We Got TWO New Project Cars: Dan’s Miata Suppy’s Integra. What Would Our Builders Build?


It’s project season here at Hoonigan. Our in-house wrenches, Suppy and Dan, both just picked up some new, affordable projects. Dan’s always had love for the NA and NB chassis Miatas, so he gets cracking on getting his new purchase ready for an immediate track day. Perfect way to break this thing in.
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  • Tabor Tackett
    Tabor Tackett8 dager siden

    duramax camaro

  • C_Hop
    C_Hop14 dager siden

    No one ever told my man that spinnin ain’t winnin

  • Chris Brookshire
    Chris Brookshire21 dag siden

    Who makes those brake rotors?

  • Szymon Szewczyk
    Szymon Szewczyk22 dager siden

    Good lord with the stupid hearts,broken heart boy trend is ridiculous,and dumb,and people are putting this heart or broken heart shit on theirs cars is just stupid.just being 💯besides that cool video,keep them coming 2 thumbs up👍👍🤯🔰🔰

  • simins inkorp
    simins inkorp23 dager siden

    No pop ups 😭

  • Joseph Andreuccetti
    Joseph Andreuccetti23 dager siden

    I’m happy to see guys with nice projects Why not go with a GT28RS

  • cyntax_error
    cyntax_error23 dager siden

    best way to open a box: screw driver!

  • Troy DeRoin jr
    Troy DeRoin jr23 dager siden

    There's a guy on NOlocal that's doing a v12 engine swap and it has a 12 - 1 exhaust collector and tube framing would be cool to see you guys do a big motor little car build put it on when mechanics lose their mind

  • Matthew Galvin
    Matthew Galvin24 dager siden

    you should race the money pit Miata from donut media

  • Gasper Erjavec
    Gasper Erjavec24 dager siden

    Miata has variable valve timing on the intake cam and no valve lift, duration on both cams for that matter. So no vtec or anything resembling vtec. Check yourself not honda boi :D Love the miata build tho

  • Elliot J Harris
    Elliot J Harris25 dager siden

    K20 swap

  • gprime70
    gprime7025 dager siden

    That Space Race bonus tho 👀👌🏾 I'm looking forward to these two builds. Suppy needs to start building his asap!

  • DukeSky
    DukeSky27 dager siden

    Don't forget the to add a Rainbow sticker to that Miata

    SAMPLE TEXT27 dager siden

    Dans miata should be shartkart 2.0

  • lycanwarlord
    lycanwarlord28 dager siden

    guess we gotta bunch of sponsors now eh?

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon28 dager siden

    “What is Jane’s Addiction?” What a millennial

  • taylor tomlinson
    taylor tomlinson29 dager siden

    i love the black ice in the cubby

  • NippyMoto
    NippyMoto29 dager siden

    Dan is the perfect size for a Miata. BTW you can run 225s on a NB without a roll, what's the offset on those wheels?

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty29 dager siden

    This guy really said "What is Jane's Addiction"

  • qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon

    28 dager siden

    Miata get a bigger car! Lol. I know I'm not going to get a answer for this from Dan but if your going for light & probably stiff y start with a convertible? There's so much added aft

  • Thomas Osborn
    Thomas Osborn29 dager siden

    Dan, why didn't you drop the hoop all the way to the floor pan?

  • Danies Alex
    Danies AlexMåned siden

    Suppy should keep it automatic and smoke all of them

  • Northside Speed
    Northside SpeedMåned siden

    Those TE37 wheels look so fresh.

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboiMåned siden

    “What is Janes Addiction” broke my heart.

  • seeni gzty

    seeni gzty

    29 dager siden

    I love it so hard, I want to build a 1.8 NB as tracktool and for Nordschleife this year too. And now you build one before me 🔥🔥🔥

    COME_AND TAKE_ITMåned siden

    bUt ItS oNe oF a kINd

  • Juan Irurzun
    Juan IrurzunMåned siden

    I think Dan and Zach from donut should race Miatas


    2 jz swap it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Måned siden

    no.... hemi hellcat swap that

  • Mike crystal robert
    Mike crystal robertMåned siden

    What happened to the camaro

  • eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi

    Måned siden

    Dan, as a Mazda boi it's either you boost that little 1.8l engine or you go straight 13b swap ASAP on that thing. Weight reduction at its BEST

  • Gavin_ Type_1
    Gavin_ Type_1Måned siden

    Suppy's wheels look like those wheels you see on those customized hotwheels cars

  • chapel976
    chapel976Måned siden

    "What is Janes Addiction!?" So many people of a certain age right now: *triggered*

  • Jack Matthew
    Jack MatthewMåned siden

    Welp, now nbs are going to go up in price too

  • Macktasticslick
    MacktasticslickMåned siden

    I have those tires on my they are amazinggggg

    MAD MIKEMåned siden

    Coool wheels in Miata

  • Sebiche
    SebicheMåned siden

    Dan, you should get a fastback roof! instagram.com/p/BmDWVXHAgMC/?

  • ScarecroW
    ScarecroWMåned siden

    Hey Dan you should build it up like Whiddett's Miata, flares and all! :D

  • moparnoother
    moparnootherMåned siden

    Miata get a bigger car! Lol. I know I'm not going to get a answer for this from Dan but if your going for light & probably stiff y start with a convertible? There's so much added after the roof is cut off then u have all of the crap with the convertible roof then u have to add more to it to keep the body from flexing & make it safe. If u wanted a convertible then wouldn't a removable hard top convertible be better? Just imo. I still think u do great work man & this is a step up from the world fastest Donk crap (didn't watch didn't care).

  • Max Hennessy
    Max HennessyMåned siden

    Should’ve looked into GC fabrications roll bars. Best in the business, and are exactly what you wanted

  • MainTV
    MainTVMåned siden

    I love it so hard, I want to build a 1.8 NB as tracktool and for Nordschleife this year too. And now you build one before me 🔥🔥🔥

  • gsppuffer
    gsppufferMåned siden

    F in chat for this video and I hate fucking dodges.Video fell short of the mark and came off as a little try hard

  • A Romchuk
    A RomchukMåned siden

    I can fix the dent on ur miata like i did mine. Danger dan would like to see it. My instagram is pickleforker

  • cigasnation
    cigasnationMåned siden

    We not gonna talk about what happened to Sean?

  • Shreesh Vijaya Kumar
    Shreesh Vijaya KumarMåned siden

    Dan, as a Mazda boi it's either you boost that little 1.8l engine or you go straight 13b swap ASAP on that thing. Weight reduction at its BEST

  • Flyingweenerdog
    FlyingweenerdogMåned siden

    Whose FJ60 is that?! She's a beaut!

  • Wreckerboy
    WreckerboyMåned siden

    Taking weight out of the car is always good, but put a Miata on the scales and you’re going to discover that THE RIGHT REAR CORNER IS ALWAYS THE LIGHTEST CORNER. You know, the corner where the battery is that you just lightened.

  • Steven Thompson
    Steven ThompsonMåned siden

    Back the dan I started this sub for..👌

  • Dustin Caswell
    Dustin CaswellMåned siden

    Where is kyle? Havent seen him in forever need a new bad astro update

  • Gustavo Figueiredo
    Gustavo FigueiredoMåned siden


  • Gustavo Figueiredo
    Gustavo FigueiredoMåned siden

    What are all the guys up to these days? We need a general shop/projects uptade. Dan and Jose on the Coalmaro? Shart Kart. Shart Kart XL. Brap Pit. Shit Car. Sean's BMWs. Vin's alternating fleet. Kyle's van and Vette (where he at?). Jon's '55. Hert's 240, FD, FCs. Donk?

  • Gustavo Figueiredo
    Gustavo FigueiredoMåned siden

    I think Suppy might be getting into a carcaine problem. He's got the FJ, the LS FD, the Supra and now the Integra. Well, more content for us! Looking forward to all of it guys!

  • Gustavo Figueiredo
    Gustavo FigueiredoMåned siden

    I've missed Dan... And I'm glad he's back. Also, I don't mind seing him do repeated work, like rolling the fenders and installing suspension, we had none of that footage.

  • Ian Goodwin
    Ian GoodwinMåned siden

    We needed more Dan builds!

  • Maki Tiong
    Maki TiongMåned siden

    finally dan and suppy having the chemistry. more of this content. add jamo too please.

  • Ryan Thor
    Ryan ThorMåned siden

    This guy really said "What is Jane's Addiction"

  • Akash Kumar
    Akash KumarMåned siden

    Danger dan’s positivity is so contagious

  • 14Navega
    14NavegaMåned siden

    1L of oil spent on that Honda launch. Don't forget to fill it up ;)

  • Michael Schäfer
    Michael SchäferMåned siden

    Dan buys a Miata ( the ugly model ), Suppy buys a Integra and gets free sweet CD's, well done Suppy

  • Epsilon 115
    Epsilon 115Måned siden

    Miata stay slow Dan, miata stay slow and you drive faster.

  • solid snake
    solid snakeMåned siden

    no exhaust?

  • Sean Murphy
    Sean MurphyMåned siden

    Suppy, yeah I'm going to keep the interior in, but take out the back seats

  • Svinet
    SvinetMåned siden

    Dan the fucking man!!!

  • Mat S
    Mat SMåned siden

    Why not the magazine trick hert uses?

  • T.A.L.
    T.A.L.Måned siden

    I audibly reacted to that wheel. 🥵🥵

  • fat yeetz
    fat yeetzMåned siden


  • Thomas Vath
    Thomas VathMåned siden

    I know most people like the 1st gen but I think the Mazdaspeed Miata 2nd gen in that burnt orange is my favorite Miata

  • Sheep Dog69
    Sheep Dog69Måned siden

    haha i fucked up an accord in my miata on the freeway the other day, it just couldn't catch me... my miata is stock minus a light flywheel, good clutch and pressure plate, and a muffler delete lol.

  • Boosted Fella
    Boosted FellaMåned siden

    the introduction of a project, the build, the test drive, and a track day in one episode? Every hoonigan staff should learn from Dan

  • Michael Lesko
    Michael LeskoMåned siden

    Where's the camado, Dan? Dan Dan Danny Dan boy big Danny Dan the man with the plan Mr Dan.

  • VB
    VBMåned siden

    You need to buy some custom gauges from Revlimiter, its mandatory when you buy a Miata.

  • Le. Farquad
    Le. FarquadMåned siden

    they're slow but fun as hell

  • Adrian Sanchez
    Adrian SanchezMåned siden

    Used rollbar $400-$500

  • Stone Fields
    Stone FieldsMåned siden

    suppy can you send me those wheels! i just got an integra lol

  • Rodz Allen
    Rodz AllenMåned siden

    Miata is always the answer

  • Parker Oviedo
    Parker OviedoMåned siden

    Dan’s Miata vs Zach jobe Miata from donut media. Let’s do It!

    DECKARDMåned siden

    Finally a car Dan fits in. A miata

  • logan obrien
    logan obrienMåned siden

    whos 3rd gen camaro?????

  • MrWmjd623
    MrWmjd623Måned siden

    Where's my throttle body?!

  • Stitch
    StitchMåned siden

    Miatas always make me smile when i have a bad day🙂MORE MIAT CONTENT?!👀

  • catalin b
    catalin bMåned siden

    that's the shittiest steering wheel and shift knob i've ever seen

  • WTRacing
    WTRacingMåned siden

    that cayman creepin tho

  • Anime Person
    Anime PersonMåned siden


  • 5harp3y
    5harp3yMåned siden

    This needs a black roof so bad

  • Noah Pacheco
    Noah PachecoMåned siden

    Did this man really say "What is Janes Addiction" wow.

  • Jackson Fullmer
    Jackson FullmerMåned siden

    So hyped a dc2 finally came to Hoonigan

  • Red Beard
    Red BeardMåned siden

    Good to finally see this episode after watching dan come to Emilias rescue in it after her c8 caught on fire 🤦‍♂️ anyone else feel like hoonigan is months behind on content and could drop a new video every day for the next month or two and still not catch up to the present

  • Kenneth Ethridge
    Kenneth EthridgeMåned siden

    Just saying I have never seen someone remove a bolt in cage outside of selling the car.

  • Jacob S
    Jacob SMåned siden

    I daily a 2001 miata as well swag swag swag

  • Luige E
    Luige EMåned siden

    I really need to stop smoking while watching these I thought that buzzing sound while Dan was putting on the shift knob had me thinking it was my phone 😂🙄🤦‍♂️

  • Jack Leadbetter
    Jack LeadbetterMåned siden

    Not sure if you'll see this Dan, but Im running a Garrett G25-550 with a .92 turbine housing on my Focus ST and I absolutely love it. Hyped to see the Miata boosted!

  • Coltin Miotti
    Coltin MiottiMåned siden

    Good to see Dan again

  • Thomas Dziedzic
    Thomas DziedzicMåned siden

    next mod: change the hot air intake back to stock

  • Yung Ryuk
    Yung RyukMåned siden

    havent seen such a clean stock integra in so long

  • anoniem pje
    anoniem pjeMåned siden

    Love the integra more because im a honda guy

  • Ebraheem Adams
    Ebraheem AdamsMåned siden

    Oh damn Suppy, can't wait for that build!

  • the kattner
    the kattnerMåned siden

    Dan would have a gold chain for his face mask

  • Jerome Lavoie
    Jerome LavoieMåned siden

    Suppy must swap it b18c or b20 vtec or just kswap it, best platform for dayling and send it on track

  • Chris Spicer
    Chris SpicerMåned siden

    2 Cars 1 Dan

  • Johnny Khorozian
    Johnny KhorozianMåned siden

    have you been watching donut??? zac is gonna change the miata game

  • palllmi
    palllmiMåned siden

    That integra looks like a low rider with that fitment

  • Jacobmfm
    JacobmfmMåned siden

    What happened to the e46 bro I miss that thing

  • mbclk65amg
    mbclk65amgMåned siden

    That Jon Tron cut lol

  • Charles Schwab
    Charles SchwabMåned siden

    So glad to see more of this