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Today we're throwing it back with a what's in my bag!!
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  • Lean
    Lean4 dager siden

    what is this bag called??

  • Lal Korzay
    Lal Korzay8 dager siden

    she kinda looks like Rachel McAdams

  • Zuzanna Soberka
    Zuzanna Soberka18 dager siden

    You look sooo pretty! xx

  • Marilou De Natale
    Marilou De Natale20 dager siden

    The whole pepper spray and taser thing is great in the US but my fellow Canadians just aren’t allowed ya know!

  • Lia c
    Lia c23 dager siden

    you look like billie eilish

  • TeavyHurtle
    TeavyHurtleMåned siden

    who is she?

  • Sarah Weiss
    Sarah WeissMåned siden

    I take the same birth control!

  • Melissa Okeke
    Melissa OkekeMåned siden

    She is so different from what I expected lol. She has such a calming vibe. ❤️

  • Maria de leon
    Maria de leonMåned siden

    Is this gf of fineas?

  • Juliet Pulido
    Juliet PulidoMåned siden

    Just found your channel and I love it. Do you know the name of this bag it’s amazing?!

  • India G
    India GMåned siden

    claudia you look so beautiful and sultry, can you please do a make-up tutorial for this look? 💕

  • Maria José Romero FacioLince
    Maria José Romero FacioLinceMåned siden

    claudia I LOVE YOU since the wall of your room was turquoise

  • Sidney Ganin
    Sidney GaninMåned siden

    i never leave my house at night without my taser and pepper spray!!

  • Iris Iota
    Iris IotaMåned siden

    Dear Claudia, I am a big fan of the way in which you spread a lot of positive messages concerning self-love, mindfulness, healthy living, etc. But I would really like to warn you about the extent to which you endorse capitalist culture (combined with insustainability and climate change inaction). The multitude of unnecessary products you present on this channel never fails to shock me. Please understand that being vegan is definitely a great step towards sustainable living, but your efforts on this front are currently completely snowed under by your capitalist, unsustainable buying and endorsing habits. Please watch this lovely video: nolocal.info/have/video/nHyLaJGctJKrnHg and undestand how companies repeatedly keep convincing consumers that they now need a new completely useless product (eg: how in the early 20th century Gilette became a massively succesful company simply through their advertising strategy of convincing women that their body hair was shameful and unhygienic, source: nolocal.info/have/video/mHWqf6ebqWts06Y). Please know that you are advocating for the 'Gilette's of 2021', and please stop, I know you're better than that. Love, Iris

  • Katniss Everdeen
    Katniss EverdeenMåned siden

    She look so much like billie eilish in this vid !

  • Li U.U
    Li U.UMåned siden

    Consigment = luxury thrift store...still, used stuff 😧

  • Katherine Curran
    Katherine CurranMåned siden

    It’s actually illegal to carry a stun gun or pepper spray in Australia so no self defence weapons for me

  • Giorgia Paolini
    Giorgia PaoliniMåned siden

    Don’t ask me why but you remind me of billie eilish, like A LOT

  • Sarah Bcr
    Sarah BcrMåned siden

    I’m in love with the canvas behind. Do you know the artist?

  • Cynthia Gomez
    Cynthia GomezMåned siden

    Where did you get the birth control holder 🥺🥺🥺

  • naomi s
    naomi sMåned siden

    EEEEEEEE I just love Claudia so muchhhhh

  • Eva Stood
    Eva StoodMåned siden

    Man she knew she was doing this for herself. Heck she’s being paid for doing it!

  • Mommy Dearest
    Mommy Dearest2 måneder siden

    every third word she says sounds like it's a question or in caps

  • Tamanna Khan
    Tamanna Khan2 måneder siden

    Here I got someone more genuine in a backpack video Thank you dear I'm soo inspired by ur ideas Keep going .... Waiting for more videos like this Happy holidays Sweety...... 💙

  • Greg i llove your purses Hatch
    Greg i llove your purses Hatch2 måneder siden

    I like your shenel purse im trying to find one i like all of my purses

  • M M
    M M2 måneder siden

    I think she looks a little like Billie Eilish

  • Zeynep Bilge Ugur
    Zeynep Bilge Ugur2 måneder siden

    Her voice is so relaxing

  • Thea Carolina
    Thea Carolina2 måneder siden

    I’m curious about people having their face masks directly in their bags, pocket and so on. Shouldn’t you have it in a clean plastic or reusable container. One for unused and one for used.

  • idk who
    idk who2 måneder siden

    Girl that perfume is about 200$ we broke 💀😂

  • Catherina Wojtowicz
    Catherina Wojtowicz2 måneder siden

    Guns are the best defense. Don't be a victim.

  • Fernando Bettances
    Fernando Bettances2 måneder siden

    Well everyone needs a suicidal muffin in their bag lol

  • Fernando Bettances

    Fernando Bettances

    2 måneder siden

    Shes like the american-polish version of emma corrin

  • Rukaiya Binte Asad
    Rukaiya Binte Asad2 måneder siden

    Love the Chanel bag, what’s the name?

  • monkelshit
    monkelshit2 måneder siden

    POLAND 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

  • Izelle Doria
    Izelle Doria2 måneder siden

    Had to stop watching your video because it was boring and also there was an absurd amount of sponsoring. I use to watch a lot of your videos but now it just seems like you don't actually like filming,

  • Royal Shuvro
    Royal Shuvro2 måneder siden


  • Sitora Sattorova
    Sitora Sattorova2 måneder siden

    These are such exact same things that I will need in my bag 🤗😆😊Wow so same I feel like every single one of them are needed and important!!

  • two direction
    two direction2 måneder siden

    “Pain in the” 𝙗𝙚𝙚𝙥

  • Englishrose Mania
    Englishrose Mania2 måneder siden

    Could you tell me the lipstick you are wearing, please?

  • Ashima is real
    Ashima is real2 måneder siden

    How do you put the straw back after using ittttt

  • The One
    The One2 måneder siden

    Did anyone actually order from RealReal? I need feedback!

  • Айша Амангельды
    Айша Амангельды2 måneder siden

    U look so beautiful🤧❤

  • CLAU
    CLAU2 måneder siden

    Anyone have a link for this specific bag, or a name; pretty please? 🥰

  • Lexie Ann
    Lexie Ann2 måneder siden

    Did anybody peep Caludia on the perfume bottle 🤣🤣

  • Kaiya Darling
    Kaiya Darling2 måneder siden

    I just have my pepper spray bracelet and keep it pushin

  • Billy Joy Creus
    Billy Joy Creus2 måneder siden

    Hello!!! love the bag :))) What model is that Chanel baaaag????

  • Dolores
    Dolores2 måneder siden

    *when ur name is Chanel* 👁👅👁

  • Tyrene Jimenea
    Tyrene Jimenea2 måneder siden


  • sweetie mel
    sweetie mel2 måneder siden

    does anyone know where her top is called

  • Clarisse T.
    Clarisse T.2 måneder siden

    Did she just say Tortoise Comb? 😢

  • River Riegle
    River Riegle2 måneder siden

    like many other people, i found claudia through billie, i now throughly enjoy her videos!

  • madi 123
    madi 1232 måneder siden

    The perfume thing is so true. I carry mine with me too but I also find that if I spray it behind my ears as well as everywhere else, it stays for ages. 💕

  • Bailey Ferguson
    Bailey Ferguson2 måneder siden

    Is it just e or does she give major Billie Ellish vibes. Like her face just resembles her

  • Samriddhi Tyagi
    Samriddhi Tyagi2 måneder siden


  • kathe rosa
    kathe rosa2 måneder siden

    what bag is this?

  • Katelyn Brooke
    Katelyn Brooke2 måneder siden

    Idk if you get this compliment a lot but if you told me that you were Billi Eilish’s twin, I’d believe you. You are gorgeous!

  • farflunghopes
    farflunghopes2 måneder siden

    You should check out the app Libby! It lets you check out kindle books (and audiobooks) from your library!

  • Sophie Buckingham
    Sophie Buckingham2 måneder siden

    I am so glad you brought up the mini taser for self-defense!! I think it is a better option than pepper spray in some ways!

  • Sophie Buckingham
    Sophie Buckingham2 måneder siden

    The mini phone remote is something I did not know I needed :) thank you haha!

  • The Selfcare Heaven
    The Selfcare Heaven2 måneder siden

    CLAUDIAAA 🤍🤍 this was really helpful & inspiring. I love those what's in my bag videos 🤍 Keep it up, queen! 🤍

  • suchietan8
    suchietan82 måneder siden


  • s r
    s r3 måneder siden

    Your so beautiful 😃❤️❤️

  • Sindija Plūme
    Sindija Plūme3 måneder siden

    First of all, I like your videos and just love your podcast. 🙂 But I want to mention that usually you just get used to your perfume, that is why you do not feel the scent, but it stays on and people around you can smell your perfume very well and I as an example get nauseous of other peoples perfume, even if it is nice..so less ir more 🙂

  • Rosa
    Rosa3 måneder siden

    I love claudias voice it’s too relaxing🥺

  • Monica
    Monica3 måneder siden

    Ayo I take the same bc😎

  • Joana Sosa
    Joana Sosa3 måneder siden

    what’s the name of ur current bag 🥺

  • Manda905
    Manda9053 måneder siden

    Anyone know the name of this bag????

  • Muskaan Chopra
    Muskaan Chopra3 måneder siden

    Which chanel bag is it?

  • whitney g
    whitney g3 måneder siden

    Can you do a video on how you set up/use your phone and the remote to take pics? 💕

  • RandomKK101
    RandomKK1013 måneder siden

    Idk why I got excited seeing we take the same birth control lol

  • Merve Korkmaz
    Merve Korkmaz3 måneder siden

    she really have emerald eyes...

    LUISA MARIA LOPEZ LENIS3 måneder siden

    4:14 did you see "caludia"? Omg JAJAJJAJAA :'( Anyways LOVE YOUUU

  • Ruby Guth
    Ruby Guth3 måneder siden

    I LOVE YOUR BACKDROP. the painting with the chair’s pattern😩😩😩😩😩🤭🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Janet N
    Janet N3 måneder siden

    First of all, wow, you are SO pretty! . Gorgeous eyes 👀. The video opened and I’m literally was like “wow, so pretty 🤩 “ Anyway, LOL Cute bag and great video 👌🏻

  • Thevani Maduray
    Thevani Maduray3 måneder siden

    Great video! What kind of Chanel bag is this? It looks amazing!!

  • Renamon
    Renamon3 måneder siden

    You remind me of Emily DiDonato

  • Shanine Tecson
    Shanine Tecson3 måneder siden

    Soo nostalgic, it reminds me of the good old days when I first started watching your video years ago😭😭 BEYONDBEAUTYSTAR 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Syd
    Syd3 måneder siden

    girl that tazor aint gonna do nothing for you. get a real gun dammit

  • Briana Trevino
    Briana Trevino3 måneder siden

    Loved this more than just seeing what you had in your bag! Creative!

  • Pushpa chandana Ayyapu
    Pushpa chandana Ayyapu3 måneder siden

    Thatt bag❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Cathy Lea
    Cathy Lea3 måneder siden

    A pink tazer!! 😂😂

  • Brittany Catalina
    Brittany Catalina3 måneder siden

    Yasss 👑 I love this! I just made a what’s in my bag also 😂🎉 but I’m a new youtuber! YOU ARE SO PRETTY😍 this is bag goals!

  • Angelina 00
    Angelina 003 måneder siden

    What birth control do you use? Anyone know? Thank you :)

  • hoofprintsatclouds
    hoofprintsatclouds3 måneder siden

    Not even pepper spray is allowed in Germany 😒

  • Juju Bean
    Juju Bean3 måneder siden

    Sorry if you answered already, what is the name of this bag?

  • Maya Tran
    Maya Tran3 måneder siden


  • Andrea Santos
    Andrea Santos3 måneder siden

    This video was long enough for me to eat. I’m so happy it was perfect

  • Princess Polly
    Princess Polly3 måneder siden

    your skin looks amazing what foundation do you wear

  • maddy shine
    maddy shine3 måneder siden

    i’ve never watched one of these videos but i love them. also you inspired me to get into the purse game and it’s so fun to switch up purses!!

  • Josefine Dittmar
    Josefine Dittmar3 måneder siden

    No tampons?😅

  • Osiris
    Osiris3 måneder siden

    What everyone NEEDS in their handbags are a sanitizer and mask. :)

  • MG11
    MG113 måneder siden

    Your making this for me you look like me Ex

  • Paola Frias
    Paola Frias3 måneder siden

    I keep everything I possibly need in my car because I’m almost always in it. I don’t have a purse but I always have what I need

  • PicturePortia
    PicturePortia3 måneder siden

    Omg man, I love a good essential bag lol! Especially if it’s designer! I loved your video! I just posted a what’s in my Louis Vuitton bag video and gave my bag similar compliments 😭🤗

  • Ti Marie
    Ti Marie3 måneder siden

    Claudia pls do another health video...am having problems with binge eating .... i really loved the one on weight loss... pls help a sis

  • Ti Marie
    Ti Marie3 måneder siden

    Claudia pls do another health video...am having problems with binge eating

  • Dashy Zana
    Dashy Zana3 måneder siden

    I like this video. This is one of the best I have seen. I also uploaded a video on “what’s in my bag” on my channel but I must say I really enjoyed ya video. Thanks for sharing

  • Lucy Cohen
    Lucy Cohen3 måneder siden

    The art in the back 😍 Check out Ezra Cohen on Instagram I feel like you and Finneas would like his work!!

  • Morgan Starling
    Morgan Starling3 måneder siden

    so nostalgic and fun!! ♥️

  • Morgan Starling

    Morgan Starling

    3 måneder siden

    makes me want to carry a purse again instead of just a wallet!

  • Georgie Senior
    Georgie Senior3 måneder siden

    bruh u look like a 1950s mom n i love it

    BILLIE AND FINNEAS3 måneder siden

    There is an app called Wattpad it is also a website but you can read and write stories it is amazing