We Read Our Creepy DMs

We read our creepy Instagram DMs... and acted them out!
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  • Naye Alexandria
    Naye Alexandria6 minutter siden

    1942 she a fucking stupid I not you right

  • Naye Alexandria
    Naye Alexandria6 minutter siden


  • Labotamist 819
    Labotamist 819Time siden

    I legit thought she said “flakes” and I was like, “So instead of going off to safety, your Gonna be sitting there, either eating Frosted Flakes, or snorting those fancy salt flakes”

  • Fingerboard Psychos
    Fingerboard Psychos10 timer siden

    man shayne really sounds like hans grueber

  • Jady Rivera
    Jady RiveraDag siden

    When he said Harry Potter I started paying attention OMG HE DID SNAPE

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker2 dager siden

    open bob

  • kaydn kent
    kaydn kent2 dager siden


  • Jhonny Smith
    Jhonny Smith3 dager siden

    1 year until winepeppey

  • Why Not
    Why Not3 dager siden

    Phlaints? Flaints? How tf do u spell it lmao

  • tomas Singer
    tomas Singer3 dager siden

    Olivia you know we have the same birthday

  • Peter Harris
    Peter Harris3 dager siden

    I promise I will get huggy

  • Soonami Sapphire
    Soonami Sapphire3 dager siden

    Munge winepepper my future son and/or character

  • i am useless
    i am useless3 dager siden

    cant wait for that winepepper

  • Cristian Acevedo
    Cristian Acevedo3 dager siden

    Hi smosh put your my favorite pizza place 😁

  • DryBones271
    DryBones2714 dager siden

    I'm going to guess more than half of these were addressed to Courtney.

  • Ciaran
    Ciaran4 dager siden

    How are these creepy? Some of these are sweet. Granted, most of them are creepy in fairness...

  • halejetta1
    halejetta14 dager siden

    Flants- THE NEW WORD

  • Pasta_GURL :D
    Pasta_GURL :D5 dager siden

    Omg I remember this

  • DaCh
    DaCh5 dager siden

    so, is that kraft singles guy succeed slap shayne with kraft singles?

  • GiannaGamezYT
    GiannaGamezYT6 dager siden


  • Wumpa Island
    Wumpa Island6 dager siden

    17:12 19:35

  • Hussein Nashed
    Hussein Nashed6 dager siden

    awesome snape accent from shane

  • heavydirtysoul
    heavydirtysoul7 dager siden

    Ok but did shayne read my fucking dm 😳

  • Vanessa Vaca
    Vanessa Vaca7 dager siden

    When I heard Harry Potter was a theam I died I'm opposed with harry potter

  • Angelica & Sophia
    Angelica & Sophia7 dager siden

    I love your videos

  • That one guy
    That one guy8 dager siden

    I don’t get how some of these are creepy

  • Reika Klotzbach
    Reika Klotzbach8 dager siden


  • Reika Klotzbach

    Reika Klotzbach

    8 dager siden


  • Reika Klotzbach

    Reika Klotzbach

    8 dager siden


  • Reika Klotzbach
    Reika Klotzbach8 dager siden

    I love him and I don't know who he is but

  • Reika Klotzbach
    Reika Klotzbach8 dager siden

    Who is Anthony I but the Pope sapote Anthony I don't know who he is

  • Dylan Docil
    Dylan Docil8 dager siden

    now my fav smosh vid

  • Rayna Kimsey
    Rayna Kimsey8 dager siden

    The harry potter one!😂😭😭

  • jennah kay
    jennah kay8 dager siden

    semi-visible cloak

  • Ofira Fishman
    Ofira Fishman9 dager siden

    The harry potter one was hilarious

  • Olav Alpinist
    Olav Alpinist9 dager siden

    Me trying to sleep in the morning My chickens 8:06

  • UwU Um
    UwU Um10 dager siden


  • Trinity Baker
    Trinity Baker10 dager siden

    LOL this made me laugh so hard

  • bluecamo1988
    bluecamo198810 dager siden

    Is this a wedding?

  • Ivana B
    Ivana B11 dager siden

    2021 people hoping 2021 ends so they can invent winepepper

  • Autumn Dawson
    Autumn Dawson11 dager siden

    one more year until we get winepepper you guys...

  • Lizzie James
    Lizzie James11 dager siden

    Thought you guys might need this after all the creepy DMs all of you guys at smosh can always put a smile on my face even when I'm down even when I feel like I don't matter so thanks for everything and keep being you

  • Princess Girl
    Princess Girl11 dager siden

    When u said punch that bell I punched my ipad

  • UwU Um
    UwU Um11 dager siden


  • UwU Um
    UwU Um11 dager siden


  • Corgi Lover227
    Corgi Lover22712 dager siden

    HIS SNAPE IMPRESSION!!!! its so good!

  • Xendo lawesome
    Xendo lawesome12 dager siden

    Shout out to Noah at the end of the video. The reason, he saw Olivia sitting on the floor and very professionally and quickly move to the end stool to sit on so Olivia has a seat behind herself.

  • Gacha On toast
    Gacha On toast13 dager siden

    Y does christmas boureguard sound like an erotic novel

  • Bb Goreham
    Bb Goreham14 dager siden

    I kissed a girl I dipped it oh Pooh it smells like cherry Chapstick

  • Affan Sudheer
    Affan Sudheer14 dager siden

    2021 BABY!

  • SunnyWxves
    SunnyWxves15 dager siden

    me: *watches the first 2 seconds of the video* also me: why does Shayne sound like Professor Snape (edit)also me watching that part fully: oh now i know why

  • Riley Marie
    Riley Marie15 dager siden

    Oh so y’all took Anthony’s other acc and made it into this

  • grace mckinnon
    grace mckinnon15 dager siden

    MAKE ANOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Killian Lightner
    Killian Lightner15 dager siden

    This made me laugh so hard!!!!!!

  • Jamie_Jewel
    Jamie_Jewel16 dager siden

    Did anyone notice Olivia was a bit off in this video? Like she’s in a bad mood

  • jaycie schmitz
    jaycie schmitz16 dager siden

    it’s professor Wubblebutt 💀😂

  • Random Commenter
    Random Commenter16 dager siden

    When one of the dm’s is yours....... 💀

  • Abigail Krysinski
    Abigail Krysinski16 dager siden

    Why is no one talking about Shane’s Snape impression

  • Allison Personal
    Allison Personal17 dager siden

    part 2 please ;-;

  • Marshall Murray
    Marshall Murray17 dager siden

    the one kid who recognizes his dm in the video," I'm about to sue for copywrite infringement then they will have to respond"

  • JD
    JD17 dager siden

    That speechless couch shuffle at the end was a lot of fun

  • ejcomica Deathrun’s
    ejcomica Deathrun’s18 dager siden

    This is literally the most funny Smosh pit thing

  • Drummer Boy
    Drummer Boy18 dager siden

    Shout out to the Asian girls ME : BAHAHHAHA

  • Demetrius Holmstedt
    Demetrius Holmstedt18 dager siden


  • Aisla Rico
    Aisla Rico19 dager siden


  • Table Noises
    Table Noises19 dager siden


  • LuffyTheSensei
    LuffyTheSensei19 dager siden

    Why the fuck does Ian always get the long ones

  • Luce Goose
    Luce Goose19 dager siden

    Where is Damian?

  • Senator Poopypants
    Senator Poopypants20 dager siden

    Imagine you're DMs make it into this and you creepy

  • Jasmine Sheta
    Jasmine Sheta20 dager siden

    Do more

  • Rana Ahmad Ali Sher
    Rana Ahmad Ali Sher22 dager siden

    Shayne's laugh makes this 10× times better.

  • vanzzie
    vanzzie23 dager siden


  • The Man Behind The Slaughter
    The Man Behind The Slaughter25 dager siden

    Marking my spot dont mine me :) 12:25

  • Christine Moore
    Christine Moore26 dager siden


  • John Barrier
    John Barrier27 dager siden

    omg i ship shane with uh- blondy gurl

  • Joseph Burkhart
    Joseph Burkhart27 dager siden

    I mean.... They technically responded to my dm.

  • Alex Hussaini
    Alex Hussaini29 dager siden

    Keith is the best

  • Thalheen Fazeen
    Thalheen FazeenMåned siden

    17:11 the best

  • Katsuki Bakugo
    Katsuki BakugoMåned siden

    Who else is gonna keep track every year if wine pepper is a thing

  • Gabriela martin
    Gabriela martinMåned siden

    Flaint: accumulation of dirt under your compurter mouse And thats on urban dictionary bitch

  • calvin shody
    calvin shodyMåned siden

    flaint is the dirt that acumulates under a computer mouse

  • Kayla The Awesome Video Editor
    Kayla The Awesome Video EditorMåned siden

    Kekwkwkkwkwkwlwllwlwlwlwlqllqlwlwlwlwlwlwlwkwkwkwk Thats how i laugh

  • Tutorial Hacker
    Tutorial HackerMåned siden

    21:03 if Noah got "shout out to the Asian girls, let lights dim low" I think I would be dead from laughter XD

  • Neketia Hayward
    Neketia HaywardMåned siden

    I'm your biggest fan

  • X x__Dr_Acula__x X
    X x__Dr_Acula__x XMåned siden

    21:07 lowkey roasting her

  • me and my dogs
    me and my dogsMåned siden

    "I will name you christmas!"

  • Dead Îñšîdê
    Dead ÎñšîdêMåned siden

    Your trying to find someone who says “OMG THEY USED MINE” aren’t you?

  • Faze shark plush
    Faze shark plushMåned siden

    Your my favorite pizza place

  • Doug Kohlhoff
    Doug KohlhoffMåned siden

    Hi I lost my flaints and olivia flaint fairy plz follow me on facebook

  • Emma Woodard
    Emma WoodardMåned siden


  • Alison L
    Alison LMåned siden

    Weird, it’s 2020 now, I’ll keep you updated if any of that happens

  • Crazy Sue
    Crazy SueMåned siden

    Shane is the life of SMOSH😭😭😭

  • justanametoaface
    justanametoafaceMåned siden

    Olivia: You're not Johnny Courtney: Johnny? Ian: Johnny? Olivia: Oh you are Johnny

  • TheUnluckyCrow 23
    TheUnluckyCrow 23Måned siden

    Shayne is the fucking best especially with the Alan Rickman voice XD

  • Nate C
    Nate CMåned siden

    Shayne is so good lmao

  • teh ais
    teh aisMåned siden

    That 13.03 DM is kinda genius though

  • Luke Barton
    Luke BartonMåned siden

    I love love love that you did improv + read the dms

  • jawadul hasan saad
    jawadul hasan saadMåned siden

    how 'good morning' is a creepy dm ?! what is wrong with these people ?!

  • Adyson Grace
    Adyson GraceMåned siden

    At 7:51 Shane looks terrified

  • Lyssie Vlogs
    Lyssie VlogsMåned siden

    That is honestly a pretty great Snape impression 😂 that dim sum line was nothing without it😂

  • Dragoș Palade
    Dragoș PaladeMåned siden

    "In your sleep I heard you saying hi how are you" I CANNOT

  • TeIIic
    TeIIicMåned siden

    Why does Olivia look like she is trying to look like Oliver tree