We React to our Canceled Try Not To Laugh Episode

We react to a Try Not To Laugh episode that was so bad, we canceled it.
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  • Will Terry
    Will Terry2 dager siden


  • Raghav Sinha
    Raghav Sinha3 dager siden

    by cancelled i thought they meant offensive. this was just meh.

  • UkeInRevolt
    UkeInRevolt4 dager siden

    ... I don't think it was necessarily 🔥or 🗑️. I think what they just did with it was the right choice. It's always good to ♻️!

  • The Night Ranger
    The Night Ranger5 dager siden

    *fire emoji*

  • james games
    james games5 dager siden


  • Eelbobitus
    Eelbobitus6 dager siden

    One year anniversary of this video being out 😂

    JARED MILLER8 dager siden


  • Eccles 01
    Eccles 018 dager siden

    You posted this on my birthday last year 🤠✌

  • Eelbobitus


    6 dager siden

    Happy birthday

  • Ethan Farve
    Ethan Farve9 dager siden

    I love the sticker of Rett on the laptp :)

  • Hussein Moussa
    Hussein Moussa9 dager siden

    6:52 what did she say?

  • Zachary Salter
    Zachary Salter9 dager siden


  • Dreadwolf
    Dreadwolf10 dager siden


  • Diego Guerrero
    Diego Guerrero11 dager siden


  • B Burnside
    B Burnside11 dager siden

    This was some of Olivias funniest stuff.

  • hay hay shy
    hay hay shy11 dager siden

    I love how supportive shane is the entire time

  • KamikoInu
    KamikoInu12 dager siden


  • Daniel Scott
    Daniel Scott13 dager siden


  • Alistair Everitt
    Alistair Everitt15 dager siden


  • Andrew Brisson
    Andrew Brisson18 dager siden

    So now you know what happenes when shayne isnt in a try not to laugh

  • Eric Parkinson
    Eric Parkinson19 dager siden

    Why is Rhett McLaughlin’s face in their laptop

  • oliver løjstrup
    oliver løjstrup19 dager siden


  • Duck is Lord
    Duck is Lord20 dager siden


    Ronan THE SUPER GINGER22 dager siden

    I love shayne giving them advice since he’s like the all time best

  • Al Bamgbose
    Al Bamgbose23 dager siden


  • Scorpiiion Dude
    Scorpiiion Dude26 dager siden

    0:20 HIS FACE

  • Tori Regehr
    Tori Regehr26 dager siden

    "Hey siri what does fondle mean?"

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez29 dager siden


  • Awesome Abood
    Awesome AboodMåned siden


  • Audrey Rodrigues
    Audrey RodriguesMåned siden


  • Caitlyn
    CaitlynMåned siden


  • Will Hautamaki
    Will HautamakiMåned siden

    Olivia is awesome

  • ManikRose
    ManikRoseMåned siden

    🔥I can’t believe they didn’t laugh at Sarah’s dance bit. That almost had me crying. I think Sarah does great with bits. She should be in more try not to laugh. Everyone else also being hilarious goes without saying. 🔥

  • Damian Farrer
    Damian FarrerMåned siden


  • Thomas Wagoner
    Thomas WagonerMåned siden

    I honestly thought Sarah's jokes were funny, it's just unfortunate everyone wasn't really into the whole 'try not to laugh' mood

  • Rémy Gauthier
    Rémy GauthierMåned siden

    fire emoji xD

  • Kai
    KaiMåned siden


  • Chris Chaboyer
    Chris ChaboyerMåned siden

    It’s a shame they never had Sarah on a non gauntlet episode since

  • Kagu The Gamer
    Kagu The GamerMåned siden

    the way Shane looked at Courtney tho

  • Syndix
    SyndixMåned siden

    nice rhett sticker....

  • Red
    RedMåned siden


  • TranceFilms
    TranceFilmsMåned siden

    Listen, Ian is great and all but he needs to sign up for a work sensitivity workshop ASAP before he sinks the ship and everyone in it

  • Phil Vaive
    Phil VaiveMåned siden

    fire emoji.

  • Riley Howe
    Riley HoweMåned siden

    8:46 Noah be packing😂

  • Jquin-13
    Jquin-13Måned siden

    6:56 the editor forgot to get rid of the box in the corner

  • ꧁Choco LM꧂
    ꧁Choco LM꧂Måned siden

    🔥🗑 both i hink

  • dragon underground
    dragon undergroundMåned siden


  • Filip Řondík
    Filip ŘondíkMåned siden

    I think i become be really addict on TNTL, I said my self all the time "I can stop it whenever I want, everything is under control", but now Iam deep in laugh... the best part of smoosh, thank u guys... just lets sacrifice something. btw. great episode

  • RandomMarcus92
    RandomMarcus92Måned siden

    Keith's laugh is so contagious! XD

  • Jaffer Khalafat
    Jaffer Khalafat2 måneder siden

    10:53 oooooooooooooooooooooooof

  • Tyler Hacker
    Tyler Hacker2 måneder siden


  • Kaniramer !
    Kaniramer !2 måneder siden

    The OG video was trash, but the reaction video to it was genuinely great. I'm glad it didn't go up initially, but instead sat in the vault and got to be commented on.

  • Dakota Dad
    Dakota Dad2 måneder siden

    You guys should make a video of you guys reacting to a video of you guys who are reacting to yourselves reacting to your own videos after of course reacting to yourselves reacting in real time

  • heart !
    heart !2 måneder siden

    🔥 content, low mood. it happens to the best of us

  • Kyle Nieves
    Kyle Nieves2 måneder siden


  • thatsmoshfan waitisthatgraystillplays
    thatsmoshfan waitisthatgraystillplays2 måneder siden

    They only showed half of the bits. We saw 15 and we missed 15.

  • thatsmoshfan waitisthatgraystillplays
    thatsmoshfan waitisthatgraystillplays2 måneder siden

    Seeing how many videos they filmed in this time really makes you wonder when Mythical bought them. It had to have been some point before february 19th. The 19th was the day they uploaded the first video of Mythical which was called Something's Coming or something like that. It was just Ian with a bunch of cards talking about how something was coming the 22nd which is when they announced Mythical bought them. You could see the background they used for this video. Not the tntl set but the set where they are reacting to the tntl.

  • Unicorn Life
    Unicorn Life2 måneder siden


  • k b
    k b2 måneder siden

    I wanna see Keith's bits so bad like what could he say for kevin to say na bro that's too dark

  • Jon Rowe
    Jon Rowe2 måneder siden


  • Swagchief
    Swagchief2 måneder siden

    The real reason is they where embarrassed and worried what they said

  • Violent_Bulldog
    Violent_Bulldog2 måneder siden

    i love that Keith’s only bit was just assaulting Courtney

  • Erickson Aparicio
    Erickson Aparicio2 måneder siden

    It’s because Shane wasn’t there

  • Erickson Aparicio

    Erickson Aparicio

    2 måneder siden

    No offense

  • Jap
    Jap2 måneder siden

    Some of the jokes were funny ngl

  • Jamie_Jewel
    Jamie_Jewel2 måneder siden

    Shayne: I find a bit and I do it with 15 times. Case in point: You’re my favorite pizza place, “Weary traveler” character

  • benjamin davies
    benjamin davies2 måneder siden


  • Mary Pegarella
    Mary Pegarella2 måneder siden


  • Pink Bear
    Pink Bear2 måneder siden

    shane is wearing hawks’ jacket from mha and it made me very happy

  • Aditi Khare
    Aditi Khare2 måneder siden


  • Hyperion Rising
    Hyperion Rising2 måneder siden

    🔥 Sarah IS funny

  • Savannah Counts
    Savannah Counts2 måneder siden


    BRADY FLANIGAN2 måneder siden


  • K.C Moreno
    K.C Moreno2 måneder siden

    I love How Shayne Gives them Advice For Bits

  • kill all humons
    kill all humons2 måneder siden


  • Abby Lee
    Abby Lee2 måneder siden


  • Anaya Gayfield
    Anaya Gayfield2 måneder siden


  • Enrique Jimmed
    Enrique Jimmed3 måneder siden


  • Seth Hart
    Seth Hart3 måneder siden

    🔥🔥 do it xD

  • Preston Jones
    Preston Jones3 måneder siden


  • Nick Cosimano
    Nick Cosimano3 måneder siden


  • Christopher Wells
    Christopher Wells3 måneder siden


  • Max Gonzalez
    Max Gonzalez3 måneder siden


  • cloudy miller
    cloudy miller3 måneder siden

    I love Courtney and Olivia’s relationship

  • Serenity Halo
    Serenity Halo3 måneder siden


  • Lisa Costanza
    Lisa Costanza3 måneder siden

    There were some parts that were 🔥 but there were also a lot of parts that we're 🗑.

  • Fanni Fülöp
    Fanni Fülöp3 måneder siden


  • Aiden-Damien Greenhalgh
    Aiden-Damien Greenhalgh3 måneder siden


  • Dezeray B
    Dezeray B3 måneder siden

    Shane is on the money. The commitment to the bit is usually what makes or breaks it. I think this was really good critique/react video material. An entire episode of half commited bits would be rough to get through.

  • Godfather
    Godfather3 måneder siden

    Courtney was acting like the biggest bitch in that delete video good lord.

  • Nour Redai
    Nour Redai3 måneder siden


  • Michelle Rojas
    Michelle Rojas3 måneder siden

    0:19 gay panic

  • Jason Tupeck
    Jason Tupeck3 måneder siden


  • ChaozBlitz
    ChaozBlitz4 måneder siden


  • Kamila Umarova
    Kamila Umarova4 måneder siden


  • Katyayani Nath
    Katyayani Nath4 måneder siden

    I Don't Know If This Is Mean But (And I Don't Know If It's The Editing On This Video) This TNTL Was Actually Better Than Some Of The Others 😬❤️❤️

  • Welcome to the A F T E R L I F E
    Welcome to the A F T E R L I F E4 måneder siden

    how come in the beginning of the try not to laugh video, Ian is holding on to Sarah's hair?

  • imtired
    imtired4 måneder siden


  • cecep chaerudin
    cecep chaerudin4 måneder siden

    You’re dad 🤣

  • Ciro Ascarelli
    Ciro Ascarelli4 måneder siden

    Maybe the Squad wasn't feeling confident, didn't believe in their jokes bcoz Shane was absent?🧐 Hear me out, over the years Shane has shown some OUTSTANDING commitment to his jokes. And seeing him commiting to his bits-everyone was(in all the other episodes I mean) and when he was absent, they didn't have this Commitment Role model to look up to, so they weren't confident enough, and as the result the episode flopped a lil bit😓😓😓

  • ColinPlaysPC
    ColinPlaysPC4 måneder siden

    🔥 and 🗑

  • John Kujo
    John Kujo4 måneder siden