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  • Ryan Monaghan
    Ryan Monaghan13 dager siden

    LS swapping my e46 as well, but im doing mine as a daily

  • scooz14
    scooz1417 dager siden

    you should get 2 air over hydraulic bottle jacks and use them to jack the ramps up instead of jacking the cars up and dicking with wood blocks.

  • Shane Lee Loy
    Shane Lee Loy19 dager siden

    Vvl for life

  • Tim Lancaster
    Tim Lancaster19 dager siden

    Sell me the gold s14 u took the ka out of i deserve to own it again lol

  • SpHeGoon
    SpHeGoon20 dager siden

    N54 = Mental Issues

  • Cody 404
    Cody 40420 dager siden

    Its wired how often your sniffing.. hmm hmm 🤧

  • Broken Smokin' Spokes
    Broken Smokin' Spokes22 dager siden


  • Sasuke Garage
    Sasuke Garage22 dager siden

    MENGA MINT!!!😍😎💎🔥💯😂😆😳

  • biviano toledo
    biviano toledo23 dager siden

    Dude I want to hear more of JPs car it sounds so GOOOD!!!!!!!!

  • Frostedmemory
    Frostedmemory24 dager siden

    this is gonna be sick af

  • angel herrera
    angel herrera25 dager siden


  • Spumatic Carz
    Spumatic Carz25 dager siden

    America ‼️🤣🤣

  • A Romchuk
    A Romchuk25 dager siden

    Im a pure blooded American

  • Dillon Williamson
    Dillon Williamson25 dager siden

    Doesn’t the dyno read like way high. So numbers aren’t accurate?

  • Aidan Daubert
    Aidan Daubert25 dager siden

    Jimmy I love you but please paint your cars lol

  • tyler fleetwood
    tyler fleetwood25 dager siden

    Outro song?

  • Rosey Rose
    Rosey Rose25 dager siden

    I think they got DJ's and jimmy's cameras mixed up this morning cause this sounds alot like a noway production video 😂

  • Corey MacPherson
    Corey MacPherson25 dager siden

    What about a cross member joining the the two ramps and a jack/hydraulic something to lift the ramps level? then chock it up. strap it down?

  • Robert Keeton
    Robert Keeton25 dager siden

    The SR16VE was NA and still made 175 HP and 119 lb ft out of 1.6L and the stock SR20VE made 204 HP and 152 lb ft. THEN there was the SR20VET which made 276 HP and 228 lb ft and only came in 01-07 Nissan X-Trail GTs. Also, I'm a Honda guy, and own two boosted Hondas that make alot of power, so yes I know that the B16B made 180 HP out of 1.6L.

  • Robert Keeton
    Robert Keeton25 dager siden

    So, for those that have never known what NEO or VVL stands for: Nissan Ecology Oriented Variable Valve Lift and Timing (commonly known as VVL & VVT) is an automobile variable valve timing technology developed by Nissan. VVL varies the duration, and lift of valves by using hydraulic pressure switch between two different sets of camshaft lobes. VVT varies the valve timing throughout the RPM range. Together they function similarly to Honda's VTEC system.

  • Ashley Caunt
    Ashley Caunt26 dager siden

    That VVL build is wild! I need me some B Hall positivity for my own builds, what a legend 🤙🏻

  • Travis Taylor
    Travis Taylor26 dager siden

    I love the helping homies on there cars videos! Can we please get sumo build on the channel 🙏

  • Mr MidoriOO
    Mr MidoriOO26 dager siden

    Hell yeah brother

  • JRM_motorsport
    JRM_motorsport26 dager siden

    you can place the dyno outside the grage gate. right behind where it is now then you do not need to make a hole for it in the floor but maybe make a platform just outside to stand on. and then you can get it level with the floor. but is just a quick thought from me.

  • UCF10 CyclopS
    UCF10 CyclopS26 dager siden

    Lost it at the ugga dugga part 😂😂

  • eric green
    eric green26 dager siden

    Poor guy lost his oil pump on the bmw engine. Now he's got a ls thats going to have oil failures

  • Raj23
    Raj2326 dager siden

    JP’s s14 is nasty

  • talontsi96
    talontsi9626 dager siden

    I would love to ls swap my e46 but ive always heard wiring and getting all the bmw stuff to work is a royal pita.......i cant wait to watch his swap and see how it goes.

  • Wilky's Adventures
    Wilky's Adventures26 dager siden

    No rocker arm trunnion upgrade? yikes....

  • dave caraher
    dave caraher26 dager siden

    When are we gonna see an E90 swap! I want to get rid of my N43 and need inspiration!

  • Lance Melchert
    Lance Melchert26 dager siden

    Nissanda content??🥺👉👈

  • thatwhite_vs
    thatwhite_vs26 dager siden

    Stop putting LS motors into shit, it’s super overdone now.

  • Mike Claridge
    Mike Claridge26 dager siden

    Bro you need some of those lift things that Taylor Ray and all motor phong use that you put under car and it lifts to about 600 mm to 800 mm put them under your ramps and once car is on you could lift to the height you want love ya vids chur chur from tauranga new Zealand

  • legacy E
    legacy E26 dager siden

    Nice it already comes with blue towels in the intake ports

  • 1740 Garage
    1740 Garage26 dager siden

    I've waited for this build easily my favorite channel

  • David Kelm
    David Kelm26 dager siden

    I think its a worthy swap, yay Brian !

  • david nappi
    david nappi26 dager siden

    gotta love it. tuners helping body guys. body guys helping engine guys. tuners helping engine guys. engine guys helping tuners. engine guys helping body guys. it's a perfect circle. A perfect example of being good at what you do.

  • Peter Salas
    Peter Salas26 dager siden

    So happy to see Brian smiling

  • jonsquatch
    jonsquatch26 dager siden

    Now that the heads are coming of get a set of lifters coming since you will look at those too...

  • Shak-0-Tang
    Shak-0-Tang26 dager siden

    Slightly sus that even a Neo SR20 makes that kind of power at the wheels, tbh... Would like to see a list of the build on that one.

  • RicoboyGaming
    RicoboyGaming26 dager siden

    Jimmy i made your 240sx in a game Carx Drift racing online pc! Hope you can watch it 😁🏁🎉🏁🏁🏁

  • headz
    headz26 dager siden

    jesus that thing sounds so wicked for an sr20 i never knew about the VVL head ty for learning me something new

  • Ghetto Luxury Customs
    Ghetto Luxury Customs26 dager siden

    It's about time boys.

  • todd silkowski
    todd silkowski26 dager siden

    The basic b of all swaps

  • VGK30
    VGK3026 dager siden

    Any idea what that sr vvl cost as a turnkey engine if you were to have JP build it for you??

  • Angel ulerio
    Angel ulerio26 dager siden

    Wow first time hearing about the VVL that build is sick!

  • VGK30
    VGK3026 dager siden

    K swap ? 🤷

  • Henri S
    Henri S26 dager siden

    Bricah Diaz out here with the white ls e46

  • Beowulf
    Beowulf26 dager siden

    597 on PUMP gas?? 😮😮😮 💥💥💥

  • Dr BeastCar

    Dr BeastCar

    26 dager siden

    Ended the day just over 600whp

  • B RabbiT
    B RabbiT26 dager siden

    The oil pump will go out on the v8. Bet

  • Tyler Marini
    Tyler Marini27 dager siden


  • chris8989 j
    chris8989 j27 dager siden

    so is that the sr20vet head then or sr20 neo diffrent

  • Wondering Traveler
    Wondering Traveler27 dager siden

    streets love dat

  • Rick Spenkelink
    Rick Spenkelink27 dager siden


  • Eirik Gundersen
    Eirik Gundersen27 dager siden

    Mount some jacks under the ramps so you can jack the front end up.

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson27 dager siden

    Killin it as usual

  • George Dalton - Brown
    George Dalton - Brown27 dager siden

    Brian has the worst luck, feel bad for the guy

  • Timothy Gerber
    Timothy Gerber27 dager siden

    Look at TaylorDrifts. He has a lot of LS drift experience and has some good info on keeping oil pressure up.

  • Lafonte
    Lafonte27 dager siden

    When you showed the parts w music it’s reminded me of F&F 😭😂

  • 716 TG
    716 TG27 dager siden

    Some needs to send you a pallet of kitty litter for the grease spills ✌🏽

  • Erik Siddons
    Erik Siddons27 dager siden


  • Arnas Dengode
    Arnas Dengode27 dager siden

    Love that 25min video

  • gaalen111
    gaalen11127 dager siden

    Wait until you have all the parts, downtime sucks and kills projects. cam bearing fncked ..And that was the end of that project.. 😂

  • Luis A
    Luis A27 dager siden

    Damn that VVL was nice

  • 3z willie
    3z willie27 dager siden

    How do you know the dyno is accurate. I wanna see donny and jr car on derricks I bet there's a difference

  • The Real Cali
    The Real Cali27 dager siden

    Downtime sucks when working on your build. So do what brian did and order everything. But immediately start working on it, you don't wanna be past the return dates if something ordered isnt right

  • KarKamp
    KarKamp27 dager siden

    Yeah... Im pretty sure there's an equally good LS cam for under 400$

  • JROD Jeremy Flanigan
    JROD Jeremy Flanigan27 dager siden

    Oil pan was fun!

  • Janoy Golaub
    Janoy Golaub27 dager siden

    Shoulda 2j swap that thang

  • Christopher Macri
    Christopher Macri27 dager siden

    Insane power on the S14 life goals

  • Ryan
    Ryan27 dager siden

    Cam bearings are easy if you buy the tool

  • datkidkev
    datkidkev27 dager siden

    This swap is awesome. I’m usually not a big LS Swap guy on a import but this really makes me want an LS lol

  • Corey MTB
    Corey MTB27 dager siden

    It’s like having a k series? Nothing compares to the k series hence why it last takes a beating and gets swapped in all types of vehicles k all the way. My 06’bom Rsx type s would redline 9200 rpm at least 10x a day lasted until 197k until a deer took out the car and the engine lived on can’t beat it. Cheers to all

  • Damian Hartigan
    Damian Hartigan27 dager siden

    So good to see you all together had such a great time. That sr was insane. Love the videos always. Keep up the great work

  • jesus martinez
    jesus martinez27 dager siden

    just the mention of slippin BFD in has the motor fightin

  • Witchery Chan
    Witchery Chan27 dager siden

    POG jp_s14

  • Mike Hicks!
    Mike Hicks!27 dager siden

    Lets go LS swapppp! Progress babyyy

  • rvtchet ej8
    rvtchet ej827 dager siden

    Lol my trailblazer with a 5.3 looked like that for about half a month lol hydrolic lifters took forever to come in lol

  • AlmightyRem
    AlmightyRem27 dager siden

    Awesome!!.....Hey Jimmy have you thought about putting two bottle jacks under the ramps so u can just jack it up when needed?

  • MR_ JZ_12
    MR_ JZ_1227 dager siden

    Did the trans pan on my car the other day. Trans fluid shower. Thank FUCK it was freshish fluid and not old burnt shit.

    COWDRIFTER 6727 dager siden

    Lol those VVL heads are everywhere here in nz haha I have about 4 customers with them and I work at a very small workshop so if u really get stuck they aren’t hard to find here in New Zealand

  • Godzilla
    Godzilla27 dager siden

    Burnouts and drifting out front of the shop (N)

  • Nismospoolin
    Nismospoolin27 dager siden

    Finally an SR that doesn't sound like a depressed 53 year old asthmatic dude yelling at you through a drink straw.

  • Brett Baker
    Brett Baker27 dager siden

    are yous going to upgrade the trunnion from the stock to a bras bush

  • Micah Reigel
    Micah Reigel27 dager siden

    Lmao b’s face “I value your opinion”

  • doctorstruts
    doctorstruts27 dager siden

    Just hinge the ramps by the dyno back the car up lift the ramps up so that shit is flat and you are gucci 👏

  • eatyourvitamins
    eatyourvitamins27 dager siden

    21:14 Brian got me dead

  • hyper
    hyper27 dager siden

    Thank god you went bfd :]

  • Kyle R
    Kyle R27 dager siden

    Dont know anything about NeoVVL but I do know that there's a pro UK drifter that runs one.

  • Dan k
    Dan k27 dager siden

    Need a vid of all of Brian's car philosophy comments over the years

  • Lachlan Stewart-tonkin
    Lachlan Stewart-tonkin27 dager siden

    Jp the man

  • Brandon Trupp
    Brandon Trupp27 dager siden

    Will you dyne the mark 2

  • David S
    David S27 dager siden

    one head is always dirtier because of the pcv system, nothing to do with where the oil is filled

  • Vance McCarthy
    Vance McCarthy27 dager siden

    Jimmy's place is now a one stop shop with a hands on specialty team.

  • Victor Banks
    Victor Banks27 dager siden

    That S14 is insane he is gonna be a force to be reckoned with especially when he goes E85

  • Victor Banks
    Victor Banks27 dager siden

    I am putting this out there now. once this is done I want to see the battle of the LS's DJ vs Brian should be a fun race

  • lxMatthew
    lxMatthew27 dager siden

    now i need a neovvl idc if i’m 14 i’m saving up starting today i will get one by 18 hopefully 16 or 17

  • FordLife Nz
    FordLife Nz27 dager siden

    That's what happens when ya smoke bowls and Build LS lol

  • Luis Caballero
    Luis Caballero27 dager siden

    JP is legend in the east coast coming from a guy that is from the west coast 🙌

  • Andy
    Andy27 dager siden