What I miss most about FaZe Clan....

taking a trip down memory lane...
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  • Waldo And Hans
    Waldo And Hans7 måneder siden

    BO2 days were the best it all went to shit when fortnite came out

  • Juan Cuchilla
    Juan Cuchilla9 måneder siden

    Thank you for all the memories what a time to be alive ♥️

  • King
    KingÅr siden

    I grew up on faze

  • Coochie Cutter.445
    Coochie Cutter.445År siden

    I’m sorry you guys are rich now

  • CloudDayLight
    CloudDayLightÅr siden

    I've been here since 2015 I've watched clout gang and faze clan start from the bottom and now third at the top

  • Julian Fernandez
    Julian FernandezÅr siden


  • hyperthekid
    hyperthekidÅr siden

    R.I.P xxxtentacion....

  • ToxicGamerX
    ToxicGamerXÅr siden

    I miss chubby faze rain 😢

  • Wrenchii
    Wrenchii2 år siden

    All The OG Subscribers Who Have Been Here Since Before He Hit 500k Can Shed A Tear To See How Things Have Changed Not Only In His Life But Ours As Well Stay Doing You Adapt. Adapt, Rain, Apex, Top 3 Favorites.

  • Asap Brazy SSj Blood
    Asap Brazy SSj Blood2 år siden

    I miss the old days now its just everyone will give everyone up for some fame or cash, shit hit the fan quick when they all blew up with their money, it just sucks cuz they aint the same anymore

  • Lime Light
    Lime Light2 år siden

    I honestly want them to move back to ny so much

  • Noah Benjimen
    Noah Benjimen2 år siden

    2015 was about one of the best years of my life in general anybody agree

  • Matt Dusky
    Matt Dusky2 år siden

    Is Cizzorz a real FaZe

  • Joshua Young
    Joshua Young2 år siden

    Adapt vs fly was the greatest thing ever

  • Madkillz
    Madkillz2 år siden

    New York faze house was the best

  • packrunnersho
    packrunnersho2 år siden

    ............i miss the old faze

  • 지우Pa
    지우Pa2 år siden

    Back when they played call of duty🤧😓

  • 지우Pa
    지우Pa2 år siden

    This made me sad😩

  • naniboy_
    naniboy_2 år siden

    I miss coming home from school and watching old vlogs n cod vids.

  • Elias ZAK
    Elias ZAK2 år siden

    I want old faze😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • cycl๑
    cycl๑2 år siden

    Weres claok tfue in the thumbnail

  • Scouts Madesi
    Scouts Madesi2 år siden

    I miss these days

  • Boby Boy
    Boby Boy2 år siden

    Rip faze clan

  • Chris Dominguez
    Chris Dominguez2 år siden

    Omg Nikan

  • Chris Dominguez
    Chris Dominguez2 år siden

    I miss the Old FaZe Clan

  • f f d
    f f d2 år siden

    I love it

  • Shanny
    Shanny2 år siden

    Faze used to be great, Cod, trickshots compilations and reactions now it’s just a bunch of house tour shit and other non cod related stuff, I miss old faze

    BACKWOOD BANDIT2 år siden

    New York and before that will always be the best time for FaZe

  • Markie
    Markie2 år siden

    Notice how he was happier before he was rich and shit, look what LA does too you. Shit messes with you man

  • Eric N
    Eric N2 år siden

    Bro just stop buying all these houses. Like i know y'all see everyones comments and you all know that we want you guys to be back in one house making montages or prank vids or hell even vlogs. You guys buying all these houses is kind of a waste imo. I watch your guys vids now and you all don't seem happy. Maybe its because I'm older but idk man, bring back the old faze where you guys spent money on logic concerts and random dumb shit used to prank someone or make a funny vid. Just my opinion again.

  • Kyle Medeiros
    Kyle Medeiros2 år siden

    Damn...3 years ago I remember watching in 7th and 8th grade tryna join lmao

  • M8 Timmy
    M8 Timmy2 år siden

    Haven’t you guys noticed that the only reason adapt isn’t a fun not rich guy is because he met Roman... if it was forever just rain apex blaze tommy him and occasionally others it would be the best. Roman gets him into some bad shit for example after he met him he started getting tattoos getting in fights getting arrested and all sorts of dumb shit

  • AXEL
    AXEL2 år siden

    Here before 5 mil

  • C O D Y
    C O D Y2 år siden

    Am i the only one i think those nyc videos sucked

  • Big_Ballin _Z
    Big_Ballin _Z2 år siden

    Who is getting nostalgic listening to the video music because it reminds u of NY FaZe House videos

    PNELLO2 år siden

    I miss the old faze clan...

  • Sumskyy
    Sumskyy2 år siden

    Bro i miss the old days so badly..... :(

  • Tealios
    Tealios2 år siden


  • seven
    seven2 år siden

    1 like 1 year

  • Marlo Patron
    Marlo Patron2 år siden

    I stopped watching 2 years ago because FaZe was fuckn up.

  • Lucman Myhre
    Lucman Myhre2 år siden

    Dude this almost made me cry faze from New York was my childhood

  • sunshinesvt
    sunshinesvt2 år siden

    sometimes i just go back and watch the new york videos and i feel the same nostalgia because you guys kept us viewers so involved with the videos. sigh i miss all the jokes pranks and vlogs that we got from you all every day. rip glad i got to experience that with you all

  • Tear_Risky
    Tear_Risky2 år siden

    Only OG fans remember SoaR Adapt and when he got recruited on the first Road to a Killcam on CoD Ghost

  • red panda
    red panda2 år siden

    I can tell why most faze members get no views anymore

  • Franky JC
    Franky JC2 år siden

    They let fame get to them ☹️

  • Franky JC
    Franky JC2 år siden

    They let fame get to them ☹️

  • Yonathan Valenzuela
    Yonathan Valenzuela2 år siden

    I miss the simpler times with the vlogs in Arizona and adapt dating Aryana 😪 dumb bitch had to cheat though

  • br3tt
    br3tt2 år siden


  • Luke Zzz
    Luke Zzz2 år siden

    And next time we will watch adapt vs fly round: previously on round 2 “Come here u little bitch, f*** u”

  • Max Rudolph
    Max Rudolph2 år siden

    The thumbnail almost made me cry

  • jesus christ himself
    jesus christ himself2 år siden

    they let LA change them into cocky fortniting rappers

  • Logan Chabal
    Logan Chabal2 år siden

    Once faze 2.0 hit it did start to change in a negative way, and now I think that most of the members do realize it but they’re just too deep right to move away from it all

  • shotosakii
    shotosakii2 år siden

    Ny faze house videos were the best :(( its sad cause we will probably never be able to see videos like this again. Honestly this is like the first time ive clicked on any faze member video in like 3 or 4 months. The only faze member i really like anymore is apex. Damn i miss those videos so much Rip faze

  • Robz
    Robz2 år siden

    who of faze clan wasnt born rich??

  • Robz
    Robz2 år siden

    *dude u re living a scripted reality....*

  • Furkan Aydin
    Furkan Aydin2 år siden

    Please move back to NY go to the hamptons

  • It’s Just Squash • 11 years ago • updated
    It’s Just Squash • 11 years ago • updated2 år siden

    This is so sad. Can we hit woman?

  • Unknown Matter
    Unknown Matter2 år siden

    Yo low-key remember all theses videos 😂🔥

  • Unknown Matter
    Unknown Matter2 år siden

    😂 remember that clown prank on Alex 😂

  • Unknown Matter
    Unknown Matter2 år siden

    Fr do miss the old days 😕💕

  • Logan Sewap
    Logan Sewap2 år siden

    I miss chubby rain

  • Juan
    Juan2 år siden

    I feel like he is less happy after getting all his expensive cars and mansions

  • TuckTwoNHL
    TuckTwoNHL2 år siden

    NEVER put shoes on a table!!

  • Mr. Pancakes
    Mr. Pancakes2 år siden

    He ruined the whole video by talking about fortnite

  • Blu
    Blu2 år siden

    I just want OG faze, fuck all that Sommer Ray, ricegum clout house stuff, no hate towards them they’re great people but, we all miss the old trick shot House faze

  • Blu
    Blu2 år siden

    Why can’t we just be like this again ?

    TRIPAØG2 år siden

    He got skinny

  • Tao
    Tao2 år siden

    4:38 hey

  • Mathew Brown
    Mathew Brown2 år siden

    i have been here for a while does anyone remember (Faze/ Soar)Cubn?

  • Stonks
    Stonks2 år siden

    Isn't it trippy how you never know when your in the good old days..

  • Reaper Symbiote
    Reaper Symbiote2 år siden


  • Xenon Chaos
    Xenon Chaos2 år siden

    The thing I miss the most is faze actually playing cod.

  • Alexa Armendariz
    Alexa Armendariz2 år siden

    They ny house was the best due all this nostalgiea is hitting massively hard I miss the old days

  • BucketHead Fan
    BucketHead Fan2 år siden

    I remember when this nigga got hell red shit on his face damn shit change

  • Official Misq
    Official Misq2 år siden

    When money takes over your life

  • Alejandro The Otaku
    Alejandro The Otaku2 år siden

    Rip muscles

  • Fuck Ozark
    Fuck Ozark2 år siden

    I miss the old New York FaZe house where they would still play video games and yell at each other and see banks punch holes in the wall

  • L
    L2 år siden

    i miss the old faze so fucking much... i used to watch you guys religiously when you all lived in ny, best vids you guys ever made. everything just went so downhill when everyone went to cali and stopped uploading and shit. i remember being heartbroken when ricky left the house and i always had hopes he would come back to you guys and he didnt. ugh fucking clout gang.... i wish things never changed.

  • nflalex
    nflalex2 år siden

    I remember when I watched (I think u ans apex) buy every one in the faze house (New york)

  • James Mash
    James Mash2 år siden

    I remember that was when I was at the start of year 8 now I am entering year 11 and it’s coming home

  • SnipeX
    SnipeX2 år siden

    The prime of Faze was BEFORE New York, MW2-BO2

  • Doby Mick
    Doby Mick2 år siden


  • Mick Byczek
    Mick Byczek2 år siden

    Man I miss “the square plays hide and seek” videos

  • BewareofGhosts
    BewareofGhosts2 år siden

    Do yall remember when faze wasnt all about clout? 😳 good times

  • Capo Clan
    Capo Clan2 år siden

    Money can buy alot of things. But it can't buy happiness

  • Quentin Thone
    Quentin Thone2 år siden

    Anybody notice how the lighting made his face look so clean

  • Nyan
    Nyan2 år siden

    And I love I love it

  • GD Hazee
    GD Hazee2 år siden

    Damn i cant believe that was 3 years ago.

  • socialist raid
    socialist raid2 år siden

    I Miss Old Nerdy Awkward Blaze

  • Bkig Spazz
    Bkig Spazz2 år siden

    Plz someone reply

  • Bkig Spazz
    Bkig Spazz2 år siden

    So he's not still in faze

  • Pando
    Pando2 år siden

    I missed the old house, I use to be able to visit you guys

  • QB Life
    QB Life2 år siden

    I miss the good old days

  • Box
    Box2 år siden

    Imo when you moved out of new York it became less of a family and more of a business. Not saying there's something wrong with that , you got to get your money. But when does it end and you are with the people you love

  • Apa
    Apa2 år siden

    is cheo still there?

  • Cole Governale
    Cole Governale2 år siden

    I know I’m just watching this video now but when faze was back in the NY house I used to watch blazikens, adapts, rains, teeqos, and apecs videos every single day and they were so funny and they really cheered me up. I am not going to diss on the new faze clan but I’m just saying maybe you guys should bring some of the old you back in your videos. I think lots of people would like that including me. #fazeup.

  • Galaxy
    Galaxy2 år siden

    I do miss the old FaZe house and all the videos

  • _ InPrecious _
    _ InPrecious _2 år siden

    I remember three quarters of those videos. Good times :)

  • Isaac Andrade
    Isaac Andrade2 år siden

    Why’d you leave out your stutter video? THat was my favorite moment

  • Steven Perrelli
    Steven Perrelli2 år siden

    Ur the only one who actually makes vids anymore😢