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In this video I confronted an old clown...
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  • Hsingh tv
    Hsingh tv12 minutter siden

    Ksi vs logan from wish

  • Lyana Mureke
    Lyana Mureke17 minutter siden

    3:37 I'm dying right now why is Bryce so funny 😂😂😂

  • Lyana Mureke
    Lyana Mureke19 minutter siden

    2:33 i have nothing to say to this 😂😶

  • Lyana Mureke
    Lyana Mureke23 minutter siden

    1:12 i died when he said that 😂😂

  • ERIC J Shorts
    ERIC J Shorts26 minutter siden

    Never heard of either of these ding dongs. Whats this beef about. I have a feeling this bryce kid gonna get knocked the F O. Older people have more experience.

  • Jxcob’s Airsoft
    Jxcob’s Airsoft44 minutter siden

    I hate Bryce hall and every tik toker and American NOlocal apart from Danny Duncan

  • Erti Koka
    Erti Koka44 minutter siden

    Is this bryce gay really fighting? Sorry i meant guy

  • Dope Carlozz
    Dope Carlozz56 minutter siden


  • Samaria Carey
    Samaria CareyTime siden

    Bro I hope Austin beat your tail And you called his fans pu**y and we not because I’m his biggest fan so stop that and all I got to say is your dead that’s how he going to do you 😏🙄🙄

  • JaCoby Lee
    JaCoby LeeTime siden

    Wtf is this bull shit😭

  • Chrispy
    ChrispyTime siden

    Bruh this is so childish

  • Ariana tea
    Ariana teaTime siden

    Austin fan here

  • officialmazzaa
    officialmazzaaTime siden

    The camera man sounds like Austin tf 🤣🤣

  • Kristi K
    Kristi K2 timer siden

    LMFAO- you gon get yo ass beat by Austin 🤣

  • Myles Epstein
    Myles Epstein2 timer siden

    and he didn’t have to bring his kids into this that’s kinda fucked up

  • Faatiha Abdul Hasib
    Faatiha Abdul Hasib2 timer siden

    I am a ace family fan but i think bryce is ganna win 100%

  • no exceptions
    no exceptions2 timer siden

    Austin will win

  • ZR surfysurf
    ZR surfysurf2 timer siden

    very arfd

  • ZR surfysurf
    ZR surfysurf2 timer siden


  • Justin Fiddler
    Justin Fiddler2 timer siden

    This kid is cringe af

  • JayTheKing
    JayTheKing2 timer siden

    Why is this dud

  • Trippy Dangles
    Trippy Dangles3 timer siden

    He can’t even defend himself from college bully’s how’s he gunna win a boxing match

  • Trippy Dangles

    Trippy Dangles

    Time siden


  • no exceptions

    no exceptions

    2 timer siden

    Austin wins

  • Lakatos Zsanett
    Lakatos Zsanett3 timer siden

    who won thou?

  • no exceptions

    no exceptions

    2 timer siden

    Austin will

  • Weslee
    Weslee3 timer siden

    Im pretty sure he's not even that bad of a person, I mean he might be a hella nice person irl but on the net he is kinda childish ngl

  • APG Carl
    APG Carl4 timer siden

    Austin go knock tf out you 🤙

  • Shayma Alnahari
    Shayma Alnahari4 timer siden

    you will lose

  • Gabriella Rattan
    Gabriella Rattan4 timer siden

    mister Bryce hall big fan but the kids stop

  • MonsterHunterAeos
    MonsterHunterAeos4 timer siden

    This is the most cringiest thing I've ever seen, hype butt. Nobody is getting hyped by two idiotic manchild's.

  • Michael korlion
    Michael korlion4 timer siden

    I cant believe I'm watching tiktoker acting tough Bro In my country syria middle east people would eat you like a snack u cute white boy 😂😂😂.

  • Jordan Alejandre
    Jordan Alejandre4 timer siden

    You gonna get knocked out boy I promise u bryce

  • Jazmine Hernandez
    Jazmine Hernandez4 timer siden

    He’s way to disrespectful he gotta chill tf out he’s really doing to much tryna act like this person that he’s not and he’s not he really gotta boss the fuck up he wasn’t like that before he was with Addison like come on now

  • lawcup
    lawcup4 timer siden

    You fasho finna get yo ass slept 🤣

  • Jannah Ali
    Jannah Ali4 timer siden

    Ok but Bryce thinks of some good names to call austin

  • Daisy Elena
    Daisy Elena5 timer siden

    I can’t believe he thinks we’re 4 years old and taking shit about Austin when he acts like a 4 year old.

  • suganthi ramesh babu
    suganthi ramesh babu5 timer siden

    You can't even friggin maintain one fucking girlfriend and start taking suit...let's see who wins in the ring

  • Ayden flax
    Ayden flax6 timer siden

    Austin is gone win

  • Janie_ Beautystar
    Janie_ Beautystar6 timer siden

    This so cringing Omg

  • Twinkle Star
    Twinkle Star6 timer siden

    He really hold that girls hand exsuse me bryce braddsion was the best couple ever

  • XtremeFN
    XtremeFN7 timer siden

    My guy you simp for a bin so shhhhh

  • Amanda Sprague
    Amanda Sprague7 timer siden

    I can’t wait all Austin Karma is going to smack the taste out his mouth at once!

  • Jerry Mouse
    Jerry Mouse7 timer siden

    They both make my blood boil.

  • Amanda Sprague
    Amanda Sprague7 timer siden

    He is going to drop Austin!

  • Yadi Hernandez
    Yadi Hernandez7 timer siden

    When Bryce is going to be the most hated TikToker😂😂😂

  • Natalie Juarez
    Natalie Juarez7 timer siden


  • Sophie Murtaza
    Sophie Murtaza8 timer siden


  • Alexandra Desgranges
    Alexandra Desgranges8 timer siden

    Why are you being mean

  • Theophile Gustave
    Theophile Gustave9 timer siden

    I really hope Austin wins because if he doesn't hid children are going to have to grow up with this and that's embarrassing but knowing that Bryce is stronger I guarantee he will win...

  • Amanie Ramani
    Amanie Ramani10 timer siden

    NAHHH he doesn’t have a chance knocking Austin out😭😭

  • Stephen James-Koppell
    Stephen James-Koppell10 timer siden

    The fact that he showed the confrontation for about a second just proves he s clickbaiting douchebag

  • Salcido 03
    Salcido 0310 timer siden

    Bryce acting like a man he ain't one he is a tiktoker you can't fight

  • Lauren Menton Rooney
    Lauren Menton Rooney11 timer siden

    Bryce! You should of got closer to his boat and took him of it into the water💀

  • Tomas Cabrales
    Tomas Cabrales12 timer siden

    Bryce already know he’s gonna rest June 12😭

  • ikillzombies_247 GG
    ikillzombies_247 GG12 timer siden

    Hope Bryce gets fcked up pls lord wait i dont need to praise he is gonna get knocked tf out

  • Arztrekthical
    Arztrekthical12 timer siden

    "I'm Bryce Hall" -Alwuhu A.K.A Phrog man or Ice Phrog

  • Ala Leuga
    Ala Leuga12 timer siden

    tiktokers really think there cool but they just have 10 yr olds watchin there vids, youtube the best all day

  • Maryam Narsi
    Maryam Narsi12 timer siden

    everybody: *bryce is gonna win omg omg* me: *what happened to covid and social distancing ?*

  • yushaa li
    yushaa li14 timer siden

    I dnt knw but Bryce should be training hard at this moment he should be focused hes always talking shit he will do this and that but my man can't do anything to stromedy ..,???

  • Haily Majano Mejia
    Haily Majano Mejia14 timer siden

    bryce hall has no respect why he bringing up austins kid tf

  • Raven TV For life
    Raven TV For life15 timer siden

    I Like how they take a thumbnail tho lol 💀🤣

  • HDMI Is lit
    HDMI Is lit15 timer siden

    Only watching this fight to see Deji outshine everyone that’s fighting

  • thewilliamsontwinz
    thewilliamsontwinz15 timer siden

    You are going to win sorry for his kids

  • Adil Rehman
    Adil Rehman16 timer siden

    It gonna be funny when Bryce get fuckn nocked out

  • Manuel CASTILLO
    Manuel CASTILLO16 timer siden

    I wanna see Bryce get knocked tf out

    K4SHIN BR4TT16 timer siden

    When he said Austin mcpussy I died 💀

  • Bruh Obama
    Bruh Obama16 timer siden

    Nothing will make me more happy to see this dude get dropped like I’m glad he’s partying on boats and getting drunk instead of training

  • Jin Moua
    Jin Moua16 timer siden

    Austin is gonna Winn 100000 %%

  • die kai
    die kai17 timer siden

    leave the kids outta this I bet they don't care about their 9 year old dad father

  • zaniyah lemon
    zaniyah lemon17 timer siden

    bryce hall and logan pual should fight ngl

  • Shane nope
    Shane nope17 timer siden

    he better win or he's gonna be so depressed

  • Ian Gorham
    Ian Gorham17 timer siden

    Tik tok is for the gayest people out there

  • Ian Gorham
    Ian Gorham17 timer siden

    If u have tik tok the enemy is automatically gonna win

  • Jennifer Pacheco
    Jennifer Pacheco17 timer siden

    I say it’s bad about you talking about his kids

  • Breann Stevens
    Breann Stevens17 timer siden

    You’re getting more hate then likes bro grow up

  • Alex Vargas
    Alex Vargas17 timer siden

    Bryce u got to knock him out cmon

  • Almas Alovey
    Almas Alovey18 timer siden

    Hahah so much shit talk for a lil kid

  • Luh Cae
    Luh Cae18 timer siden

    Austin gonna knock your ass maybe

  • Azz
    Azz18 timer siden

    bryce be quiet ty

  • Amy Vaughn
    Amy Vaughn18 timer siden

    Austin sounds like mickey mouse 😂

  • Amy Vaughn
    Amy Vaughn18 timer siden

    I hope you win!!

  • Thaqif Nabil
    Thaqif Nabil18 timer siden


  • Talessa Togia
    Talessa Togia18 timer siden

    If you're a tik toker then why do you do NOlocal I'm not mad at you I'm asking

  • Kevin Christie
    Kevin Christie18 timer siden

    I do think Bryce will win though.. that Austin guy looks soft

  • Kevin Christie
    Kevin Christie18 timer siden

    Y'all both could get knocked out 🤟🏼 I can't wait to see you guys swing uncontrollably 😂😭😂

  • Lydia Vilums
    Lydia Vilums18 timer siden

    Jesus loves you

  • Nicky
    Nicky18 timer siden

    Imagine not realizing all your fans are 10

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia18 timer siden

    No hes not fuck bryce hall austin is going to win and how rhe freack the kids are goin to grow up and see him knock down you stupid

  • Ywgovith
    Ywgovith19 timer siden

    Wow. He did out it brazilian music in his video

  • Bobby Kamushi
    Bobby Kamushi19 timer siden

    All right let’s go Austin I can’t wait to see him knock out this loser

  • Kenneth De Guzman
    Kenneth De Guzman19 timer siden

    Bryce Hall The King Of Drama.

  • SkaDOOSH
    SkaDOOSH19 timer siden

    Wait was that. Meggnut? On the boat with Bryce?

  • Ivan Gonzales
    Ivan Gonzales19 timer siden

    Cmon Austin you got yhis

  • Luwan Melville
    Luwan Melville20 timer siden


  • Jessica Valle
    Jessica Valle20 timer siden

    This kid just loves talking and bringing up people kids and let’s not for get he called a women a bitch then he said that the majority of the ace family is women and children but they can get it too. This man is not even remotely funny and when he talks out his a** I little cringe. And please don’t tell me it’s a joke because he keeps using the same jokes that are again not funny. Come up with some better comebacks.

  • Hailey Matrau
    Hailey Matrau20 timer siden

    Austin micpnssy lol 😆

  • SG Risk
    SG Risk22 timer siden

    Just cuz he has all that muscle doesn’t mean he can fight. All he does is swing with all power in a actual fight that’s horrible cuz then u are just tiring ur self out then Austin can just knock him out. Plus Austin is definitely going to win Bryce hall can not fight at all.

  • Aldo Baltierra
    Aldo Baltierra22 timer siden

    Austin mcbroom a clout chaser

  • Josiah Lealem
    Josiah Lealem23 timer siden

    3:06 “I’m ready to talk shit” *and that’s the only thing your capable of*

  • Blake Wells
    Blake Wells23 timer siden

    Why you keep talking about his kids