Biggy and Naz apologise to you for teaming and being mean
They are talking about this video here nolocal.info/have/video/qIF2nsud0HGhyqY
WE RUINED BIGGY'S BIRTHDAY nolocal.info/have/video/g4iIm9eAqqmOlp4
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  • Norris Nuts Gaming
    Norris Nuts Gaming6 dager siden

    WE RUINED BIGGY'S BIRTHDAY nolocal.info/have/video/g4iIm9eAqqmOlp4

  • Lmp Aswan

    Lmp Aswan

    2 dager siden


  • Toni Williams

    Toni Williams

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  • Ola Ola

    Ola Ola

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  • Ola Ola

    Ola Ola

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  • KrK Specter

    KrK Specter

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  • Allison C.
    Allison C.5 minutter siden

    If I was their parents I would be proud, because this is the action people should take when they mess up and most older people would blame others instead of owning up to their mistake... This is very mature of you guys! Keep up the good work to the parents and the kids!

  • Francisco Faria
    Francisco Faria23 minutter siden

    Ok but why do they always need to cry for a small little thing like??????..

  • Francisco Faria

    Francisco Faria

    22 minutter siden

    But that was really nice buggy and nas that u said sorry

  • Scarlet.dancer08
    Scarlet.dancer0846 minutter siden

    There was no need for this video there just kids playing Among Ua

  • Charlotte Miller
    Charlotte Miller2 timer siden

    Well done buggy and naz for owning up you have made everyone happy and I love watching your video

  • Daniella Phillips
    Daniella Phillips3 timer siden

    Seeee among us is getting in to you guys stop playing it

  • Bobo Bruh
    Bobo Bruh3 timer siden

    That sad

  • Chloe Exley
    Chloe Exley3 timer siden

    Your so mature this is so good of you 👍

  • stacey James
    stacey James4 timer siden

    that was a very sensible and grown up thing to do when they apoligised for there actions good job nazzy and biggy :]

  • FroakieGaming
    FroakieGaming4 timer siden

    Thank you biggy and nAz 😇♥️🌷

  • C Hutchins
    C Hutchins4 timer siden

    I think you should stop teaming up bc I think sockie and sabre are now getting upset. So that’s why

  • pickle plays
    pickle plays4 timer siden

    Thank you

  • The Pair Of Socks Under Your Bed Hehe
    The Pair Of Socks Under Your Bed Hehe4 timer siden

    This was very mature of y’all! Love to the Norris Nuts ✨

  • jw8451
    jw84515 timer siden

    Your so nice

    MARTHA PLAYZ6 timer siden

    Maybe you should add a rule that you can only talk at emergency meetings and discussions

    MARTHA PLAYZ6 timer siden

    Maybe you should add a rule that you can only talk at emergency meetings and discussions

  • Aleah O'Dwyer
    Aleah O'Dwyer6 timer siden

    No you guys were never rude you guys are amazing

  • Unique Lyrics
    Unique Lyrics7 timer siden

    It's so big and brave of them to make this video. Good job Brooke and Justin on raising these kids. They did an amazing job.

  • pat parkeswelborn
    pat parkeswelborn7 timer siden

    Biggy and Naz are being mean for busting Sockie and Sabre and it’s rude how Naz and Biggy team up an in the Pranking Sabre in among us and voted her out when she was the imposter and she didn’t do anything but they are so kind how they say sorry I’m not being mean it’s just true but I am a legend/Super Legend.....

  • Eve Newark
    Eve Newark7 timer siden

    They always pick on saber and sometimes sokie

  • Emma Edwards
    Emma Edwards7 timer siden

    It’s ok we’re just glad your being honest unlike some you tubers

  • Freya Lillywhite
    Freya Lillywhite7 timer siden

    U two are so nice and responsible so thank you for making my life so much better 🥰

  • Amevloggelia
    Amevloggelia8 timer siden

    It’s literally among us

  • George M
    George M8 timer siden

    Is it just me who thinks everyone is copying the first comment. Every comment includes the word mature and something about being raised up right.

  • kennysha nadeeva
    kennysha nadeeva8 timer siden

    We forgive you

  • hillyallday
    hillyallday8 timer siden

    another mean thing you did was in one of your videos Biggy saw Nazzy's screen when she was the imposter but you said i wont tell turns out Sockie was the other impostor and you said you were sus of Sockie when you saw nazzys screen so you would of seen that Sockie was the other impostor.

  • Florence Scott
    Florence Scott8 timer siden

    I’m from England nine love you guys and think your so mature 😘😘😘

  • Mark Becker
    Mark Becker9 timer siden

    Sockie also calls people sus for no reason and biggy didnt know that sockie could have told everyone that he killed so he would have just killed her bc thats the whole point of the game. also in ur old mincraft videos u guys always would say that all of naz's buildings suck and that shes bad at gaming.

  • itstherealcoffeeyt.-
    itstherealcoffeeyt.-9 timer siden

    Why do they need to say srry im not a hater but why its the purpose of the game?

  • Ceci Otago Cole
    Ceci Otago Cole10 timer siden

    That was amazing speach Biggy and Naz thank you for doing the right choice well done

  • Sharleen Jennifer
    Sharleen Jennifer10 timer siden

    where did all of the rest comments go? oh you find me again. well just saying this will never ends. well if your bored.. you might aswell just scroll up to read again! oops your still here? well its still a long journey to go so yeah! goodluck you really need iit :v woah you made it! congrats! 👍 👎 2k jk lmao bruh might aswell read other comments before ou scroll downer and get lost :/ last chance woah you made it this far?! well KEEEP GOINGGG AND DONT GO BACK G really long right? xD ok lets make a bet.. if you made it to the end without the scrollbar.. ill subscribe to ur channel! for proof you have to.. *screen record* *reply my comment with an emoji somewhere in this vid so ik you didnt use the scroll bar* GOODLUCK!! give up already! ugh.. your still here? well ok im just gonna tell you a really really unfunny joke like your expecting this: 🤣 but reality: 😐 amd the reason i did this is bcs im bored. “guys what does the circus trainer? elaphant dont step on poop! you know why? BCS IT WAS TRAINED ALREADY!” pretty funny.. aight lets move on mate! ᴛʜɪs ᴇᴍᴏᴊɪ 🥚 oh wow gpur going great! HINT! you this is just halfway ;) wow you made it! please like my comment so i can know how many peeps made it!

  • peytals
    peytals11 timer siden

    Thank you for being so mature and owning up to your mistakes. 🤍 You are such good kids.

  • devanshi singh
    devanshi singh13 timer siden

    I'm sorry norris nuts I won't be able to get the norris nuts fashion I'm so sorry I hope I was able to get it :(( :D

  • kawaii kittycorno1 Skelly
    kawaii kittycorno1 Skelly13 timer siden

    I mean i dont think they did anything rong but its really kind and responsible that they took ownership and are so kind to eachother and yuo guys are so kind please never give up have the best times! And i exept your apologie!😁

  • Livingwithgilly
    Livingwithgilly13 timer siden

    I fill like the others where fake and not real but still that was super sweet what ya'll did Biggy and Naz! But its also not like the other ones who called ya out never did something like that!ヾ(•ω•`)

  • gladys Ortiz
    gladys Ortiz13 timer siden


  • 1B02 Cheung Hoi Ki 張凱棋
    1B02 Cheung Hoi Ki 張凱棋14 timer siden

    L think Biggs is a bad kid and naz u are very bad u always bully at amoug us u a,ways bully them l am not a legend anymore sorry l u guys deserve to lose a legend

  • Kimberly Perez Uriarte
    Kimberly Perez Uriarte14 timer siden

    you guyes are FAKE AS HELL

  • Andrewthepro321
    Andrewthepro32114 timer siden

    It’s ok you are playing a game if your the impostor you kill/vote out cremates its the meaning of the game

  • Emily Newell
    Emily Newell15 timer siden

    There only at 2million subs guess come on we know you love them

  • It DYLAN!
    It DYLAN!15 timer siden

    There just playing the game and I can’t believe that your sorry it ok doubt let this get you down you guys are amazing

  • Bob Ridings
    Bob Ridings16 timer siden

    Yeah! ROCK ON YALL

    KARINA MCTEAGUE16 timer siden


  • Destinee Heng
    Destinee Heng16 timer siden

    aww you guys are so mature

  • Mara Samantha Villa
    Mara Samantha Villa16 timer siden

    I really like sockie and sabre they are so responsible and i hate naz and biggy cauz they're so mean to sabre and sockie😊

  • Tiffany Robinson
    Tiffany Robinson16 timer siden

    well done naz and biggy ur so mature

  • Lightning’s Lego Gunz
    Lightning’s Lego Gunz17 timer siden

    I mean I’m bleeding that’s cool

  • Ella Beckitt
    Ella Beckitt17 timer siden

    That was so mature and responsible and respectful of you two. I love the way you guys are so honest and are saying sorry for the mistakes you’ve made, and that’s ok if you’ve made mistakes. We all make mistakes. Just remember we all love you guys and support you all

  • Mandy Wilson
    Mandy Wilson17 timer siden

    everyone makes mistakes

  • Robert Operia
    Robert Operia17 timer siden

    Hi Norris nuts I love your channel so much can I get a shout-out pls pls pls you have a good day I love naz I am a legend from Naomi

  • Shella Chan Vids
    Shella Chan Vids18 timer siden

    I mean u guys did apologize but u guys still blame sabre the karen video

  • Katie Emmerton
    Katie Emmerton18 timer siden

    Oh thank u guys we all love u so don't worry we accept ur apologie

  • Sara Vd PLAAT
    Sara Vd PLAAT18 timer siden

    So..... Jk it will be fine

  • Ella Rogers-22
    Ella Rogers-2219 timer siden


  • Mylee Yost
    Mylee Yost19 timer siden

    I don’t really felt that that was very fair because that is how your supposed to play amoung us your supposed to sus people to win, but I get were they are coming from and I’m glad that they stood up for the actions🥺😭💗

  • Cayden Barker
    Cayden Barker20 timer siden


  • xpwag
    xpwag20 timer siden

    You are very metal to too

  • Casey Sanchez
    Casey Sanchez20 timer siden

    Yea guys thanks for listening like it’s not fair for them but I accept the apology

  • Chloe Evans
    Chloe Evans20 timer siden

    To be fair it’s just a game it’s not that big of a deal naz and biggy are literally kids love you guys by the way xx

  • Evangeline Garcia
    Evangeline Garcia20 timer siden

    its good that they said sorry to them but then again ITS JUST A GAME LIKE COME ON.

    ROMINA DOMINGUEZ20 timer siden

    It’s just a game but ok

  • Lewis L2
    Lewis L220 timer siden

    I love you naz my name is Lauren

  • Max Dalla Lana
    Max Dalla Lana20 timer siden

    THIS IS GREAT CONTENT 😰😇💖😭😂🍾🍾 so happy these young adults are teaching my children to cry on among us 💖💖 so beautiful LIVE LAUGH LOVE 😊🙌

  • Dallas Madalynn
    Dallas Madalynn20 timer siden

    In that big your nails are nice but that’s how you play among us sometimes you just got him up and they literally did nothing so and sake he always cheats in savor sometime

  • Kai C
    Kai C21 time siden

    maybe then you guys should not be able to talk when you are playing among us so there Is no cheating.

  • Khalida Alhasani
    Khalida Alhasani21 time siden


  • Niamh Edwards
    Niamh Edwards21 time siden

    That is very mature of you Naz and Biggy :)

  • Andy Baxter
    Andy Baxter21 time siden

    Naz and biggy can team if they want toooo u legends really need to stop hating naz biggy theres no rules in among us to say stop teaming team is u want to like when my and my brother play we say to the imp is so im just saying team if u rlly wanna

  • Aussie Bel-Eve
    Aussie Bel-Eve21 time siden

    Biggy and Naz that was so nice and brave of you guys

  • Maria Hamlett
    Maria Hamlett21 time siden

    I’m proud of you two Biggy and Naz it was a very good choice to do 😁

  • Tilly-Mai Hindhaugh
    Tilly-Mai Hindhaugh21 time siden

    That was an amazing thing to do guys ily xxxx💞💕

  • N Reaves
    N Reaves21 time siden

    We love you legends

  • Whosria
    Whosria21 time siden

    This made me cry, I love how they apologized to us and Sabre for the tiniest reasons and other people make the biggest mistake and they don’t even apologize they just pretend like it never happened. I’m so proud of u guys and ur parents raided u real good

  • Mr. pigums
    Mr. pigums22 timer siden

    ⚠️ no hate intended ⚠️ I used to be the biggest fan of the Norris nuts. But on “Norris Nuts do Stuff” buggy always wins challenges and bashes everyone for it. But then when one of the girls wins something biggy gets so mad. I just don’t think that’s fair. And then they always let is slid. I still love you guys tho, ❤️

  • lily._. rae
    lily._. rae22 timer siden

    that was very nice :D

  • Tariq Akram
    Tariq Akram22 timer siden

    Ur haters are just jealous ignore them U ARE THE BEST

  • Gemini Education
    Gemini Education22 timer siden

    owww thanks big and naz

  • Justine Gray
    Justine Gray22 timer siden

    This is why u are 1 of my favourite family on NOlocal 🥰

  • Darren Donaldson
    Darren Donaldson22 timer siden

    I love how they made an apology VIDEO when all they actually had to do was tell sabre and sockie that they were sorry, that’s how loving you all are, keep up the good work ❤️

  • Teresa Ortiz
    Teresa Ortiz22 timer siden

    The legends save among us videos

  • •Twin Vibez•
    •Twin Vibez•23 timer siden

    You guys are the best we love you never feel down on youself

  • Jessie Searles
    Jessie Searles23 timer siden

    Guys u act ur age sabre is 16 u guys are only 12 and 10(i think) so dont be so hard on urself ♥️♥️

  • miley surtees
    miley surtees23 timer siden

    btw can u play more adopt me

  • miley surtees
    miley surtees23 timer siden

    its ok

  • Maya Ahmed
    Maya Ahmed23 timer siden

    What. is. Coach

  • Lala's Life
    Lala's LifeDag siden

    You all are so caring and mature yall gonna do good in life

  • Belu Vila
    Belu VilaDag siden


  • Cookie star
    Cookie starDag siden

    Aww thanks for apologizing yall are the kindest thanks for everything keep yall heads ups biggy and naz❤

  • rolianys ortiz
    rolianys ortizDag siden

    is ok naz and biggy we are legends and we never ever judge we love u guys :) !!!!

  • Janet Coles
    Janet ColesDag siden

    It’s a bout bloody time

  • Kisser Crusher
    Kisser CrusherDag siden

    Fuck u

  • donna Elliott
    donna ElliottDag siden

    You guys are so loving and kind . ❤️ I love you norris nuts

  • Jamielee Berwick
    Jamielee BerwickDag siden

    But its how you play

  • ahlam muhamud
    ahlam muhamudDag siden

    aww that made me cry i hope they make a vid with all of them in different rooms

  • Riya Lahurikar
    Riya LahurikarDag siden

    It is just a game

  • Hallelujah Melaku
    Hallelujah MelakuDag siden

    I love how the norris nuts just keep sticking together i wish they were my siblings their love is making me blush i will never forget the day i knew u and subscrib to ur channel always😘❤❤

  • ruqaya tamimi
    ruqaya tamimiDag siden

    It’s was kinda mean when you voted out Sabre for no reason but you did the right thing by apologizing good job!!

  • Prabhu 007
    Prabhu 007Dag siden

    Good job dears.. This is why i like norris nuts so much😍😍😍

  • lilia mansour
    lilia mansourDag siden

    thank you biggy and nazzy cant wait for world of pets

  • legend
    legendDag siden

    Naz Sab bigs sock can you give me a shutout I love you guys .)💙💚💛💜🙏🙏🙏🙏