What do you get from 9 Guaranteed Base or Mid Icon Packs?


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I Opened 9 Guaranteed Base or Mid Icon Packs in FIFA 21! Am I Officially the FIFA Pack King now??? This is INSANE! Team of the Year is coming..
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  • KBK Football
    KBK FootballMåned siden

    Always fast with the uploads, appreciate the grind Matt!

  • ponkr


    Måned siden

    @Leggett • loooool I get you

  • Leggett •

    Leggett •

    Måned siden

    Or Alan partridge if ykyk

  • puzzler jxsh
    puzzler jxsh5 dager siden

    I got mid del piero is that a dub i cant tell . Also love your content man keep it up

  • Amel R
    Amel R23 dager siden

    How many coins i need to do icon ?

  • Domonic Childs
    Domonic Childs27 dager siden

    I’ve done 3 got base Bobby Moore Mid Alan Shearer Mid Luis Hernandez I also packed mid blanc in a 25 k pack

  • khaled al saleh
    khaled al saleh29 dager siden

    Congratulations you deserve a break !

  • Rossi YT - Among Us
    Rossi YT - Among Us29 dager siden

    got enough fodder in my club to do it should i do one guys ??

  • David Hetherton
    David Hetherton29 dager siden

    I got mid makelele.. w or l?

  • Will Hughes
    Will HughesMåned siden

    Got mid ronaldo yesterday from one of these

  • Enzio
    EnzioMåned siden

    I got 85 rui costa thnx EA greedy basterds hope i pack toty today

  • Faromoju Tobi
    Faromoju TobiMåned siden

    Okocha's base is better than his mid

  • TrixoFUT
    TrixoFUTMåned siden

    Matt packing good cards from icon packs left right and centre, Then when I keep doing them and opening them I get trash over and over again :((

  • B Nada
    B NadaMåned siden

    someone make a remix of matt shouting about Bass please

  • Fifa channel
    Fifa channelMåned siden

    I packed 89 gerrard 4th week of Fifa over 300 games fir me

  • Tom Horgan Tom
    Tom Horgan TomMåned siden

    Love from Manchester right here!

  • Mike got clout
    Mike got cloutMåned siden

    I got 88 baressi so now the game is deleted😭

  • Dazzer's Football Stand
    Dazzer's Football StandMåned siden

    Liverpool fan packs A United legend in Giggsy lol, couldn’t write it

  • Darren Chipp
    Darren ChippMåned siden

    Put King Kenny as your ST and Figo as your RAM, trust me!

  • Jacob Carstens
    Jacob CarstensMåned siden

    i was given bloody 89 scholes in mine - my fifa luck is shite

  • Márkó Kollár
    Márkó KollárMåned siden

    I think you should try out Puskás. I used his Base and Prime version (btw I think the base was better) and he is absolutely a banger🇭🇺

  • Sharon Brown
    Sharon BrownMåned siden

    I packed mid butra 🙌

  • Kerilious Jules
    Kerilious JulesMåned siden

    He got me me at (" this is notts") 😂🤣😂🔥🔥

  • eeturi sikanen
    eeturi sikanenMåned siden

    Eusebio baby is better than mid

  • Clips and gaming
    Clips and gamingMåned siden

    Why do u overspend on sbcs so much

  • NotsoGamer
    NotsoGamerMåned siden

    Did matt just dabbed in 2021 😂😂

  • Juhis01
    Juhis01Måned siden

    My luck all baby socrates owen rush hernandez inzaghi litmanen fml

  • Jan Kvartek
    Jan KvartekMåned siden

    Every Day is a special Day 🤣

  • _J_ Henriksen_
    _J_ Henriksen_Måned siden

    Put in del piero

  • Kappa Warrior
    Kappa WarriorMåned siden

    i made one, got mid zanetti, then put him into another, got mid cantona. so fkin happy about it

  • Jake Smith
    Jake SmithMåned siden

    Didnt even notice that backdrop 🤣🤣🤣

  • Cdevlin 06
    Cdevlin 06Måned siden

    We're you even practicing how to slip like gerrad aswell

  • Kavishan Pirabaharan
    Kavishan PirabaharanMåned siden

    Why do people check the prices for untradeable players and get hyped. They cant be traded anyways. Someone please answer!!

  • Declan Grieves
    Declan GrievesMåned siden

    Wonder how many times he has said "yes"

  • Declan Grieves
    Declan GrievesMåned siden

    Saying mid overmars is not bad while I get base nakakta

  • Josh Dowling
    Josh DowlingMåned siden

    0:00 hello there

  • Jacob Wilson
    Jacob WilsonMåned siden

    Buy baby maldini and walker cb and switch in game

  • Mad Bu
    Mad BuMåned siden


  • CrossoverComps
    CrossoverCompsMåned siden

    I watch these videos to see whether I should do one , but then I realise this guy is on the absolute red list

    DIZZY SSPUFFYMåned siden

    He made more or less 4 mil profit,Wow that's amazing

  • Christian Lopez
    Christian LopezMåned siden

    i got baby puyol from mine :(

  • Juwaid Ali
    Juwaid AliMåned siden

    Buy r9 your attack will be beastly

  • Alessandro Bonaldo
    Alessandro BonaldoMåned siden

    When you hear matt saying “today is a special day”, you know that is a special day😂

  • Andres Gonzalez
    Andres GonzalezMåned siden

    What is that kit?

  • Mato Zunac
    Mato ZunacMåned siden

    I get mid henry is that W or L?

  • keuk
    keukMåned siden

    baby ice > mid ice

  • Toon Keustermans
    Toon KeustermansMåned siden

    Base Eusebio is better

  • James Fee
    James FeeMåned siden

    Matt’s favorite word is special

    TTV_JAYPL4YSMåned siden

    matt i’ve got a fifa myth for you : politano and a silver 65 rated goalkeeper called ‘Andorinha’ have the same game face

  • Rick Freire
    Rick FreireMåned siden

    Watch Matt get a toty when it comes out 😂

  • Diogo Portela
    Diogo PortelaMåned siden

    You have more icons than I have players

  • Taeke2005
    Taeke2005Måned siden

    Put del piero in it

  • AA SA
    AA SAMåned siden

    Striker Garrincha RF

    TEC DANGERMåned siden


  • Mikhail
    MikhailMåned siden

    Congrats on moving and baby! Keep it up man! Blessings!

  • alex hebenstreit
    alex hebenstreitMåned siden

    you move house more than vagabond

  • Taylor Glanville
    Taylor GlanvilleMåned siden

    Congrats with the baby bro

  • iiApolloZz_ •
    iiApolloZz_ •Måned siden

    Redlisted for sure

  • Samurai6
    Samurai6Måned siden

    Got 87 vidic and already have 85

  • Josh Shore
    Josh ShoreMåned siden

    Congratulations on the baby and house move Matt🤝 legend mate❤️

  • Ewan Ferguson
    Ewan FergusonMåned siden

    Y does he have like 17 IF Tierney

    ZAV AGGELOSMåned siden

    I got a fucking crespi

  • Teckzy
    TeckzyMåned siden

    very happy for u mate

  • Victor Azevedo
    Victor AzevedoMåned siden

    quick Sell Garrincha, holy shit! That's a bad luck

  • super whave
    super whaveMåned siden

    Why isn’t it Toty nominees like last year

  • Bin Abeaid
    Bin AbeaidMåned siden

    6:33 that does not sound right

  • Im Seb
    Im SebMåned siden

    Please do house tour of your new on and the one your in now

  • Arraysab - Ashton b -
    Arraysab - Ashton b -Måned siden

    My patch just kept kicking me off the game It kept saying your opponent has disconnected

  • GertJan van Oers
    GertJan van OersMåned siden

    Nice vid, and congrats on the house,marriage and again for little Matt

  • Muhamad Firdaus Aqil
    Muhamad Firdaus AqilMåned siden

    Because of carlos sbc

  • Liam plysier
    Liam plysierMåned siden

    Pleas make a hoodie merch with “today is a special day “ on it

  • Visan Stefan
    Visan StefanMåned siden

    I love how he just casually buys the first player that shows on market even tho the player is like 1k cheaper than that

  • Alan V
    Alan VMåned siden

    I got an inform from a silver upgrade. 3 non rare golds but I got an in from taremi. Fifa myth?

  • Hoby73
    Hoby73Måned siden

    Well done Matt on the baby u deserve everything u have and I love ur content

  • Marcus
    MarcusMåned siden

    Intet Milan is expensive cuz of marquee matchups and league sbc

  • AJ72_YT
    AJ72_YTMåned siden

    13:30 my manager

  • hytsso
    hytssoMåned siden

    with that luck you are just baiting us to do icon packs and get owens and inzaghis

  • Дмитрий Ким
    Дмитрий КимMåned siden

    Roberto Carlos basic, Rivaldo basic, Vieri basic

  • Δημήτρης Τάνταρος
    Δημήτρης ΤάνταροςMåned siden

    Well he got eusebio I got lineker from a base or mid sbc and van nistelroy from mid icon from swaps

  • Im trynna get top comment here
    Im trynna get top comment hereMåned siden

    Packed base garrincha 🙃

  • Paul Roberts
    Paul RobertsMåned siden

    I don't even bother with these i always get deco

  • Liam Connolly
    Liam ConnollyMåned siden

    Matt, we’re all loving the content. Keep it up 👍🏼

  • Daniel Hansson
    Daniel HanssonMåned siden

    But baby Eusebio is better?

  • James Curtler
    James CurtlerMåned siden

    Is it possible to do one league with icon league?

  • James Norris
    James NorrisMåned siden

    Garrincha was the goat he had a twisted spine crooked knee's and one leg 2 inches shorter then the other yet still becomes a goat not myth #facts

  • Jake Brownless
    Jake BrownlessMåned siden

    I miss the original Matt background

  • Corinna Wilson
    Corinna WilsonMåned siden

    i got duplicate untradeble N EYMAR

  • RadBoomBeach
    RadBoomBeachMåned siden

    I can’t even find the base or mid icon pack option

  • parad0xFire 1
    parad0xFire 1Måned siden

    matt you don't have next gen on u need to delete the game and get it back

  • Ryan Humphreys
    Ryan HumphreysMåned siden


  • Jack Tozer
    Jack TozerMåned siden

    I packed baby laudrup

  • master peace
    master peaceMåned siden

    1:45 yes

  • Michael Chen
    Michael ChenMåned siden

    the new patch means anders can't do his ratty step overs any more

  • Domenico Leccis
    Domenico LeccisMåned siden

    mid essien or rttf wijnaldum??

  • Joe Barnes
    Joe BarnesMåned siden

    Is this worth it?

  • Uncleplayz 9471
    Uncleplayz 9471Måned siden

    Yo Matt can you do a NOlocal video of just to show your team and who’s in your club ?

  • Maxim Verhaak
    Maxim VerhaakMåned siden

    Congrats Matt!

  • Luc Wijngaard
    Luc WijngaardMåned siden

    Let me tell you: a base or mid icon!

  • Hazey
    HazeyMåned siden

    🇨🇿 GK 🛡 88 .... that’s all I’m saying

  • Adam JWZ
    Adam JWZMåned siden


  • Faisal Al-Sagoubi
    Faisal Al-SagoubiMåned siden

    Get Eto’o for striker

  • Rares Nichifor
    Rares NichiforMåned siden

    del piero striker