
    Noekie3 måneder siden

    omg i think the ¨you like jazz?¨ one was me XD im so shooketh