WE PACKED A PLAYER WORTH 1 MILLION COINS!! (The Henry Theory #60) (FIFA Ultimate Team)


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  • Mauny Wright
    Mauny Wright7 dager siden

    this dosent hit the same as the zidane zone

  • Amine Cherni
    Amine Cherni8 dager siden

    yo, bro can you get Haaland he is a good player pls get him thank you

  • Saif Alnuaimi
    Saif Alnuaimi8 dager siden

    14:30 hahahahahahahaha

  • snowyy
    snowyy9 dager siden

    the intro still fire

  • Luka Tyndale-Biscoe
    Luka Tyndale-Biscoe9 dager siden

    replace that mendy you could have any lb in the game

  • Ffggj Gbbvv
    Ffggj Gbbvv9 dager siden

    Who’s lukaku I only know bologolli

  • CanyonsWunder
    CanyonsWunder9 dager siden

    My opinion: “This has helped me out!” Link:“ 𝘼𝙋𝙋𝙄.𝙍𝙀𝙎𝙏 “ Final conclusion: “I'm glad I tried it.“ "2:50"

  • Oliver Plunkett
    Oliver Plunkett9 dager siden

    I got Bruno as well, well in Simon 👍👍

  • Roadman Piers Morgan
    Roadman Piers Morgan9 dager siden

    I got neymar from squad battle rewards and used the money for a mid icon pack then got george best mid

  • Zuhaib Iqbal
    Zuhaib Iqbal10 dager siden


  • Himan2815 1
    Himan2815 110 dager siden

    do u stream weekend league

  • Daz birmingham
    Daz birmingham10 dager siden

    POV: You came from TikTok

  • Ben Roberts
    Ben Roberts10 dager siden

    I just watch this to see Simon rage

  • MysticBush
    MysticBush10 dager siden

    still leicester fc, this guy is lit

  • brayton bt
    brayton bt10 dager siden

    Do Rooney

  • Rockpigeon16
    Rockpigeon1610 dager siden

    He shouts so much

  • Harjeevan Shergill
    Harjeevan Shergill10 dager siden

    No hate but simion is not even that good but still get quite high in champs

  • Blair Ogden
    Blair Ogden10 dager siden

    Simion your FIFA videos are so sick

  • אסף רוזנברג
    אסף רוזנברג10 dager siden

    get a Brazilian coach for naymar

  • Michael Donald
    Michael Donald11 dager siden

    Simon's team is worth 10 million

  • Mohammed Tamim Islam
    Mohammed Tamim Islam11 dager siden

    im gonna get rid of bruno fernandes for bruno fernandes anyone think they r the same

  • CaptainDawg02
    CaptainDawg0211 dager siden

    Azzzzz-pillequeta. Guy sucks. He let your team down in the finals...sorry man.

  • HarryWasHere
    HarryWasHere11 dager siden


  • Gove Clipz
    Gove Clipz11 dager siden

    who thinks simon plays better off camera

  • the best football moments
    the best football moments11 dager siden

    Afcbournemouth Henry

  • Nero 017
    Nero 01711 dager siden

    That Fernandes card looks dope. i think his TOTY card is broken

  • Jack
    Jack11 dager siden

    Simon needs to buy a boxing bag or sumin

  • Segun Amisu
    Segun Amisu11 dager siden

    We got the exact same reds 🤣🤣

  • SLOH08 _BTW
    SLOH08 _BTW11 dager siden

    Simon get a Ligue 1 or Brazil manager to get neymar 7 chem

  • Robert Wright
    Robert Wright11 dager siden

    Simon sells a player - has no other option - "We'll take it"

  • Zak
    Zak11 dager siden

    He should do a video with manny

  • Alex Bolton
    Alex Bolton11 dager siden

    change your club name its too annoying

  • Yoditya Bakshi
    Yoditya Bakshi11 dager siden

    video idea: henry vs eto squad builder showdown ( when u get the prime henry)

  • Zayn the beast
    Zayn the beast11 dager siden

    Get jj to play div rivals with ypu

  • Legit Pairv2
    Legit Pairv211 dager siden

    The substantial chard steadily bake because decimal family signal beneath a profuse disgust. utter, wanting button

  • John Main Man Main
    John Main Man Main11 dager siden

    Where’s my TEAM Five people in the box

  • Lewis Sherriff
    Lewis Sherriff11 dager siden

    u should do a video where talia reacts to ur sidemen tinder pick up lines

  • Mikaeel Atif
    Mikaeel Atif11 dager siden

    Of course it will be a board it’s 83+

  • Caleb Parks
    Caleb Parks11 dager siden

    I did the party bag and got Freeze Martinez

  • cillian football13
    cillian football1311 dager siden

    My freind just packed prime henry😂😂

  • CS7Simmo
    CS7Simmo11 dager siden

    Is Henry in this series anymore?

  • Rafi Iqbal
    Rafi Iqbal11 dager siden

    Anyone else remember the Henry theory ?

  • LemonyLandon
    LemonyLandon11 dager siden

    Simon looking at Future Stars objectives: “eh” Me who did them all: 😐

  • TheGamer_ Harry
    TheGamer_ Harry11 dager siden

    What camera angle does Simon use?

  • not brad
    not brad11 dager siden

    He should try and buy the LB Dinge cos he costs ‘bout 60k-110k I think

  • SSR aa1jledge
    SSR aa1jledge11 dager siden

    They put a glove on karuis but forgot that he had no hands

  • DuqxyHD_
    DuqxyHD_11 dager siden

    Your luck is mad

  • Joshua Birkin
    Joshua Birkin11 dager siden

    Simon today: "hopefully next episode we'll have a guest." Simon for the next 3 episodes: "hopefully next episode we'll have a guest"

  • Reecey ._.
    Reecey ._.11 dager siden

    So I got fifa 21 and I got van dijk in my welcome pack now I don’t play the game

  • dd yy
    dd yy11 dager siden

    Are you gonna do icon swaps

  • Tony Heathcote
    Tony Heathcote11 dager siden

    I packed fs ansu fati boys 2.5 million in the bank 👍

  • Ashton Jones
    Ashton Jones11 dager siden

    Simon, put a Brazilian or French league manager so that Neymar can get 7 chem

  • Ace Ash
    Ace Ash11 dager siden

    I honestly think he should’ve gotten the LM version cause he is gonna get the ST version of Henry and he could’ve used him as the replacement for the position

  • Sir theodre the shaio
    Sir theodre the shaio12 dager siden

    who remembers when this was actually about henry

  • Good YouTube good
    Good YouTube good12 dager siden

    He complains when he wins

  • Skibbedy
    Skibbedy12 dager siden

    The game that’s listed is Fifa 20 lol

  • Demi Pred
    Demi Pred12 dager siden

    U need to get Rooney he's a beast

    P2 TRAPPY12 dager siden

    Simon has packed more worst players then he has won games

  • john


    9 dager siden

    More worst players

  • Tomas Vanhanen
    Tomas Vanhanen12 dager siden

    You must do that rooney sbc he is soo good

  • Samuel JONES
    Samuel JONES12 dager siden

    You should defo do rooney

  • JAM x ninja
    JAM x ninja12 dager siden

    You should do Rooney

  • Nathanael Song
    Nathanael Song12 dager siden

    Simon got corona😓

  • jamie wwfc
    jamie wwfc12 dager siden

    Get Rooney he has ruined me many times on champs

  • Ouch Here
    Ouch Here12 dager siden

    I got podence rulebreaker card from the party bag🥲

  • Daniel Rigby
    Daniel Rigby12 dager siden

    Do Reinier. He is insane

  • Shangles
    Shangles12 dager siden

    They give the rich but take from the poor!

  • Arbab- alam12
    Arbab- alam1212 dager siden

    Y is Simon so happy Bruno won’t get upgraded he’s in Europa league lol

  • Keenan Khatavkar
    Keenan Khatavkar12 dager siden

    do the end of era Rooney. he is sick.

  • Mohammed Ahmed
    Mohammed Ahmed12 dager siden

    Simon should vlog himself getting the gold ps5

  • ZF7
    ZF712 dager siden

    Get inform Theo Hernandez

  • Edward Aldred
    Edward Aldred12 dager siden

    I literally packed Bruno as well in my party bag

  • Dylan C
    Dylan C12 dager siden

    Lad get a guest

  • tamjid.c
    tamjid.c12 dager siden

    We need Harry hesketh as a guest

  • Harvey Williams
    Harvey Williams12 dager siden

    Me when I saw Charlie wyke in totw: I NEED ITTT 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️

  • Senan McAlarney
    Senan McAlarney12 dager siden

    Does Simon stream this on twitch

  • Alex Plays
    Alex Plays12 dager siden

    I opened 2 of the 83+packs I got 83 and a 84😭

  • Torin Maclachlan
    Torin Maclachlan12 dager siden


  • Dasian Clark
    Dasian Clark12 dager siden

    Use your red banega in the 86+ since u got him as a normal inform?

  • 26 Trey Solis
    26 Trey Solis12 dager siden

    Officially 60 episodes of not changing the name or badge and also it feels like 100 episodes of him not getting a guest and also it feels like 1000000000000 episodes of him not making Henry the primary thing abt an episode.

  • Juan Pablo Lucero
    Juan Pablo Lucero12 dager siden

    9:10 if he had chosen Neymar he could put him instead of Partey and switch him for Alan and Neymar would be in seven chem

  • What Is Gaming 10
    What Is Gaming 1012 dager siden

    i have a feelin he doesn’t play the weekend league he just pays someone to do it😭

  • Johnnyboiii
    Johnnyboiii12 dager siden

    Sometimes I put a rw in rb

  • kokicha 254
    kokicha 25412 dager siden

    what do u think about the el sharaawy sbc?

  • Abdallah Al-baba
    Abdallah Al-baba12 dager siden

    Do draft challenges like back in the day .

  • Muhammad Ansaar khan
    Muhammad Ansaar khan12 dager siden

    Doesn’t play in the champions league but gets a ucl RTTF card

  • Jonno Hicks
    Jonno Hicks12 dager siden

    Simons hatred for spanish right bacms is real

  • Ivan Savkovic
    Ivan Savkovic12 dager siden

    Next fifa mbappe mystery

  • Raymond Tran
    Raymond Tran12 dager siden

    get w2s on the next episode

  • Svantevit Sharma
    Svantevit Sharma12 dager siden

    Simon why aren't you doing icon swaps anymore ?

  • Mats Schenck
    Mats Schenck12 dager siden

    Having a party. Simon minter 2021

  • Ug9ndaa
    Ug9ndaa12 dager siden

    These Series are shambles

  • uziel hermosillo
    uziel hermosillo12 dager siden

    He should have played fifa without using fifa points.

  • soccer blitz
    soccer blitz12 dager siden

    In the rare gold players pack, I got griezmann.

  • Jay Eli
    Jay Eli12 dager siden

    I actually enjoy when Simon builds drafts you know

  • Carlos Geli
    Carlos Geli12 dager siden

    Henry’s only appearance being in the intro is hilarious 😂

  • Saimeer Ghanto
    Saimeer Ghanto12 dager siden

    Do another Henry theory Vs eto's excellence remacth

  • Shaunav Sh
    Shaunav Sh12 dager siden

    So he gets Bruno Fernandes, and I got otw Nelson flipping semedo. I traded in an untradeable 88 lukaku for an 83...

  • FatySimulator
    FatySimulator12 dager siden

    Keep up the great work Simon

  • Fanta lemon
    Fanta lemon12 dager siden


  • Thomas Read
    Thomas Read12 dager siden

    Next guest Harry hesketh like if you agree