What Happened to Clout Gang...

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  • Cory David
    Cory David6 måneder siden

    metal detecting

  • kamron bek
    kamron bek10 måneder siden

    Audio is shit

  • trinity tigner
    trinity tignerÅr siden

    talk too fuckin much

  • S1LENT
    S1LENTÅr siden

    Man I swear if fortnite wasn’t a thing NOlocal would’ve been the same as before faze was based on cod and now it’s all fortnite literally I miss the faze house when Logan and jake were not stupid as they are now when the clout gangs house wasn’t filled with faze members and now called the “Faze house” literally fuck this new NOlocal

  • Goose Man
    Goose ManÅr siden

    What happened to Banks? Where's he been

  • Issac Julian
    Issac Julian2 år siden

    Why is romans music better then blazes lmao

  • Justin Chong
    Justin Chong2 år siden

    What is faze?

  • guillermo gonzalez
    guillermo gonzalez2 år siden

    Weren't they in the other house since 2017?

  • guillermo gonzalez
    guillermo gonzalez2 år siden

    Audi0 is really good in this vid

  • h a p t i c
    h a p t i c2 år siden

    i miss faze call of duty

  • Tsar Peter I
    Tsar Peter I2 år siden

    This guy is a douche bag... you can tell, everyone in this home he is at are douche bags, if you are poor they don’t give a shit about you... at least you need to make 7 figures in order to associate with these pricks

  • Bill Skead
    Bill Skead2 år siden


  • Jixyr
    Jixyr2 år siden

    i like the shirt

    ESPINØSA2 år siden

    FaZe and Clout Gang are dying because no one says a shit, you just say “we are doing a lot of things” but nothing happens

  • EhEh Ron
    EhEh Ron2 år siden

    Low key....why haven't y'all did a collab with #DudePerfect ?

  • Ali Hussain
    Ali Hussain2 år siden

    I swear to god that I will subscribe to the guy's comment I am reading and like it

  • Danny Castro
    Danny Castro2 år siden

    So is Clout Gang like a part of FaZe?

  • Some One
    Some One2 år siden

    Fuck u man 🖕🏼

  • Mason Dancy
    Mason Dancy2 år siden

    What is that song you put while you were talking at the start

  • Jordy Perez
    Jordy Perez2 år siden

    Did cizz move out?

  • Brady Wiseman 09 (STUDENT)
    Brady Wiseman 09 (STUDENT)2 år siden

    Fortnite ruined FaZe I miss the old faze

  • Kuba Adamczuk
    Kuba Adamczuk2 år siden

    whats the song is the background called?

  • Aristide
    Aristide2 år siden

    Faze used to be a group of gamers that just enjoys life and joking to each other. Now is just another shitty youtube creators with "clout" and flexing in every corner possible

  • Matt V
    Matt V2 år siden

    I really don’t like saying it but, this is so sad to watch.

  • Doritoite
    Doritoite2 år siden

    Jesus Christ, if you’re gonna talk while walking around, at least get a lav mic, dumbass

  • Iyanu Antoine
    Iyanu Antoine2 år siden

    Change your name

  • Fierce Rozer
    Fierce Rozer2 år siden

    Live with blazican

  • Lama N
    Lama N2 år siden

    Join cloutgang!!

  • p0ny0w 420
    p0ny0w 4202 år siden


  • Jay_07zz
    Jay_07zz2 år siden

    I miss the times like when he hyped up the 2mil sub special, then when it came out it was an absolute banger! Good old times 🙂

  • Zora Plays
    Zora Plays2 år siden

    Did he say he has a bf editing ... there’s something bout u we don’t know about

  • StreamGuy
    StreamGuy2 år siden

    What happend to not clickbating

  • Gshhejbd Gxubejx
    Gshhejbd Gxubejx2 år siden

    “Yo chill I’m playing fort”

  • D N
    D N2 år siden

    This guy is a bloody Junkie

  • Jack Mammino
    Jack Mammino2 år siden

    Faze tfue

  • 2718aj
    2718aj2 år siden

    What up with all these houses and is faze still a thing? Like wtf is going on I'm so confused ????

  • 2718aj
    2718aj2 år siden

    What's going on with the houses and faze and clout gang ??? Someone explain

  • dai sy.11
    dai sy.112 år siden

    dude, step up your audio...

  • boricua algaro
    boricua algaro2 år siden

    I miss old faze!!!!!!!!!!

  • Braden Turner
    Braden Turner2 år siden

    They had no clout so it ended

  • Lost Boy Byous
    Lost Boy Byous2 år siden

    Wtf is clout gang

  • FAZE_ milo
    FAZE_ milo2 år siden

    Loaded by lil uzi vert yw

  • A MAR
    A MAR2 år siden

    What happened to all of faze ur all bum ass fucking loosers now ur u live la life styles witch is terrible for 20 year olds

  • Nathan M
    Nathan M2 år siden

    619k views faze has died

  • Acura .Ignite
    Acura .Ignite2 år siden

    I love the MW2 references in the basketball trickshots

  • Seve Goodhouse
    Seve Goodhouse2 år siden

    Lol "Not gonna be lookinng for my car keys anymore... (gets distracted) this magnetic shit..."

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan2 år siden

    2 weeks later what happened 2 team 10 🤨

  • TheOverPowerd
    TheOverPowerd2 år siden

    Where's FaZe Clan? Mw2 bo2 and all, why is everyone trynna flex? I gotta whole lotta whys.

  • Brody Morris
    Brody Morris2 år siden

    You should do more trick shots

  • Sam TuBer
    Sam TuBer2 år siden

    Dog shit audio quality.

  • Atxmic
    Atxmic2 år siden

    Yall need to play bo4 when it comes out or the beta and make vds on it

  • JordNEdwardz
    JordNEdwardz2 år siden

    I *Adapted* to this NOlocal channel it’s lit

  • Blake Skaaland
    Blake Skaaland2 år siden

    The trick shots were fuckin lit can’t wait till ur on the grind again

  • Simon Gruber
    Simon Gruber2 år siden

    u and roman should really make a full trickshot vid

  • Cantrell Kids
    Cantrell Kids2 år siden

    4:46 When you mom walks in on you watching Phub

  • Slank〽an
    Slank〽an2 år siden

    So pretty much turning into a dude perfect channel

  • C O D Y
    C O D Y2 år siden

    Nothing happened to faze bruh just look at all of those goddamn shoes adapts got i bet he couldnt afford any of that shit in nyc

  • Alex Abonce
    Alex Abonce2 år siden

    My guyyyy 😩 your out here actually having fun making videos again i fw you please keep doing you

  • booSTin 17
    booSTin 172 år siden

    this what happen when you make money .. ruins you

  • Andrew Leary
    Andrew Leary2 år siden

    You need a rug in that room to dampen the sound brotha. That echo is mad pitchy.

  • Chris Garcia
    Chris Garcia2 år siden

    Roman got fat af dawg

  • I like brown
    I like brown2 år siden

    Faze adapt is a wannabe rich thug

  • Scrvb
    Scrvb2 år siden

    Romvn lookin' thicc af (no homo doe :)

  • Jid
    Jid2 år siden

    Adapts rich af and has a $60 headset

  • Abdi Cumar
    Abdi Cumar2 år siden

    Roman if fat

  • LéSupreme
    LéSupreme2 år siden

    3:21 fake look at the shadow how suddenly moves fast but everything else is moving at normal speed

  • Papi Navarro
    Papi Navarro2 år siden

    That song was lit asf fr drop it

  • femto
    femto2 år siden

    Dude Perfect? Nah wrong channel.

  • Carlos Villarreal
    Carlos Villarreal2 år siden

    Alex’s room is designed so much better than bank’s

  • 7srebels
    7srebels2 år siden


  • Bamzyy
    Bamzyy2 år siden

    This dude definitely on some shit. Fuck happened to you homie

  • TheBasicLion
    TheBasicLion2 år siden

    He took a whole minute and a half just to say they moved

  • john
    john2 år siden

    Why do you all have so I many houses

  • Sxour
    Sxour2 år siden

    that sounds like tfue

  • Carlos Lehder
    Carlos Lehder2 år siden

    Get off.the coke.bro

  • Henry Turner
    Henry Turner2 år siden

    faze the new dude perfect

  • Mikie Lozano
    Mikie Lozano2 år siden


  • saint laurent
    saint laurent2 år siden

    ur so cringe

  • Liam Robson
    Liam Robson2 år siden

    What is the uzi song in the background at the beginning

  • Viagra 300mg
    Viagra 300mg2 år siden

    what happened to the clout house?

  • washabadaba ba
    washabadaba ba2 år siden

    I like the song

  • Chris
    Chris2 år siden

    I wish I could meet you

  • Pauszey
    Pauszey2 år siden

    FaZe Yumi

  • Shamori Smith
    Shamori Smith2 år siden


  • [714] mando
    [714] mando2 år siden

    Only real fans will remember Moe and Jagger days

  • Alberto Hernandez
    Alberto Hernandez2 år siden

    U should get more cats so barry can have a clout gang bc a group of cats is called clowter

  • Kid In Africa #1
    Kid In Africa #12 år siden

    Get On CSGO So I Can Destroy You And Your FaZe Buddies

  • Saumya Shah
    Saumya Shah2 år siden

    Upload mocking Faze banks part 5

  • Spidergaming
    Spidergaming2 år siden

    WhAt happened to Barry

  • Beto Gomez
    Beto Gomez2 år siden

    Anyone else think Alex has changed a lot since moving out the NY faze house?

  • HateXza
    HateXza2 år siden

    Did me say boyfriend

    ZENBORG KENJI2 år siden

    Fortnite is tearing NOlocal apart

  • Keenan Cox
    Keenan Cox2 år siden

    Not far till 5 mill boyyy

  • Knockout 124
    Knockout 1242 år siden

    Yo adapt I watched you completely get Shit on by the storm my man 😂😂 8K and loses to the storm my man it made my day

  • Alex Alvarado
    Alex Alvarado2 år siden

    Let me 1v1 you on COD WW2

  • Michelle
    Michelle2 år siden

    You ride every wave so late

  • Mitty Sone
    Mitty Sone2 år siden

    Bruh this guy on one

  • Bryce Kozell
    Bryce Kozell2 år siden

    What happened to faze being faze like actually playing call of duty and video games not flexing on people

  • Bryan Morua
    Bryan Morua2 år siden

    Faze yumi??

  • NGlitchesFTW
    NGlitchesFTW2 år siden

    I miss watching the old faze house vlogs you did :(