What Happened to the FaZe House.. (The Truth)

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  • brandon vela
    brandon vela7 måneder siden

    It’s now 2020 and what he said about nordan iss unforgettable and people don’t understand

  • Slish
    Slish8 måneder siden

    9:56 is what you came for

  • Don’t Sub
    Don’t Sub8 måneder siden

    When tf does the video start this is why you guys are dead now

  • Kyle Tissier
    Kyle Tissier9 måneder siden

    Get to the fucking point

  • Dolphin
    Dolphin10 måneder siden

    Where the video starts 10:14

  • Gunna Boy
    Gunna Boy11 måneder siden

    #WEWANTOLDFAZEBACK !!!!!!! Who agrees?


    This is deffo mason (zuckles) behind the camera

  • OscarCorreaFilmz __
    OscarCorreaFilmz __År siden

    I fucking love zuckles , he’s such a crackhead but we love him 😂✊🏻🤟🏻


    Theres been 6 different faze houses in the LA area

  • snecc
    sneccÅr siden

    his hands wrent on the controller when he shot

  • Joshthetosh
    JoshthetoshÅr siden

    You forgot apex In the og faze house

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi UchihaÅr siden

    Fame really changed them so bad

  • Infernal kyrex
    Infernal kyrexÅr siden

    What about Roman?

  • Omarsoccer 2010
    Omarsoccer 2010År siden

    Who thinks faze clan is a good name

  • Josh Meredith
    Josh MeredithÅr siden

    Is that zuckles

    LS Jeep OFFROADÅr siden

    L.A changed them a lot

  • Omar
    OmarÅr siden

    A room in the faze house is bigger than my house Jk.

  • user 1
    user 1År siden

    Story staring at 10:11

  • Fps landon
    Fps landonÅr siden

    The place you all came here for 9:45 👇 hit it and sub 😼

  • Alejandro Rodriguez
    Alejandro RodriguezÅr siden

    Omg Zuckles

  • Area
    AreaÅr siden

    Clout house transformed into the faze house

  • Melo Fan
    Melo FanÅr siden

    New York was my favourite part of faze

  • BB Cuubano
    BB CuubanoÅr siden

    Yo who is down to be homies and start a new clan?

  • BBC jeeesus

    BBC jeeesus

    År siden

    @BB Cuubano fortnite

  • BB Cuubano

    BB Cuubano

    År siden

    @jag7r what games do you play?

  • Danny
    DannyÅr siden

    we all want the og FaZe clan back with black oops 2 with cool trick shots quick scopes and epic snipes we all want to see it but now almost (ALL) the FaZe members are changing there point of view on cod there all just switching to what people do now for content with Vlogs, but I don't know if they realized when the switched to fortnite and vlogs and other games including with what they do now they lost more viewers with people not wanting to see these new things and wanting to see the old og things they did this is not The OG FaZe we knew this is just a clan, FaZe wasn't just doing this for the money (maybe) but they did it because they loved to do it , but they changed to go with the new things showing up upgrading from what they do and act. we all want the real FaZe back

  • Drift
    DriftÅr siden

    Nothing is worse than Nicking Your Ball Sack - Trimmer AD

  • Sage Ninshu
    Sage NinshuÅr siden

    According to title video starts from 10:05

  • Maddex Sebastian
    Maddex SebastianÅr siden

    Now it’s depressing time on NOlocal

  • Brandon Ingram
    Brandon Ingram2 år siden

    NY were the OG times

  • Azran
    Azran2 år siden

    Who doesn't even watch half of the faze members but is subbed to them all 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋

  • yohane tsukishima
    yohane tsukishima2 år siden

    i want the old faze back. The money got to ya'll and it killed faze

  • PapaGibby13
    PapaGibby132 år siden

    NY House and the first like what 2,3 months of faze house LA was best who agrees

  • Lime Light
    Lime Light2 år siden

    Moving from NY to la was the death of faze clan

  • Lil Boer
    Lil Boer2 år siden

    There a reason Teequo wasn't mentioned?

  • sl dp
    sl dp2 år siden

    honestly it looks to me u are the one who was just different. u seem to want fame, and money and girls and wear rich clothes and show it off....while the other guys are together cause they care about that more.

  • Lara
    Lara2 år siden


  • TY Karlito Fsj
    TY Karlito Fsj2 år siden

    Ayeee trippieredd

  • Gavin Santos
    Gavin Santos2 år siden

    The camera man is Jarvis Faze Kay’s brother

  • Eduardo Luna
    Eduardo Luna2 år siden

    I love what you said about Rain. Keep up the work Alex

  • 99 years ago
    99 years ago2 år siden

    Are you guys joking about the NY house? Is it really better than the LA house?

  • souljahgoth
    souljahgoth2 år siden


  • Oscar Soto
    Oscar Soto2 år siden

    I don’t hate Alex nor have anything against him... but the real ones like Rain, Teeqo, Blaze, And Cheo... those guys seem to be more genuine. Alex seems to be more of a clout chaser.

  • Luke fishmen
    Luke fishmen2 år siden

    Fock these comments you’re dope bah

  • quhyl o
    quhyl o2 år siden

    Take a break from NOlocal and treat ur achene

  • Pressley - Reddit Compilations
    Pressley - Reddit Compilations2 år siden

    Video starts at 9:50....................

  • Young BJ
    Young BJ2 år siden

    what happen with romvn

  • Jai Knight
    Jai Knight2 år siden

    Y’all see the Illuminati house at 336

  • Untitled Name
    Untitled Name2 år siden

    Holy shit zuckles used to live near me in Australia and now his there

  • No Mames
    No Mames2 år siden

    What about teeqo

    PBTDL2 år siden

    What happened to their chef

  • Conor Percy
    Conor Percy2 år siden

    Where's barry

  • Angel Of Death
    Angel Of Death2 år siden

    Make a call or duty video

  • Sam Luna
    Sam Luna2 år siden


  • s s
    s s2 år siden

    I wish you would play zombies mob on bo2 with meeee

  • Daboi
    Daboi2 år siden

    I'd like to see that group on the thumbnail back together

  • Pot_H3ad420
    Pot_H3ad4202 år siden

    zuckles in this hahahaha

  • Average Nile
    Average Nile2 år siden

    y you tryin so hard to look cool going to ikea bro

  • Explicitly Animals
    Explicitly Animals2 år siden

    I don't understand everyone saying we want the "old FaZe back". FaZe is evolving turning from just a gaming clan to a whole lifestyle. It's a brand.

  • Daniel Strait
    Daniel Strait2 år siden

    petrol is fule yes. but your car runs on gasoline

  • Don Harrus
    Don Harrus2 år siden

    And ikea in sweedish

  • Jacob Burgoyne
    Jacob Burgoyne2 år siden

    Coming to these comments actually makes me sad I remember back in 2015 when there were in n.y all living together grinding cod those were the days, I guess all things come to a end and people grow up

  • shahriyar rahman
    shahriyar rahman2 år siden

    Who dosent wanna live in calabasas it’s beautiful here

  • COMMA$
    COMMA$2 år siden

    Dude still got hella Pizzaface

  • Matt Taylor
    Matt Taylor2 år siden

    can you please just either have both sleeves rolled up or both sleeves rolled down, you look like an idiot rolling up only one sleeve to flash your tats

  • Vedant Singh
    Vedant Singh2 år siden

    Can i join faze?

  • Blue Leprechaun
    Blue Leprechaun2 år siden

    It’s mc creamy

  • imAbzolute
    imAbzolute2 år siden

    what happen to apex he should of been on that list

  • Arxci
    Arxci2 år siden

    I swear the money got to adapt. He use to be cool and then he changed his dress style, bought expensive ass shoes and started acting like a moron. I use to love these videos. Now you're just a moron and you're super cringe. It's sad to think about how much you've changed and how little everyone likes it. I'm not talking about just playing cod. I believe what happened was just the people you started hanging out with. Like roman, acts and looks like a 2018 cringe ass dude. Uhhh I don't even know how to explain how annoyed I am just watching these.

  • Arxci
    Arxci2 år siden

    Man buys thousand dollar shoes, sees a desk for 149 and is like fuck that.

  • Nat walton
    Nat walton2 år siden


  • themustardcat141
    themustardcat1412 år siden

    Camera man is zuckles

  • cman love
    cman love2 år siden

    Is the word logistics a big word for you?

  • Rigo Ceja
    Rigo Ceja2 år siden


  • Dominic TVlogs
    Dominic TVlogs2 år siden

    That armpit and chest hair

  • u8MyNugNugz YT
    u8MyNugNugz YT2 år siden

    "Petrol station" dude is Australian woo

  • kyle Stoughon
    kyle Stoughon2 år siden

    strait up rolled his jacket to show off his tattoo what a lame man faze got into all the materialistic stuff .can live wo a phone or yeezys money took over man ,the old faze didnt have money so it was more genuine material

  • Andreas Lindqvist
    Andreas Lindqvist2 år siden

    Real dramatic intro

  • Tess Tickles
    Tess Tickles2 år siden

    Sacramento gang

  • Drae - PUBG Mobile
    Drae - PUBG Mobile2 år siden

    How many times domu guys have to move to different houses

  • Alex.-
    Alex.-2 år siden

    ‘Im a man of my word’ next video doesnt jump in reservoir

  • Westy
    Westy2 år siden

    What happened to apex

  • Tezryy WC
    Tezryy WC2 år siden

    Is that Zuckles behind the camera? Holy shit that is! And mcreamy too?

  • Finn Love
    Finn Love2 år siden

    zuckles !!!!!!!

  • SkypraPlays
    SkypraPlays2 år siden

    You guys have the money now, you guys don’t need to work anymore and just want to ‘live life’ That’s it!

  • Sam Altoft
    Sam Altoft2 år siden

    Man man suckles behind the camera

  • Rhevaz
    Rhevaz2 år siden

    “Woke up at 7 -8 ish and banging stuff out”. *RELATABLE*

  • John Torres
    John Torres2 år siden

    Faze clan is going down tbh , your guys rep, views , are super low now . But I still support y’all cause I remeber old school mw2 vids from all y’all

  • London super
    London super2 år siden

    nolocal.info/have/video/m2OnjsWB2KR-y3w.. Promote me Channel.. U Can 5lakh.. Like and Subscribe Me

  • Myleft butcheek
    Myleft butcheek2 år siden


  • Bobbythefish_gaming
    Bobbythefish_gaming2 år siden

    The only faze member I still watch is faze rug

  • Josiah S Carr Music
    Josiah S Carr Music2 år siden

    Don't go putting petrol in a diesel car first of all!!! Fuel isn't just fuel and gas isn't just gas. Lol

  • FuZe Bullen
    FuZe Bullen2 år siden

    Where is berry

  • drew strother
    drew strother2 år siden

    Miss you guys all together rip to my child hood

  • drew strother
    drew strother2 år siden

    Go back to the New York house please

  • GodTierQuavo
    GodTierQuavo2 år siden

    How many times did u clap ur hands?

  • I love Shoes
    I love Shoes2 år siden

    I miss the New York faze house days

  • Tre' Deeter
    Tre' Deeter2 år siden

    BRO you been doing cocaine?

  • CwrightK Original
    CwrightK Original2 år siden

    this video was made on my birthday wtf xdd

  • Jacob Richardson
    Jacob Richardson2 år siden

    the new york house was so pure, the LA house made the FaZe clan chase the new generation instead of being themselves. FaZe Adapt uses slur and shit and nobody is the same.

  • ZzzDOM1N1CzzZ
    ZzzDOM1N1CzzZ2 år siden

    Zuckles is the hero we all need

  • uhjayden
    uhjayden2 år siden

    HOW BOUT RUG?? haha jk