#285 Finding a hardware tool in a foreign country is difficult. Finding the right information to speak to the right people with the right paperwork to extend a visa during a pandemic is another level of difficulty for us. It's likely that this is not the last you will hear about the Schengen visa. A few issues with La Vaga are also keeping us on our toes.
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01:18 Jordan Merrick - I Don't Belong - jordanmerrick.bandcamp.com/
03:03 The Hive - AUST - open.spotify.com/artist/5vKWepuMbUEPh8iRpbpoxp?si=VU8nCE7dQsS7_tDITc--OA
06:22 The Big Idea - XXXVII - open.spotify.com/album/7Dcs4CJMchsgt0rkOmLeH8
10:10 Honey Hounds - I Got What You Need - open.spotify.com/artist/2gBYe3dJe0NroE6tej4XnP?si=jVOtX8-AT9-a4ieRMlcRIQ
13:11 Beulah - Hollow - BeulahMusic/
14:10 The Rabbitts - Blue Echo - www.therabbitts.com
15:54 Good Lee & Andrew Rothschild - 24 - AndrewRothschilds/
17:44 Upside - Tom - open.spotify.com/artist/64vnJX4QVCx70NIHM3RZXe?si=c8z2bKmEQ8GaQCYQq52_ww
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  • Ron Lokk
    Ron Lokk16 timer siden

    Heading into those seas with No engine and no auto pilot would put fear into the heart of most sailors, bravo!

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    funnyglow15 dager siden

    The scenery is so beautiful and stunning.Very enjoyable! Reminds me of my trips where I take the good music like the Guns N Roses, Imagine Draongs or the Delta Parole and then enjoy the powerful feeling of the sea. ¡vamos!

  • Mrmynameisasa
    Mrmynameisasa19 dager siden

    Loved that funky, grungy rock tune during the hand-sailing!!

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    Lenny's going ....mom and dad are going to jail.....no more bedtime and the boat is mine!!!!!

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    Simply GoodMood19 dager siden

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    Bailey Fleming22 dager siden

    Elayna! I got a couple weeks behind on the videos, but I was watching this one the other night and holy cow girl! Your video edits are rocking! Keep killing it!

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    Vietnam Motorbike Tours24 dager siden

    love the adventures

  • Paul Caruth
    Paul Caruth26 dager siden

    after seeing Riley eat cold spaghetti I now understand why Elayna keeps him around. come back to the USA...we have 20 million people who have overstayed their visa...we'll make you a US citizen after a week and hound you for the rest of your life for taxes. :)

  • Bennett Moss
    Bennett Moss26 dager siden

    I saw my dad’s yacht

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    Gemma Nash27 dager siden

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    Taisen Des28 dager siden

    Hey! You will be welcome (again) to the Canary Islands, (my home) (14:52) 😘 (Not all of these islands are desert. The western islands are very green too). 😉 👋 👋

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    Pierce Trey28 dager siden

    Buy a stinkin' flip-flop or whatever you want to call it Riley 😂

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    The coolest people on earth 😎🤟

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    Liz Winchester29 dager siden

    Great music, lovely video.

  • Mikey Boy
    Mikey Boy29 dager siden

    Crazy world where you can’t stay any place you want for as long as you want. Messed up.

  • The Thirsty Turtle
    The Thirsty TurtleMåned siden

    Howdy folks, I hope all is well For people who view this. I don’t wanna be a leach but I just wanted to comment Rylee and Elayna have inspired And has had such a positive impact that my cousin and I have started our own channel which will have similar content but different in its own unique way. We plan to be park rangers in Hawaii building our own permaculture and living off the land. Soon to be sailing the world But first I need to finish my time with the navy and Gavin will likewise need to do the same with the Air Force Join us on our ten year plan!

  • S/V Adma
    S/V AdmaMåned siden

    Euro rules are not compatible with sailors. Especially VAT claims over the estimated value of the Vessel are really bad. Stay over 2 years and you go broke.

  • John Cottone
    John CottoneMåned siden

    Interesting to me how you guys support the Liberal Leftist agenda.. ex: you had the leftist "child" who 's echoing her father's script on your vessel. Now after Brexit you're realizing the consequences of leftist globalism. In this episode I see you guys growing up and realizing that the leftist agenda is not what you wanted. You just want to be free and sail on! A real eye-opener!

  • Frank Bottoms
    Frank BottomsMåned siden

    Hates bureaucracy but carries the little socialist Thurnberg back across the Atlantic and dosen"t see the hipocrasy in that.....LMAO....

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    Ned Kellys GhostMåned siden

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    Jochen L.Måned siden

    8:82 - our portside engine is kaputt ... recently the autopilot is "auch" kaputt ;-)

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    It would be awesome if you bought a underwater drone for the future videos in the tropicals. Just to gift videos an extra dimension. When you guys are going free diving. Keep up the good work really enjoy all the videos! I have watched them all!! Greetings from Holland!!

  • Sander 23

    Sander 23

    Måned siden

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  • Melinda Landon
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    Amy DavidsonMåned siden

    I think you should gather video clips from viewers & patrons giving testimonials as to how you have inspired them, effected their paths in life-giving their own adventure stories inspired by you! Create a community where people becomes a network of adventurers, sailors & travelers! Do it every 6 months. Sailors love their sailing communities. Create your own community of voyeurs & doers! We all back you. Now let’s get to know each other better. I love my sailing community & would love to become a part of yours! Amazing job both of you!

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    Pedro MartinsMåned siden

    portuguese authority confiscating your boat and deporting you? that is the joke of the year . that is a lot of work, the portuguese Police is to busy claiming labor rights and having union meetings, come on people shill out, relax , have a couple of Corona´s and enjoy the view and the wonderful portuguese cuisine .

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    djprophetinterviewMåned siden

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    Kevin B.Måned siden

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    😊 Love your videos

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    Tracy MMåned siden

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    Sailing Noctiluca - A Light At SeaMåned siden

    Hello! Great Vlog 🤙 We live aboard and are in the Canaries. We have spent the winter freediving and I have just passed my freediving instructor certification - perhaps we can hook up for a Freedive when you get to the sunny Canaries? We leave Tenerife for La Gomera / El Hierro in a few weeks. Be ace to meet you. 🙏

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  • seeni gzty

    seeni gzty

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    As someone whos from third world country, visas are definitely a pain in the arse! But its worth all the tears once approved.

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    Cool new tricks with editing! Peeps, Thanks for this little getaway. I love to watch your videos, especially in this darn pandemic time ,when some of us can not travel. Thank you very much for allowing us to travel with La Vagabonde - even so it's virtually now,it keeps me with optimistic look into future,plus I can plan some trips for places what you've showed us! Thank you, good health to you all 4. :))

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