What do you get from 20 Guaranteed 82+ x 25 Icon Swaps Packs?


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  • Abdul Kaleem
    Abdul Kaleem6 dager siden

    Chris Hummels 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Never gets old

  • Björne Ofc

    Björne Ofc

    6 dager siden

    Its a joke here you donuts

  • Diego Gómez

    Diego Gómez

    6 dager siden

    Frostyz LF I wonder that too

  • Frostyz LF

    Frostyz LF

    6 dager siden

    Why does he say Chris

  • Josh R
    Josh R14 timer siden

    I didn’t even get a walkout

  • Trigger TV
    Trigger TVDag siden

    Matt how can you be excited by any of these packs in February?

  • Kyle Richardson
    Kyle RichardsonDag siden

    Shout out chris hummels

  • Big Sim
    Big SimDag siden

    Matt can u do a video on how Loot boy works pls cos I can’t afford the money to get fifa points so I’m grinding loot boy pls help 👊🏿🙌

  • Sam Keb
    Sam KebDag siden

    Grinded to the mid icon and got bobby Moore :(

  • Adnan Assaf
    Adnan Assaf2 dager siden

    Why do i feel like lootpoint is gambling

  • Isai Gonzalez Garcia
    Isai Gonzalez Garcia2 dager siden

    On an 82+ 25* pack I got two 90 rated players and like 12 84+

  • shikhar singh
    shikhar singh3 dager siden

    Going for fodder

  • Zo Mitchelson
    Zo Mitchelson3 dager siden

    Moments pack Risk it for a biscuit

  • Cory Butler
    Cory Butler3 dager siden

    DCMC3-DB37M-MTE9Z someone can use this code pc only

  • Monalisa Smith
    Monalisa Smith3 dager siden

    I packed verrati🤮

  • Hassan Samhat
    Hassan Samhat3 dager siden


  • Chris R
    Chris R3 dager siden

    Gonna take the Prime Cole to play at CB

  • Eli Tanner
    Eli Tanner3 dager siden

    I get dubravka out of mine and saying gnabrys an l 😭

  • I
    I3 dager siden

    Can you get an icon from those packs?

  • Marion O'Shea
    Marion O'Shea3 dager siden

    i got ronaldo

  • Empari
    Empari3 dager siden

    Trent and fabinho

  • Fady Hanna
    Fady Hanna3 dager siden

    All x25 packs and will see what will do after

  • Jonas Steenbergen
    Jonas Steenbergen3 dager siden

    My brothers mate Get out a 82+ schmeigel as best. Very bad

  • GraphicGamerHD
    GraphicGamerHD4 dager siden

    I’m going for mid or prime icon and the 83 x 25

  • Oliver Loddervik
    Oliver Loddervik4 dager siden

    83x25 and prime pack

  • Campbell Steven
    Campbell Steven4 dager siden

    Overmars 83×25 81×25

  • Kiez_vh
    Kiez_vh4 dager siden

    What do you do with the diamonds on LootBoy?

  • FranK Da MUthaFKnTank
    FranK Da MUthaFKnTank4 dager siden

    Why are people even opening their packs there isn't any good cards available. If you expect a prime icon moments from this 😂

  • Adnaan Rakhda
    Adnaan Rakhda4 dager siden

    @MattHDGamer I'm going for Deco

  • Epicer gaming
    Epicer gaming4 dager siden

    going for prime/moments pack and one of the 25 players packs

  • Harry Withers-Sharpe
    Harry Withers-Sharpe4 dager siden

    Loot boy is the BEST

  • Lee Lyons
    Lee Lyons4 dager siden

    91+ prime and & 82+

  • Dion Van haaften
    Dion Van haaften4 dager siden

    Im ging for deco why? I like to play with cards who nobody try's last year i got litmanen moments and i lovend it

  • Roshan Shetty
    Roshan Shetty4 dager siden

    How do i complete epl sbc.. Am unable to get players for sheffield utd in transfer market..can uh plz help me out

  • rayane 123
    rayane 1234 dager siden

    25 +83, 25 +82 and mid/prime icon pack

  • CrizR
    CrizR4 dager siden

    anyone know what kit that is at 5:37 thanks

  • AS10
    AS104 dager siden

    going for cole

  • Harrison Marvin
    Harrison Marvin4 dager siden

    I'm going for the 91 plus

  • WenJouLinks !
    WenJouLinks !4 dager siden

    I’m going to do 91+ prime icon pack and 82+ x25 pack

  • Daniel Carson
    Daniel Carson4 dager siden

    I'm doing mid or prime and 25×83 and 25×81

  • Alfie Palmer
    Alfie Palmer4 dager siden

    I’m going 83 x 25 mid icon pack and 81x25 and love your content mate

  • فرات الربابعة
    فرات الربابعة4 dager siden

    Going for 81+ cause the icon packs are a waste of time

  • Jayne Littler
    Jayne Littler4 dager siden

    prime or moments

  • Alfie Bliss
    Alfie Bliss4 dager siden

    Prime or moments pack

  • Yoshi
    Yoshi4 dager siden

    I bought a fifa loot pack on loot boy and never got the fifa gift card

  • Michael Barker
    Michael Barker4 dager siden

    Whos Chris hummels ?

  • D17 Gaming
    D17 Gaming4 dager siden

    Wow Matt what a scam. Lootboy

  • Charlie Cotterell
    Charlie Cotterell4 dager siden

    Im going for the 83 + and the prime icon so I don't have to get one of the tokens and I have a guaranteed prime icon

  • UltraJD 3.
    UltraJD 3.4 dager siden

    I'm going for cole 82+ and 83+

  • magne vestergaard
    magne vestergaard5 dager siden

    Packed mbappe untreadabel again😭

  • futfades
    futfades5 dager siden

    im just getting cole

  • kyle parsons
    kyle parsons5 dager siden

    Prime or moments pack

  • Josh Bootland
    Josh Bootland5 dager siden

    overmars also love you content bro keep the grind up

  • Ro Ro Rules
    Ro Ro Rules5 dager siden

    George best

  • Tom McGeough
    Tom McGeough5 dager siden

    As an Everton supporter I’m ecstatic from the Mersey side derby win merseyside is blue

  • Samson Lace
    Samson Lace5 dager siden

    Im doing the 82+ 83+ and the mid or prime

  • Grebron
    Grebron5 dager siden

    I'm going for one of the 25 81+ 82+ or 83+ packs and probably an icon pack (don't know which one yet)

  • elmar alli
    elmar alli5 dager siden

    This one

  • Mcfadyen PNE
    Mcfadyen PNE5 dager siden

    83+ mid/prime

  • shikhar singh
    shikhar singh5 dager siden

    Going for mid icon pack

  • Rhys Wickwar
    Rhys Wickwar5 dager siden

    82+ 83+ Mid/prime icon pack

  • Chikezie Nwosu
    Chikezie Nwosu5 dager siden

    Prime or moments and 81 25

  • Mads Germansen
    Mads Germansen5 dager siden

    25x +83

  • Karius
    Karius5 dager siden

    I guess I was going for deco already got him just took me like 3 hours in a span of 3 days

  • KD1


    5 dager siden

    Yo man I just started making teams for other people and I was wondering if I could make a team for you to put in a vid I would really appreciate it

  • Stepperz 123
    Stepperz 1235 dager siden

    Can you get icons on these packs?

  • Josh Bully
    Josh Bully5 dager siden

    I got schmeical 😭

  • ghibgbh guv
    ghibgbh guv5 dager siden

    I’m doing all the packs plus baby icon pack

  • Yuval lotem
    Yuval lotem5 dager siden


  • Khaled Mously
    Khaled Mously5 dager siden


  • Carter O’Leary ellis
    Carter O’Leary ellis5 dager siden

    Dole 81 and 72 gonna do the 83 then or icon pack for

  • Mat Hawkins
    Mat Hawkins5 dager siden

    Just going for the prime or moments pack

  • Dylan Mccarrick
    Dylan Mccarrick5 dager siden

    91+ prime

  • Teddy Kokkinos
    Teddy Kokkinos5 dager siden

    I did the base icon pack and got Zidane

  • Oliver Minshall
    Oliver Minshall5 dager siden

    Hi Matt all the 25x packs and the mid icon pack I’m going for great video...shit on the toffees

  • Karbuncle
    Karbuncle5 dager siden

    Possibly Ashley Cole but I broke my controller so🤣🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Georgia Kidd
    Georgia Kidd5 dager siden

    I don’t understand how people are getting packs this bad. I got cr7, Ramos, schezny and IF ndidi in the same pack.

  • ADP
    ADP5 dager siden

    base icon pack

  • SaggaaN
    SaggaaN5 dager siden

    81+ 82+ and mid or prime icon pack

  • Drakonian 753
    Drakonian 7535 dager siden

    I went for the 81+ for the fodder then did the mid or prime pack and got prime crespo

  • HBIF - P04
    HBIF - P045 dager siden

    I'm going for the 91+ prime icon and either the 81x25 and the 82x25 or just the 83x25

  • Ben Odonovan
    Ben Odonovan5 dager siden

    I'm going for mid icon

  • Pedro Cortesão
    Pedro Cortesão5 dager siden

    Hi matt how are you doing? Hi hope today is a special day for you. I will be doing the 91+ pack if you want to open it

  • Crowlay
    Crowlay5 dager siden

    I got Salah, Varane & De Gea from 81 x 25 💪🏼

  • Jack Sylvie
    Jack Sylvie5 dager siden

    25 82+ and 25 81+

  • Shomzzz
    Shomzzz5 dager siden

    I’ve tried the lootboy App and it won’t let me enter my date of birth any o e who can help me ??

  • Linxys
    Linxys5 dager siden

    I did 83x25 and 81+

  • SM 07
    SM 075 dager siden

    Going for overmars

  • Nubsey
    Nubsey5 dager siden

    I’m going for mid or prime and the 82+ and 83+

  • Conor Heffernan
    Conor Heffernan5 dager siden

    Base icon pack

  • Big Boi
    Big Boi5 dager siden

    Im going for 82x25, 83x25 and a mid or prime.

  • Dylan Roach
    Dylan Roach5 dager siden

    We didn’t make the comeback tonight sadly: I’m going for deco, 81x25 and mid icon pack

  • Denzii
    Denzii5 dager siden

    Got mababpe

  • george
    george5 dager siden

    I’m going for the mid or prime and the 82 and 83 25 packs

  • Stuart Mcintosh
    Stuart Mcintosh5 dager siden

    Damn he swore

  • Cyrus Lali
    Cyrus Lali5 dager siden


  • Curtis Cook
    Curtis Cook5 dager siden

    I got inform stones neuer and mbappe out of my 83x25 pack

  • Callum 123
    Callum 1235 dager siden

    For icon swaps I am going for the prime icon pack and 83x25

  • Niclas Skaränger
    Niclas Skaränger5 dager siden

    Bullshit packs didnt get a single walkout from 281 or 82 x25.....

  • MR EkayGaming
    MR EkayGaming5 dager siden

    82+ 25 and 91+ prime icon pack

  • LettuceMuncher
    LettuceMuncher5 dager siden

    I’m going for deco and 83+ 25 player pack

  • Samuel Adams
    Samuel Adams5 dager siden

    Ea: release daily objective Matt: today is a special day

  • Luis Robinson
    Luis Robinson5 dager siden

    prime or moments pack

  • Summit
    Summit5 dager siden

    I’m going for the 91+