What do I think of my NEW Tesla Model 3 Long Range 2021? (1 MONTH LATER)

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On this NOlocal channel we upload videos about my Tesla Model 3 and Tesla in general. We test various features like Telsa Autopilot and show off new software updates as soon as they're released. This channel is just about Tesla and electric cars. If you want to watch more from me I have 3 other channels, linked above!
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  • Nigel Demery
    Nigel Demery5 timer siden

    You should do auto park

  • Binod
    Binod5 dager siden

    Wait. Did he just say he is gonna wrap the car in pink?! Why!?!?!?!?! Do it in like a cool blue like you said while buying it !!!

  • njfuk2003
    njfuk200310 dager siden

    If you want some accessories, try abstract ocean based in USA.

  • Josh Gamer
    Josh Gamer14 dager siden

    Can you see if those tick tocks work for this one

  • Alex Grves
    Alex Grves15 dager siden

    Hear me please wrap it pink keep it original it looks so cool original I mean if you don’t like the white color paint it silver metallic just don’t please don’t pink please please please please PLSE please don’t say I don’t want the color pink if you respond this to me you make me very happy pleaseNothing please please not the color pink it’s gonna look like oh go Tesla all the things that are awake please don’t paint it white I mean pink please don’t make it pink it looks very cool please please please don’t beanie pink or red beer or what everyone I know it started to say whatever a jokeI just want that Tesla to look good don’t pay into it or wrap it or whatever

  • Jacob
    Jacob17 dager siden

    I love you video so much

  • Jacob
    Jacob17 dager siden


  • Rjcampbell gamer
    Rjcampbell gamer18 dager siden

    My head teacher got one it's really nice

  • Shreyan Sharma
    Shreyan Sharma20 dager siden

    Elon: how’re you jack? Jack: BASKET!!???

  • Vendel Sümeghi
    Vendel Sümeghi20 dager siden


  • TSMBailey Howcroft
    TSMBailey Howcroft21 dag siden

    Jack Massey Welsh... grinds my gears Me watch carthrottle Car throttle ... what grinds your gears .... eithen watching jackmassywelsh and his Tesla life

  • soco
    soco21 dag siden

    sponsor skip 4:00 to 4:44

  • MuDoh
    MuDoh22 dager siden

    Picked up my beautiful blue Model 3 LR December 30th. It is AMAZING! But only done 300 miles because of lock down. Most of that was picking up and collecting from service after passenger door wouldn't close BUT - I have been gifted FSD until March just to try it out. Also have free supercharger miles for a year - just can't go anywhere!

  • Jon Toropu
    Jon Toropu22 dager siden

    People: Ooh that car looks nice MrBeast: You wish *turns pink for 1mil on dont subsrcibe*

  • Railfan VIT
    Railfan VIT23 dager siden

    Wait, 300 Pounds? Is it 300 Quid? I dont know because I’m not British.

  • Game On!
    Game On!23 dager siden

    K K

  • Borys Noob
    Borys Noob25 dager siden


  • Sarah Richards
    Sarah Richards25 dager siden

    Yes you got floor mats p.s you need to wrap it

  • Dev16sah's Gaming Channel
    Dev16sah's Gaming Channel25 dager siden


  • iTz_L1nc - Fortnite and more!
    iTz_L1nc - Fortnite and more!25 dager siden

    At superchargers,I heard that the chargers are labelled 1 and 2 and 1 gets the most power and 2 gets whatever is left so try that?

  • sean hornbuckle
    sean hornbuckle25 dager siden

    I pre heat. My car before going on a drive and it pre heats the battery. I have the same exact car as you and it really does help with mileage

  • ExotiKz
    ExotiKz26 dager siden

    Jack pls respond I want to talk to you about wrapping your car or tinted windows as one of your old vids said you wanted this

  • PiersVM
    PiersVM26 dager siden

    hey jack have you seen the new announcement of the new tesla model s with a new steering wheel design and even a built in gpu, cpu and is as powerful as the ps5 and

  • Daniel Evans
    Daniel Evans26 dager siden

    Jack, I have found your videos VERY helpful with making my mind up on getting a Model 3 and also convincing my wife it's the right car. I need to use a referral code when I buy the car do you have one that can be used.

  • Tristan Bjerre Theilgaard
    Tristan Bjerre Theilgaard26 dager siden

    Get this guy of youtube

  • Flynn Mccann

    Flynn Mccann

    25 dager siden


  • ROBLOX gaming Fan - pro
    ROBLOX gaming Fan - pro26 dager siden

    Pink ??

  • Tyler Hampton
    Tyler Hampton26 dager siden

    Jack there’s a new model s refresh out now, trade your model 3 in for one and make videos about it 😂

  • jamie watts
    jamie watts26 dager siden

    try rainbow charging

  • Matt Montore
    Matt Montore27 dager siden

    4.438 both 0-60 tries. talk about consistency

  • Chris Thompson
    Chris Thompson27 dager siden

    What do you make of the new steering wheel just announced by Tesla just seen on sky news ? I think it looks ace 👍

  • Yash Dadlani
    Yash Dadlani27 dager siden

    Rent it or buy it with something

  • Yash Dadlani
    Yash Dadlani27 dager siden

    Make a video on it

  • Yash Dadlani
    Yash Dadlani27 dager siden

    There is a new Tesla model S which is better than your new Tesla

  • Poorna Manohar
    Poorna Manohar27 dager siden

    I have model S you poor guy😂😂😂😂

  • Markus
    Markus27 dager siden

    You need more shargerate and hot battery to get better numbers.

  • nico filip
    nico filip27 dager siden

    Cooļ car

  • Whacked
    Whacked27 dager siden

    jack the new tesla model s and x has released please do a review!

  • Whacked


    26 dager siden

    @Flynn Mccann I meant like review it online and tell his opinion!

  • Flynn Mccann

    Flynn Mccann

    26 dager siden

    They are lots of money he can’t do a review without having the car and he’s not paying all that for a video

  • TaffPlays
    TaffPlays27 dager siden

    Should get the new model s plaid+ after this one, over 500 miles of range with 1100+ horsepower, currently the quickest car in production

  • XenderLord
    XenderLord27 dager siden

    Hey there are already new tesla cars, the new 2021 model s and the new 2021 model x

  • Sam
    Sam27 dager siden

    Jack.. surely you know it’s a boot not a trunk in the UK. 🤦‍♂️

  • Fast Driver22
    Fast Driver2227 dager siden


  • Jimi Bahi jan Jamshaid
    Jimi Bahi jan Jamshaid28 dager siden


  • Ivo
    Ivo28 dager siden


  • Ronit Sihani
    Ronit Sihani28 dager siden

    What happens if you try to drive yr tesla with the charging cable pluged in??

  • TeslaFanBoy2.3


    28 dager siden

    It doesn't let you put it into drive

  • __
    __28 dager siden

    Hey 'Jack' buy an EM meter and check the RF dosage your getting driving around in that thing and what it's doing to your health Reckon your in for a shock

  • __


    28 dager siden

    @Ivo ...and electric cars generate huge electromagnetic fields (EM) fields which potentially impacts the health of the driver and it's occupants - you can measure this around the car using an EM meter

  • Ivo


    28 dager siden

    -_- no idea what ur on about tbh, gas cars make air pollution

  • Lacy Farms
    Lacy Farms28 dager siden

    Do you think Tesla will make farming equipment because they produce a lot of co2

  • Ubitial Cosmos
    Ubitial Cosmos28 dager siden


  • Evie Grace
    Evie Grace28 dager siden

    Do you live in Wales?

  • Coin collecting Alex
    Coin collecting Alex29 dager siden

    Do you have a tesla cap i got one for Christmas

  • Big Hetti Spaghetti
    Big Hetti Spaghetti29 dager siden

    Where's THE BASKET!!!!

  • Carter Gregg
    Carter Gregg29 dager siden

    Buy one from Tesla them selfs

  • Airforce Piggy
    Airforce Piggy29 dager siden

    Does the charger do the rainbow thing that you so desperately wanted on your last one

  • Andreclone101 ROBLOX & BookReviews
    Andreclone101 ROBLOX & BookReviews29 dager siden

    Sleep in the new Model 3

  • Egoh
    Egoh29 dager siden


  • Zsombor Balázsi
    Zsombor Balázsi29 dager siden

    Hmm.... Nice! But will manual release still damage the windows? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Ivo


    28 dager siden

    it probably still will, since manual release is literally you forcing the door open.

  • Cosmic Gaming
    Cosmic Gaming29 dager siden

    00:00 hello mu name is jack messay welsh new intro( sorry i m lazy to edit and make ur name correct )

  • Dan Beard
    Dan Beard29 dager siden

    one of the advantages of electric cars is the instant delivery of power to the wheels, due to there being no moving parts

  • tydeandiggens
    tydeandiggens29 dager siden

    Is beautiful

  • Kable10
    Kable1029 dager siden


  • generic username 420

    generic username 420

    24 dager siden

    @ThankGodIHateKPoP cuz hes irrelevant

  • Speedy Bo Beenie

    Speedy Bo Beenie

    27 dager siden

    @ThankGodIHateKPoP you’re name is true to me haha

  • ThankGodIHateKPoP


    29 dager siden


  • Matt kuhar
    Matt kuhar29 dager siden

    So ur whole channel is showing what ur 40k car can do? Hahahahahaha

  • Ivo


    28 dager siden

    he has like 9 other NOlocal channels mate -_- this is a car channel

  • Colefinney 1234
    Colefinney 123429 dager siden

    you could seramic coat the car to make the dirt not stick

  • Pete R
    Pete R29 dager siden

    I think the wheels on the old Tesla looked nicer than the new ones

  • Benny Penfield
    Benny Penfield29 dager siden

    New Tesla is awesome. There should be a youtooz of Jack in the Tesla.

  • mariama diallo
    mariama diallo29 dager siden

    jack plaes give my brother a ps5

  • emmanuel lozano
    emmanuel lozano29 dager siden

    new word basketless

  • Rick Mason
    Rick MasonMåned siden

    I didn’t know anyone had range in % tbh. Watch for Tesla now has estimated real range on it for cold weather. My white 3 doesn’t get mucky mirror cases...why!

  • jimmmy jakob
    jimmmy jakobMåned siden

    teslas are my fav car

  • Railfan VIT
    Railfan VITMåned siden

    Cant Wait to see it in Pink!! Thx MrBeast to make what a beautiful a ugly color!

  • Lily Gale
    Lily GaleMåned siden

    Hey Jack! I was just wondering because your a collector if you would want one of my handmade wooden playbuttons, we arnt asking for much money for it I just thought that it might make a great video, let me know if you want it but don't get your hopes up as for I am only 12 and I'm not that good at making playbuttons! (my brother also helped build it)

  • Sunriise Roblox Player
    Sunriise Roblox PlayerMåned siden

    Buy roadster

  • Lalindu Sathmina
    Lalindu SathminaMåned siden

    Change your profile picture hair to pink

  • Clever Falcon
    Clever FalconMåned siden

    Basket-less you say... what about 3D printing one?

  • Keith Graham
    Keith GrahamMåned siden

    Why would anyone comb their hair like Donald Trump?

  • GD R
    GD RMåned siden

    Hows the panel gaps? I had mine delivered end of Dec & the quality of the fit is ridiculous.

  • Thomas Hill
    Thomas HillMåned siden

    You’re telling me you have to pay £300 to unlock something that is already installed in the car??? Idiotic and a waste of money

  • GloomEye The poison fury
    GloomEye The poison furyMåned siden

    *phone went mufasa*

  • Gurshaan Nohra
    Gurshaan NohraMåned siden

    Make zhc paint on your car

  • Sven Bruh
    Sven BruhMåned siden

    a bit chilly he said. if i go out with 100% on my phone and if im out for just 10 min im down on 20. electrical shiet is crappy up here in da viking lands

  • Gabriel Gingras
    Gabriel GingrasMåned siden

    If you want to deal with the dead white space, cover the map while navigation is enabled.

  • Justin Apricot
    Justin ApricotMåned siden

    Did you do 62

  • Dhruv Sharma
    Dhruv SharmaMåned siden

    Jack has the autopark improved??

  • XX_YT
    XX_YTMåned siden

    hey guys i own a tesla roadster until i woke up at 9

  • Iago Todesco
    Iago TodescoMåned siden

    He could easily put new tesla model 3 feedback but nooo he really had to put that akl

  • MK7 GTI
    MK7 GTIMåned siden

    Nice to see a acceleration boost (if you plan on getting it) comparison.

  • M Isa
    M IsaMåned siden

    Looking forward for Tesla Videos with Pink hair...

  • mwebbo79
    mwebbo79Måned siden

    Do you get the full 360 on a 100% charge? We are only getting 330 atm not sure if it's because it's cold or a new battery 🤷

  • Creepy Kong
    Creepy KongMåned siden

    There is new update coming for model 3. This time over the air paint update! One time chance you can change the color of your tesla

  • sharkflower123
    sharkflower123Måned siden

    A Tesla improves while owning it through over-the-air updates. White space: Thanks for the compliment!

  • Don't check my YouTube Channel
    Don't check my YouTube ChannelMåned siden

    Yeah, ok cool, but can it run over the neighbors kid for me yet?

  • Olivér Sipos
    Olivér SiposMåned siden

    tHiS CaN Do RaInBoW ChArGiNg ?

  • Tesla Ho
    Tesla HoMåned siden

    i do have a 2021 model y and its the beeez kneezzz as the boomers like to call it 😀

  • Hugo Jr
    Hugo JrMåned siden

    Fun fact : if you own a iPhone 12 you can’t use Tesla wireless charger or any wireless charger , only MagSafe

  • R B
    R BMåned siden

    Couldn't the high level of electromagnetic radiation in electric cars cause serious health issues, including cancer?

  • Steff
    SteffMåned siden

    Would just like to say that these models have a heat pump (which helps keep the battery warm during the winter, which in turn uses less power, making it more efficient in the winter.) the previous model didn’t have a heat pump and used more power.

  • AMD-_- Swift
    AMD-_- SwiftMåned siden

    Jack does your car now have the rainbow charge?

  • Adventures With Sean
    Adventures With SeanMåned siden

    Why are you always filming on the wettest and shittiest roads? 😂

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    Shelle Garry OreillyMåned siden

    Jack i know this channel has nothing todo with X life but ldshawdowlady got a comment from youtube the real youtube!

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    Blue JayMåned siden

    You should do the Tik tok Tesla things and test if they still/now work with this one

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    JamieTheGamerYMåned siden

    Can you please do Tesla bingo???

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    ameliaMåned siden

    I’ve never seen someone so angry about a basket