What’s Causing The BIGGEST Warzone Update EVER! 🤯


What’s Causing The BIGGEST Warzone Update EVER! 🤯
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    Que PASA! Subscribe to the Shorts Channel here muchachos

  • Stoned Flamingo

    Stoned Flamingo

    12 timer siden

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  • Jesus Is Lord!

    Jesus Is Lord!

    2 dager siden

    @Stoned Flamingo no there is not two Gods it is only one God. Jesus was God in the flesh, Jesus was the son of God.

  • Uatahouse Tu’ifua

    Uatahouse Tu’ifua

    2 dager siden

    @JORDAN STONE not bogus

  • Stoned Flamingo

    Stoned Flamingo

    2 dager siden

    @Jesus Is Lord! so god created himself then had a kid so there is two gods how did they come to life when did they come how was the universe created

  • Jesus Is Lord!

    Jesus Is Lord!

    3 dager siden

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  • Epic Tank
    Epic TankDag siden

    Warzone better not be like Fortnite and change the map or get a whole map cause I want warzone to stay as verdansk forever it’s why the game is good

  • Awesome Dave
    Awesome DaveDag siden

    Who thinks BOOYA would destroy Nick? Nick is selfish as hell when he plays, won’t share for a selfrez?

  • Same King
    Same KingDag siden

    Pogchamp new content.

  • Travis A
    Travis A2 dager siden

    outbreak is fire bro

  • ali baageel
    ali baageel2 dager siden

    "Wakadala" is not a word that's why I laugh so hard when U say it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Troy peters
    Troy peters2 dager siden

    no neck nick

  • Nathan Beard
    Nathan Beard2 dager siden

    So far........ Very much a bust for season 2

  • Rolly Pollie2
    Rolly Pollie22 dager siden

    Clips Channel, Mercs Clips

  • Vow
    Vow2 dager siden

    lets gooooo

  • Marcelo Pena
    Marcelo Pena2 dager siden

    Im tired of these fucking updates. Was about to hop on after a long day of work and oh hey look ANOTHER FUCKING UPDATE COOL

  • Luis Uriostegui
    Luis Uriostegui2 dager siden

    Nick got Zak from “catch em all “ saying “ Like the video” lol 😂 🙌

  • SLITZ Mcduse
    SLITZ Mcduse2 dager siden

    I think wz will get a zombie game. I hope the damn gets blown up then adds boats. Also if they added the weather conditions as a factor the game would be monumental in comparison to any other game.

  • SammyTor 420
    SammyTor 4202 dager siden

    Hey how much was that Kronos thing I really want one Love to control my recoil

    LI’ GLOBOY2 dager siden


  • YT Zexri
    YT Zexri2 dager siden


  • Leonardo Carletti
    Leonardo Carletti2 dager siden

    Ma biggest cosa che sono 18 gb idiota

  • Soze313
    Soze3132 dager siden

    yea, zombies is wack AF. leave that mess w/Cold War.

  • Sheep2129xp
    Sheep2129xp2 dager siden

    That map is literally the dirty bomb map with zombies

  • alexander keeler
    alexander keeler2 dager siden

    If they bring zombies in I hope it’s like blackout where there were certain locations on the map where zombies spawn, kill zombies and get loot from a mystery box.

  • Nehemiah
    Nehemiah2 dager siden

    Lmao Nick thought he was faze testy lol

  • Nehemiah
    Nehemiah2 dager siden

    The ship is the same thing as Alcatrez and zombies in prison hoping it’s not but afraid it probbaly will

  • Cody Tahhan
    Cody Tahhan2 dager siden

    The zombies is a coldwar only thing it’s not on mw

  • Brandon Herrera
    Brandon Herrera3 dager siden

    Nick what about the short neck jokes 😭

  • VirtualVanZ
    VirtualVanZ3 dager siden

    When is the update and new map? HELP!!

  • raymundo dominguez
    raymundo dominguez3 dager siden

    3:30 was a lil sus love the content tho

  • Dennis Kristensen
    Dennis Kristensen3 dager siden

    What the damn fascination with those damn zombies?! Seems like NOBODY wants the damn zombies in warzone

  • Assassin Shadow
    Assassin Shadow3 dager siden


    CLOS CLOS3 dager siden

    So I can buy shorts on the new channel ...sickk

  • i556
    i5563 dager siden

    Game has run @5-10fps and is unplayable for past couple weeks

  • Cody Richardson
    Cody Richardson3 dager siden

    They will mess this up nick don’t worry they will

  • Brandyn Grabowski
    Brandyn Grabowski3 dager siden

    I hate how bad I am at this game. Then u watch a nick video, get a craving to play, go play, and get demolished. *heavy sigh* 🧀

  • Dai 2Times
    Dai 2Times3 dager siden


  • Charles Harrison
    Charles Harrison3 dager siden

    you know what that mean a 5000 gb update for xbox

  • Wake UP sheeple
    Wake UP sheeple3 dager siden

    What times it dropping in u.k ??? And roughly how big the file size for updates on xb1. Cheers ya noobs

  • JJLame22
    JJLame223 dager siden

    just bc there will be zombies doesn’t mean the map will be dark. there were zombies in blackout and it was sunny the whole time

  • Mickole Perez
    Mickole Perez3 dager siden

    I was looking forward to him saying “chunk tuna” cause I have a tuna fish sandwich in my hand 😂

  • Krishna Patel
    Krishna Patel3 dager siden

    Nick, whatever u do don't go bald cuz then u will be timmy with a ton of channels

  • Sahaj Patel
    Sahaj Patel3 dager siden


  • VideoBashar
    VideoBashar3 dager siden

    No hate but y r u sooo red😂

  • 21FPS
    21FPS3 dager siden

    Nick u trippen bro zombies are fun as shit lol I used to hate zombies until I tried cold war, I played cold war for a month until I gave zombies a try, I play zombie mode once in a little while when I get tired of warzone and MP it keeps me refreshed but warzone zombies is gonna be liiiiiiiiiit!

  • George Horton
    George Horton3 dager siden

    there is NOT going to be a new map

  • Nathaniel Alkire
    Nathaniel Alkire3 dager siden

    Literally was thinking when you said “Nickmercs shorts” I was thinking you was coming out with a pair of shorts on a clothing line or something 😂😂😂

  • Ben O’Donovan
    Ben O’Donovan3 dager siden

    It’s an unknown biochemical emergency

  • Zac Williams
    Zac Williams3 dager siden

    Is it just me or was The edd eeddd and Eddie

  • Mike D'Ambra
    Mike D'Ambra3 dager siden

    As a new player, I hope the zombie mode is a good way to level up guns. It’s painful to do it in BRs and even plunder takes forever if you’re an average player.

  • UnsealedWings
    UnsealedWings3 dager siden

    My word! You've posted CRINGE!

  • Abdi JJ
    Abdi JJ3 dager siden

    I just don’t want to see zombies in the verdanks

  • Craig Anderson
    Craig Anderson3 dager siden

    Why is every gaming channel the exact same anymore? Everyone had their own creative idea to post a picture of themselves with a over acting face to a subject less then half worth that silly face to the exact same edited image style! It's getting silly, no one has their own brain anymore? NOlocal meta, copying, what's the difference! Love ya Nick

  • Ashutosh Gauli
    Ashutosh Gauli3 dager siden

    "If you're excited about this new changes and map coming then LIKE THE VIDEO " makes absolutely no sense but I'm innnnnnnn....

  • Alan Gomez
    Alan Gomez3 dager siden

    Talks crap to bestfriend (Tim) and loves when they don't play because he carries Tim 22:24, he gets shot, almost dies and calls out for Tim but notices he isn't there😂😂😂😂😂

  • Seb Campers (5WWI6)
    Seb Campers (5WWI6)3 dager siden

    Rebirth island -> zombies are dead ppl that are reborn

  • Amir Alli Abbassi
    Amir Alli Abbassi3 dager siden

    He is just gluing himself to fortnite

  • Jayon_Starr
    Jayon_Starr3 dager siden

    Nick can i fight you ? Not bare knuckles but with mma gloves on

  • James Eley
    James Eley3 dager siden

    You should make a game play with the doof doofs again and see how trash it is😂😂

  • Lgs. Lewis
    Lgs. Lewis3 dager siden

    instead of nickmercs shorts why not nickmercs clips

  • Scootaloo 2.0
    Scootaloo 2.03 dager siden


  • Scootaloo 2.0
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  • ekoj a saw ti
    ekoj a saw ti3 dager siden

    You should just name that 3rd channel Nickmercs 😂

  • J4Ck _1234
    J4Ck _12343 dager siden

    15:18 How he know he was there:(

  • Josey Wales
    Josey Wales3 dager siden

    Zombies? Hell no!

  • That Kid Beastly
    That Kid Beastly3 dager siden

    What happens to the official ( que pasa ) of fans only reply

  • Insane _red_10
    Insane _red_103 dager siden

    I'm sure if you get Tim and Syph on Zombies everyone would enjoy it.

  • MrJakeTheMan13
    MrJakeTheMan133 dager siden

    I like the shorts channel idea but bro use the shorts for tiktok and let people come to the Channel

  • Riskz
    Riskz3 dager siden

    When did fouseytube play warzone

  • Chout Wick
    Chout Wick3 dager siden

    Ah yes...another glorious unimaginative thumbnail with the gaping mouth derp photo on the left and the Fortnite font and "?" with the blue background. Original...

  • James Romano
    James Romano3 dager siden

    will this be like zombie royale from the season six holloween event?

  • Carter Dehnke
    Carter Dehnke3 dager siden

    aye i was the 420,000th view

  • Jordan McIntosh
    Jordan McIntosh3 dager siden

    i dont really know about fortnite like that, but they had zombies in Blackout (COD first battle royale) in BO4. The water around the map turned red and the sky went dark. I hope they're not just going to replicate it as if theyve never done that before!

  • Kg213_Notorious
    Kg213_Notorious3 dager siden

    What if the storm now comes with a swarm of zombies!!?? That’s something I can get behind, stim glitch gone forever. 👌🏽

  • Easy E
    Easy E3 dager siden

    Imagine they add a small plane that you can get on and drive to places or auto pilot to places

  • Keno Becks
    Keno Becks3 dager siden

    This might be a long shot question here. Did I see something to do with a time travel portal? If so, does anyone remember the side story on the zombies mode? Think it was Black ops 2 then it was in infinite warfare I think. The scientist that talks to you, was making a time portal.

  • Only Jesus Can Save Us
    Only Jesus Can Save Us3 dager siden

    John 3:16-17 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. Romans 6:23 23. For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 10:9-10 9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.10. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Amen

  • dave bates
    dave bates3 dager siden

    That ffar looks faster than a mac 10. Crazy setup

  • Jordan Granadeno
    Jordan Granadeno3 dager siden

    Damn you guys milking tf out of NOlocal🤣🤣🤣

  • Velvet Thunder
    Velvet Thunder3 dager siden

    Outbreak is ural mountains no?

  • SouthAfricanPlebGamer
    SouthAfricanPlebGamer4 dager siden

    Wait imma gonna have to update warzone and cold war. Ahhhh my internet gonna be unhappy with me.

  • Βαγγελης Τσιαλης
    Βαγγελης Τσιαλης4 dager siden

    if they do not change the map i will blow up Activision

  • Brody Bazzini
    Brody Bazzini4 dager siden

    Outbreak wasn't leaked, it was revealed in the season 2 roadmap

  • Jay Snipez
    Jay Snipez4 dager siden

    Enemy: shoots at sypher Sypher: coward.

  • Poncho Palito
    Poncho Palito4 dager siden

    Im here coz husk call this guy a dogsh*t! And im laughing coz it's true 💯😆😂🤣

  • John Erickson
    John Erickson4 dager siden

    Third channel for a third mansion. Where you gonna go?

  • derek gibbons
    derek gibbons4 dager siden

    My guy out here rhyming off simple plan lyrics... lol 🇨🇦

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee4 dager siden

    Agreed - I’m not into the idea of zombies. I like that warzone is based on a realistic open world FPS. Introducing zombies takes away from the realism 🙄 and makes it more of a fantasy FPS.

  • Jose Soto
    Jose Soto4 dager siden

    Tier B lol

  • NIGHTMARE exploring
    NIGHTMARE exploring4 dager siden

    Hey man I just wanted to say thanks for doing videos man i love your energy and you make my day and I love the intro keep up the good work

  • Dr. Wet farts
    Dr. Wet farts4 dager siden


  • Hello Im Desu
    Hello Im Desu4 dager siden

    Pretty soon my subscription list is going to be nothing but NickMercs XD

  • Kesarsing Ayush Harish
    Kesarsing Ayush Harish4 dager siden

    That please really made me like😁😁

  • John J
    John J4 dager siden

    Yo nik husk said he'll hit u with a 1,2 shot 2 the chin knock you out like 10 shots of vodka n gin

  • 7 Finest
    7 Finest4 dager siden


  • Anthony Hogue
    Anthony Hogue4 dager siden

    The way he’s saying it wouldnt it be spelt clocky?

  • Christian Shaffer
    Christian Shaffer4 dager siden

    They can’t even fix the glitches in the game... now there adding more shit? Go figure

  • Ryan Bemiller
    Ryan Bemiller4 dager siden

    Without the zombies community COD would of died 5 years ago

  • BGaff
    BGaff4 dager siden

    Nick you dumb...zombies gonna be on the Cold War dirty bomb map , how you miss that lol

  • Aaron Mandell
    Aaron Mandell4 dager siden

    "senior fornite" im dying

  • shawn Sheppard
    shawn Sheppard4 dager siden

    It does not matter what you post there always gonna be a banger love nick

  • Paul OBrien
    Paul OBrien4 dager siden

    New map needed but why don’t they reuse the Blackout Map

  • Connor Britton
    Connor Britton4 dager siden

    It not going to affect warzone there might be a feature mode like what happened in mw but outbreak is its owe zombies mode like onslaught but not as bad as it and no the new map is not going to take place on the Ural Mountains that where outbreak is going to take place not trying to be rude but I've seen a lot of miss conception about it just trying to clear it up

  • Ryan Vargas
    Ryan Vargas4 dager siden

    On warzone