We Try the World's Weirdest Pies (Eat It or Yeet It #15)

Eat It or Yeet It is back, and this time we’re spinning the wheel and trying what may just be the world’s weirdest pies! Thanks, Garrett.
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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    Smosh Pit5 måneder siden


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    29 dager siden


  • Zink Zoodles

    Zink Zoodles

    2 måneder siden


  • Thomas Berman

    Thomas Berman

    2 måneder siden

    Damian, who hurt you?

  • [Katsuki Bakugo]

    [Katsuki Bakugo]

    4 måneder siden

    Charlibaby Xcx I adore your pfp

  • J Ts

    J Ts

    4 måneder siden

    Should do a crossover episode with Sortedfood, Garrett working with the 2 chefs to make the food, Damie, Shayne and the Sorted boys eating from the wheel.

  • potwhovian
    potwhovianDag siden

    I Love how sweet Damien is and tells Jackie I respect the hell out of you over and over again with so much honesty. A Real man we love to see it.

  • Natalie Kate
    Natalie Kate3 dager siden

    I’m watching this and playing the sims and I just got so confused as to where the music was coming from cause it was sims music coming from my phone instead of my laptop 😂😂

  • Noob
    Noob5 dager siden

    garrets smile makes me happy 😃

  • cody bowen
    cody bowen8 dager siden

    I wished I was on this, I'd be the only person to eat anything and swallow it😂

  • LucasCAPS
    LucasCAPS10 dager siden

    OMFG, even Keith yote the bug.

  • LucasCAPS
    LucasCAPS10 dager siden

    13:21 The face and tongue move were sooooo Pink Guy-ish.

  • Jamon Dean
    Jamon Dean11 dager siden

    5:37 Courtney: ya EATED it My brain cells: ↗

  • XxThaliaxX4 Montenegro
    XxThaliaxX4 Montenegro12 dager siden

    can you please beep out the bad words that would be very helpful

  • Astorian -
    Astorian -12 dager siden

    In a competition where you re suppoce to eat grose stuff, you cant even handle something because it's to salty? Like what, how weak are these people? To salty 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Just swallow it and be done with it, ti salty 😂

  • Patrick Babcock
    Patrick Babcock16 dager siden

    haha my favorite part was when it was sung that I'd never find the love of my life. I've never been more seen.

  • Cezanne AGT
    Cezanne AGT17 dager siden

    Keith casually observes his previously yeeted beetle barf-

  • Cezanne AGT
    Cezanne AGT17 dager siden

    Everytime they say "eated," I cringe inwardly

  • Vandenbong's gaming
    Vandenbong's gaming18 dager siden

    So eat it or yeet it you guys could make slivers that take away the person who ate and make it to where the chose or the eat with a friend either option is cool but it will be fun

  • desdemona l
    desdemona l19 dager siden

    0:49 yoshi, 1:27, 3:36 yoshi tongue, 8:18, 10:37 covid covid, 13:21 yoshi, 16:52 yoshi

  • R. Ciezki
    R. Ciezki22 dager siden

    We need to get Garrett to eat EVERYTHING he gives to them. Orrrrr anything they Yeet, he has to eat.

  • Dominique Warnken
    Dominique Warnken23 dager siden

    Imadjin if garit brought one of the pies to a little kid

  • Chierru Child of Light
    Chierru Child of Light23 dager siden

    Omg someone else has seen pushing daisies!

  • Thomas Quick
    Thomas Quick23 dager siden

    honestly, does damien eat any other time than this lmao

  • Hail Void
    Hail Void23 dager siden

    I love how when one of them is doing the extreme (Jackie) they are so supportive 😂🥺

  • Jerry Pickering
    Jerry Pickering23 dager siden

    Why does Garrett look like the little boy from Jumanji when he turned into a monkey?

  • Nicole McCafferty
    Nicole McCafferty26 dager siden

    Shayne just thinks it’s him every time. 🤪

  • Justikman
    Justikman26 dager siden

    I could never eat a bug. You could hold a gun to my head and I would probably just pass out

  • ggfpena
    ggfpena29 dager siden

    Why Courtney never plays?

  • cool dude
    cool dudeMåned siden

    I need to see a Noah throw back on this show

  • Anna Jones
    Anna JonesMåned siden

    Love it when I can hear sarah 's voice in the back❤️❤️

  • JordinoVids
    JordinoVidsMåned siden

    8:14 is the best moment in EIOYI history 😭

  • Sam Meyer
    Sam MeyerMåned siden

    Jackie is wonderful

  • Griffingirl
    GriffingirlMåned siden

    they should make the colour wheel have smaller colour slices, like a pattern, then it would be more intense

  • DryBones271
    DryBones271Måned siden

    Can I make a request of Tommy to do like a 3 Minute music video of the first Merch in the Store song?

  • Booty Beard
    Booty BeardMåned siden

    Jackie knows how to appropriately yeet. *Ahem* Keith.

  • Lucas Lokheim Bjerknes
    Lucas Lokheim BjerknesMåned siden

    Garrett’s awesome hair😳

  • CJ Ambrose
    CJ AmbroseMåned siden

    Und ich sitz doh mit wurscht unt catsup

  • alexandra dye
    alexandra dyeMåned siden

    I feel like they added the wheel as a way to combat Keith’s hover hands

  • GaryAGalindo
    GaryAGalindoMåned siden

    Jackie is the BEST new Smosh member. I nominate her for best Smosh cast/crew member of 2020.

  • tina
    tinaMåned siden

    garrett growing basil is so cute

  • Em Lang
    Em LangMåned siden

    they're all breathing each others air but can't hold hands?? how does that make this any more covid safe lmao

  • ScorBug92
    ScorBug92Måned siden

    There should be an episode featuring every food Damien has ever said "That looks so good!", all made by Damien.

  • Jerry Gibson
    Jerry GibsonMåned siden

    I don't know but I do actually like sea salt black licorice

  • Vanja Finstad
    Vanja FinstadMåned siden

    the fact that the first pie was butter and he told it was the innards my mind: FNAF sister location!!!! hahahha

  • Deal with Jesh
    Deal with JeshMåned siden

    Wait. Why can't they hold hands but can eat pies that's exposed to their saliva?

  • Jabberwocky
    Jabberwocky2 måneder siden

    Garrett is so cute. "I grew the basil myself" of course you did you beautiful nightmare goblin boy

  • Sectr Reptile
    Sectr Reptile2 måneder siden

    that bug pie is hardest one omg love it 👌

  • Grand_Admiral_ Henrich
    Grand_Admiral_ Henrich2 måneder siden

    Top 3 favorite eat it or yeet it meals: bug pie from this episode. Cookie thing looking like dog s***. And who cant forget "burger..... but cold"

  • TatoTimez
    TatoTimez2 måneder siden

    ok damien desperately wanting to eat the pies he doesn't get is hilarious

  • Phil Luttrell
    Phil Luttrell2 måneder siden

    Garrett.... is like evil lol

  • Fitz
    Fitz2 måneder siden

    I love that embarrassed Garrett becomes a turtle

  • Pandagurl364
    Pandagurl3642 måneder siden

    Damien looks nice in yellow

  • K M
    K M2 måneder siden

    Props to Jackie for even getting the bug in her mouth.. I didn't think she had it in her

  • Chynna Alexa Monte
    Chynna Alexa Monte2 måneder siden

    Everyone’s hair looks like they were born in different eras. And I’m living for it🥰

  • Lia Booth
    Lia Booth2 måneder siden

    15:15 what a queen

  • Phoebe Humble
    Phoebe Humble2 måneder siden

    Who else likes pie😌👇🏻

  • Cassius King
    Cassius King2 måneder siden

    I'm the third dude who watched pushing daisies...lol

    C2DAJAY2 måneder siden

    “I can’t believe it’s JUST butter.” Is an underrated Shane quote

  • Buhhrinaa
    Buhhrinaa2 måneder siden

    I almost threw up for the first time watching this series when she had to eat the bug pie. 🤢🤢🤢 That was diabolical Garrett.

  • Leslie Zapata
    Leslie Zapata2 måneder siden

    I think they should do pizza rolls next!!!

  • AIR 666
    AIR 6662 måneder siden


  • Christopher Bartko
    Christopher Bartko2 måneder siden

    Oh my God, pushing daisies reference... I love mah boys ❤

  • Ashlynn Moon
    Ashlynn Moon2 måneder siden

    BEHOLD THE QUEEN, Jackie. Who ate bug pie.

  • Ashlynn Moon

    Ashlynn Moon

    2 måneder siden

    And then behold the king, who ate the bug for jackie

  • Ashlynn Moon
    Ashlynn Moon2 måneder siden

    Damien just staring at the pies wistfully and sadly because he cant eat them is just gold

  • aviaryforever
    aviaryforever2 måneder siden

    PUSHING DAISIES REFERENCE YESSS I loveeee Lee Pace- no wonder Shayne and Damien feel like kindred spirits

  • ian
    ian2 måneder siden

    its the sims building menu music for me

  • Landon Garit
    Landon Garit2 måneder siden

    Cant hold hand because of COVID but your are not even 6 foot part

  • BoB
    BoB2 måneder siden

    I only just came to the realisation that Garrett looks like if you were to combine Onision with David Tennant

  • Yolanda Perez
    Yolanda Perez2 måneder siden

    When Jackie screamed "COVID!" I felt that 😂😭

  • Kenny Guy
    Kenny Guy2 måneder siden

    whomever it landed on should've been safe... that's a lot of pie for one person to take a single bite.... seems silly

  • yurxr
    yurxr2 måneder siden

    Jackie, "im gunna eat it bc im not a little bitch." Also jackie 10:50

  • VenomPro360
    VenomPro3602 måneder siden

    Did Jackie first appear on eat it or yeet it

  • Abby Agustin
    Abby Agustin2 måneder siden

    10:34 No one: Literally no one: Jackie: COVIIDD!! COOVVIIIDDDDD!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • EmmyblackbloodedQueen
    EmmyblackbloodedQueen2 måneder siden

    I love Jackie's face expressions so much lol

  • Phillip Tritz
    Phillip Tritz3 måneder siden

    Anyone who doesn’t like Jackie for being extra must not like Tommy, shayne or Courtney

  • Kyle Waller
    Kyle Waller3 måneder siden

    Go back to where everyone has to eat something! :-)

  • Kyle Waller
    Kyle Waller3 måneder siden

    I loved Pushing Daisies!!!

  • Michael Delarosa
    Michael Delarosa3 måneder siden


  • Red Raven
    Red Raven3 måneder siden

    Shayne looks like he's got some kind of eye makeup going on, but I'm not complaining.

  • Lonely Little Wolfie
    Lonely Little Wolfie3 måneder siden

    "ARE YOU HURTING GARRETT?!?" Jackie is savage

  • JJ T
    JJ T3 måneder siden

    Imagine being vegan on this channel

  • Jack Garity
    Jack Garity3 måneder siden

    @smosh yall should make one where only Garrett eats and everyone makes the worst possible dish they can jus for pay back

  • Amber Glow
    Amber Glow3 måneder siden

    I’m so glad Jackie’s with Smosh! She’s hilarious, she’s gorgeous, and she ain’t a scaredy-cat! 🙌🤘

  • Kimberly Anne C. Ibarra
    Kimberly Anne C. Ibarra3 måneder siden

    Can we just acknowledge Damien giving big bro energy 💕

  • Rose Quinzel
    Rose Quinzel3 måneder siden

    I fucking loved pushing Dasies & I love Damian & Shane even more now

  • chefjess1234 mythical beast
    chefjess1234 mythical beast3 måneder siden

    Time to get Rhett and Link on here...please🙏😁

  • Justin Gold
    Justin Gold3 måneder siden

    The glare Jackie gave, that's the "I'm coming for you."

  • Sydney Mitrecic
    Sydney Mitrecic3 måneder siden

    Garrett is adorable and terrifying

  • Morene Firewolf
    Morene Firewolf3 måneder siden

    Shayne every round. It's landing on me. PTSD

  • Lady Death
    Lady Death3 måneder siden

    Pushing daisies is one of my fave shows lol

  • Germarie Cartagena
    Germarie Cartagena3 måneder siden

    Sorry if I spell her name but Courtney’s outfit looks AMAZING on her❤️

  • Dylan Denney
    Dylan Denney3 måneder siden

    Jackie is so goddamn annoying

  • strawberry


    3 måneder siden


  • Kaitlyn Baptiste
    Kaitlyn Baptiste3 måneder siden

    okay but damien is even s w e e t e r in this video

  • Kaitlyn Baptiste
    Kaitlyn Baptiste3 måneder siden

    i grew the basil myself 🥺

  • Kaitlyn Baptiste
    Kaitlyn Baptiste3 måneder siden

    okay but why is no one talking about @4:20

  • Gabriel Ceja
    Gabriel Ceja3 måneder siden

    Things they do foe views 10:36

  • Sven Wolfstrom
    Sven Wolfstrom3 måneder siden

    Press 'F' to pay respects to the beatles that gave their lives to become an extra icky pie

  • Mafia Rat Jr
    Mafia Rat Jr3 måneder siden

    Jackie trying to hold Damien's hand was so wholesome oh my god-

  • its_marvelous _mia
    its_marvelous _mia3 måneder siden

    I just saw that this came out on my birthday this year and I was sick in bed all day so omg what if this cursed my birthday

  • Joseph Rafiq
    Joseph Rafiq3 måneder siden

    from the maker of "burger but cold".......

  • Snowpiercer
    Snowpiercer3 måneder siden

    Honestly, Damien liking everything is annoying as fuck.

  • Tetra Byte
    Tetra Byte3 måneder siden

    Still waiting on that mayonnaise pie.

  • Jason LoVallo
    Jason LoVallo3 måneder siden

    Shayne with the "pink guy" impression lol

  • Hooha Heeha
    Hooha Heeha3 måneder siden

    This entire video is just Damien going "I wanna eat that" and "I dont wanna eat that"