What Happens when FaZe TFue gets MAD...

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  • ImSui
    ImSui3 mÄneder siden

    2020 October 20, time; 12:05 afternoon and tfue is no longer in faze.

    OLABODE MOYINOLUWA3 mÄneder siden

    Pls give your life to Christ everyone Jesus is coming soon 🙏

  • drxpxoxoツ
    drxpxoxoツ4 mĂ„neder siden

    Hope u are having a awesome quarantine Subscribe to me for 90 years of life and good life

  • drxpxoxoツ
    drxpxoxoツ4 mĂ„neder siden

    Hope u are having a awesome quarantine Subscribe to me for 90 years of life and good life

  • Japanese orange
    Japanese orange4 mÄneder siden

    Tsm dabcat

  • Japanese orange
    Japanese orange4 mÄneder siden

    I’m in tsm

  • Japanese orange
    Japanese orange4 mÄneder siden

    1 like I’ll gift you money on PayPal

  • Clapz Official
    Clapz Official4 mÄneder siden

    Who is whatching this when tfue left faze

  • spawns
    spawns5 mÄneder siden

    6 mill. Oh yeah

  • Victor Barrera
    Victor Barrera5 mÄneder siden

    Who is still whatch n 2020

  • Geovany Ruiz
    Geovany Ruiz5 mÄneder siden

    5.99m subs bet

  • Burst Orbeezyy
    Burst Orbeezyy5 mÄneder siden

    Hit that SUBSCRIBE button

  • alan
    alan5 mÄneder siden

    Fuck Tfue’s dad

  • Lil straw 1
    Lil straw 15 mÄneder siden

    Who’s watching this wene Tfue isn’t in faze

  • ŰłÛŒÙ†Ű§ Ű”ÙŰ±ÛŒ
    ŰłÛŒÙ†Ű§ Ű”ÙŰ±ÛŒ5 mĂ„neder siden


    TJA VIDS6 mÄneder siden

    Omg Emily ur a crackhead

  • Stop motion Erik
    Stop motion Erik6 mÄneder siden

    Lol they can’t even build that gamers be like

  • Transport
    Transport6 mÄneder siden

    I miss “FaZe” Tfue

  • Salvador
    Salvador6 mÄneder siden

    At 1:56 the guy holding the camera said the n-word

  • INSANE Snipers
    INSANE Snipers6 mÄneder siden

    Cool ride 👍we r having fun see that you he throw

  • Wrekkneyez
    Wrekkneyez6 mÄneder siden

    Almost looks like rob and bigs (r.i.p) old house from the street view minus the houses on the other side of the street

  • German Mendoza
    German Mendoza7 mÄneder siden

    If I can turned back time to the good old days

  • W-keyajay
    W-keyajay7 mÄneder siden

    🚹 twitch.tv/cheaterajay my dream is to be a streamer please help me giveaway soon🚹

  • Arlene Halili
    Arlene Halili7 mÄneder siden

    1:43 is funny af

  • btw goku
    btw goku7 mÄneder siden

    When. Tfue gets mad he Goes This is not right this is bull shi* mode

  • AcidBeats 17
    AcidBeats 177 mÄneder siden

    i miss tfue at faze.

  • Lily
    Lily7 mÄneder siden

    Use me as the. HOLT SHIT counter

  • Lily
    Lily7 mÄneder siden

    Adapt man if u see this comment. Change the name of the title


    Most boring video ever

  • /Itz Bolt\
    /Itz Bolt\8 mÄneder siden

    Heres the answer. He leaves FaZe

  • FaZe Scopes
    FaZe Scopes8 mÄneder siden

    Me to tfie no!.. say ty if your watching in 2020

  • Julio Lopez
    Julio Lopez8 mÄneder siden

    lol to josh comment

  • Joseph Homza
    Joseph Homza8 mÄneder siden

    The answer to the title is answered now.

  • Molinaaヅ
    Molinaaヅ8 mĂ„neder siden

    he sues faze

  • G3 Psycho
    G3 Psycho8 mÄneder siden

    Their imeasure

  • Andi Palermo
    Andi Palermo8 mÄneder siden

    Why is this on my reccomendation haha just feels awkward coz we all know tfue is not in faze anymore when were watching it right now hays

  • soul salty
    soul salty8 mÄneder siden

    Yooo rice was fr hurt about that 😂

  • Sunny Vijeh
    Sunny Vijeh8 mÄneder siden

    You should tell hi1sky to ride that

  • XBTBlaze
    XBTBlaze8 mÄneder siden

    Who’s here after Tfue isn’t in faze

  • 100k subs without videos Challenge

    100k subs without videos Challenge

    7 mÄneder siden

    tKf AJ ?

  • Spezyyy


    8 mÄneder siden

    that was way before your realize late

  • Matthew
    Matthew8 mÄneder siden

    Faze Tfue?

  • M Hadi Shiekh
    M Hadi Shiekh8 mÄneder siden

    He leaves Faze....

  • Luis Jimenez
    Luis Jimenez8 mÄneder siden

    So nobody gonna talk about that guy in 3:06 looking and walking like Michael from gta

  • Niko Bellic

    Niko Bellic

    8 mÄneder siden


  • Sync Fraziex
    Sync Fraziex8 mÄneder siden

    Remember when FaZe Tfue was a thing đŸ€ŁđŸ€Ł

  • Ninjas Hyper
    Ninjas Hyper8 mÄneder siden

    I fucking miss tfue being part in faze😒

  • Ghastify
    Ghastify8 mÄneder siden

    When tfue was in faZe

  • Notluca6 BTW
    Notluca6 BTW8 mÄneder siden

    I’m I the only one watching this knowing that it’s 2020 and Tfue is not in faze anymore

  • StxrmzyHX


    3 mÄneder siden


  • Your mum 69

    Your mum 69

    7 mÄneder siden


  • Devon Ryan

    Devon Ryan

    8 mÄneder siden

    Notluca6 BTW na

  • Niko Bellic

    Niko Bellic

    8 mÄneder siden

    Notluca6 BTW yes

  • M Hadi Shiekh

    M Hadi Shiekh

    8 mÄneder siden


  • KXL Crxck3d
    KXL Crxck3d8 mÄneder siden

    Rick gum ate the bat

  • Stink
    Stink8 mÄneder siden

    I wish tfue was still in faze

  • carlos martinez
    carlos martinez8 mÄneder siden


  • Gab ___
    Gab ___8 mÄneder siden

    Who is watching this during the pandemic?

  • Vexwyd


    8 mÄneder siden

    real rise clan mee 😭

  • Talal Abbadi
    Talal Abbadi8 mÄneder siden

    Rice gum destroys the stereotype of Asians being smart

  • MHayden 2312
    MHayden 23128 mÄneder siden

    Fuck tfue

  • kanij shammi

    kanij shammi

    8 mÄneder siden

    Mikhael Hayden Redzwan nah

  • MHayden 2312
    MHayden 23128 mÄneder siden

    Otstofiazfzfkziffifogoooogogoog ulffgiigfixixixdxi

  • Aruni Peiris
    Aruni Peiris8 mÄneder siden

    When he got mad then he's gonna break banks heart to pieces

  • BestPlayerMetr0
    BestPlayerMetr08 mÄneder siden


  • Can You
    Can You8 mÄneder siden

    What happens when Faze true gets mad Leaves faze...

  • Runaway._Carei
    Runaway._Carei8 mÄneder siden

    I miss tfue😱

  • Jonathan On YT
    Jonathan On YT8 mÄneder siden


  • P4WA
    P4WA8 mÄneder siden


    PENNYWISEYT8 mÄneder siden

    why did ricegum look like the little Asian kid who's still wondering if he's adopted😂😂

  • Ezequiel
    Ezequiel8 mÄneder siden

    3:07 u can see micheal from gta😳

  • Haajacxc
    Haajacxc8 mÄneder siden

    Tfue leaving faze was a big mistake It’s a free clout and free family

  • Bambuz
    Bambuz8 mÄneder siden

    1:58 someone is freaking yelling lmao

  • Anexz Lol
    Anexz Lol8 mÄneder siden

    Who else came after tfue left

    RiseTTV RUSHLORD8 mÄneder siden

    When white boys try to build something 😂

  • FlixZA
    FlixZA8 mÄneder siden

    I am like 12

  • FlixZA
    FlixZA8 mÄneder siden

    How the fuck did tfue fit an I did not

  • Fire Boi
    Fire Boi8 mÄneder siden

    Who watching after tfue left

  • Kiwi's
    Kiwi's8 mÄneder siden

    Can you shout me out YT it's booches

  • Snfjxbshcbdh A
    Snfjxbshcbdh A8 mÄneder siden


  • Saif Haddad
    Saif Haddad9 mÄneder siden

    Welp this didn’t age well....

  • Xyan Higgins
    Xyan Higgins9 mÄneder siden

    Faze adapt: faze tfue bob the Builder

  • Vluxinz
    Vluxinz9 mÄneder siden

    Who’s watching this when tfue left faze and Jarvis is banned

  • EDH_ Awsome
    EDH_ Awsome9 mÄneder siden

    These Guys dont even know how to set up a little bike even i can set it up

  • Stinkzuu
    Stinkzuu9 mÄneder siden

    THEM: Just Scootin' FORTNITE: Make the emote Scootin' for TFue Little Bike

  • Palez
    Palez9 mÄneder siden

    Whos here when tfue sued faze

  • Dylan Weichert
    Dylan Weichert9 mÄneder siden

    I thought aisan people were smart ricegumm

  • 1111sudhir
    1111sudhir9 mÄneder siden

    Who’s whacking this when true suited faze clan

  • jhawkin 06

    jhawkin 06

    8 mÄneder siden

    KylesHyper also u spelt learn wrong soo...

  • KylesHyper


    8 mÄneder siden

    I think u need To go to school to learnd how to spell:/

  • jhawkin 06

    jhawkin 06

    8 mÄneder siden

    1111sudhir take nursery/kindergarten english first

  • Slewlol
    Slewlol9 mÄneder siden

    Im my recommended 😕

  • Benjamin Johnson
    Benjamin Johnson9 mÄneder siden

    I don’t need gifts nah coz I am the gift

  • yoboi monkey _69 Contreras
    yoboi monkey _69 Contreras9 mÄneder siden

    Ricegum wait how do you spell it

  • Zahvian Sorensen

    Zahvian Sorensen

    9 mÄneder siden

    yoboi monkey _69 Contreras exactly how you spelled it

  • Donncha walsh
    Donncha walsh9 mÄneder siden

    I wish Tfue was still in faze

  • Harry White
    Harry White9 mÄneder siden


  • Derek Nycum
    Derek Nycum9 mÄneder siden

    I swear rice ruins every fucking video

  • Derek Nycum
    Derek Nycum9 mÄneder siden

    I bet rice smells like shit đŸ’©

  • Derek Nycum
    Derek Nycum9 mÄneder siden

    Rice makes me cringe

  • Derek Nycum
    Derek Nycum9 mÄneder siden

    Rice is so fucking ugly bro

    Beltran DE ECHEVARRIA9 mÄneder siden

    Wheel broke adapt: “how did I break it”

  • acronixs
    acronixs9 mÄneder siden

    3:02 Just a man casually walking by the FaZe house with members outside and not being surprise used.

  • [I don’t know]

    [I don’t know]

    8 mÄneder siden

    Acronixs maybe he see them all the time

  • optic alliance
    optic alliance9 mÄneder siden

    Its 2020 now and true is out of faze

  • Zahvian Sorensen

    Zahvian Sorensen

    9 mÄneder siden

    YT_ optic_bros_ who’s true

  • Shoaib Hussain
    Shoaib Hussain9 mÄneder siden


  • ItzNotChrisBtw
    ItzNotChrisBtw9 mÄneder siden

    Any1 else getting this in their recommended lol

  • ImPirx NORIEGA
    ImPirx NORIEGA9 mÄneder siden

    who else is watching this knowing that tfue left FaZe😱😱

  • alan


    5 mÄneder siden

    Fuck Tfue’s dad for pressing ChArGes on FaZe

  • sonicclappedu


    5 mÄneder siden

    I can't succeed ya ONLY 60,000. The man makes millions.

  • ItsWolfYt


    5 mÄneder siden

    He left be FaZe took all he hard earnings and money and they took. More then 60 thousand dollars away from him

  • Y0SELF


    8 mÄneder siden

    Xehn Cranks have you not realized that me saying “sure” was me being sarcastic and lying?

  • Xehn Cranks

    Xehn Cranks

    8 mÄneder siden

    Y0SELF T I was self promoting but I’m obviously lying about Tfue still being in faze

    SPAZ_ RUDY9 mÄneder siden

    what happends when tfue gets mad HE SUES FAZE

  • Quip
    Quip9 mÄneder siden

    When Tfue gets mad he tries to sue faze😂

  • Ch1ll4x
    Ch1ll4x9 mÄneder siden


  • Jeffy _
    Jeffy _9 mÄneder siden

    Who else misses when Tfue was in faze like if u do

  • Makial Akhtar
    Makial Akhtar9 mÄneder siden

    faze tf up

  • TheGoldenSturgen
    TheGoldenSturgen9 mÄneder siden

    how long does it take for a bunch of *gamers to put together a trycilcle

  • Don’tMeanTo YankYourBallsBut
    Don’tMeanTo YankYourBallsBut9 mĂ„neder siden

    It’s not busted, the retards like to call it “stanced” and they beat their peepeees to things like this