We Pretended To Work At Starbucks Drive Thru (Fake Employee Prank)


Fake Employee Prank at Starbucks Drive Thru! We went and pretended to work as fake employees at Starbucks after working at McDonald's. Hope you enjoy this video and like for more pranks!
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  • Rich Walk
    Rich Walk3 minutter siden

    Didn't show the bit where you all jump out the van and put it on him and you all shit a brick lol

  • Rich Walk
    Rich Walk4 minutter siden

    That was my mate he is a cage fighter you're lucky that's all he did play with fire you get burnt pmsl

  • Riyan Sajid
    Riyan Sajid4 timer siden

    Fam why didn’t chunkz and dem man back it

  • yung TGF
    yung TGF5 timer siden

    You guys make the sidemen look like the betas

  • Sil_va Kinght Gaming
    Sil_va Kinght Gaming6 timer siden

    Even tho niko was kinda in the wrong for insulting the dude with the bad breath if that guy kicked me or threw my phone idk but y’all but if you see me on the news just know why

  • Unestablished YouTuber
    Unestablished YouTuber7 timer siden

    You guys should collab with the sidemen that would be jokes😂

  • chukzn17
    chukzn179 timer siden

    Chunkz outgrown this shit man

  • Raya Yaneva
    Raya Yaneva10 timer siden

    This us to become tv series 😂😂😂

  • Eden Slav
    Eden Slav10 timer siden

    It doesn't matter if a guy drop kicks Niko. The only thing he is triggered by is people calling him Neeko.

  • Winx420
    Winx42011 timer siden

    Wish he’d do that to you instead of ur phone

  • May Playz
    May Playz12 timer siden

    I swear if they didn't blur that dudes face.. We would make his life hell

  • rhea
    rhea15 timer siden


  • Anthony
    Anthony16 timer siden

    Niko should of kicked the guys car

  • Roos K
    Roos K17 timer siden

    These lot legit need their own TV Show, English person of the impractical jokers!!!

  • Ethan Blackley
    Ethan Blackley18 timer siden

    On week they got 1 mil

  • Marcus Holloway
    Marcus Holloway18 timer siden

    Covid inspection 🤣

  • daddy pallio
    daddy pallio21 time siden

    as soon as “she’s 15” came out and everyone lost it I immedietely hit that subscribe button

  • Ghostyscarab 372
    Ghostyscarab 37222 timer siden

    They actually got 1 mil at end of the week

  • frog man
    frog man22 timer siden

    18:15 tf is the camera man doing

  • Oc wokky got stripped Deuce block k
    Oc wokky got stripped Deuce block k22 timer siden

    We need to find dude that fly kicked niko

  • Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide

    18 timer siden

    I am Niko's long lost American brother

  • Harris Khan
    Harris Khan23 timer siden

    Should have sued him

  • Bailey Boss
    Bailey BossDag siden


  • Andrew Lessane
    Andrew LessaneDag siden

    Shes 15

  • Aryan Bajaj
    Aryan BajajDag siden

    niko you should’ve fucked that guy up🤣

  • Connor
    ConnorDag siden

    u really just let him throw your phone and didn’t do anything about it that’s weak

  • Connor


    8 timer siden

    @Adeel M not really beef more like assault

  • Adeel M

    Adeel M

    22 timer siden

    Nah that's smart, pointless beef

  • Chris Neidha
    Chris NeidhaDag siden


  • Samuel x
    Samuel xDag siden

    “Filmed before covid” as everyone wears facemasks in Starbucks

  • RedWing
    RedWingDag siden

    Roadmen are so stupid, you don’t assault someone with a video camera. Dead beat logic

  • Hoods Ahmed
    Hoods AhmedDag siden


  • Travis Stevenson
    Travis StevensonDag siden

    Are u looking for a scrap m8 no I'm looking for mentors and tooth paste

  • Harvey
    HarveyDag siden

    Can’t believe that some people are saying “where is the white people” just shut the fuck up I love the fact there’s an all dark skinned group just shut up

  • Slim_ Innater
    Slim_ InnaterDag siden

    You hit a million

  • Reabaka Melamu
    Reabaka MelamuDag siden

    Darkest man would hv been so good at this

  • Showb04t
    Showb04tDag siden

    I am Niko's long lost American brother

  • Anonymous A
    Anonymous ADag siden

    All of you should have hoped out and rushed the guy that would have been jokes

  • Hassan Hajji
    Hassan HajjiDag siden

    Keep going

  • Stiscl 05
    Stiscl 05Dag siden

    My mum overheard me watching this and cant stop laughing at niko saying his phone committed suicide because of the guys breath🤣🤣

  • AyyBlessing
    AyyBlessingDag siden

    I just subbed also congrats on reaching a million subs 🔥🔥🔥

  • Hazzaa Tamimi
    Hazzaa TamimiDag siden


  • Efr8n 1
    Efr8n 1Dag siden

    Dam bro how u gonna let some one brake ur phone bruh

  • KingMOMO Legends
    KingMOMO LegendsDag siden

    Man i hoping niko will beat up that smuck ass

  • Sineen Sineen
    Sineen SineenDag siden

    he is losing his marbles

  • Jene Brooks
    Jene BrooksDag siden

    This man really started break dancing lol

  • Extreme.
    Extreme.Dag siden

    These guys have the potential to overtake the sidemen, just be consistent!!!!!!!

  • Rey Rodriguez
    Rey RodriguezDag siden

    Who’s here because of Twitter

  • like my comment gurl
    like my comment gurlDag siden

    I can smell the odor of his breath through the screen💀

  • SnipDip
    SnipDip2 dager siden

    Next time pls do it in KFC

  • Sherif Abdelbaki
    Sherif Abdelbaki2 dager siden

    “I don’t want the police to be called” “No worries I got their number”

  • Carlton Thorpe
    Carlton Thorpe2 dager siden

    this is before quarantine but the guy is wearing a mask 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    VORTEX_ D3TH2 dager siden

    "ainewinuyuinyowhiuniyai" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • movies for free
    movies for free2 dager siden

    Rip to the phone

  • pog
    pog2 dager siden


  • Heyy x
    Heyy x2 dager siden

    To whoever is reading this Jesus is coming soon repent before it's too late 🙏🏾

  • Lyn X
    Lyn X2 dager siden

    U can only like this if ur from drama alert 👇

  • Farzana Mitu
    Farzana Mitu2 dager siden


  • jordania mccabe
    jordania mccabe2 dager siden

    You said at the start of the video you did this before covid But then you're making jokes saying you're doing "covid inspections"???? .....

  • Jjuuko Aula prince
    Jjuuko Aula prince2 dager siden

    😂😂😂 beta squad back again

  • SAJMKA15 _
    SAJMKA15 _2 dager siden

    I wanted to see a scrap

    PUDDICOMBE19922 dager siden

    Leave this to the Nelk boys

  • K
    K2 dager siden


  • Unzi Karim
    Unzi Karim2 dager siden

    Why didn't they get sued for pretending to be starbucks empl?? Cuz some people might think it's actual starbucks and they'd have a bad impression of the brand?

  • Elsa Moynihan
    Elsa Moynihan2 dager siden

    Your not the best 👎😏

  • Jeoff Sebastian
    Jeoff Sebastian2 dager siden

    People we must give Niko the views the give him the iphone 12

    ZVLOBEY2 dager siden

    Kennys one was unbelievable man 💀

  • Floppy Productions
    Floppy Productions2 dager siden


  • Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss

    2 dager siden

    That joke man was so insecure about his breath smelling like dude grow up and grab a toothpaste and toothbrush :)

  • Shan Ghai
    Shan Ghai2 dager siden

    Who here after they hit 1 million subscribers

  • Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss

    2 dager siden

    Not happy with chunkz ,I feel like he ain’t the same no more and the money had an effect on him

  • XheypepzX
    XheypepzX2 dager siden

    The way I love chunks ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Cloudy Visuals
    Cloudy Visuals2 dager siden

    Off some acid and I appreciate the A1 content

  • Y.diz
    Y.diz3 dager siden


  • L M
    L M3 dager siden

    The fact this guy really got out of his car to do that just goes to show that his mouth was really smelling 💀💀💀

  • Aaron Lee
    Aaron Lee3 dager siden

    Mans tryna make jokes and laugh it off but was running away screaming like a little girl

  • ZED Productions
    ZED Productions3 dager siden

    Everyone must comment Kenny is a fool 😒

  • Nathan Robson
    Nathan Robson3 dager siden

    oh look theres the clouds, oh look theres Nikos phone

  • clarisa stevany
    clarisa stevany3 dager siden

    ▶ tinyurl.com/urflirtymylovesex Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.

  • Zazza Reece
    Zazza Reece3 dager siden

    Who acctully see chunks knuckleball a baby

  • Daniel John
    Daniel John3 dager siden

    That guys took it far

  • hercules Puga
    hercules Puga3 dager siden

    search NOlocal for hercules Puga's channel . ... 💬

  • Ramy Creates
    Ramy Creates3 dager siden

    mr. stink breath over here lmao

  • Dimitar Petrov
    Dimitar Petrov3 dager siden

    Not happy with chunkz ,I feel like he ain’t the same no more and the money had an effect on him

  • The Godfather
    The Godfather3 dager siden

    That joke man was so insecure about his breath smelling like dude grow up and grab a toothpaste and toothbrush :)

  • kenneth martinez
    kenneth martinez3 dager siden

    This is like the British impractical jokers

  • Purnita Roy
    Purnita Roy3 dager siden

    Niko what you did wasn't nice.. that has probably shattered his self confidence

  • big L
    big L3 dager siden

    That was class man 😂🤣

  • Sagina Adekunle
    Sagina Adekunle3 dager siden

    Umm how is this not age restrictied

  • Albertomedy
    Albertomedy3 dager siden

    Liked and commented

  • ArabicGuy
    ArabicGuy3 dager siden

    Bro u shouldve shanked him with ur phone when u found it and slapped him on his neck with hand sanitizer. My man if someone kicked me like that Wallahi I would’ve knocked him out. Ain’t nobody gonna attempt to paralyze me without me doing nothing about it😂😂

  • Kidd Klutch
    Kidd Klutch3 dager siden

    new vid comes out when im getting bored

  • John Ben
    John Ben3 dager siden


  • Mr Budge
    Mr Budge3 dager siden


  • Itz Ryanair
    Itz Ryanair3 dager siden

    Your late again

  • Rayhan Uddin
    Rayhan Uddin3 dager siden

    Bruh don’t be late and now ur late

  • yahyah
    yahyah3 dager siden

    Excuse me you are approximately 58 minutes late from your due time to upload smh

  • Benejp Whejekekwk
    Benejp Whejekekwk3 dager siden


    JUSTICE MAN3 dager siden

    You are late

  • Umar Rahman
    Umar Rahman3 dager siden

    Upload bro

    FTR UTD3 dager siden

    27 mins late....

  • L C
    L C3 dager siden

    26 mins late so far

  • zak tawad
    zak tawad3 dager siden

    you are late bro by 19 mins 😞

  • zak tawad

    zak tawad

    3 dager siden

    @kaamil ayofe true bro

  • kaamil ayofe

    kaamil ayofe

    3 dager siden

    there never on time smh aint even suprised their shucks are too inconsistent

  • Ezxanx- Plays
    Ezxanx- Plays3 dager siden

    McDonald’s now Starbucks

  • Aj Shabeel
    Aj Shabeel3 dager siden

    Guys it’s saturday at 2 pm